Fatherless Kids More Likely to Suffer Mental Health Problems

There have been several studies finding that children from single parent homes (mostly single mother homes) are more at risk. But this is the first study (The Lancet, 25 January 2003) that covers almost an entire national population and takes into account social factors that could distort the outcome.

Even after adjusting the data to statistically eliminate economic differences, children with single parents were still twice as likely to have psychiatric disorders, attempt suicide, and abuse alcohol, and three to four times more likely to use narcotic drugs.

Support for Fathers of Premature Infants
Fathers of premature infants might feel lost in the shuffle while their new babies are in the neonatal intensive care unit. Ways to help fathers of preterm babies.

Fatherless Kids More Likely to Suffer Mental Health Problems
There have been several studies finding that children from single parent homes (mostly single mother homes) are more at risk.

Fatherless Home Statistics
The female-headed household is a strong predictor of suicide among young adult and adolescent white males.

Matriarchy Marked by Tribalism and Violence
Feminism reigns when men don’t claim their children.

Fathers Count Act of 1999
Father count is an important win for fathers, but most of the efforts funded will go towards funneling financial and other support to children already separated from their fathers, rather than reducing the incidence of family separation.

Child Custody Scandal in Los Angeles
According to Insight, Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti halted an investigation of the judges association and ordered an investigator to shred documents he had collected.

Child Support System Declared Unconstitutional
Minnesota Supreme Court upholds ruling to stop child support officers from practicing law.

Father Custody Gaining in Popularity
Seventeen percent of children living with only one parent now live with the father.

Fatherless Boys Grow Up Into Dangerous Men. Maggie Gallagher in The Wall Street Journal.
A look at how family structure affects serious crime. – excerpted from The Wall Street Journal.

Day Care – A Dangerous Experiment in Child-Rearing? From The Wall Street Journal 
Social science confirms that children raised in day-care centers and similar institutions are often emotionally maladjusted and mentally impaired. – excerpted from The Wall Street Journal.

Opposition to House Concurrent Resolution 182
Letter to Congresswoman Morella from Richard Bennett regarding HCR182, HCON 182.

Study Finds Teen Pregnancy and Crime Levels are Higher Among Kids from Fatherless Homes 
Children reared in fatherless homes are more than twice as likely to become male adolescent delinquents or teen mothers, according to a significant new study by two economists at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

85% of Youths in Prison Grew Up in Fatherless Home
Source: Texas Department of Corrections.

Joint Custody Discourages Divorce, says The Washington Post 
Divorce rates have dropped dramatically in the states that promote joint custody, says the January 25th issue of the Washington Post.

Dolly Inspires Washington Officials
Undisclosed White House Officials expressed delight over the prospect of cloning.

FatherMag.com Chosen for Award by Reader’s Digest
Reader’s Digest joins others in honoring FatherMag.com.

Undercurrents in the Conservative Tide
Is Women’s Liberation Comparable to Neo-Marxism?

Custodial Fathers Meet the Challenge of Full-Time Parenting
Single parents: The research shows the single father lifestyle to be a viable one.

NOW Action Alert on Fathers’ Rights
The National Organization for Women has passed a resolution indicating their opposition to any penalties for the false reporting of child abuse or spousal abuse.

Executive Order Concerning Child Support Collection
Another political move which fails to enforce the 1988 Family Support Act.

FatherMag.com Chosen for Award by LA Times
LA Times joins Whole Internet Catalog and WebCrawler in honoring FatheringMag.com.

I Want to See My Dad!
Staff of supervised visitation center demoralized by crowd of angry demonstrators.

Social Workers Not Immune from Prosecution
Virginia Supreme Court ruling on immunity from prosecution for social workers.

Teenage Parents
NFI says keep fathers involved.

America’s Toughest Family Court Judge Speaks Out
Judge says “The current biased system is run by reality-impaired ideologues.”

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