Manly Sports

by Mark Phillips    –show me more like this There are sports that help men connect with their Inner Gladiator and sports that do not. Here is a small sampling of sports that are more manly than others. Hockey. Hockey is the most masculine of all sports. It has everything gladiators had with a few bonuses. … Read more

The Libido Killers Ritalin and ADD/ADHD

Are American boys being drugged into submissiveness for the convenience of their teachers? Drugging children for gender differences could be harmful. aggressive boys © amridesign – All rights reserved. libido noun 1.The psychic and emotional energy associated with instinctual biological drives. 2. a. Sexual desire. b. Manifestation of the sexual drive. [Latin, desire.]  -The American … Read more

The Fathering Advisor

Mother Refuses to Acknowledge Father on Birth Certificate My former girlfriend used me to get pregnant, refused to have an abortion, left me, had the baby, deleted my name from the birth certificate, accepted thousands of dollars worth of my gifts and cash to help with her expenses, and then, a few days ago, sued … Read more

Deceptions of a “Gender Equal Society”

by Robert Sheaffer Eleanor Leacock’s Depiction of the 17th-Century Montagnais-Naskapi The late Eleanor Leacock was an anthropologist and feminist who published claims of societies that were supposedly “egalitarian,” in regard both to wealth, and to sex. Her writings display a strong Marxist bent. She wrote a long and admiring introduction for her new edition of … Read more

What My Father Taught Me

from FTD Magazine Every year for Father’s Day, Full-Time Dads Magazine asks a select group of people to comment on some aspect of fatherhood. ” …we asked our correspondents to share with us something special that their father taught them. We were very pleased to receive contributions from several notables, and from a lot of … Read more


A Collection of Information Resources for Expectant Parents The Surgical Reduction of the Sexually Sensitive Area of the Penis circumcision pictures © Corel Corporation. All rights reserved. Stages of Puberty It is the brain which tells our sex organs when to mature. Whether or not to circumcise a child is a question which presents itself … Read more

My Dad Hates Me

The tragedy of lies told in divorce court. by Michael Bracken © Lisa F. Young All rights reserved. My Dad hates me. That’s what my Mom told me. That’s what I told the judge. I didn’t like talking to the judge. I had to sit in a hard wooden chair and the lady who … Read more

Your Father, Why Bother

How daughters can strengthen relationships with their fathers by Dr. Linda Nielsen © ArtToday. All rights reserved. Even though you and your father love one another and get along well most of the time, do you usually talk more openly about personal things and spend more time alone with your mother? And if you have … Read more

Boys with Tight Foreskins

Child care skills are normally passed down through the generations. Sometimes this passing down of knowledge can get interrupted. With a culture in which most males were circumcised for many years, the knowledge of how to care for a foreskin has largely disappeared in the US. There isn’t really so much to know, but there … Read more

Older Dads: First Time Fathers Over 40

by Robert Morton © godfer – All rights reserved. In my separate interviews with several first-time fathers over 40, three factors emerged which seemed important to their readiness for becoming older dads: occupational and financial security; a clear understanding and adaptation to today’s diverse fatherhood roles, despite lingering assumptions that being major breadwinner and … Read more