Sam Harper

Sam Harper is the father of three boys. He pays for the damage by screenwriting.

“I am a California based writer who left New York trade journalism (Advertising Age Magazine) 15 years ago to pursue screenwriting,” says Sam. “Since then, I’ve worked on a number of family-comedy films including Dunston Checks In, The Little Rascals, and my produced original, Rookie Of The Year (Fox, 1993).”

Soccer Dad
He’s the kid who the coach always puts at left fullback, so he’ll be out of the way.

Fatherhood: Dad vs. Zelda
Nothing destroys a father’s ironclad parental guideline faster than the realization that the guideline makes your child a social leper.

Fathering: Dad’s Department
Equality of the sexes? Hah! Gender roles are still a part of family life. After all, when was the last time Dad decided on a couch fabric, or Mom fixed that gurgling toilet?

Like changing a diaper or driving five hours to the soccer tourney, hosting a sleepover can be a trying part of fathering. But, hey, somebody’s got to do it!

Chaos and Control
To think that a particular parenting style will keep our children sheltered from the horrors of this world is ludicrous. The best we can do for our child is be present as life washes over him.