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Father, Papa, Daddy – these are some of the names you use to call a very important person in your life. Someone who helped raise you, nurtured and supported you every moment/step of your life. Who dedicated his time and energy to make sure you are always happy and safe.

He is selfless and only wants what’s best for you. He asks for nothing, but deserves at least once in a while to be reminded of just how much you care about him.

It can be hard sometimes to find the right words that express your feelings, to show your appreciation. Well, if you’re lacking inspiration/need some help, here is a long and carefully curated list of quotes that will surely warm his heart. These “I love you, dad” quotes, on behalf of/from a son or a daughter can be used in a message, or a card, and even in person.

You only have one dad, so make sure you relish every second with him, and don’t forget to let him know how much he means to you!

I Love My Dad Quotes

1. Dad, all of my fondest memories are with you; just your smile is enough to make my day better. I love you for always being there for me!

2. Dad, your love is everything to me. You encourage and support me in every situation. You hug me even when I do something wrong. You smile at me even if when you know I’m not completely truthful. You are always there for me no matter what happens. I love you, daddy!

3. I do not know what type of love it is that you have for me, love that makes you hug me when I am sad, love that always makes you pick me up when I’m down, love that is unconditional and unending. What I do know is that I appreciate and love you too, dad!

4. I love you, daddy! You are like a magnet that always pushes me towards the right things in life and repels all the negative ones.

5. You are the best father in the world. You gave me everything that I ever wanted, so in return I promise to exceed you expectations. I love you, dad!

6. I will try hard to become the best child in this world because you are the best dad in this world, and you deserve nothing less than that. I love you, dad!

7. Being your son is awesome. The only difficult part is following in your footsteps, but I will make you proud! I love you!

8. Daddy, sometimes I don’t talk to you, sometimes I get annoyed, sometimes I don’t hug you. But regardless of my mood, know that I will always love you from the bottom of my heart.

9. Whenever there is some problem in my life, whenever I feel moody or sad, I think of you. Like magic, that solves all of my problems and makes me happy. I love you!

10. You are truly my superhero in plain clothes. I can’t recall the number of times you bailed me out of sticky situations. I don’t know what I would do without you. I love you so much, dad!

I love my dad quotes

11. The thought that you are always there to support me gives me great comfort. I love you, dad!

12. I wish I had a time machine to go back to my childhood years and enjoy all the memories that I shared with you all over again. Dad, I love you!

13. For me, the best man in the world is the one who takes care of his children, and the best example of a real man is you. Daddy, I love you!

14. You know me very well, and I’m amazed of how much you love me in spite of all my bad habits. Dad, I love you!

15. In my opinion, you are doing the hardest job in the world – being an awesome dad, while dealing with the world’s toughest “clients”, a teenage daughter and a teenage son. Daddy, we love you!

16. There’s nothing more that I need in life because I have you. I love you, dad!

17. If  success could be measured by the love a man gets from his children, I promise that you would be the most successful person in this world. I love you so much, daddy!

18. We both have the same kind of dreams. You dream of making me the happiest daughter/son in this world, and I dream of making you the happiest father in this world. You are the perfect dad. I love you!

19. I am your little girl and your biggest fan. I love you, daddy!

20. Daddy, my love for you will never fade away. It combines so many things, like friendship, care, respect, admiration, and family bonds. I want to thank you for all the things you have done for me. You are the best dad in this world, and I wish for you to live a long life. I love you, daddy!

21. I want to make you happy and fulfill all the expectations that you have for me. I love you, dad, more than anything else in this whole universe!

22. You are the most precious gem in my life and without you I would feel lost. I love you, dad!

23. If a list of amazing and best people in the world were to be made, I am sure that your name would be at the top. I love you, dad!

24. Daddy, I want to thank you for believing in me and pushing me to do my best. You are my inspiration. I love you!

25. You guided me when I did not know what to do. You supported me in every choice I made. You are the best dad in the world. I love you!

26. From the moment I opened my eye, I felt your love and will continue caring for you indefinitely. I love you, daddy!

27. You are the best person in my life. I love you, dad!

28. Besides being the best dad, you are also a best friend, the best teacher and the best person in the world. You are simply the best daddy. I love you!

29. Dad, even a fleeting memory of your loving smile is enough to light up my darkest days. I love you!

30. My life is like a comic book because whenever I am in trouble, I am always saved by a hero called Superdad. I love you!

31. You hug me even when I am wrong, and you pat me on the back even when I fail. When I lie, you smile at me, and even when I curse, you forgive me. If there is anything in life that keeps me going, it’s you, dad!

32. I may dislike your advice at times, disagree with your suggestions or object to your opinions. But that doesn’t stop me from loving the man behind them all. Dad, I love you!

33. On difficult days, I’m confident that I will be okay because I have your support. I know that you will always be with me. I love you, dad!

I love my dad messages

34. Dad, I will never figure out how you manage to love me despite all the pain I have given you. Sometimes I feel that my lies and hurtful words don’t deserve the selfless love of an affectionate father like you. I love you, dad!

