12 Sand Activities for Kids

best sand activities for kids

A toy inventor could work for a very long time without coming up with a play material as versatile and enjoyable as sand. Think about it! It can be poured when dry and molded when wet. It can be used in science experiments and art projects. Whether you are digging your toes into it or … Read more

14 Outdoor Activities for Kids

outdoor activities for kids

Play is so important to child development that some pediatricians prescribe it. While play can take place indoors or out, when children are limited to indoor activities, they miss out on half the benefits. Outdoor play is more likely than indoor play to be physical and to promote fitness and reduce obesity. It provides exposure … Read more

18 Activities for 2-Year-Olds

activities for 2 year olds

  Two-year-olds are occasionally terrible, but more often they are terrific! They love fiercely and live entirely in the moment. Developmentally, they are growing by leaps and bounds. Still, the very nature of their growth makes parenting them challenging. They have not learned to think logically, so often want things that are unreasonable. Toddler attention … Read more