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The Unfolding AIDS Scandal at the UN 
Every day, 8,500 men and women die from the modern Black Death that we call AIDS. Most of those deaths could be avoided if the UN took a practical approach that is based on science, not ideology. And pitting women against men is hardly the answer.


Patriarchal Power or Marxist Mischief? 
The conclusion is clear: chivalry is alive and well within the halls of Congress. Our elected patriarchs unabashedly cater to the needs of women.

Election Results Bode Poorly for the Rad-Fem Movement 
Compared to 2000, support for democrat Kerry declined among a broad range of women: white women, married women, and older women. Even working women were less likely to vote for Kerry in 2004 than Gore in 2000.

Rise of the Feminist Propaganda State 
When mainstream media outlets use the word equality to denote its exact opposite — and nobody seems to mind — you know that we’re in trouble.

Achieving Feminist Class Consciousness 
Radical feminism can be traced back directly to Marxism-Leninism. The feminist ideology, framework, and utopian aspirations all have their origin in the writings of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.

Women Victimized by Feminist Fables 
But here’s the biggest whopper of all: the claim that feminism seeks to bring about gender equality. To the radical feminist, gender equality is only a one-way street.
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