Working Fathers

New Strategies for Balancing Work and Family
by James A. Levine, Todd L. Pittinsky
Paperback – 288 pages, Reprint edition (October 1998)
Harvest Books; ISBN: 0156006030

Working Fathers
New Strategies for Balancing Work and Family

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Review by Men’s HOTLINE:

A great new book from Dr. James Levine: Working Fathers.

was written with Todd Pittinsky and completes a series of three
books on strategies for increasing the involvement of fathers in
children’s lives.

Dr. Levine’s previous books, Fatherhood U.S.A., Getting Men Involved:
Strategies for Early Childhood Programs, Who Will Raise the Children?
New Options for Fathers (and Mothers)
, and others, along with his
continuing father-friendly work with corporate America and with the White
House (he was principal consultant to V.P. Al Gore in the drafting of the
new federal initiative on fatherhood) are helping to change society’s
attitude about fathers, directing us to more father-friendly lifestyles.

We suggest that you or your organization consider Working Fathers as
a gift to policy makers and corporate executives to promote father
involvement in your community.

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