FatherMag.com Chosen for Award by Reader’s Digest

Readers at the Reader’s Digest LookSmart website find FatherMag.com suggested. The Reader’s Digest “LookSmart” award is now displayed at the FatherMag.com website.

During its first year FatherMag.com received an award from The Los Angeles Times, a favorable review in Whole Internet Catalog and a “Best of the Net” listing at WebCrawler.

Our thanks go to Reader’s Digest, The Los Angeles Times, Whole Internet Catalog, Excite, NetGuide, WebCrawler, and other reviewers for their support. Even more credit is due to the many authors who have contributed their work to Fathering Magazine. We should say, their award-winning work!

With each step the public becomes more aware of the importance of fathering. Demands are growing for protection of the right of children to know, to respect, and to be with their fathers.