Boys with Tight Foreskins

Child care skills are normally passed down through the generations. Sometimes this passing down of knowledge can get interrupted. With a culture in which most males were circumcised for many years, the knowledge of how to care for a foreskin has largely disappeared in the US.

There isn’t really so much to know, but there are a few basics. One them has to do with the normal stretching characteristics of our skin.

At birth the foreskin is only open enough to pass urine. It only opens more if it’s stretched, and it only gets stretched when it’s pushed back. No foreskin ever opens by itself; it gets gradually stretched open over an extended period of time by being pushed back over the penis.

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Gentle pushing back of the foreskin feels pleasurable, and most boys do it naturally, so that it never has a chance to shrink closed again.

The foreskin can be pushed back regularly, in order to stretch it open, and to keep it from shrinking shut again. It is important that the boy do this himself, so that it is pushed only as far back as feels comfortable to him. The foreskin should never be forced back, by a doctor or anyone else. To repeat; skin stretching takes several weeks to occur.

Some boys are either prohibited from playing with their penis or perhaps just don’t discover the pushing-back pleasure. The obvious time for discovery is in the bath, when a small boy can learn to push the fold of skin back so that it gets rinsed out. Soap should not be used inside the foreskin, just as you wouldn’t put soap into your mouth or nose.

If a boy with a tight foreskin pushes too hard and gets it stuck back behind the head of his penis, this is easily remedied if you know how. The head of the penis is like a sponge. If you squeeze it for a few seconds, it empties and becomes quite small, making it easy for the foreskin to pass back down over it. It can’t get stuck any more once the skin has been stretched.

The practice of always pushing the foreskin back for urination is a sure way to keep the foreskin stretchy, but isn’t necessary for boys who’ve never had any trouble with a tight foreskin.

Older boys and men who are sexually active rarely give their foreskin a chance to shrink tight again. Even in such cases where it has become tight because they haven’t pushed it back regularly, they can stretch it open if they don’t rush things. In extreme cases it can take several weeks of daily stretching to attain normal function. If there is any soreness or tiny breaks appear in the surface of the skin, then a slower rate of progress should be attempted.

The first step in such a case is to always push the foreskin back as far as comfortably possible whenever urinating. If urination is always done this way, the skin is stretched often enough that it can never shrink tight again.

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