The Use of “Recovered” Memories Banned in Britain

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has banned the practice of using any method to recover memories of child abuse, according to an October article published in The London Daily Telegraph:

The royal college guidelines say there is no evidence that
recovered memory techniques can reveal memory of real events or
accurately elaborate factual information about past experiences.

The guidelines say that psychiatrists should resist “vigorously”
moves by adult patients to report allegations or suspicions to the

The move follows extensive study and debate as the result of a report commissioned in 1994, Reported Recovered Memories of
Child Sexual Abuse.

The livelihoods of many “recovered memory therapists” could be affected if similar moves are taken in the United States and other countries. Despite professional criticism, there are still many “therapists” who make their living by “recovering” memories of childhood sexual abuse in adults.

The ban in Britain is unequivocal: “Psychiatrists who continue to use methods to unearth memories of past sexual abuse would ultimately face being reported to the General Medical Council for professional misconduct.”