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  • In Holland, Childish Sexual Escapades Horrify Mothers and Judges
  • Supervised Parent/Child Contact
  • Study Finds Teen Pregnancy and Crime Levels are Higher Among Kids from Fatherless Homes
  • Fathers Day Rage
  • Fatherless Homes Breed Violence
  • Fatherless Boys Grow Up Into Dangerous Men.
  • Executive Order Concerning Child Support Collection
  • Repressed Memory patient Elizabeth Carlson Wins $ 2.5 million!
  • I Want to See My Dad!
  • House Concurrent Resolution 182
  • Therapist Loses License and One Million Dollars
  • The Use of "Recovered" Memories Banned in Britain
  • NOW Action Alert on Fathers' Rights
  • Chosen for Award by LA Times
  • Police Seek Records of Wenatchee Sex Scandal from Journalist Kathryn Lyon
  • Elian Gonzalez - Senate Concurrent Resolution 79
  • Teenage Parents
  • Child Custody Scandal in Los Angeles
  • Father Custody Gaining in Popularity
  • America's Toughest Family Court Judge Speaks Out
  • Opposition to House Concurrent Resolution 182
  • Child Support System Declared Unconstitutional
  • Undercurrents in the Conservative Tide
  • Joint Custody Discourages Divorce, says The Washington Post
  • Research on Children's Sexual Abuse
  • Facing Up to the Complexities of Family Violence
  • Incest: Boy Accused of Forbidden Kiss, by Clyde Verner
  • FatherTime: Stories on the Heart and Soul of Fathering
  • Child Abuse -- Federal Law
  • Domestic Violence Statistics
  • "Substantiated" Child Sexual Abuse
  • Executive Order Concerning Child Support Collection
  • Custodial Fathers Meet the Challenge of Full-Time Parenting
  • Lorena Bobbitt Again Facing Prison
  • 85% of Youths in Prison Grew Up in Fatherless Home
  • Day Care - A Dangerous Experiment in Child-Rearing? From The Wall Street Journal
  • Dolly Inspires Washington Officials
  • Matriarchy Marked by Tribalism and Violence
  • Texas Fathers Win Again!
  • Chosen for Award by Reader's Digest
  • Fatherless Home Statistics
  • Another Father Fights Sexual Allegations and Wins!
  • Fatherless Kids More Likely to Suffer Mental Health Problems
  • Social Workers Not Immune from Prosecution
  • Fathers Count Act of 1999
  • Christopher Robin's Fathers Day 1998
  • Fathers Day 1998 Solidarity
  • 10 Years Ago -- Fathers Day 1998
  • CR's Coocooville Fathers Day 1998

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