9 Tea Birthday Party Ideas



No matter if your guest of honor loves throwing tea parties with their favorite stuffed animals as their guests, or if they prefer something more refined and elegant, incorporating a tea party into their birthday celebration is an excellent way of honoring them.

The following tea party birthday ideas are available to help inspire you throughout the planning process. Depending on the guest of honor’s interests, there are several ways to make these celebrations successful and memorable. The trick is figuring out their interests and incorporating them into the tea party theme.

Top 9 Tea Party Birthday Ideas

1. Alice in Wonderland Tea Birthday Party Idea

Do you know someone with an affinity for all things Alice in Wonderland? Does your child light up whenever you talk about the characters during the tea party scene? If so, this is one of those tea birthday party ideas that’s sure to be a hit.

Hire a bakery to create an incredible Alice in Wonderland themed birthday cake. Or, you can use pictures found on the Internet to bake and decorate this cake in your home. No matter which option you’re choosing, make sure the theme is clear.

Don’t forget the treats! There are a variety of ways you can approach this from themed cupcakes, cake pops, and frosted cookies. Write phrases from the movie on a selection of treats, including “Eat Me,” or “Drink Me.” Include playing card decorated treats, like Rice Crispy treats and frosted cookies.

Have fun with the party decorations and invitations by incorporating the Alice in Wonderland vibe. Include teapots and teacups full of floral arrangements as centerpieces. Find paper goods featuring an Alice in Wonderland or a “tea” theme. On the backdrop of one of your table-scapes, hang faux roses. Use teacups or Alice in Wonderland themed mugs for holding plastic utensils.

For the final touches, like goodie bags, for example, fill gift bags that are colors you find in the movie—the powder blue of Alice’s dress, purple from the Cheshire Cat, and so on. Adding a colorful picture featuring a quote from the film is an excellent way to tie everything together.

When you’re planning the rest of your menu, think “finger foods.” Set up platters of cheese, crackers, and assorted meat. Set out a variety of flavors of decaffeinated tea, as well as fruit juices and water. The guest of honor will also love seeing other nibbles, including mini cucumber sandwiches and strawberries decorated to look like mushrooms.

2. Ceremonial Tea Birthday Party

Does the guest of honor love to sample a broad range of teas? If so, consider a manage of tea ceremonies bundled into one event. What this means is, instead of focusing on one tradition, create a tea birthday party featuring several.

For example, one “tea station” at tea party birthday ideas like this one could feature a South American ceremony. In this area, you’ll feature yerba mate or chimarrao tea. This tea has higher caffeine content but is similar to green tea. Traditionally, this tea brews in a small gourd, and those in attendance drink it from a bombilla, which is a communal straw. However, you can set out teacups and enjoy it just as much.

You could also set up a “tea station” featuring a Japanese tea ceremony. In this area, you’ll need Matcha, which is a traditional ceremonial tea. Couple it with a beautiful Japanese teapot and cups. If you can’t find Matcha, there are hundreds of other blends that are just as delicious.

Setting up for this party involves creating “tea stations” throughout the venue. You can do this by using card tables or small bistro tables with a white linen tablecloth. Add elements that are indicative of the “tea station’s” theme. You can also put a place card in the center of each table explaining more about the ceremonial tea.

When decorating for this tea party, use a variety of tea-themed decorations throughout the venue. Those can include garland made from teacup cut-outs, wreaths of teacup cut-outs, and lots of flowers. Planning for the menu involves setting out bottles of sparkling cider with champagne flutes, cake ball kabobs, and tea party plates full of finger foods.

3. Princess Tea Birthday Theme

It doesn’t matter how old the guest of honor is for this kind of tea party. While it caters well to younger party-goers, it’s an excellent idea for anyone who wants to feel like a princess for the day.

When decorating for this party, pick up enough sets of fairy wings to decorate the backs of every chair you’re setting out. You can also decorate the chairs by covering them with tulle and ribbons. Then, using teapots that you have on-hand or find at a thrift store, create floral centerpieces.

Continue this decorating theme by clustering pink and white balloons filled with helium over the table with white ribbons hanging from each. Then, toss some extra balloons all over the floor. Create a separate table-scape featuring cake stands, cupcake towers, and glass jars.

Planning the menu for tea birthday party ideas like this one involves filling the jars with hard pastel candies, using ice cream cones on cupcakes to make them look like crowns, and using a princess crown or Tiara as the birthday cake topper.

Continue this menu theme by setting out cake stands full of cookies and cupcakes alongside the centerpieces you create for the dining table. Fill crown-shaped goodie baskets with princess and tea party-themed treats and favors.

Fill teacups or sugar bowls with an assortment of decaffeinated herbal and other flavored teas. Create a place card to put in front of each to help guests know which to pick. If you have party-goers who don’t like to drink tea, set out fruit-infused water. Include honey-flavored stirrers, cubes of sugar, creamer, and milk.

