About Us

Welcome to FatherMag!

Operating continuously on the Internet since 1995, our magazine for fathers exists solely in electronic format, providing innovative solutions for men with children.

The name Fathering Magazine was changed to FatherMag.com in 1996 to brand the electronic magazine as a memorable internet domain and URL.

FatherMag.com initially gained international recognition (and a frequently overwhelmed server) when featured in stories and links at CNN.com, USAtoday.com and MSN.com, after receiving awards from the websites of the LA Times and Readers Digest. Top reviews and commendation for FatherMag.com at the Whole Internet Catalog, Excite, NetGuid, and other reviewers resulted in an uncontested top standing for FatherMag.com as the most popular parenting site for men. That position has never met with serious challenge and is still held by FatherMag.com today, attracting the highest quality advertisers.

FatherMag.com is a privately held, family-oriented company that has successfully identified its market and provided unique and innovative tools to meet the needs of fathers.