10 Best Umbrella Strollers



best umbrella strollersStrollers are as different as the babies that ride inside of them. There are strollers for jogging on rugged paths and strollers for walking in crowded malls. You can find strollers for twins with extra room to pack half their nursery, or you can find slim strollers that can fit in the back of the car.

Whatever your need is, the truth still remains that most parents will at some point purchase one or more types of strollers. Umbrella strollers are those slim, foldable strollers that make your life easier when it comes to traveling.

The umbrella stroller’s name does not mean they are strollers that have an umbrella on top, though that would be a nifty feature. The name actually refers to how they act similarly to an umbrella. Traditionally, their handles curve like an umbrella in order that the entire stroller can collapse to about half their size or smaller to make it easier to store them or travel.

Our Ten Best Umbrella Strollers

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Types of Strollers

 Strollers come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and uses. A new mother may think that, hey, a stroller just needs a seat and wheels. Strollers are far from that simple. According to What to Expect, there are at least six different general categories of strollers. To make strollers even more complicated, sometimes a stroller can fall within two or more categories. Though, that is pretty rare.

Before jumping into the specific categories, a mother has to first decide if a stroller is what she actually needs. There are a few ways a child can be carried. The most obvious way is to simply carry your child in your arms. The longer you do this, the more tired your arms will be. When you’re child reaches a certain age, this becomes nearly impossible for long periods of time. Add in a couple purses and diaper bags and you’ll soon find that simply carrying your child may be the cheapest option as it requires no outside equipment, but it is far from convenient.

Babywearing is a popular second choice. Whether you use a wrap or a sling, the concept is the same. Your child is attached directly to you. In this way, they can have the comfort of being close to their parent while you have the freedom to use your arms. This method, again, will only work so long as your child remains somewhat lightweight. The pros are that slings and wraps are very affordable. Baby carrying also helps soothe your little one. A huge plus is how little space baby carrying takes up. If you are planning on walking through a busy mall, baby carrying will definitely be easier than trying to maneuver a stroller through the crowds. The negatives of babywearing are first the constant weight, and second, being constantly attached to your child. This may be sweet until you run into a situation where you need to detach your child for safety or general ease, and you find you have nowhere for your little one to sit on their own.

This leads to a third option: the baby carrier. It is a seat with a handle, to put it simply. Your child will be separate from you, so you will have the freedom to set them down and go about your business. This is especially useful when you go to restaurants, shows, or church. You will be able to set your child down next to you on the bench or chairs, and you will be freed up to eat and move about. The downside is that baby carriers add quite a bit of weight to your little one and are awkward to carry. This makes them ineffective for longer periods of walking. They also cannot hold a child past a certain age, which is usually relatively young.

The last type of travel system would be the stroller. It is the most handsfree traveling system. Some parents opt to start right off the bat with a stroller so that they can transport both their child, all their child’s supplies, and even their own purses all the while remaining completely free to move about. Other parents choose to babywear until their child reaches a certain age. At that point, when their child is too heavy to be carrying around, the only option that will hold a heavier child would be a stroller. Strollers don’t have to be awkward to maneuver in public places, or impossible to take with you on your morning run. The many different categories of strollers have provided all the features necessary so that there is a category matching nearly every traveling need a parent may have.

The six categories of strollers are full-sized strollers, umbrella strollers, jogging systems, double strollers, car seat stroller frames, and travel systems. Let’s take a look at each category individually to better understand exactly what it is you would need.

The full-sized stroller is the mother of all strollers. They have it all, or at least should. They are large, sturdy, and can last your child all the way from infancy to childhood. They are laden with baskets, pockets, and plenty of padding so that your child may be just as comfortable in the stroller as in their own crib at home. These strollers tend to have the most features because that is what they are all about: providing the most convenience.

Umbrella strollers are the opposite of the full-sized stroller. For them, their main goal is to be lightweight and portable. This means that they really limit the features available and get down to the basics of what a stroller needs. To be an umbrella stroller, a stroller needs to be able to fold up completely. Due to an umbrella stroller’s size, it does not always have the necessary features needed to keep a newborn infant safe. It may also not be sturdy enough to hold children as long as a full-sized stroller.