35. I will never understand the depth of the love you have for me… the kind that makes you want to give me a hug even when I am having mood swings. I love you, dad!

36. A man who can single-handedly raise his children, pay the mortgage and make an honest buck is a hero in my book any day. I love you, dad!

37. My daddy is a magnet who has pulled me away from the worst aspects of life and towards the best of what the world has to offer. I love you!

38. Every girl dreams about living the life of a princess. I never had to dream of that because I have always been treated like a princess by you. I love you, daddy!

39. If I was given a chance to start all over again, there are a lot of aspects I’d change about my life, but one thing would remain the same, my dad, who’s been there for me through it all. I love you!

40. You brought me every single toy that I ever wanted when I was young. My hope is to return the favor when I grow up by achieving every single goal that you always wanted me to aspire towards. I love you!

41. I want to be the most amazing child in the world, because the most amazing father in the world deserves nothing less than that. I love you!

42. My love for you is like a freeway during peak hour. It is plagued by the traffic of my teeny tantrums and stop lights of my moody outburst. But at the end of the day, it leads straight to just one destination, your heart. I love you, daddy!

43. I am going to write a letter to Facebook to put a hug button on your profile so I can hug you anytime I want. I love you, daddy!

44. I have always done what I wanted over the years, not giving a second thought to how any of it would affect you. However, you were always mindful of how your actions might influence my life. Thanks for everything, dad!

45. The hardest part of being your son is following in your footsteps. It’s like climbing the highest mountain, but I’m determined to succeed. I love you!

46. Dad, sometimes I don’t say Hi, sometimes I don’t give you hugs. Sometimes I ignore you, sometimes I get annoyed at you. Regardless of my mood, I want you to know that deep down inside I love you, all of the time.

47. When friends walk away, when life seems to come to a standstill and the world feels like the cruelest and heartless of places, I think of you and everything seems perfect all over again. I love you, dad!

48. There may be a thousand ways to say “I love you” to a father. But for me, there is just one – unconditionally. I love you, dad!

49. Nothing makes me feel stronger than knowing that I have a dad who’s got my back. I love you!

50. I love my dad, although I’m definitely critical of him sometimes, like when his pants are too tight. But I love him so much and I try to be really supportive of him. Liv Tyler

i love my dad sayings

51. Real men are not those who stop all the bad guys and save the planet, like in movies. Real men are those who strive to be great fathers to their children and make the world a better place, just like you do. I love you, dad!

52. I love you for everything that you are, daddy. You are perfect in every way. Thank you for never giving up on me and your annoying grandkids.

53. Superman is not a fictional character found only in comic books and movies. He is my dad who I love to bits!

54. You have seen me at my worst, yet you think that I am the best. I love you, dad!

55. You have the most difficult job in the world, being the “best dad”. It involves dealing with the toughest customers and clients in the world, called “teenage son” and “teenage daughter”. We love you, daddy!

56. I expect a lot from all my friends because my dad has set high standards of friendship, by being my best friend since childhood. I love you!

57. How do I describe my daddy? I just add the three letters “E,S,T” after cool, strong and best/great. I love you, dad!

58. If all daddies of the world were like you, the future of all children would be easily predictable – perfect. I love you, dad!

59. Every time I catch myself whining about not having something and wanting it badly, I just pull out your photo and get reminded that I actually have everything one could ever ask for. I love you, dad!

60. Every dad can treat his daughter like a princess, but very few can do what you did – teach them how to take on the world like a queen. I love you!

61. If a man’s success is measured by how much his children love him, you are the most successful man ever. Daddy, we love you!

62. My dream is to make you the happiest dad in the world, while your dream is to make me the happiest daughter in the world. How perfect. I love you, dad!

63. Daddy, your hugs are the shelter that protects me from all the storms life could possibly throw at me. I love you!

64. I may be daddy’s little girl, but I am also his biggest fan. I love you!

65. I want to do everything in my power to show you that I love you more than anything else in this world, starting today. I love you, old man!

66. My love for you, dad, is a combination of feelings and it includes friendship, respect, and family bonds. Thanks for everything.

67. Some people don’t believe in heroes, but they haven’t met my dad. I love him so dearly.

i love my daddy quotes

68. There may be a lot of extraordinary people in the world. But the best and the most amazing of them all is you, daddy. I love you!

69. You gave me the best gift anyone could give another person: you were the best father anyone could dream of. Now, I want to be the daughter of your dreams! It will be my present to you. I love you!

70. Not all men have what it takes to become good fathers. I`m lucky to have the best father/dad in the world. I love you!

71. You`re not only a dad: you`re my friend, my adviser, and my mentor. I`m happy to have such a unique father. I love you!

72. No one would be able to give so much care and warmth as I got from you, daddy. Now it’s my turn to take care of you. I love you so much!

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73. Have you ever wanted a son? Well, you got an even better present! Me!

