Cute Girls’ Middle Names: Short, Meaningful, or Easy to Combine



If you’re expecting a girl and you’re looking for inspiration for her name, we’ve got you covered. Here are some cute girls’ middle names to choose from!

Having a first name and a middle name will be great when your girl grows up. She can choose the one she likes more. But as a parent, it can be quite challenging to decide how to name your little girl; especially when it comes to choosing a middle name. It has to go with your first name choice and surname.

Maybe you’re looking for short and sweet. Maybe you’re looking for a more traditional middle name. Maybe you’re trying to incorporate the name of a loved one, an older relative, someone who made an impact on you, such as a mentor or personal hero. Maybe one parent wants one name and the other parent wants another, and now it’s time to decide which one gets the spotlight and which one gets to be second choice. And maybe you have no clue whatsoever and you’re looking for some inspiration.

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We’ve got together some great names to choose from. Some are simple and cute. Others are on the traditional side. Some middle names are quirky and creative. Others are sweet. Some names are trend-setters, while others are popular. Get your pencil and your partner and decide!

Traditions when choosing a middle name

Usually the middle name is set to augment the first name. It usually has the same spoken rhythm. And fear not, if you can’t choose one middle name, you can always go for two or more middle names for your girl. Here are some cute baby names you can choose from and the tradition behind them that might just inspire you: 

The Western middle name tradition

It started in the Roman Empire when men from the ruling class were given three names. During the Middle Ages in European countries, the custom became to select a family name and a Christian name.

Modern middle name traditions

Even today there are families that choose a Christian saint’s name for their child. There’s also the option of commemorating the old, choosing a middle name such as Ethel or Harriet. Some parents don’t plan for a second name and then go for the name of a doctor or nurse involved in the child’s delivery. Some parents draw up a short list and then select the ones that “match” the new born baby girl. Or maybe they name the kid based on attributes they’d like the child to have, such as Hope, Joy, Bliss or Destiny. According to, about 55% of parents choose commemorative middle names and about 15% use second names that run in the family for generations.

Middle names in other countries

Did you know in some parts of the world a second name is not common at all? In Asian countries (China being one of them) there’s no such thing as a middle name. In Australia and sometimes in the US, the mother’s maiden name is picked. In Russia the middle name is the father’s name, as a symbol of his paternity. In African and South American countries the tradition is to choose multiple middle names.

Did any of these traditions help you in selecting a middle name for your girl? Lucky you! If not, read some more! Here are some amazing second names for girls to pick your favorite(s) from.

The best cute girls’ middle names to choose from

Sure, the first name is central to choosing an important part of your girl’s identity. Not many parents think of middle names to begin with. But second names are also important and can change things, as you’re about to discover. Middle names can commemorate a loved one or can be a symbol of your creativity. They can be traditional or new and exciting. We’ve collected plenty of options for cute girls’ middle names. Some of them are full of imagination. Others are easy to remember and popular. Others have deep meanings. Here’s what you can choose from.

Short & cute middle names for girls

The middle name has to match the first name and the surname so they sound good together, the rhythm and cadence they produce and their meaning. Sometimes a second name ends up as the name your girl will go by, so make sure to choose the best for her. Sometimes, short names with one or two syllables are just perfect for building a bridge between names. Here are such baby girl names that are short & sweet and sound “just right” in between names.

  1. Addy
  2. Aimee
  3. Alice
  4. Arden
  5. Aria
  6. Ash
  7. Aspen
  8. Ava
  9. Bailey
  10. Belle
  11. Beth
  12. Birdie
  13. Blake
  14. Blue
  15. Bree
  16. Bryn
  17. Claire
  18. Cora
  19. Daisy
  20. Dawn
  21. Drew
  22. Eden
  23. Elle
  24. Eloise
  25. Erin
  26. Eve
  27. Faith
  28. Fawn
  29. Fiona
  30. Gail
  31. Hailey
  32. Hope
  33. Isla
  34. Ivy
  35. Jade
  36. Jane
  37. Jean
  38. Joy
  39. Leigh
  40. Lia
  41. Lila
  42. Liv
  43. Luna
  44. Lynn
  45. Love
  46. Lou
  47. Nova
  48. Paige
  49. Poppy
  50. Pia
  51. Quinn
  52. Raine
  53. Renee
  54. Rose
  55. Ruby
  56. Sage
  57. Shae
  58. Tess
  59. Taya
  60. Violet
  61. Wyatt
  62. Zoe

These middle names for girls go with everything

If you haven’t found that one name that resonates with you, maybe some of these options will catch your eye. Here are some popular middle names for girls! They are feminine, they are classy, and they are cute.

  1. Alana
  2. Arianna
  3. Adele
  4. Ann
  5. Alexis
  6. Alexa
  7. Amy
  8. Bay
  9. Chloe
  10. Charlotte
  11. Danielle
  12. Elise
  13. Emma
  14. Emily
  15. Grace
  16. Helene
  17. Iris
  18. Ivy
  19. Isla
  20. June
  21. Jordan
  22. Lucia
  23. Lauren
  24. Lily
  25. Marie
  26. Mae
  27. May
  28. Maya
  29. Nina
  30. Poppy
  31. Rae
  32. Sophia
  33. Thea
  34. Zara

Girls’ middle names & and their meaning

In many African cultures the child receives many names, each with a meaning or purpose. While names such as Luna, Haven, Joy or Dawn may present their meaning upfront, there are other names that have deep, profound meanings. Here are some gorgeous girls’ names that can be chosen as middle names and that have symbolic significance:

  1. Alma

Alma is a Latin name that has a soulful, potent vibe to it. And so it should since it means “nurturing”, “soul” or “heart”.