A jogging stroller is not specifically for jogging. It is more of an outdoors stroller. It can be used for hiking and walks in addition to jogging. What sets a jogging stroller apart is its suspension system. It will usually have larger wheels to make for a smoother ride for baby when they go over rocky roads and gravel. They will also have shocks and other additional features to keep your child from being jostled. The extra features added to help with your child’s comfort during their ride also add to the weight. Jogging strollers tends to be the bulkiest and heaviest of the stroller options.

A double stroller can really be any of the previously mentioned strollers times two. It is a stroller with two seats. Whether you have twins, a baby and a young child, a baby and a large bag, or even a baby and the household cat, whatever your situation if you need the extra space, the double stroller has you covered. They come in many different shapes and sizes from infant and child seats to two infant seats or two child seats. Some are convertible as well so you can choose exactly which type of seat should be where. Just be aware that with the extra space comes extra bulk as well.

The car seat stroller frames are simply the frame of the stroller. These are usually made of metal and include just the handles and wheels. You then provide a seat by attaching whatever car seat or carrier you are using into the frame. Sometimes the only car seat that will fit in the frame is the one made by the same company as the frame. Other frames are more universal to fit multiple car seats with the addition of an attachment. These frames will only be of use as long as your child still rides in the infant car seat. Once they’ve outgrown the car seat, the frame can no longer be used.

A travel system has a little bit of everything. First, it has the infant car seat, which can also be used as a carrier, and is attached into a frame. The frame has plenty of storage and features like a full-sized stroller. Many times these travel systems can also be converted as your child grows in order to fit your child longer.

If there is a specific mobility need, there is a stroller to meet it. Now let’s look specifically at the needs of the on-the-go mom who would like a lightweight stroller they can throw in the trunk of the car, in a suitcase for a plane, or carry on their backs. For them, the umbrella stroller is there to meet their traveling needs.

Different Stroller Features

For an umbrella stroller to truly be lightweight and portable, it cannot have all the features of a full-sized stroller. That being said, each company has its own idea of which of those features are necessary. So, while no umbrella stroller will have it all, there will most likely be at least one umbrella stroller that has one or two of your favorite features. Here are some of the most popular features, according to Today’s Parent.

Since we are specifically looking at umbrella strollers, the main feature to consider is its weight and size. If the stroller weighs the same as a full-sized stroller and barely folds, you might as well have invested in a full-sized stroller and have the extra features that come with the investment. For an umbrella stroller to do its job as the perfect travel companion, it needs to fold up small enough to at least fit in the trunk of a car. It also needs to be light enough to be carried easily.

The second feature to look at is how easy it is to fold the stroller. If you are on-the-go, you most likely do not want to spend fifteen to twenty minutes twisting and fiddling with a stroller with one hand while juggling an infant in the other. To make your life as seamless as possible, look for umbrella strollers with an easy folding mechanism that can be done with one hand.

Safety, safety, safety! We cannot stress this enough. An infant is very vulnerable the first few months of their lives. They rely on their parents and guardians to protect them. This is why it is very important that a stroller complies with all the required safety standards. These safety standards will be looked at in more detail later on.

The longevity can make or break many parents’ decisions when it comes to purchasing a stroller. For a stroller to be worth an investment, it should be able to hold your child for a decent length of time. For a stroller to have the longest life, it should have both the proper padding to support a newborn and the ability to be expanded to fit a toddler or young child.

Hand in hand with the safety is the protection the stroller offers. Very rarely will you find a parent who uses a stroller to move their child about their house. No, strollers are most often used outside. This is why it is important that a stroller offers the utmost protection from the elements. This means it could have a canopy or visor attached to the top of the stroller. Umbrella strollers do not always have very large canopies due to size restrictions, but if you do plan to be outside for a long period in the elements, canopy or shield attachments can be purchased separately.

