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A family needs two parents. They work together to create a nurturing environment in which to raise their children as best as possible. But sometimes this partnership is broken, changing the lives of everyone involved. For kids growing up without a father this means losing out on hugs, and smiles, on fatherly advice and a role model.

Being away from your father or losing him forever may stir up some powerful emotions. Often times, sadness fills the heart and makes it difficult to deal with.

If you miss your father and are struggling to find the right words that describe how you feel, these quotes and messages we compiled might help express those sentiments.

Missing Dad Quotes

1. Dad, even though it pains me, I think about you every day. I’d give anything to relive those fond memories again. Miss you very much!

2. I never knew that being fatherless would make me feel so aimless, worthless, defenseless, and helpless. I miss you, dad.

3. It hurts to think that you are not here anymore. I smile, but there are tears in my eyes when remembering you. When you were alive, I didn’t think how important each memory of you would be. Now, I cherish every second spent together. I miss you, dad.

4. I still get a lot of hugs, but none of them are as warm as yours. I miss you, dad.

missing father quotes

5. It’s hard to wake up every morning knowing that you are not with us anymore. Our world is incomplete without you. I miss you so much, dad!

6. Dad, I could really do with one of your hugs right now. I miss you so much. Sending my love, your daughter.

7. Every time I place flowers on your grave, I realize how fragile life is, and that you should live it to the fullest. I miss you, dad.

8. Just one last time, I wish I could hug you. Then I would hold you tight and never let go. I miss you, dad.

9. Dad, you taught me to be strong. I’m sorry, but it feels like I’m letting you down. I don’t know if I will ever be strong enough to accept that you are no longer here. I miss you.

10. Death thinks it has taken you away from me. But it doesn’t know that it has actually brought us closer than ever. I miss you, dad.

11. Dad, how ironic it is that I wasted all these years not listening to you. But now that you’re not here, I’m living life exactly how you told me to.

12. Every Father’s Day is a painful reminder of your absence from my life. Dad, I wish I could just turn back time and live out every single day of my childhood as if it were a grand Father’s Day celebration. I miss you

13. We may have been living miles apart but somehow it always felt that you were always there. Maybe because ever since you held my tiny fingers, you showered me with nothing but love and care. Dad, I miss you.

14. This is the price you pay for having a great father. You get the wonder, the joy, the tender moments – and you get the tears at the end, too.

15. My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could ever hand another person. He believed in me. I will always keep that in my heart.

16. Your death will always remain a blurry memory. But your life will always be a vivid one, the epitome of greatness and sacrifice. I miss you, dad.

17. On the day I lost you, I lost a father, a friend, and an idol who I looked up to. I miss you, dad.

18. It didn’t matter whether we met often or not, al that matters now is that your advice helped me connect my life’s dots. Even though we didn’t speak every day, what’s important is that you loved me a lot, and I will remember that always. Dad, I miss you.

19. Death may have taken you away from me, but my life’s hero you’ll forever be. Miss you dad.

20. Just like how I was the apple of your eye, you were the balm to my soul. I miss you, dad.

quotes about losing a dad
21. Dad, even though you are not in front of my eyes right now, I can still see your picture. It’s in my heart, where it will remain beautifully pristine forever. I miss you.

22. Death took away not just my dad, but also someone who was my unsung hero. I miss you.

23. They say a man is successful if he has lived well, laughed often, and loved much. If he gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of children. You have done all of that.

24. I wish heaven had a phone so I could hear your voice one last time. Just remember, your daughter is here waiting for you.

25. Whether it is the empty spot in a chair next to mum’s or the eerily silent garage on a Sunday morning, you are missed in every way, dad. I love you.

26. He was a father. That’s what a father does. He eases the burdens of those he loves. He is a father until the end.

27. Dad, as a child, I had a million ways to annoy you. As a teenager, I had a million reasons to defy you. As an adult, I had a million opportunities to make you proud. I did all that but I missed out on the most important – a million chances to say I love you while you were alive. I miss you.

28. Talking to your gravestone and hugging your photographs – these are just some of the things I do to convince myself that you are still here. I miss you, dad.

29. Dad, I can’t put into words how heartbroken I am and how much I miss you.  At this point, it’s just my tears.

30. People say that whatever happens, happens for the best. But the painful memories of your passing I’ll never be able to put to rest. I miss you, dad.

31. How can the Heavens be beautiful when they have taken away my favorite person from me? You will forever be missed, dad.

32. Dad, I haven’t been with you enough to know everything about you, but I have been with you enough to love you and miss you dearly.

33. My dad is not here, but he is watching his daughter every day from heaven. I miss him so muchd, death doesn’t change a thing because you’ve always been the angel in my life. I miss you.

