adrenal androgens

The level of adrenal androgens makes a significant contribution to bone growth in prepubertal children:

To which extent adrenal androgens and glucocorticoids within their physiological ranges influence bone, especially in growing children and adolescents, is not yet known. Therefore, we studied urinary total androgen (C19) and glucocorticoid (C21) metabolite excretion in 24 hour urine samples in 109 prepubertal and 96 pubertal boys.

After adjustment for the major bone determinants, MA and age, C19 explained a further significant (mostly p<0.001) portion of variability (4-9%) of all bone parameters in prepubertal children. A significant adrenarchal contribution (p<0.05) to the explanation of variance of cortical area and bone mineral content was also seen after replacing both C19 and C21 with the ratio of DHEA/cortisol in multiple regression analysis.