An adjustable handlebar or handles are a feature some parents may not at first think about. The same person will most likely not always be pushing the stroller. An adjustable handlebar will allow the handle to be raised to the specific height of the person pushing the stroller. This feature is usually seen with full-sized strollers since they have the single handlebar which is more comfortable. Umbrella strollers used to only have the two individual curved handles, which makes adjusting more difficult in some cases. Nowadays, umbrella strollers have evolved and sometimes the handle shapes vary, giving the manufacturers more flexibility with the handlebar features.

The extra carrying space will definitely be limited with an umbrella stroller. There won’t be quite as many baskets, bins, and pockets as a full-sized stroller. That being said, one or two mesh baskets won’t add that much weight and will take a literal load off your shoulders by allowing you to place your diaper bag or purse in the stroller while you travel.

A jogging stroller should not be the only stroller with a smooth ride. While an umbrella stroller will really cut down on weight, it should not completely rid the stroller of all comfort. A stroller should still not jostle your child around. The shocks and the wheels are the main contributors to how easy your child’s ride will be. Rubber wheels are smaller and more lightweight while air-filled wheels, as can be found on jogging strollers, will provide the smoother ride. Some strollers will even use wheels typically found on roller skates. These wheels give one of the quietest rides.

Seats are the last feature we are looking at. The seat will decide the ultimate fate of your stroller travels. Meaning, if the seat is comfortable, your child will be happy and content. If it is not, you may be looking at a vacation filled with the screams and complaints of a very unhappy traveler. Some features of a seat that will help lean the odds more in the favor of the happy angel child would the padding, adjustability, and safety.

The padding will make the seat more comfortable all around and protect against sharp or hard surfaces. Along with the padding is the material. Make sure it is not a type of material that will make your child feel over-heated or rub against their skin causing a rash. The adjustability is referring to the option to make the stroller seat grow with your child. This will keep them from feeling cramped if they are larger, or unsupported if they are smaller. If a seat can recline, you will have even more options for providing the utmost comfort for your child. Many umbrella strollers do not offer the reclining option, which is why they are often also not recommended for younger infants. Lastly, make sure your child is safe. If your child is slipping out of the harness or bumping their head, they will not be happy. A safe child is a happy child, in many cases.

General Stroller Safety

As mentioned earlier, safety should be one of your number one concerns when purchasing any baby product. A stroller will carry your child while moving, so the safety requirements will be quite a bit stricter than many other baby items.

There are some safety certifications a stroller can have or comply with to guarantee that you will have at least the basic safety features, according to Healthy Children. The main leader in safety is the CPSC. It keeps track of the strollers on the market and the dangers being reported with each brand. It then records the complaints and dangers then issues recalls if any stroller is deemed unsafe.

Depending on your child’s age, different seating standards can apply. Many umbrella strollers do not have the appropriate support needed for an infant. Check the umbrella stroller very carefully for their age and weight restrictions before putting your child in the stroller. Also look for a 5-point harness as they are considered the safest harness. Some strollers have just a 3-point harness. For some older children who will remain seated, this type of harness could be used. A 5-point harness is the best, especially since your child is in a moving contraption, as it keeps your child from standing up and falling out due to the straps that go over their shoulders.

Look for brakes and locking systems on your stroller. When you are using your stroller, you will at some point come to a complete halt. It is important that you can lock the wheels or use the brakes so that you can stop quickly and then secure the stroller so it will not roll away if you take your hands off the handles.

While umbrella strollers are lighter in weight and more compact, their weight should not make them top heavy or in any way unstable so that they can easily topple over. An easy way to see the sturdiness of a stroller is to make sure the base is wider to provide extra support.

When using the stroller, be sure everything you place on the stroller is securely fastened. This is especially true of toys. You do not want anything to fall on your child, or for your child to pull items to them that they could choke on. If toys are fastened to the side of the stroller, your child cannot throw them on the ground either which also helps keep the toys more sanitary.

