My Child Is Missing a Third Time

by John Edward Gill  I raised Margie, my daughter, until she was twenty-three and had finished college. It was hard because Estelle kept telling her that she had left us because I was horrible. Yet my ex-wife never came to those school events, not even Margie’s graduations–from high school, junior high, elementary school–not even when … Read more

Just Let Me Be a Dad

Practical advice for divorcing fathers. Just Let Me Be a Dad, by Michelle Denise Lovato. ISBN 1-55630-199-5, Brentwood Publishers, Columbus, GA, 1995. Available from YMO Enterprises, PO Box 84, Barstow, CA 92312. Eighty-five percent of divorces are initiated by women. The men these women leave behind sometimes dare to remarry, and some of the most … Read more

High Child Support Awards Deny Contact between Fathers and Their Children

by Roger F. Gay Project for the Improvement of Child Support Litigation Technology (PICSLT) revisits the question of giving fair credit for expenses paid by non-custodial parents during visitation [1] Visitation credits reduce the amount of child support awarded in recognition of the fact that non-custodial parents support their children directly during visitation periods. It … Read more

Science Fair Projects

When the kids have a science fair project to do, it’s time to look for good ideas for an experiment and then successfully carry through to the final presentation. This section on science fair projects is designed to help you do just that. In addition, the short story by Bob Schwartz is based on his … Read more

A Plague of Grief Therapy

Dweebesses, Geekettes, and Earnest Men in Panty Hose by Fred Reed I reckon we ought to find an abandoned oil well in some forsaken part of Oklahoma, way out where tumble weeds bounce around all lonely and nobody ever goes. Then we’ll canvass the country, and find all the grief therapists, and stuff them into … Read more

Family Style Vacation

by Bob Schwartz With a supreme look of indignation, my youngest son bellowed, “This is supposed to be a family vacation! You’re supposed to spend time with your family! Not dump us off!” Ah, the mouths of babes can capsulize things so precisely with a slightly tainted view of the facts. Truth is we had … Read more

Man, Woman, and Child – Family breakdown and the future of the fathers rights movement

by Clyde Verner Men with intact families may not feel represented by the sometimes frenzied actions of fathers’ rights advocates. Besides ordinary married dads, the pages of report on single fathers, and fathers’ rights advocates. For the most part, the fathers’ rights activists fall into one of two categories: 1. A small group of … Read more

Child Kidnapping: It’s Rare when Compared to the Many Other Dangers to Children

by John Edward Gill © rebecca abell – All rights reserved. Media coverage of missing or kidnapped children may have scared parents into thinking such horrible events are commonplace. They are not. Federal studies have shown about 150 to 200 cases annually of “stranger” abductions. Yet most of those cases involve people who either … Read more