Alternative Bris Support

Brit Shalom is a non-cutting naming ceremony for newborn Jewish boys. It may be performed by a Rabbi or other experienced lay leader. If desired, providers can aid parents in devising their own ceremony. This ceremony replaces Brit Milah (ritual circumcision). It has also been termed Alternative Brit (or Bris), Brit b’li Milah (Covenant without cutting) and Brit Chayim (Covenant of Life).

The Brit Shalom Providers list is available online at the
web site:

Alternative Bris Support Group provides information and support to Jewish parents who question circumcision. I send out an information packet that addresses the Jewish issues associated with circumcision. It is quite extensive and covers a wide range of concerns from a Jewish perspective. Included in the packet are samples of baby-naming ceremonies so that Jewish parents wishing to celebrate the birth of a son in an alternative manner may welcome their child into the covenant (bris) without circumcision (milah). I am also available to speak to concerned individuals personally, on the phone.

The packet costs me $12 to photocopy & mail, which I ask people to send to me, Helen Bryce (rather than ABSG), at PO Box 1305, Capitola, CA 95010. In cases of financial hardship, I send the packet at no charge. Persons wishing to help me continue sending the packet for free to those who cannot pay are welcome to send me any amount they can spare. Checks should be drawn on US banks and be in US dollars, otherwise I can’t cash them.

My phone number is (408) 475-3313. I have an answering machine and return phone calls ususally within a few days, unless it is an emergency. My e-mail address is: