Canada’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes Right Now According to Google Trends



There are two weeks left until Halloween and that means that millions of Canadians will turn to Google for inspiration for their favorite Halloween costume.

Last year, in the two months prior to Halloween, there were roughly 6 million costume-related Google searches in Canada, according to data from Google Adwords. And this year doesn’t seem to be any different.

Besides the ever so popular witch, princess, dinosaur, and fairy costumes, every year brings a new blockbuster. While last year the Among Us costume was hugely popular, 2021 is the year of the Squid Game costume.

Squid Game is the most googled Halloween costume in Canada and worldwide.

Netflix’s Squid Game is a sensation and Netflix just announced that is has become its most popular TV show ever. In the first 28 days of release, Netflix says that Squid Game has reached 111 million fans.

Squid Game is now ready to take over Halloween as well. According to Google Trends, it is the most googled Halloween costume in Canada and worldwide in the past 30 days. Yes, it tops the charts in the US, Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia as well.

While nationwide Squid Game wins the popularity contest by a landslide, it is not (yet) the most popular Halloween costume in all provinces.

Halloween costumes popularity Canada

The Harley Quinn costume, hugely popular over the past few years, remains the top choice in Newfoundland & Labrador, while the witch costume is the most popular choice in Nova Scotia and Brunswick, with Cruella winning the popularity contest in Saskatchewan.

What other Halloween costumes will be highly popular in Canada this year?

Google has the answer again. Following Squid Game, Princess, Cruella, and Witch costumes, these are Canada’s next 10 most popular Halloween costumes (according to Google Trends data, Past 30 days):

Most popular Halloween costumes in Canada in 2021

Various Squid Game costumes are being sold on Amazon for prices ranging from CAD $14 to CAD $40, but for more inspiration check out these five Game Squid costumes, or make one yourself.

Unfortunately, there are no official Squid Game outfits on sale for Halloween this year, although there are plenty of people who would like to buy one. What a missed opportunity!

Talking about DIY costumes, check out this guide on how to create an amazing Halloween costume for yourself and your family.

Squid Game Costume

Methodology analyzed Google Trends data to identify the most popular Halloween costume in the Canada in 2021. We analyzed the data for the past 30 days. Specifically, we reported on Google Trends data from September 15th through October 15th.

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Featured image by Seungju Lee via Unsplash.

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