34. The words you said to me will never be forgotten. The sweet love you showered on me will never be replaced, and your sweet smile will never be erased. If only there was something I could do, to see you again soon because I miss you so much

35. Life goes on. Everything changes so rapidly. But one thing remains constant always. It’s the memory of you in my mind. I keep missing you even after all these years. Love you dad!

36. Say not in grief: ‘He is no more,’ but live in thankfulness that he was. – Hebrew Proverb

37. Although our lives’ journeys have bid us to be apart, I am with you, you are with me, always in our hearts.  – Carolyn Ferreira

38. You have been there for me, no matter what bad choices I might have made, you lovingly repaired my broken spirit, helped me plot a new course, and set me free to fly on my own once again. There is no greater love than that. You will always be special to me, and no matter where life takes me, I’ll remember you with love.  – Marilyn K. Deacon

39. You will always be in my heart because in there you’re still alive. – Jamie Cirello

missing dad messages

40. Dad, your memories have become my heartbeats which mean I am thinking of you all the time.

41. “This is the price you pay for having a great father. You get the wonder, the joy, the tender moments ― and you get the tears at the end, too.” ― Harlan Coben.

42. The only terrible thing about having had such a wonderful father? How hard it is to have to say goodbye and missing him every single day.

43. You were the guiding light in my life, and today, I’m especially reminded how lucky I was to have you for as long as I did. I love you to the moon and back.

44. Every day without you has been hard, but on this day especially I can’t help but think how much I wish you were here with me.

45. Dad, I’m so thankful for all the memories we shared together. I only wish you were here to make more.

46. Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever. It has taken me much further than I could have hoped.

47. Every day I remember you in my prayer, in my thoughts. Your memory can never be forgotten. I love you so much, dad. I miss you.

48. Without a doubt, you were the best father a daughter could have asked for. You have taught me how to live life to the fullest and in a dignified manner. Your memory will always be with me.

49. No matter how old she may be, sometimes a girl just needs her dad. To hold her hand, to wipe a tear, to give her a hug. I wish you were still here for me.

50. I miss my dad a lot. I miss his advice and I miss his voice and I miss his hugs.

51. Happiness is the feeling that your dad is always there to guide you, even if he is in heaven.

52. Happy birthday, dad, how much I wish I could hear your voice again.

53. I miss you every second of every minute of every hour of every day. From now until forever.

54. The joy of decorating the Christmas tree has faded without you. I wish you were here to help. I miss you so much, Dad.

55. To my father, “separated by death, together by love.” Miss you.

missing dad message

56. As I sit here and whisper, “I miss you,” I believe somehow you can still hear me. This gives me comfort and makes the days easier.

57. Dear dad, your place in my heart will never be replaced or taken by anyone else. You always took care of me and made me feel special. You will forever be the best mentor in my life! I miss you, daddy, and hope you are in a better place.

58. It never gets easy daddy, it just gets different each day as we try to adjust to your leaving us so soon. Your cute daughter misses you so much.

59. I don’t look up to the night sky anymore as destiny has taken away the brightest star of my life. I miss you a lot.

60. There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in your heart.

61. Dad, wherever you are, you are gone but you will never be forgotten.

62. It never gets easy daddy, it just gets different each day as we try to adjust to your leaving us so soon. We miss you so much.

63. You will remain forever in our hearts and memories daddy, and though we are learning to live without you, we still miss you so much.

64. No matter how many years go by, the pain of your death never diminishes. Dad, I miss you so much.

65. Daddy, I am so sorry for taking you for granted when you were still alive. Now that you are gone forever, I regret all the wasted opportunities and wish you were still here so I could tell you how much I love you. I miss you so much.

66. You were my anchor and when you died, dad, I felt so lost. Even today, many years later I still miss you so much.

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67. Whenever your birthday or other holidays come around, I feel your absence so acutely. Life has never been the same since you left daddy and we miss you so much.

68. The love you had for all of us is something we deeply miss as much as we miss your presence in our lives.

69. I wish I could turn back the clock to when you were still here daddy, I would appreciate and relish every moment with you.

70. If only you were here. Dad, I’ve been thinking about you. Our times together, your wisdom, your guidance, your love, everything. I didn’t know that life would be this empty without you. I miss you.

71. If I was given one wish to make and would be assured that it would come true, I would wish that you would come back to us, daddy. Daddy, we miss you so much.

72. Father’s Day is so special to me daddy, even though you will never again celebrate it with me. I will forever celebrate you as one of the greatest dads in the world.

73. You were the greatest role model for me. I may not have been the best son, but you were the best father ever. I look up to the stars and hope you can see me from up there, with a smile on your face. Rest in peace, dad.

