25 Father-Son Trips

Father-Son Trips

Want to strengthen your father-son bond? Try travel! Whether you’re sightseeing or testing yourselves with an extreme adventure, you’ll be getting closer and making memories. That’s not to say that traveling with children is worry free. Each age provides its own challenges. When your son is young, you may face feeding, toileting and sleep issues. … Read more

10 Science Fair Projects

Science Fair Projects

There’s nothing better than helping a child learn. And that’s what science fair is all about! Some parents get very stressed out about science fair, but it’s not about winning or having the best looking board. It’s about helping your child use the scientific method to explore a topic that he or she is interested … Read more

50 Father-Son Activities

Father-Son Activities

Fathers are important! Whether you are playing ball or making sandwiches, how you relate to your son matters. The kind of father you are can impact your son’s whole life. The traditional roles of fathers as protectors and providers are important, but fathers need to forge emotional bonds with their sons, too. Happily, this can … Read more

50 Father-Daughter Activities

Father-Daughter Activities

Most fathers are superheroes to their little girls. Daughters are treasures to their fathers, too, although they may also be the cause of a few sleepless nights. Since the father-daughter relationship is so extraordinary, when they have time to spend together, it’s important to make it special. Most fathers want to have fun with their … Read more

12 Activities for Girls

Activities for Girls

Sugar and spice? Sweetness, strength and smarts – that’s what modern girls are made of. Although some parents prefer not to make generalities about the genders, researchers have found some consistent differences between females and males. Girls, for example, usually develop verbal skills earlier and are more socially adept than boys. They tend to be … Read more

16 Activities for Boys

Activities for Boys

They are tough but tender. They are up for action but also like snuggles. If you have boys in your family, you already know that they bring a whole lot of fun and a few challenges. People love to debate whether boys are born super-charged or whether we socialize them to display “boyish” behavior. We … Read more

8 Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Look at the child dropping his peas into milk, or trying to imitate the way an elephant walks. Kids are natural scientists, curious about everything they encounter. As parents, our job is to help them find answers and encourage them to ask more questions. One of the best ways to do this is through science … Read more

14 Summer Activities for Kids

Summer Activities for Kids

Who doesn’t love summer? For school kids, it’s a much-anticipated vacation from study. For parents, it’s a break from supervising homework and packing lunches. Even if the children in the family are younger than school-age, almost everyone enjoys the slower pace and long, warm days of summer. Sooner or later, however, parents are bound to … Read more

13 Food Activities for Kids

Food Activities for Kids

Food is associated with home and love. That’s why you may go straight for the pantry or fridge when you go to your parents’ house, even if you’re middle-aged. Of course, food is also a daily concern and a necessity of life. That makes it a perfect medium for interacting with your children and educating … Read more

12 Water Activities for Kids

Water Activities for Kids

If you are looking for an easy way to entertain the kids, just add water! Most children love getting wet, but splashing about is just the beginning. Many activities have both wet and dry versions, and lots of sports and outdoor activities involve water. If you’re concerned about your children getting enough exercise, water activities … Read more