40 Sugar Daddy Jokes

Here are some of the funniest sugar daddy jokes that may brighten your day. We hope you enjoy these jokes!

40 Best Sugar Daddy Jokes

1. What’s the opposite of Sugar Daddy?


2. Why do Boomers make the best sugar daddies?

They’re the best at f*cking future generations.

3. What do you call a sugar daddy that you’re only friends with?

A PayPal

4. Sometimes life is so hard…

especially when you have to laugh at your sugar daddy jokes, only because he pays all your bills


A man who would like to be a sugar daddy…. But doesn’t quite have the means to pull it off.

6. I always wanted to be a sugar daddy….

…turns out I only have the money for being some sort of artificial sweetener daddy.

7. I often found myself daydreaming about the same thing…

me looking for a sugar daddy who wouldn’t call, text, touch or meet but would pay all my bills, just because I’m beautiful.

8. Sometimes you have to wait patiently and count days…

when your sugar daddy finally dies and leaves you everything

9. When all you wanted was a sugar daddy…

but now you have to be a first lady of the United States of America

10. A man who pretends to be rich in order to get attractive and young women is not a “Sugar Daddy”.

He’s an artificial sweetener.

11. What is the gender-neutral for sugar daddy

glucose guardian

12. My friend said he wanted to be a sugar daddy in the future.

I told him, “Boy, with how broke you are, you’d be a Splenda stepfather.”

13. It’s all fun and games

until your daddy wants some sugar

14. What do you call a sugar daddy in a wheelchair?

Meals on wheels

15. Waiting for your sugar daddy to bring your weekly allowance

is the hardest work

16. Starting a sugar daddy dating site for people into 80s music.

I’m calling it Girls Just Wanna Have Funds.

17. What do you blow to make your wishes come true?

A sugar daddy

18. If you need a summer job

date a sugar daddy

19. What do you call a sugar daddy with HIV?

Financial AIDS

20. Unfortunately, I could never be a sugar daddy

I’m unhealthy and cheap. So I’d prefer to be called a high fructose corn syrup daddy.

21. My daughter asked me what a sugar daddy was.

I gave her $1000 to never ask me that again

22. I need a sugar daddy

that doesn’t want no sugar

23. A sugar daddy is in bed with a beautiful woman and she’s whispering…

“Daddy I’m cumming!”
“Hi Cumming, I’m dad”

24. What do you think the girl said to her sugar daddy after their big fight?

Leave me a loan

25. I’m tired of going to work every day, having a job, and paying bills

I now accept applications for a sugar daddy

26. The most important thing you need to know to become a successful sugar daddy is


27. I brought cake and candy to my son’s birthday celebration.

And that, officer, is why I told the hostess at Chuck E. Cheese’s that I was the sugar daddy looking for my party boy.

28. I think instead of finding a new job

I’ll find a sugar daddy

29. My worst fear

when my sugar daddy dies before putting me on his will

30. When you want a sugar daddy

but you realize that your looks only qualify for an artificial sweetener daddy

31. I’m currently looking for applications for sugar daddies

they must want nothin gin return

32. Life sucks…

when you’re too tired to go to work, too broke to quit and too old to get a sugar daddy

33. Make a choice

Sugar daddy: I’m going to spoil you

Salt daddy: I’m going to preserve you

34. Best day ever

when you get your one free phone call and you call your sugar daddy

35. Being a pet owner is like being a sugar daddy

You waste a lot of money to keep them happy and the only thing you get in return is that they look cute and give you attention sometimes

36. Christmas wish:

Need someone loyal, committed, who always loves me…nevermind, I already have a dog. What I need is a sugar daddy.

37. Get your mom what she always dreamed of for her birthday

a divorce and a sugar daddy

38. I’d rather get a sugar daddy

then a cute good morning text

39. This week I didn’t win a lottery or hit it big at the casino

and I didn’t find a sugar daddy, I guess I have to go back to work

40. I need a sugar daddy

I’m running out of money

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