Elizabeth Jane Via: Zealous Sex Prosecutor Exposed

This update created 03 November 2008.

Elizabeth Jane Via is part of the recurring horror story of how zealous sex prosecutors–who play to the media–protect real rapists and destroy innocent lives, as documented in the story of Alicia Wade. The San Diego County Grand Jury would later describe District Attorney Elizabeth Jane Via’s actions as incomprehensible. As the result of lawsuits brought by the family, the State of California and others involved in the case ended up paying 3.7 million dollars in damages to the plaintiffs.

Such cases undermine public confidence in police and prosecutors. It is absurd that zealot prosecutors such as Elizabeth Jane Via would be tolerated in the legal profession. Yet as of this writing, Attorney Via is still listed as active by the State Bar of California and still gives her address as the DA’s Office in San Diego. This tolerance says volumes about the San Diego DA’s and the State Bar of California’s disregard for families or for maintaining even the appearance of reasonable standards of justice.

It has been more than ten years now since the journal IPT Forensics published the highly critical Assessing the Costs of False Allegations of Child Abuse: A Prescriptive about the legal profession’s blind tolerance of such abuses within its ranks. Yet news reports indicate that extremist prosecutors are still tolerated by the legal professions in the US, the UK, France, and Holland.

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