The Historical Basis for Child Circumcision in America

Many years ago, when it was thought important to prevent masturbation, American health authorities began to advocate child circumcision. There is no longer any national or international public health authority in the western world which advocates the routine circumcision of children, either male or female.

In an intact man the sexually sensitive tissue unfolds to cover the shaft of the penis.
The circumcised man has only a narrow band of this tissue remaining.

Many American men do not miss their penile tissue until they learn about the history of circumcision and discover that the sole intent of those early American circumcisors was to surgically alter the male in a way they hoped would reduce the sex drive:

Just as with female circumcision in some parts of the world, the intent of male circumcision in America was to control sexual activity. It is clear from the historical evidence that circumcision in America was instituted in a futile attempt to prevent masturbation by reducing sexual sensitivity.

Most circumcised men have only a narrow band of sexually sensitive tissue remaining.

One hundred years ago, sexual extremists instituted the sexual mutilation of children in the United States. Finally, there are signs that circumcision may someday become as rare in America as it is in Europe.

Religious ritual circumcision was not practiced by the American Christians who sought to reduce male sexuality.

Abraham ordered his followers to sacrifice the foreskin as evidence of their covenant, but Christ had exempted his followers from bearing the Jewish mark of male circumcision. The Jews and Muslims have largely continued to follow Abraham’s example.

Despite this exemption for Christians, a few 19th century fundamentalist Christian doctors joined with Jewish doctors to promote male circumcision in the US. Their clearly stated and sole intent was to eliminate masturbation by reducing the sexual sensitivity of the penis. Circumcision rates have plummeted in the US as more men confront the real reason why they were sexually altered.

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