Halt Routine Circumcisions, Nurses Urge.

  • St. Vincent Hospital, Santa Fe, New Mexico
    • …mothers whose mates are circumcised, and the mates themselves, who have no concept of the unique characteristics related to sexual intimacy of the uncircumcised penis, yet will make a final decision for their baby. –Nancy R. Cooksey, BSN, ICCE, IBCLC, St. Louis, MO. Circ Info Network 940628
    • We also struggled with the ethical dilemma of botched circumcisions and unconcerned physicians (Ethical Dilemmas, March) at our own hospital. The more we educated ourselves about the issues, the more we came to the conclusion that every circumcision is a botch job since it is an assault on a child’s sexuality and a violation of his right to an intact body. –Betty Katz Sperlich, RN, Mary Conant, RN, American Journal of Nursing, June 1994. Circ Info Network 940628
    • When there’s too much bleeding, they burn the wound with silver nitrate so that the penis looks like it’s been burned with a cigarette. Then the doctor will tell us to go tell the mother that this is what it’s supposed to look like. —Circ Info Network 950327
    • Enablers

      We’ve talked a lot about how we’re expected to be “reasonable” when talking about circumcision, so people don’t feel threatened. But don’t you ever want to run screaming down the street?
      Absolutely. I want to throw my body in front of the door to the circ room and tell the parents, “You’re not going to do that to your baby!” It makes me wonder why I haven’t done that yet? It’s the old accomplice thing, you know: “If you’re an accomplice, then you’re an enabler.” It’s really heavy. Not only that, but the people who are still doing it want us to “respect” them. Are they really thinking what they’re asking of us? They’re baby torturers! How can I respect them? –Nurses For the Rights of the Child, Circ Info Network 950428

    • …we dealt with it the way women deal with things when they feel powerless. When it came time to do one, we would just make ourselves scarce. When I did have to assist, I would not look at the circumcision. I would look at the baby’s face, and maybe put my finger in his mouth to pacify him. But whatever name you call it–mutilation, torture, creating a wound, violation it was going on, and I was never looking. It was crazy! Now we’re conscientious objectors, but it’s still going on. We can still hear it. —Circ Info Network 950327
    • Sometimes I’ll see a father with his son right after birth, and the bonding is really great. The baby is looking at the father, and the father is ecstatic he’s communicating with his baby. Yet, he has his son circumcised. Afterward, the baby won’t look at the father, and the father wants to know, ‘Why won’t my baby look at me?’ —Circ Info Network 950327
  • Vancouver, Canada. The routine circumcision of male babies was condemned by the province’s registered nurses at their annual convention in Vancouver. The nurses also agreed that routine circumcision has numerous complications that are rarely communicated to parents, and that most medical authorities worldwide believe newborn males have a right to remain intact except in rare instances. —Circ Info Network 950327