16 Royalty Party Themes

royalty party themes

Children of all ages have long demonstrated an interest in all things royal. From endless princess dress-up parties to the broomstick battles of knights and kings, kids love playing games that let them use their imaginations to the fullest. When it comes to birthday parties, sleepovers, and other events, there are countless fun royalty party … Read more

19 Soccer Party Ideas

soccer party ideas

Whether you want to get active kids or adults together, you could host a soccer party. You don’t have to play soccer—although you will probably want to do some of the fun activities that we recommend below. Here are plenty of ideas for decorations, games, and food that will make a soccer party exciting. 1. … Read more

5 Emoji Party Ideas

emoji party ideas

Planning a child’s birthday party can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be when you start with a broad theme like emojis. There are so many emojis to choose from when planning your party. As these parties grow in popularity, so does the availability of decor! There are so many options with emoji parties … Read more

23 Pool Party Games for Kids

pool party games

Pool parties are excellent ways to spend hot summer days. But things can get chaotic if you don’t have a plan of action for the gathering. Pool party games can keep things running smoothly throughout the day. Plus, if you play these games with the kids at the party, they’ll be likely to organize some … Read more

16 Superhero Games for Kids

superhero games for kids

Kids have always been fascinated with superheroes and muscle men, but never has children’s excitement for the likes of Thor, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Batman been quite as popular as it is today. Thanks to some creative parents and a few smart game manufacturers, there are now plenty of ways for a child to play … Read more

9 Tea Birthday Party Ideas

tea birthday party ideas

No matter if your guest of honor loves throwing tea parties with their favorite stuffed animals as their guests, or if they prefer something more refined and elegant, incorporating a tea party into their birthday celebration is an excellent way of honoring them. The following tea party birthday ideas are available to help inspire you … Read more

18 Mermaid Party Ideas

mermaid party ideas

Mermaids are mythical creatures that had a human upper body and the tail of a fish. Also called sirens in some of the stories, mermaids were reputed to have mystical and prophetic powers. They were partial to music and often sang, sometimes luring unsuspecting sailors to their deaths. Many stories tell of mermaids marrying men … Read more