The Importance of Fathers

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Today a quiet but thoroughly monumental revolution is taking place in the American family. The number of fathers solely responsible for the care of their children is growing at a rate almost twice that of single mothers. Fully one-fifth of single parents today are single fathers — more than 2 million of them.

This is up from 1970, when single mother households comprised approximately 90 percent of the single family population. Among minorities, the rate of increase is as high, or higher: between 1970-1995, the rate of African-American single dads increased 329%; for Hispanic single fathers, 450%. And though the media almost always focus on mothers when portraying working single parents, nearly 30 percent of working single parents are now men. — Jeff Gillenkirk, in A Revolution in American Fathering

A Revolution in American Fathering
This is about fathers crying, cooking, being afraid, braiding hair, waiting with children at the doctor’s office, the principal’s office, after school at the soccer field. The bottom line is, more and more men are choosing to be hands-on, hearts-on fathers than ever before.

Reclaiming Fatherhood
Fatherhood: fixing man’s broken chain of progenisis. A look at what needs to change in order for fathers to be more openly and actively involved in the raising of their children.

Fathers Are Essential
Scores of research studies have documented the positive effects of involved fathers.

Father’s World
Of all the objects of my childhood, these are the ones that represent my dearest childhood memories of spending time with my father.

Chaos and Control
To think that a particular parenting style will keep our children sheltered from the horrors of this world is ludicrous. The best we can do for our child is be present as life washes over him.

Father of My Soul
My father was a virgin when I was born. I wondered if I would ever be as much a father to my children as my father had been to me.
Father of My Soul – page two
I wondered if I would ever be as much a father to my children as my father had been to me. My father was a virgin when I was born.
In Search of a History
The Preamble, the Declaration of Independence, and the Gettysburg Address are the sacred scriptures of this nation.
Fatherless Boys at Risk
Those boys whose fathers were absent from the household had double the odds of being incarcerated — even when other factors such as race, income, parent education and urban residence were held constant.
Children in Single-Mom Households “at Risk” – What do we do about it?
The fact that children raised by single mothers are at increased risk is found over and over again.
Of Statistics, Single Mothers and the Politics of Language
Studies show that, overwhelmingly, children being raised in homes with both a mother and a father enjoy a lot of benefits that children from single parent homes do not.

Things Handed Down
As most new fathers do, I find myself watching my son as he plays, thinking about the responsibility I have to him. It’s a wonderful, albeit intimidating, thing. Knowing that I will guide this precious little person from infancy to manhood is something I don’t take lightly.
Daddy Oh Daddy, Where Have You Gone?
In order to qualify for most of the free government funds, the women must first physically acquire, in some manner, one or more children.

The Case for Father Custody
Human beings differ from cattle and the difference is created by fathers. Daniel Amneus makes the case for fathers getting custody of their children. “It is fatherhood which makes childhood possible.”
Fathers in the News
Items in the news of interest to fathers: links to news items on other sites.
Classical Fathering vs Judeo-Christian Model
We interview historian Frederick Hodges about raising children with classical Western values by avoiding the methods imposed on the West by Middle-Eastern religions.
What My Father Taught Me
Full-Time Dads Magazine asked correspondents to share something special that their father taught them.

Dads Are Important: A True Story of What Fathers Do
Jack Kammer’s story shows us how fathers affect the lives of teenage boys.
Fatherless Homes Breed Violence
Eighty percent of rapists motivated with displaced anger come from fatherless homes (Source: Criminal Justice & Behavior).
Fatherless Boys Grow Up Into Dangerous Men. Maggie Gallagher in The Wall Street Journal.
A look at how family structure affects serious crime. – excerpted from The Wall Street Journal.
Study Finds Teen Pregnancy and Crime Levels are Higher Among Kids from Fatherless Homes
Children reared in fatherless homes are more than twice as likely to become male adolescent delinquents or teen mothers, according to a significant new study by two economists at the University of California, Santa Barbara.