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Kids have always been fascinated with superheroes and muscle men, but never has children’s excitement for the likes of Thor, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Batman been quite as popular as it is today. Thanks to some creative parents and a few smart game manufacturers, there are now plenty of ways for a child to play hero both alone and in groups.

From party games and sports games to trivia games and contests, we’ve arranged a list of fun, exciting superhero games for kids. As always, we’ve done our best to make a list as comprehensive as possible. To do this, we’ve included all manner of games to appeal to children of all ages. In fact, there might even be an opportunity or two for you to get in on the fun.

1. Bean the Bad Guys

Here is a super fun superhero game that requires minimal investment on your part and encourages the kids to be imaginative and creative. It’s essentially a bean bag toss, in which the children can take turns trying to knock down targets shaped like classic villains and baddies.

For an extra level of participation, you can have the children draw, paint, or otherwise design the game’s bad guys, and then glue them to 2-liter soda bottles, cans, or other suitable “targets.” If the kids aren’t feeling too creative, consider just printing out some photos of classic supervillains and having them help you attach them to the targets.

While bean bags are pretty easy to come across in craft stores and sports stores, you could also make your own by filling socks with dry beans or rice and then sealing them with a rubber band. To play, have the children take turns lining up at a designated spot and seeing how many villains they can knock over in a single turn. Whoever hits the most, wins!

For even more fun, consider hiding the villains all over your yard or play area. You can then lead the kids around and have each child take turn spotting (and then beaning) each one.

2. The Riddler Game

Like some of the other games on this list, this one can be altered based on the age and intellectual ability of your kids.

In the basic version of the game, you hide bags of candy and goodies all over the yard, numbering them from one to ten or one to twenty. Allow the kids to run around and find as many as they can. Once they’ve collected the entire bunch and assembled them in order, they can each grab a bag and enjoy the goodies inside.

In the “Riddler” version of the game, each bag will have a riddle of some sort written on it. Before they can open the bag and get the goodies, the kids will first have to answer the question. You can find hundreds of easy, kid-oriented riddles online, and you can always offer the children hints if they find themselves struggling.

3. The Identity Game

While superheroes almost always have secret identities, this game is more about encouraging the kids to mingle and interact with each other. To play, the kids should pretend that each of them is a superhero who has had his or her memory erased by a supervillain. Start by writing the names of some famous superheroes on pieces of paper, and then placing those pieces of paper in a hat or basket.

After doing this, encourage two kids at a time to choose a superhero identity from the basket, and (without allowing them to peek) tape that identity onto the forehead of each player. The kids can then ask their partner “yes” or “no” questions to see if they can guess who they are. It’s not only a lot of fun, but you can all play over and over again.

You’ll love seeing the funny questions and answers the kids come up with each time, and the kids will enjoy getting the chance to play different characters.

4. Get Rid of the Kryptonite!

Everyone knows that Kryptonite is incredibly dangerous to superheroes, so if you find some – you’ve got to get rid of it quickly! In this game, two teams of kids will try to dispose of as much Kryptonite as they can without using their hands. How do they do so? By using two sticks and some “magic” kryptonite disposal buckets.

For this game, you can ball up aluminum foil and paint it green. These balls will represent the “Kryptonite,” which the children need to dispose of as soon as possible. You’ll want to be sure you have enough kryptonite balls for each player, or maybe more. You’ll only need one pair of sticks per team, and one bowl or basket placed on the far side of the room.

To play, divide the children into even teams and place the balls of Kryptonite at their feet. Place the kryptonite disposal buckets at the far end of the room or yard. Upon the count of three, a member of each team will use the sticks to pick up a piece of Kryptonite. They then need to dispose of it in the bowl before running back and passing the sticks to the next player so they can do the same.

The team with the most Kryptonite in their bowl after x amount of time wins!

5. Villain Tag

This game is unique in that it’s a combination of two traditional party games: tag and pinata. This game is also one that will require an adult or older child that’s willing to get in on the fun. You’ll also need enough hula hoops for every attending child to have their own. These will be the magic capture rings they use to trap the villain.

As the villain, the parent or older child will be given a bag of candy and told to run around the yard, evading the children at all costs. The kids will then attempt to “catch” the villain by wrapping their hula hoops around them. When caught, the villain has to toss out candy before he or she can be released. Of course, the kids will be distracted by the candy when thrown, and the villain chase will begin all over again.