  1. Aria

Aria comes from Italian but it could also have Hebrew roots. In Italian, Aria means air and is also a musical term for song or melody. In Hebrew Aria is a variation of Ari, aka “lion”.

  1. Avalon

Avalon is a Celtic name and means “island of apples”, an island paradise of Celtic mythology.

  1. Anika

This name is popular among Bengali and Hindi cultures. It is the feminine version of Anik, which is Sanskrit for “army” or “splendor”.

  1. Blythe

Blythe is an English name and means “happy, carefree, cheerful, merry”. Aww.. wouldn’t that set a nice tone for your baby girl’s identity?

  1. Catherine

If you’re looking for a traditional name, this one is an oldie but goldie. It has Greek roots and means “pure”.

  1. Cora

Cora is the Latinized version of Kore, the Greek name for the goddess Persephone.

  1. Elizabeth

Let’s not forget the classics! Elizabeth is a Hebrew name meaning “pledged to God”.

  1. Faye

Of English origin, Faye could not be more appropriate for a baby girl! It means “fairy”. Isn’t that cute?

  1. Louise

Louise is found in both English and French. It means “renowned warrior”. So, if you think you have a strong girl, there’s your choice.

  1. Lulu

Lulu is a winner when it comes to cute middle names that go with everything, and it’s easy to spell. Not only that, it brings a smile on your face. In Arabic, Lulu means pearl. Now, isn’t that precious and cute as a button? A pearl button that is!

  1. Harper

With English origins, Harper means “harp player”. It has a unisex vibe and became more and more popular during the mid-2000s.

  1. Maeve

Maeve has Irish roots and it means “she who intoxicates”. Queen Maeve of Connacht was a warrior but there’s a Maeave, queen of the fairies too. Both are quite amazing for a baby girl, right?

  1. Nova

In Latin, Nova means “new” or “newness”. It’s also has an astronomical meaning: brightness, amazing energy, and starlight.

  1. Nyx

Short, interesting, and powerful, Nyx makes a great middle name. Nyx is a powerful goddess of Greek mythology, associated with the embodiment of the night.

  1. Rosary

Rosary could be associated with Rose, the flower, or with the religious term, which, in the Catholic Church, means a form of prayer, and the beads, of course.

  1. Rina

Of Japanese origin, Rina has different meanings. The cutest of them is white jasmine or village.

  1. Serene

Serene comes from the Latin “Serena” and it symbolizes serenity, peace, tranquility.

  1. Wren

Of English origin, Wren means “small bird”. It has a unisex resonance and would work great as a middle name for your girl.

  1. Willow

Another English name, this one coming from the willow tree. The willow is associated with elegance, grace, and fluidity.

Middle names inspired by cities, nature, and the elements

Sometimes a middle name has a symbolic meaning. Maybe it’s “Bliss” because the family tried so hard to conceive. Some other times, parents are inspired by other things such as cities they’ve been to. Or their hometown. Or a favorite thing. Or maybe from happy vibes and emotions. Or even nature. Rose, Peach, Joy, Happy, Summer, Rain, Snow, Dawn, Paris, Roma or Sky can be perfect choices for a creative, sweet and inspired middle name for your girl.

Creative middle names

If you’re looking for something different but still girly and cute, we’ve got together a few options. How about…?

  1. Albertine
  2. Bluebell
  3. Blaise
  4. Bailey
  5. Brynn
  6. Clementine
  7. Dulcie
  8. Emmeline
  9. Elyse
  10. Finley
  11. Kennedy
  12. Gracelyn
  13. Adelaide
  14. Bernadette
  15. Bloom
  16. Cosette
  17. Maxine
  18. Pearl
  19. Paisley
  20. Solene

The most popular middle names for girls

The following names for girls are often chosen as middle names in the US. The advantage of having a popular middle name is that your kid can choose to go by it as she grows up. So, if you’re planning to give your baby girl a special name, consider adding a popular middle name as a back-up. Here are some of the most popular according to the SSA (the US Social Security Administration).

  • Amelia
  • Ava
  • Avery
  • Aubrey
  • Beatrice
  • Bella
  • Camila
  • Caroline
  • Diana
  • Ella
  • Evelyn
  • Hannah
  • Hazel
  • Isabella
  • Julia
  • Lillian
  • Mia
  • Mila
  • Madison
  • Natalie
  • Olivia
  • Penelope
  • Rebecca
  • Sofia
  • Stella
  • Scarlett
  • Vivian
  • Violet
Baby Girl

Have you made your list? Have you put together your combos from these cute girls’ middle names? Great! Don’t forget, before you decide for good, say the names out loud, the first and middle name together. And then all the names together. Do they flow? How do they look as initials? How do they sound out loud? And mostly, don’t forget: while cute names always evoke a smile, your baby girl will not be a baby forever. It can help to avoid pairing up “kid names” and imagine your girl at different stages of her life. Do her names still work together when she’s in college or working for her career? Great! If not, keep working on it and don’t rush the process.

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