74. Dear daddy, you taught me everything I know. I’m grateful to God for being your daughter. I love you, dad!

75. Daddy, I have to tell you a secret, you`re the best man in my life, and I will always love you!

76. I`m proud to say that I`m daddy`s girl! Thank you for being an exceptional father. I love you, daddy!

77. There are countless ways of expressing affection, but I only need four words: “I Love You Unconditionally”. Thank you for everything you have done for me, dad.

78. To me, you are the best father in the world. You always know how to make me laugh and smile when I’m sad. You encourage me when I’m feeling down and give me confidence in myself. Thank you for loving me, dad, I love you!

79.  It’s every girl’s dream to be treated like a princess. You make that dream come true for me, Dad. Every time I’m with you, I feel like royalty. I love you so much, dad!

80. My friends binge on ice cream and chocolate when they feel down and out. I just pick up the phone and call my dad. I love you!

i love my dad quote

81. I will grow up, fall in love, have kids of my own, but my love for you will never change. It will remain as strong as ever. I love you, dad!

82. No matter how old my daddy gets, I will always cherish the memories of him holding me up in his arms and cuddling me as if I was the queen of the world. I love you, daddy.

83. You never stopped showing how much you love me in both subtle and big ways. I never once doubted you care for me, because every single day you made sure that I felt it. I love you, dad!

84. I wanted to do something special for your birthday, but I know how much you hate being the center of attention. You have always been happy with standing on the sideline and supporting us in our endeavors from the background. I love you, dearest dad!

85. Everything I’m working so hard for right now is all for you. I want to make you proud and give back for all the sacrifices that you made raising me. I love you, dad! I really appreciate you!

86. So many times I hurt or disappointed you, but you never gave up on me. You continued to believe in me regardless. This time I promise to make you proud, dad, I love you!

87. There are times when I just completely shut off and don’t share anything about my life with you. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care or love you. I do, dad, even if I don’t show it often enough.

88. I’m not scared about the future, because I know you will be with me every step of the way. You make me feel invincible, like I can achieve anything I set my heart on. Much love, dad! Thank you for everything.

89. Because of you, Dad, I have the best childhood memories. You made sure that those early years would be filled with fun and excitement. I am the person that I am now because of your love. I love you, dad!

90. You are and always will be my first and greatest love, dad. I owe my life to you and can only hope to repay you with endless appreciation.

91. To the best father in the world, I want to thank you for all that you have sacrificed just so I can enjoy this great life. I wouldn’t trade you for anyone else, dad. I love you!

92. Some people travel to feel happy. Others go out and party. Me? I just call my dad. I love you, dad!

93. If only every child could have a dad as wonderful as you, the world would be full of happy adults. Thank you for being such a wonderful dad to me. I love you!

94. No matter how busy you are with work, you always find time for us. I know that it’s not easy, but you still manage it. That makes you a superhero in my eyes. I love you, dad!

95. Dad, I’m sorry if I don’t say this more often. I love you! I have and always will. I breathe because you breathe. I am happy because you are happy. Thank you for being the best dad anyone could ask for.

i love my dad quote

96. When you hug me, it feels like nothing could hurt me. Thank you for always coming to my rescue when I need you. I love you, my dearest dad!

97. I will always be your little girl, dad. No matter how old I get or how much I change, I will forever love you!

98. Even though our opinions may differ at times, the love between us will always be the same. I love you, dad!

99. Everything I do is because of you, dad. I want to make you proud. I want to repay you for all the things that you have sacrificed for me. I love you, dad! Thank you for everything!

100. You are my driving force, dad. You inspire me to be a better person. Hopefully, you are proud of me. I love you!

101. You were there for me when I didn’t know what to do. With so much patience, you guided me through some dark moments in my life. You are the best dad in the world!

102. You are the best man in my life, dad. I will make sure that my future husband is as kind, loving, hardworking, and brilliant as you. I love you!

103. I know that I haven’t been around as often, and we don’t get to talk as much. Don’t worry, dad, all that’s about to change from now. I love you, and I miss you!

104. Men in your life will come and go, but dads will always love you no matter what. Thank you for being such a wonderful dad. I love you!

105. If it weren’t for you, I would not be here. I owe my life to you, literally and figuratively. I love you, dad!

106. Just one conversation with you and I feel 100% better. You always give such good advice. Thank you for always being here. I love you, dad!

107. Dad, I want to invent a time machine so I can rewind to my childhood and hit pause, to relive all the awesome memories I shared with you. I love you!

108. You stood in front of me to protect me when I was vulnerable. You stood behind me to catch me when I was about to fall. You stood by my side to support me when I was alone. Thanks for standing by me all the time. I love you, dad!

109. If I had the option to restart my life all over again, I would still choose to be your daughter. You are simply the best father in the world! I love you with all my heart, dad!

110. I owe much of my success to you, dad. Without your loving support and guidance, I would not have reached this level of achievement that I enjoy now. Thank you for everything, Dad, I love you!

Father of two wonderful kids, love parenthood and feel blessed to have an amazing family.
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  2. Dad, Your love is everything for me, and you encourage me in every situation. You hug me even if I do something wrong, You smile at me even if I lie to you, You are always there for me no matter what happens. I love you, daddy


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