Who Are the Child Snatchers?

Child kidnappings by strangers are rare, but they do occur. A look at the news stories reveals that these strangers are usually not stereotypical perverts or ransom seekers. Who should you watch out for then? That nice lady next door. According to Hospital Safety and Security – Infant Abduction (pdf), the typical offender is a “female of … Read more

Fatherless Boys at Risk

Way back on August 20, 1998, Reuters News reported the results of a study by Cynthia Harper of the University of Pennsylvania and Sara S. McLanahan of Princeton University: Young men who grow up in homes without fathers are twice as likely to end up in jail as those who come from traditional two-parent families…those … Read more

Fathering News

In Holland, Childish Sexual Escapades Horrify Mothers and Judges Supervised Parent/Child Contact Study Finds Teen Pregnancy and Crime Levels are Higher Among Kids from Fatherless Homes Fathers Day Rage Fatherless Homes Breed Violence Fatherless Boys Grow Up Into Dangerous Men. Executive Order Concerning Child Support Collection Repressed Memory patient Elizabeth Carlson Wins $ 2.5 million! … Read more

The Silence of the Good People

by Stephen Baskerville page two Unfortunately Henry then capitulates to what Maggie Gallagher belittles as good divorce in setting forth joint custody as the least intrusive alternative to automatic sole mother custody. Joint custody has much to be said for it in some circumstances those where the divorce is truly mutual, for example (a mere … Read more

The Case for Father Custody

Dr. Daniel Amneus’ thought provoking article The Case for Father Custody has grown into a book length volume Case_for_Father_Custody.pdf (2.2 mb). Here are a few excerpts from the book: Today “civilized countries” suffer from a below-replacement level birthrate. Men in them don’t view babies as a threat to their survival; their fear is that they … Read more

Fatherless Boys Grow Up Into Dangerous Men

Here is yet another new study which confirms the importance of fathers in children’s lives. In the December 1, 1998 issue of The Wall Street Journal, Maggie Gallagher’s article Fatherless Boys Grow Up Into Dangerous Men reports on a study by the University of California’s Cynthia Harper and Princeton’s Sara McLanahan. Using the National Longitudinal … Read more

Lorena Bobbitt Again Facing Prison

Another violence charge against the slicer Lorena Gallo Bobbitt, who was set free after slicing off her sleeping husband’s penis with a kitchen knife, is now charged with assaulting her mother. Bobbitt, once the hero of the gender-feminists, faces trial in April. Will she again use the “I’m just a poor innocent suffering woman” defense … Read more

Myopia: The Human Cost of Politically Correct Science

By Clyde Verner © laurent dambies – Fotolia.com All rights reserved. For a hundred years, it was one of civilization’s dirty little secrets: The most common form of myopia (nearsightedness) occurs almost exclusively in industrialized societies. (See Myopia: Room Light In Early Childhood and Nearsightedness.) Whether or not these researchers have actually found the most … Read more

Fathering Magazine

Family Strife Edition For the newest articles, see What’s New archived strife features: The Unfolding AIDS Scandal at the UN  Every day, 8,500 men and women die from the modern Black Death that we call AIDS. Most of those deaths could be avoided if the UN took a practical approach that is based on science, not … Read more