18 Elmo Party Ideas

elmo party ideas

Few television characters from the past three decades have proven to be as endearing as Elmo. Since his introduction to Sesame Street in 1980, Elmo has become a real force in popular culture. From Black Friday fights over his Tickle Me Elmo toy through appearances in countless movies and TV shows, Elmo doesn’t seem to … Read more

11 Party Games for Kids

party games for kids

You’ll find the majority of party games for kids are most common when a child turns five. However, the majority of these games are adaptable and suitable for toddlers or older children as well. With some preparation and imagination, you can adapt just about any game to suit the theme of your child’s party. While … Read more

17 Star Wars Party Ideas

star wars party ideas

A Star Wars party theme is an excellent choice because it works for all – young and old. The long-running series includes the original films, TV shows, video games, and much more, giving you plenty of material to work with to throw the best theme party ever. Here are 17 of our favorite Star Wars … Read more

12 Sports Theme Party Ideas

sports theme party ideas

Everyone has a favorite sports team — some more than others. If your child likes sports, he’d love to see his most liked hobby reflected in a birthday party theme. Below are some of the best ideas to impress your child’s guests. Best of all, they don’t have to break the bank. Football Chocolate-Covered Strawberries … Read more

7 Princess Themed Birthday Party Ideas

proncess themed birthday party ideas

The word “princess” brings up so much, where should you begin? While Disney is the obvious go-to, there’s still a lot you could do with a princess theme. We’ve included some helpful ideas below. Princess Party Invitation Scrolls Giving a party guest a scroll is not only thoughtful, but it’s also a fun and easy … Read more

9 Scooby-Doo Party Ideas

scooby-doo party ideas

Whether it’s little ones who love a mystery or older folks wanting to relive their nostalgia, there’s something about Scooby-Doo that draws in people of all ages. With such a famous face, here’s how to make your Scooby-Doo party a smash hit. Make a Scooby-Doo Pinata Pinatas are a perfect creation: Beat something up then … Read more

20 Best 3rd Birthday Party Ideas

3rd birthday party ideas

Your toddler’s third birthday party can be small and cozy or full of colorful fun to keep your child and his friends engaged for an hour or more. Birthday party themes for a child’s third year run the gamut from animals, superheroes and cartoon characters to cowboys or ballerinas. The ideas for your child’s party … Read more

22 Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

pirate birthday party ideas

Ahoy, there mateys. Are you looking for pirate themed party ideas for your next soiree? Well, you’re in luck. Your little birthday captain is sure to enjoy your savvy thinking when he sees all your hard work. From the invites to the goody bags, all the little scallywags will be impressed with your party planning. … Read more

32 Barnyard Party Ideas

barnyard party ideas

Tons of little boys and little girls would love nothing more than a barnyard party! Whether you have the party at a local petty zoo, bring the animals to your backyard, or skip the livestock altogether, there are tons of options for throwing the best barnyard party. Below you’ll find imaginative ideas for emulating the … Read more

12 Harry Potter Party Ideas

harry potter party ideas

The Harry Potter books were one of the most significant publishing phenomena of the late 20th and early 21st Century. A party theme isn’t enough to ensure a memorable time – you’ll still need food, beverages, decorations, games, and Harry Potter-inspired entertainment. All our party themes also include tips for making treats, decorations, and homemade … Read more