Jacob’s Story – Infection Results from Circumcision Complication

I am responding to JF’s request for information on the pros and cons
of circumcision. My son, Jacob, was born normal and healthy at Providence
Hospital in Anchorage Alaska, he was routinely circumcised on his
second day of life. A few days later, we brought Jacob back to the hospital
because an infection had developed at the circumcision site. A decision was
made by his pediatrician to hospitalize him and administer antibotics. The
next morning, he began to have seizures that went untreated. Twenty-six
hours after entering the hospital, he stopped breathing during a massive
seizure. As a result my son suffered profound brain damage. Today Jacob is
almost ten years old, he requires 24 hour a day care as he will for the rest
of his life. The cover-up from this circumcision-related tragedy started
almost immediately, Jacob’s incriminating medical records were “lost”.
Jacob’s nurses do not “remember” him. WE DID NOT EVEN MEET his circumciser
before he performed the surgery on our son.

John, I took the following statement from court records, please give it to
your friend who is considering circumcision for his infant son.

INTERROGATORY #3 : As to Dr. Nesbitt, please indicate what if anything you
advised the plaintiffs B. and G.S. regarding circumcision, prior to the
operation upon their infant son Jacob. With regard to the foregoing, please
indicate date, time, place and contents of such communication, if any.

ANSWER: “On the date of the circumcision at the hospital, I, Dr. Nesbitt,
met with B.S. It is possible that G.S. was in attendance, however, I do not
recall at this time. The following is a synopsis of what I said following
as close as possible the exact words I used. Dr. Tulip has informed me that
you wish to have your son circumcised. Circumcision is not a medically
recommended procedure. Even though we don’t recommend circumcision for
medical reasons, many parents request it for personal or religious reasons.
The reason we don’t recommend circumcision is because we feel the risks of
circumcision outweigh the benefits. The risks of circumcising a child
include bleeding, infection and damage to the penis in varying degrees and
in some rare instances, sepsis, which is a generalized infection which can
spread rapidly over the entire body. On rare occasions children have even
died as a result of being circumcised. Approximately 8 children die each
year in the the United States from complications from circumcision…[1]”

As I said, we did not meet Dr. Nesbitt before he circumcised our son (nor
was there a circumcision discussion with Dr. Tulip) but this is his what he
swore to under oath. This statement clearly illustrates the true pros to
circumcision. Profit. If Nesbitt’s circumcision numbers are correct, (at
$100 a whack) circumcision would be a 250 million dollar business in our

Please tell your friend about Jacob and tell him about the eight boys a
year (according to Dr. Nesbitt) who die because of a procedure that is not
medically recommended.


1. Many more infant deaths are recorded to be the result of hospital acquired infections. It is
not known how many of these infections were the result of circumcision surgery.

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