While the hula hoops certainly make the game more fun, those who are on a tight budget can merely have children tag the villain. For additional fun, you can use thrown objects like bean bags or even NERF weapons to “capture” the villain.

6. The Web Shooter Game

Few party favors come in handy quite like good old silly string. For this game, you’ll need to get your hands on silly string in two colors, and divide the children into teams of “Spider Villains” and “Spider Heroes.” The premise of the game is that everyone, good and bad, has been bitten by a radioactive spider, and the result will be a web-shooter battle royale.

Have each team done old white t-shirts, and give each child a can of their team’s silly string. From there, start a timer and allow the teams to shoot the string at each other. After the timer goes off, you can see who has the most of the opposing team’s color on their shirts. For added fun (and to make the game last longer), you can also combine this game with hide and seek or capture the flag.

NOTE: This game can also be played with squirt guns, but make sure not to use any food dye or coloring. It will most likely end up staining skin. Instead, see which kids are wettest at the end of the game.

7. The Superhero Obstacle Course

Everyone loves an obstacle course, especially the parents who get to design them. The best part about creating a superhero obstacle course is that you can be as innovative or as practical as you want. All that’s required is for you to set up a series of challenges that kids will enjoy and then time each child as they attempt to complete the course the fastest.

Some of the best ideas include:

  • Limbo sections where kids have to go under sticks without knocking them off.
  • A tunnel section where kids have to crawl.
  • Throw a ball or other object at a target or through a hoop.
  • Break through a cardboard box “wall.”
  • Pop a balloon with their bare hands.
  • Do exercises like jumping jacks or move a “heavy” object to prove their strength.

There’s no end to the ideas you can come up with if you put your mind to it. All you need to do is make sure all the elements are kid-safe and won’t cause any injuries. To give yourself a break, you might want to make “re-setting” the obstacle course an integral part of the game.

8. Captain America’s Shield Toss

For this game, you’ll need some frisbees or paper plates (depending on the age and athletic ability of the kids). If you can find some that are red, white, and blue, even better. You’ll also want to find some targets or baskets into which the kids can throw the plates / frisbees. Depending on how innovative you want to get with the game, you can use one basket or multiple ones.

The most fun version of this game involves using several baskets that each have points associated with them. The one that is the furthest away or the smallest, for instance, could be worth 100 points, while the closest, biggest basket is worth 30. You can then have each child use their allotted number of frisbees to score as many points as possible.

If you only have one basket, you can still have a lot of fun by timing the kids and seeing who can make the most baskets in the allotted time. There are no rules to how you play – just make sure you keep the kids having fun!

9. The Costume Game

Though this one can be a bit intensive as far as parental involvement goes, it can also be a lot of fun. The goal is to help kids invent their own superheroes and superpowers by assisting them in making customized costumes. Younger kids will love the opportunity to play dress up and be creative, and – depending on the items you provide for them – you’ll enjoy seeing what they come up with every time.

To play, take a bunch of old items, such as towels for capes, goggles, t-shirts of various colors, and gloves, and tell each child to make a personal superhero costume. After they create their costume, they have to come up with a name and one power that their alter ego possesses. Though not necessarily a “game” in and of itself, you can combine this game with any other game on this list to maximize the fun.

10. The Power Game

This game is perfect for parents who want to harness their inner D&D Dungeon Master, and for kids who have big imaginations are old enough to apply them to problem-solving. Though not necessarily a game for younger kids, you might be surprised (and entertained) with what some of the kids at the party come up with when they put their minds to it.

First, have each child create a name for their superhero and a power. Once each child establishes their hero or heroine, start throwing them into different situations and have each one tell you how their power can solve the problem. Here are a few suggestions:

  • You are fighting evil robots
  • You are on a planet made entirely of ice
  • You are in a cave and cannot see anything
  • You are fighting on top of an aircraft carrier in the ocean
  • You are fighting moon men on the moon
  • You are trying to cross a lava field

Depending on what powers the kids have chosen, they can attempt to solve their situations as best as possible. If you want to have some fun with them, you can put them in unusual circumstances that either negate or necessitate one child’s powers. Just have fun with it! They sure will.