74. Happy Father’s Day, daddy. I want you to know that I miss you dearly and think about you always.

75. Daddy, even though you are gone, your memories will forever be precious, and the blessing is that you are still alive in us. We miss you so much and want to tell you that we love you so much.

76. The saddest day of my life was when you passed away, daddy. Who can ever love us like you did? Who can ever take your place? We miss you so much.

77. If I had one more chance to have you here with me today daddy, I would do things differently. Every day I would tell you how much you mean to me. I miss you so much.

missing dad

78. This void that your death left is like a gaping wound and no amount of balm can completely heal it. I miss you so much, daddy.

79. No one knows the day they will die but it comes eventually and the ones left behind are left in so much pain. Daddy, this pain is only made easier by knowing that your suffering is over at last. But we still miss you all the same.

80. Daddy, you are like a warrior that has fought my childhood battles. You brought me joy and you mean more than the world itself to me. Now that you’re gone, I can’t stop missing you. I miss you father.

81. I wish I could get to hold you in my arms one last time, just to remind you how much you meant to me and how much I loved you. I hold on to the hope that I will see you again one day. I will never forget all you did to give us this good life.

82. I owe you my life and more, father. You loved me even before I learned to love myself. You gave me hope even before I could believe in myself. You prayed for me even before I knew what I wanted for myself. That’s how much you loved and cared for me. I will love you forever.

83. Thank you for forgiving all my childhood flaws. You stood by my side regardless of all my mistakes. You loved me beyond words and you have forgiven all my mistakes with love. I love you and I miss your presence in my life father.

84. Thank you, daddy, for flourishing our home with a lot of happiness, You have been such a great man, brave enough to look up to. I love you, daddy, even when you are far away, your presence can be felt. I miss you so much.

85. You are my biggest inspiration in life. You gave me more reason to live and be successful. Everything I am is credited to the great love you showed me. I love you and miss you too much.

86. The best dad doesn’t exist in this world. That’s because he is in Heaven right now. I miss you and hope you’re proud of me..

87. There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them up from your mind and hug them. This happens to me so often.

88. Whenever I miss my dad, I think about all the beautiful memories we made together and how blessed I was to have him in my life. I wouldn’t trade those moments for the world.

89. Dad, I know how proud you would be of us all, but I really wish you were still here to tell us. I miss you so much.

90. You showed me the greatest love when you called me your daughter and you gave me your biggest blessing when you called me a blessed child. I miss you, daddy.

91. I miss my dad. The memories of him remind me of what a great father he was. The love he had given to all of us was heavenly. Every day now has become so hard without him.

92. Your legacy remains a blessing to the people you left behind and your warmest hug is what we can never forget. I hope you are in a better place. I miss you father

93. My dad always taught me to be strong, because he knew that one day I would need that strength to bear his loss. Thank you for everything you did for me!

94. I never knew how much losing my dad would hurt, until the day I started to say my dad ‘was’… You will always be in my heart

missing dad quote
95. Before going through my daily routine, I make time to look at your pictures as it gives me hope that I have you as my guardian angel. You are deeply missed, father.

96. If you are looking at me from up in heaven, I want you to know that I’m not okay without you. It’s been quite a while now since you’ve been gone, but I still can’t help thinking how much I miss you.

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97. Dads never go away, they walk beside us every day… unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed, and very dear.

98. They say time heals every wound, but for the loss of someone as special as you, time couldn’t heal the pain. I miss you so much and I hope you are in a better place.

99. If tears could bring you back to the world, you would be here now. But since we have no power over destiny, I will keep praying for you ’till the day we meet again. I miss you father.

100. Dad, it hurts so much just knowing you’re no longer here. I’d give anything just to hear your voice or feel your arms wrapped around me again. I miss you so much dad!

101. If there is a chance of returning back to the world, please return to me. People as great as you should never have to leave the world and not return. I love you and miss you deeply, father.

102. Each time you appear in my dreams, it’s though I can feel your warm hands and your soft touches again. I wish you never left us. I miss you each and every time.

103. You taught me how to walk, talk and gave me every other life lesson there was. I wish you were here to see how much that helped. You are truly missed, father.

104. Dad, I am really missing you. Everywhere I look you’re there, except for right next to me. And it hurts so much.

105. I wish there was a way to control time. I would have paused it just to be with you for all eternity, father. No one can take your place in my heart, dad.

106. I miss my dad, the void he left in my life simply can’t be filled. But I am so grateful for all the incredible moments we shared together.

107. I miss you dad. There’s an empty place in my heart that I never knew was there until you left. But I would take every ounce of hurt, every tear shed, every sleepless night because it reminds me of all the things you mean to me. I want you to know how much you mean to me and how much I love you! Now and always.

108. I miss my dad from the second I wake up until the moment I lay my head on the pillow to go to sleep. How I long to be with him again even just for a day.

