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Everyone loves Halloween, when adults, kids and even pets can get creative and dress up as their favorite theme or character. And every year it seems that more and more dog owners want their pets to join in the fun. Because, let’s face it, anything that involves the word ‘treat’ will get those tails wagging. Costumes are getting ever more creative as people vie on social media to show the cutest and most original design concepts.

While the classic themes of pumpkins, witches and skeletons never go out of fashion, movies also provide inspiration. Flying monkeys, cowardly lions and wicked witches are also popular choices for dogs.

Fashions for canine Halloween follow human costume trends. This year, Squid Game has caught fire, and is now the number one choice in 6 of the USAs most populous states.

So we’ve selected a mix of classic themes for dog costumes and new ideas to inspire you. Just choose a costume that matches your pup’s personality, and that he’ll enjoy wearing for a while, and you’ll both bring fun and smiles to everyone you meet on Halloween. And treats to the star of the show!

1. All aboard, my hearties!

There’ll be no tricks when this adorable pirate comes aboard to steal those treats! With this cute outfit no one will be able to resist sharing their Halloween doggy treasures!  

2. So spooky!

What mischief will these two flying monkeys straight out of Oz get up to?

3. Traditional Halloween Pup Chic

An ideal for an outdoorsy pup who’s going for a subtle fall vibe –this fetching pumpkin bonnet and sweater are all she’ll need to turn heads …and earn treats!

4. Phew.. We’re Safe!

When the spooks are out, we need a superfrenchie to save us! And all this precious pup asks in return is a few treats…well, maybe a few more than that….

5. Simple, Stylish and Spooky!

This bonetastic skeleton theme will rattle anyone who comes across your pooch in the dark! No need for extra legs or elaborate headdresses, this is perfect for the pup who loves a party but doesn’t want to go overboard with his outfit.

6. The Hogwarts Hounds!

Ready to show off their magic tricks and charm the treats out of everyone they meet!

7. Witch do We Love Most?

In their stylish Halloween get-ups these two magical will cast a spell of cutiness on everyone they meet!

8. The Mail Dogs are Here!

Delivering lots of fun and laughter all through Halloween! And let’s hope those boxes are packed with treats!

9. An Adorable Invader!

This precious Viking Princess can’t wait to go marauding round the neighbourhood!  And who’ll be able to resist her demands for treats!

10.  Well, Shiver our Timbers!

This scary crew are ready to go searching for buried treasure – or maybe a treat from everyone who meets them.

11. Keep your Socks Safe!

If Monsters Inc is your thing, this creative Sock Monster theme will delight you– but expect your pup to demand tastier treats than your old socks!

12. It Never Gets Old!

The classic Wizard of Oz theme is constantly being reinvented. In their creative costumes, this naughty but nice pair will enchant everyone they meet!

13. Fishing for Treats!

The sweetest garden gnome there ever was! This simple outfit will charm the birds out of the trees, and the snacks out of the humans!

14. Captain Pupmerica to the Rescue!

If your pup is a super-hero all year round, why not the world know – with this super costume on this super special day!

15. Straight From the Movie!

Transform your brave boy into a cowardly lion, and your sweet girl into a scary witch. They’ll cast their spell of sweetiness on everyone who sees them!

16. What do You Mean, We’re not Scary?

These two adorable monsters look ready for mischief! But it’s not a trick – these super-soft furry costumes will melt everyone’s heart –and earn plenty of treats!

17. Not Sure You’ve Got the Point of Halloween, but…

Totally enchanting! This precious flower and her honey bee friend will spread smiles wherever they go! A welcome break from all the terror!

18. Some Dogs just Don’t do Cute!

At least not in public! These fantastic warrior outfits will earn your pooches the respect (and the treats) they deserve!

19.  Free the Canine One!

Spent all year trying to prove you’re a good dog? Only to be convicted of a crime you didn’t commit? Get the world to understand that this miscarriage of justice can only be put right with- a LOT of treats!

20. Pumpkins are so Last-Year!

So change things up with funky carrot costume! Your pup won’t only trick people with his realistic costume, he’ll definitely be able to stock up his treat cupboard as well!

Optional Extra:

21. Bang on Trend!

Squid Game
Squid Game; Photo credit: https://www.popsugar.co.uk

If you’re looking for a fashion-forward Halloween costume for your pooch, then choosing a Squid Game theme will earn squeals of delight from fans of the series! And let’s face it, more squeals of delight means more cuddles and more cuddles lead to more treats!

If you spent days looking for the cutest Halloween costume for your pup and are in a rush to find a great one for yourself, check out this amazing list of last-minute Halloween costumes by Blend College.

Julie Zawadzki
Julie Zawadzki
Julie Zawadzki is a copywriter and blogger with a special interest in all things animal-related. She's currently living and working in Andalusia, with a nuclear family of rescue dogs.
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