Boy Circumcised without Father’s Consent

Date: Mon, 2 Oct 1995 15:01:00 -0500

To add to the file of stories reinforcing the need to be persistent in the protection of your son’s prepuce:

When Tim Hammond was on Wisconsin Public Radio about a year and a half ago, a caller from Madison with a European accent identified himself as a PhD scientist and told the story of how he left for Europe for a couple of weeks only to find his son had been circumcised at age 4 for a minor infection which could have been easily treated with a topical medication. He noted the boy did not have an erection for several weeks, noting that it probably hurt too much.

I have had several patients in my practice, who while out of town, had physicians recommend radical circumcision for self-limited infections or perfectly normal foreskins. While it is not the way I would like to build a practice, several boys have started to see me after the pediatrician in the next town tried to forcibly retract their foreskins “just to have a look.”

Ignorance runs rampant in the (American) medical community, otherwise intelligent well-educated physicians would not recommend routine child sexual abuse.