109. The words you have said to me can’t be forgotten, the fatherly love you showed me can’t be replaced and your awesome smile can’t be erased. I wish you could return back to the us. I miss you.

110. Dad, since the day you went to heaven, I have never been the same. I miss you more than words can say.

111. I know you are up there, preparing a place for me and your loved ones. I can’t wait for the day we will meet again, all smiled up.

112. You are my inspiration, you taught me how to be strong and how to fight every battle life brings forward. I can’t imagine my life without you as my father.

113. If only I could go back in time and tell you how much I love you and give you the biggest hug. I will miss you forever!

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    • Thank you for all the messages. I lost my dad almost 19 years ago. These messages summed up my feelings since the day he left me. To all who lost their fathers, be strong because your fathers are always proud of who you are.

  1. This page is very ture I lost my dad when I was 7 and know 5 years later I still miss and I miss him more than ever. #IMISSYOUDADDY.

  2. I loss father 2/aug 2018 but am still remembering him i can’t forgotten because am still painful and i cry more especially a day am in case

  3. I loved (still love) him so much. Thank you for being my Dad. I can’t believe it’s six weeks since I talked to you. It feels like a surreal eternity but no time at all. I miss you so so much – your laugh, your voice, your hugs, kissing you good night. I just want to go back in time. I know I’m so fortunate to have had you as a parent – I really lucked out on the parent front with you and Mam. Night, night my lovely Daddy. Xxxxxx

  4. Dad, Rest easy I only keep the promises …..fighting, it never ends Sir, May your soul Rest In Peace #14thJanuary 2018 ??
    My Mom and Brothers, all your sons we are deeply remembering you !

  5. I lost my Father 5 month ago. though it’s hard for me to accept the truth that he is no longer with us i find this message give me courage. Farther i miss you so much

  6. I can’t believe that you are not here.
    You will be always alive in my hearth.
    Love you dad.
    With out you life is totally dark.

  7. I miss my Paa so badly???? today is your birthday and I wish tou were with us to see everyone.. Not a single day is passed through this years without thinking about you paa. I love you so much that it aches my heart every time I think about you’re not with us.??

  8. My dad died on the bad bad time because it’s corona and we’re in quarantine and it’s hard for just my mom me and my brother is sister I wish he wasn’t gone

  9. It’s been 6 months we lost our HERO father and it’s been a nightmare
    Everyday I wish I could bring him back,
    Miss you DAD
    Love you

  10. Missing a father for 36 yrs to me it’s like he passed away today, I really miss him a lot and no one can replace his place,only God knows.

  11. My father is not dead he is just in marquette and i am in Norway right now until the end of the month and i am balling my eyes out because i miss him and the quotes were very emotional they also made me start cry, so dear dad, i miss and love you forever.

  12. I miss my daddy everyday it’s almost 1 year but I can’t cope without my dadd.l miss him so much

  13. I lost my dad two days a go. I lived in a different country. I spoke him on Thursday and my brother called me on Saturday and told me our dad passed away ?. It was painful and heart ranching. I was planning to visit him this summer and to meet with his grand children for the first time. But due to the Covid-19, the country is on lock-down. I was not ever able to go to the funeral. It will be very painful and difficult to comprehend my loose. I am praying God to give me the strength. Rest in peace dad. I will always love you ?

  14. Nomatter how old she may be, sometimes a girl just needs her Daddy, lost my hero 17 August 2016. So tomorrow marks four years of missing him badly. RIP Makoni.

  15. My dad chose me as a daughter. It’s been 1 week since he left us. The heartache is unbearable, I love him so much. My life will never be the same again. I married a year early just so he was well enough to give me away. But cancer won, and God’s garden got another gardener.

  16. When we our family is in financial problems ,if the the head of family dies then family may gets more down financially but it may dead emotionally,,,financial status changes but emotions with the loved one remains till the last ,,,my deeply condolences to the ones who lost their lives ones and their super hero dad

  17. Papa ji … I miss you so much papa… Our stars weren’t right… We always fought, had arguments … Deep down inside i loved you so much… Unfortunately i could only show you a fraction of it while you were with me … Now you are gone… Forever…. I miss you with every breath…. Papa ji, you left us on 2nd august 2021… Please if the universe has a way to make you read this from the heavens…. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH PAPA, WILL ALWAYS DO. You left me before i could make my dreams come true, you left me before you could see your son be successful and happy… I miss you so much… Maybe it was primarily me who directly/indirectly pushed you through an early death. I lost my biggest wellwisher, my biggest motivation, my biggest support… My everything.. . Papa ji…. Please vapis aajo…. I will never fight with you again. Please hold my hand, please call me beta once again, please call me putt once again… I love you papa.


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