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Fathering Magazine

Fatherhood is a man's most important work

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Like Sex, Hatred Can Be An Addiction
I see families destroyed, with everyone indulging themselves, high on hatred. I see police, prosecutors, prisons, social workers, therapists and the news media all making the most for themselves out of every situation while claiming they are only doing it just to be helpful.

New Father In Search of Limb-Cracking Action
Soon after my wife got pregnant last year I was advised, Get all the movies out of your system now, before the baby comes, because that's the thing you are going to miss the most.

Older Dads: First Time Fathers Over 40
In separate interviews with several first-time fathers over 40, three factors emerged which seemed important to their readiness for becoming older dads: occupational and financial security, a clear understanding and adaptation to today's diverse fatherhood roles, and a strong drive for a sense of closure to their childless period of life.

How NGO Money Corrupts African Legal Systems
Rescue? Overfunded save-the-women NGOs have descended on African legal systems like a swarm of eager ambulance chasing lawyers after a multi car pileup. The result has been a host of wrongly convicted 'rapists' who have never even met their supposed victims.

Father-Daughter Poem: The Single Parent
My little one sleeps, a bump on a log. She always wakes up her head in a fog.

The Secret Alimony Hidden in Child Support
Scientific proof exists that many child support awards are too high.

Feminist Tarantulas
Would you rather cuddle one, or step on it?

Not a Father, a Daddy! From teenage father to single dad, part two
More from Glenn about how he went from teenage father to single dad.

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The on-line magazine for men with families.

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The Fertile Monk

Featured Poem:
Jack's Dancing in the Surf
Father Daughter Poems, Father Son Poems

Book Review:
Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome
Separated from your children? People who have been there warn: Don't allow separation to become alienation.

Legal System Critique:
The Case for Father Custody
Here is the classic Daniel Amneus piece that made the case for fathers getting custody of their children. "It is fatherhood which makes childhood possible."