16 Superhero Games for Kids

superhero games for kids

Kids have always been fascinated with superheroes and muscle men, but never has children’s excitement for the likes of Thor, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Batman been quite as popular as it is today. Thanks to some creative parents and a few smart game manufacturers, there are now plenty of ways for a child to play … Read more

23 Pool Party Games for Kids

pool party games

Pool parties are excellent ways to spend hot summer days. But things can get chaotic if you don’t have a plan of action for the gathering. Pool party games can keep things running smoothly throughout the day. Plus, if you play these games with the kids at the party, they’ll be likely to organize some … Read more

30 Father’s Day Surprise Ideas

Father's day surprise ideas

Father’s Day is a celebration day of honoring fatherhood. Usually, it’s spent with the family. Here we have listed numerous family-friendly Father’s Day surprises you can do for your dad. Father’s Day might be a little different now due to the covid19 pandemic. However, this doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun and spend quality … Read more

220 Bad Dad Jokes

best dad jokes

Dad jokes are cheesy and corny but let’s be honest, they can be really funny too. Sure, they’re not the kind of jokes you hear from comedians but they are the perfect way to cheer up your friends and family after having a bad day or can also break the ice when meeting new people. … Read more

225 Funny Jokes For Kids

funny jokes for kids

Kids jokes never fail to bring laughter and smile to everyone. Jokes do not just help create relationships with the kids, they’re also a great way to kill time when you are trying to keep the children organized or occupied. Waiting in line for a seat in a restaurant or for a dentist appointment, wouldn’t … Read more

200 Christmas Jokes For Kids

Christmas jokes for kids

Christmas time is one of the happiest seasons for all the kids around the world. Funny Christmas jokes bring even more cheer to the season. If you’re looking for jokes about Christmas, Santa, elves, reindeer, or anything else related to Christmas, then this collection is exactly what you’re looking for. Hope you enjoy sharing the laughter … Read more

250 Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

knock knock jokes for kids

Making kids laugh isn’t a very hard thing to do because they always seem to be in a very good mood. Well, they can be fussy too but most of the time, they love to laugh even at the silliest things in their own little world. But nothing beats the good ol’ knock, knock jokes. … Read more

21 Sweet Father Poems

father poems

For some people, writing a poem is as natural as riding a bike but for most of us, we usually don’t even know where to start. Don’t worry, here we have put together some of the best father poems that you can copy and write down on a card or you can also read it … Read more

40 Deadbeat Dad Jokes

dead beat dad jokes

Here we have listed a collection of funny dead beat dad jokes to make you laugh. 40 Best Deadbeat Dad Jokes 1. Sometimes I’ll write the setup for a really good pun but just get bored and give up… I’ve been accused of being a deadbeat dad-joker. 2. I finally asked my Deadbeat, Deserting Dad … Read more

100 Dad Birthday Quotes

dad birthday quotes and wishes

On your dad’s birthday, give him a warm birthday message that he will cherish forever. Make him smile or let him know how much he means to you. If you need an idea, here is a list of dad birthday quotes we compiled. We hope you find the perfect and the most heartwarming birthday wishes … Read more