11. Save the People Balloon Game

Balloons are great props for kids’ games, and this game gives kids a chance to run amok in the house or yard while also being creative. Start with a bunch of balloons of different colors, and have the children help you blow them up. Once they are all inflated, pass out magic markers to the kids and have them draw faces on the balloons: nice for people, mean for villains.

Once the kids finish the balloons, place two cans on either side of the play area. One will be a jail, and the other will be a safe zone. Now, divide the kids into teams and release the balloons, timing them as they pick the balloons up and put them in the appropriate bin.

Whichever team the most balloons in the right place in the allotted time gets that many points. However, teams will lose points for balloons placed in the wrong bin.

NOTE: There are versions of this game where the children pop the villain balloons while saving the people balloons. These sudden pops cannot only scare young children, but can also result in injury.

12. The Kryptonite Treasure Hunt

Like our other Kryptonite game, this one is perfect for a superhero-themed birthday party, especially if it’s indoors. Using painted aluminum foil, create balls of Kryptonite and have on group or team of kids hide them all over the house. Using a time clock, have the other team find all of the Kryptonite before time runs out. After each round, switch teams and have the hiders become the seekers.

For an added element of fun, you can turn the lights off and have the kids use flashlights to find the Kryptonite. If you’re feeling creative, you could buy a few black lights from the party store to make the kryptonite “glow.” Either way, this is a game that can kill hours at a get-together or party, and it’s a great option when the weather isn’t feeling cooperative.

13. The Joker Game

This game requires no props and no preparation, but it’s still a laugh riot every time. In this scenario, the Joker is attempting to infect heroes with laughing gas that keeps them from performing their hero duties. When playing, each kid gets a chance to play the Joker, and each gets a chance to play the hero, who must resist laughing at all costs.

The child playing the Joker will do their best to make the opposing player laugh. They have 30 seconds, and they cannot touch them or touch anything else in the room. If the child laughs, the Joker gets the point and gets to move on to the next child. Whoever proves themselves to be the real “Clown Prince of Crime” (has the most points) wins the game.

14. Hulk Candy Smash

What do you get when you take the classic pinata game and take away the stick? The answer, of course, is the Incredible Hulk Candy Smash game. For this game, you can either purchase or make a pair of Hulk gloves and a Hulk mask (blindfold), depending on your budget. You will want to buy a pinata or two, however, fill them with candy, and hang them at the perfect “smashing level” for your child’s age group.

For this game, each child will take turns donning the Hulk gloves and mask and will get three “smashes” or punches at the bad guy pinata. Just like the regular pinata game, the children will attempt to smash the pinata hard enough to release the candy for all of their hero friends.

NOTE: You might want to come up with a special incentive for the kids who break the pinata open, as they tend to miss out on getting most of the candy thanks to their blindfold.

15. The Superhero Laser Maze

Here is a fun challenge that kids will love to attempt time and time again. Take a hallway in your house and tape crepe paper at odd angles, zig-zagging them across from wall to wall. To play, kids will attempt to move through the hallway without knocking down any of the tape. For an added incentive, you can place candy or other goodies at the end of the maze or time their attempts.

You can dramatically enhance this game with the inclusion of a black light. If the crepe paper you choose is green or white, it will glow dramatically in the black light and create a cool “laser” effect that kids will love. They’ll also have a lot more trouble keeping their balance with the lights off, which will make the game even more challenging.

16. Thor’s Hammer Throw

This one will require you to buy or make a Thor’s Hammer toy. There are dozens of toys made out of different materials located at your local toy store and online, but you’ll want something that has a decent amount of weight and won’t break. If you’re making a hammer, you’ll want it to be light enough that the average kid can lift it.

At its core, this challenge is a version of the classic “baseball throw” carnival game. Take some cardboard boxes and write various prizes on the back of each one. Once you’ve completed this, make the boxes into a “wall.” Establish a spot from which the children can throw their hammers. When they knock the boxes over, they get to choose one and earn the prize listed on the back.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are dozens of superhero games for kids to play at home, with neighbors, or at birthday parties and other get-togethers. As the smart parents you are, you’re sure to see some of the suggestions on this list and think of ways that you can improve on them or better tailor them to your own kids’ abilities, likes, and dislikes.

In the end, that’s what makes you – the parents – the real superheroes. Have fun!

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