You can set up the main dining table or serving table, whichever you choose, with a pastel-colored or white linen tablecloth. In front of each chair, set up tea-themed paper goods that include a dining plate, dessert plate, and teacup.

4. Traditional Tea Party

If you know someone who loves tea, teapots, and everything to do with having tea parties, then they’ll appreciate the effort you put into hosting a traditional tea party. When hosting these kinds of tea parties, every detail counts.

First, start hunting for teacups, saucers, utensils, linen napkins, napkin rings, and teapots at yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores. Hosting this kind of tea party doesn’t call for plastic tableware. Instead, you’re focusing on authenticity.

When setting the table, place a napkin featuring a napkin ring or faux pearl wrap next to each setting. Place settings should include a dining plate, dessert plate, teacup, saucer, and a full set of utensils. Place a cupcake you wrap with ribbon or a place card in the center of each dessert plate.

If you have several guests attending this tea party, make sure you have more than one teapot available. Otherwise, one large teapot should do. Fill it with hot water and surround it with small saucers of teabags. Create place cards to place in the center of each dish or to place in front of each depicting the flavor of tea that’s available.

Decorating for this tea party involves picking up faux pearls, miniature framed place cards, lace doilies, and a lot of flowers. Use linen tablecloths on every table, and wrap miniature teacups filled with chocolates to hand out as party favors.

Planning the menu for this tea party idea involves making “tea party sandwiches.” Those are sandwiches cut into small triangles and feature a variety of fillings. A popular choice is a cucumber sandwich, or you could also use strawberry cream cheese spread.

Take your menu planning a step further by including sugar cookies in the shape of tea bags that feature chocolate in the bottom half. Fill shot glasses with yogurt that you can top with fruit or pudding topped with chocolate curls. Use cake towers and three-tier service trays for displaying all the food.

5. Focusing on Unicorns

Many little girls love collecting and admiring unicorns throughout their childhood. Often the magic of these creatures extends into adulthood, as well. That’s where tea birthday party ideas like this one come into play.

Because you’re focusing on unicorns when planning for this tea party, you can use that as the theme for decorations and party food. Then, sprinkle in some “tea-themed” elements to round everything out and tie it together.

Decorating for this tea party involves filling pink, purple, gold, and pastel blue balloons up. Then, use them to create arches, towers, and garland. Look for plastic rhinestone lengths of garland that’s dripping with crystals to decorate chandeliers and table-scapes.

If you can find pink teacups and saucers with gold edging, that will help add a touch of glamour to this tea party. Include white cake stands and three-tier service trays to create an elegant atmosphere. Make sure you scatter flower buds and greenery around the centerpieces and food displays.

Incorporate the unicorn theme by making cupcakes featuring ears and gold horns and frosted cookies that look like unicorn heads. Use crystal cake stands to display teapots, creamer, and sugar. Surround them with more florals and greenery.

Take this menu planning a step further by including serving trays, bowls, and jars full of unicorn-themed party food. Examples include unicorn popcorn, pretzel unicorn horns, unicorn ice cream, and unicorn fudge. Use a unicorn cookie cutter to create themed sandwiches.

If you have party-goers who don’t like tea, they can still enjoy this party just as much. Set out packets of gourmet hot chocolate that feature unicorn decorations. You can also serve “pink” lemonade, blue fruit juice, or sparkling gold cider.

As the grand finale, the focal point should be the unicorn cake. You can hire a bakery to create this confectionery delight or try to make one in your home. Either way, it should be in keeping with the colors you’re using throughout the rest of the venue.

6. A High Tea Birthday

Does your guest of honor love to attend high teas? These are formal events that involve a dining table, small snacks, or a more substantial menu.

Planning for this party idea involves refinement and elegance. For example, add style by serving clotted cream to spread on scones. You can either purchase this cream or make it in your home. A high tea also involves serving loose tea rather than tea bags. Therefore, you’ll need tea infusers or tea balls that are available in tea shops or kitchen stores.

In addition to featuring an assortment of loose-leaf tea, offer a variety of milk as well. Examples include almond, coconut, cow’s milk, and soy. Don’t forget wedges of lemon, jars of honey, and lumps of sugar cubes.

Be sure to have several pots of hot water available and, as soon as they empty, replenish them. That way, there’s plenty of opportunities for guests to enjoy more than one cup of tea. You can set the teapots on service trays with small ramekins or jars of loose-leaf tea.

Set the table with beautiful China and silver utensils. Everyone will need a teacup, saucer, dessert plate, spoon for stirring, and dessert fork. When you’re serving something more substantial, set out a dining plate and dining utensils.

During a high tea, serve cakes with forks and offer finger sandwiches. These efforts encourage nibbling and sampling while enjoying their drinks. Also, make sure everyone has a linen napkin for blotting. Ideas for serving something more substantial than scones and cookies include avocado and smoked salmon toast, strawberry shortcake, and sponge cake.

Because many high teas involve finger foods, consider using a cupcake tower instead of a traditional birthday cake. Otherwise, hire a bakery or make a birthday cake in your home featuring vintage roses or other beautiful floral arrangements.

