Father’s Day 1998

What did fathers have to celebrate this year?

For the many fathers who have lost their children due to family breakup, this was a day of painful memories.

Many men chose to do something about it. They gathered in solidarity as they did last year at this time in the US, Canada, and other countries.

Some men and women chose to commemorate Father’s Day through activism, working to fight a system that is blatantly anti-father. One example is the Purple Heart House in Hollywood where Barry Koplen presented his poem Rage.

With the LAPD’s detainment of Christopher Robin following his highly successful media presentation, his claim of corruption in the California legal system gains credibility. Who in the California legal system is so desperate to silence him?

Read Christopher Robin’s entertaining description of his Father’s Day adventure in Father’s Day in Coocooville. Entertaining as it is, let’s remember all of those on the front lines who, like Christopher Robin, are battling for the right to see their kids.