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Kansas Mourning
A young father must find his six-year-old daughter, who has been abducted by his former wife.

Awee — part one, fiction by Nasdijj (Timothy Patrick Barrus)
No one thought that raising a 12-year-old boy with aids would be easy. This story was written in the early days when the disease was a certain death sentence.

Father of My Soul
My father was a virgin when I was born.

Can Johnny Kramp Be Saved?
Advocates of Routine Digital Mutilation claim unguiscision keeps Johnny’s fingers cleaner and helps to prevent math abuse.

“Sure, he knew his father had a pencil, but he didn’t know that he used it. But tonight he’d seen his father’s hand
wrapped around it, manipulating it purposefully, as his mother prepared to sharpen it.”

At the Circle’s End
A serialized sci-fi story about a man who finds himself becoming everyone’s father as the last man on earth, in a world populated only by children.