7. Mermaid Under the Sea Idea

Does your guest of honor love all things mermaid and under the sea? If so, then this tea birthday party idea will be memorable. You’ll find that this is especially true if they also love tea parties.

When thinking about decorations, keep the “Under the Sea” theme in mind. For example, hanging a baby blue sheet or tablecloth in the background with twists of green streamers will make it look like the tea party is happening in the water.

Take this decorating theme to the next level by incorporating mermaid and under the sea-themed party food and drinks. Remember, this is a tea party, so you’ll want plenty of iced and hot tea available.

Because many tea parties feature finger foods, make that the starting point for the birthday cake. Fill a platter with mini cupcakes, frost them using aqua icing, and then sprinkle graham cracker crumbs all over everything.

Then, bake a separate single layer cake featuring the same aqua icing. Sprinkle graham cracker crumbs on the cake plate before placing the frosted cake on top. Add swirls of frosting on top to make it look like ocean waves, and then sprinkle more graham cracker crumbs on top.

Have you ever seen a sand dollar sugar cookie? These add more fun to tea party birthday ideas like this one. Before popping sugar cookies into the oven, you can press five pieces of sliced almonds on top. Then, they’ll look like sand dollars.

Take this idea a step further by mixing up some purple frosting and putting it into a piping bag. Pick up candy pearls and Nilla wafers. Pipe icing on the bottom of each cookie, place a bead on top and position a second cookie at an angle. When you finish, they look like a clam and pearl cookies.

8. Dress Up Tea Party Idea

There’s something about playing dress-up that makes an event, like a “tea” birthday party, that much more fun. If your guest of honor loves to play dress up and have tea parties, combining the two is an excellent birthday party option.

For this party, you’ll need a full-length mirror, lots of fun hats, linen gloves, and pearl necklaces. If a mirror on a pedestal is available, it will be that much better. Don’t forget to offer an assortment of costume jewelry, including cocktail rings, clip-on earrings, and bangle bracelets.

When setting up for this party, make sure there’s a section for dressing up and a section for the tea party. You could combine the two by including a tea party hat at each place setting. Include paper fans and strings of pearls on your table-scapes.

Another dress up section can also feature a table with a linen tablecloth, an elegant mirror, and bowls and serving platters full of jewelry, lip gloss, and sparkly make-up. Don’t forget to include frilly boas, lots of flowers for the hats, and fancy shoes.

Fill a wide assortment of pastel-colored helium balloons, and then wrap them in coordinating tulle. Use lengths of ribbon and clusters of faux roses to tie the tulle. Include faux flower blossoms and butterflies around your centerpieces.

Planning for the menu involves using flower-shaped cookie cutters to make finger sandwiches. Then, using a small round cookie cutter and pieces of pound cake, create mini rose blossoms using piped icing. Keep the tea party theme going using a cupcake tower featuring a teacup on top featuring a rose and dripping pearls.

Take your cookie cutters and create even more fun tea-themed creations. Use a small flower cookie cutter for slicing into cucumber pieces. Use a tea-pot shaped cookie cutter or one that’s in the shape of a dress or sun hat, to make cookies, cut into sandwiches, and cut slices of pound cake.

9. Garden Tea Birthday Party

Does your guest of honor have an affinity for gardening or visiting botanical gardens? Do they also love the elegance of a tea party? If so, why not combine the two for an unforgettable birthday party.

Decorating for this tea birthday party involves using a lot of flowers. That means this garden tea party should be bursting with flowers. Include small bud vases at each table setting, create exuberant centerpieces, and use florals to garnish all of the food.

Take this gardening theme to another level by filling clear ice buckets with crushed ice on the bottom and slices of berries mixed with blueberries and flower petals on the top. Use this bucket to chill sparkling cider or champagne for those who would prefer not to drink tea.

Use crystal teacups as a miniature flower vase. Once you fill it up, add a place card if you’re using them at place settings, or tea flavors if you’re using them next to the assortment of tea you’re serving. You can also fill teapots you’re not using, as well as large glass jars with flowers to use in your centerpiece.

Develop a themed menu by creating foods that look like blossoms and are in the shape of flowers or teapots. Don’t forget touches like serving tea cakes, finger sandwiches, and an assortment of cookies. As far as the birthday cake goes, you can combine the garden and tea party themes by hiring a bakery to make a cake in the shape of a teacup or teapot and adorning it with flowers.

If the weather is beautiful enough to host this party outside, be sure to surround the buffet and dining table with fairy sparkle lights. Include other elements like floral themed linen tablecloths and napkins.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a broad range of ways you can take tea party birthday ideas. Your goal is to focus on what the guest of honor loves and incorporating that into a tea party theme. By making that effort, the “tea” birthday party will be that much more successful. It doesn’t matter if they have a penchant for enjoying high tea or love to play dress up, there are tea birthday party ideas to suit every personality and interest.

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