In addition to the previous safety tip, watch the weight of items added to the stroller. The weight limit often includes the combined weight of your child and other contents. Never hang any bags or items on the handles as this can cause the stroller to tip over easily. Even if you are able to hang bags on your full-sized stroller, remember that umbrella strollers are considerably lighter so a bag will have a larger impact on the weight than it would on the heavier full-sized stroller.

Of course, when using an umbrella stroller, don’t forget to have fun! You have a precious little one, enjoy your time with them. While safety is important, so is relaxing and enjoying this time with your child.

Ten Best Umbrella Strollers Reviewed

 1. UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller

UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller, Jake (Black)

The UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller is a small, lightweight design with a very breathable back. The entire stroller is not more than 10 pounds before the baby and other items are added. The stroller can hold infants as young as 6 months all the way up to children who are 55 pounds. Assembled, the stroller is no more than 19.5 inches wide.

The stroller folds completely in half, where the front wheels touch the handles. This fold can be done simply with a trigger by your hands. There are no complicated twisting or feet levers used. The handles of the stroller are two separate hooks that bend upwards and forward. When the stroller is folded, it can stand on its own for storage. There is also a carry strap allowing you to lift it over your shoulder with just one hand and carry it from location to location.

The stroller has a very breathable design due to its mesh backing. There is very little to no padding inside the stroller. There is a little cushioning on the seat and on the sides, but the back is completely mesh. This both cuts down on the weight of the stroller and helps keep your little one from overheating.

The stroller does not grow with your child. There is nothing that will adjust, except for the straps in the seat. The stroller does have a 5-Point harness to keep your child safe. The stroller also has a visor with an extendable SPF 50 UV sunshade to protect your little one from the elements. Additional storage is available underneath the stroller seat in a large mesh basket. The stroller also has an attached cup holder by the handlebars.


  • The stroller has a mesh back for extra breathability.
  • There is a visor and an extendable sunshade.
  • The stroller has a carrying strap.
  • The stroller has a 5-point harness.


  • The stroller does not offer much padding or support.
  • The harness does not have padding around it.
  • There is very little adjustability on the stroller.
  • This is a more expensive umbrella stroller.
  • The wheels are a very noisy plastic and difficult to maneuver.

The UPPAbaby stroller definitely has some perks in the lightweight, mesh backing, and the huge storage space. We cannot forget to mention the cup holder, while small, it is a wonderful feature for any stroller to have. The two main downfalls of this stroller are the higher price and the loud, plastic wheels. Also, keep in mind that the lack of padding will mean that alternate transportation will be required those first few months. Some parents found that even at six months the stroller was still too large for their little one.

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2. Chicco Liteway Compact-Fold Aluminum Stroller

Chicco Liteway Stroller, Fog

The Chicco Liteway Compact-Fold Aluminum Stroller provides quite a lot of features while still remaining a lightweight and portable umbrella stroller. At first glance, you may not even realize this stroller is an umbrella stroller, except for the tell-tale separate hook handles out the back. With the extra features comes a little more bulk, causing this stroller to weigh in at nearly 14 pounds. It can hold a child from 6 months until around 40 pounds.

The stroller does have a little padding in the seat, sides, and back. There is also padding on the harness, making the buckles more comfortable against your child’s skin. The backrest has four recline positions which help the stroller grow with your child. An adjustable footrest is also added for additional comfort.

The stroller folds compactly similarly to most other umbrella strollers, by bringing the front wheels up to the handles. The extra padding does make the compact design not quite as compact as some other strollers, but it is still small enough to be stored away. It also has a carry handle making it easier to take the stroller with you.

The stroller has a canopy with an extra extension to help keep the elements off your little one when you are out and about. A cup holder is attached to the handle for the parent. The harness is a 5-point harness for the utmost protection for your child. The wheels are rubber to cut down on the bumps and noise. A medium-sized storage basket is located underneath the stroller seat.


  • The stroller has enough padding for a child to be comfortable for an extended period of time.
  • The stroller has a 5-point harness.
  • The backrest can recline.
  • The footrest is adjustable
  • There is a sunshade.


  • There is not enough padding to support younger infants.
  • The stroller is heavier than other similar umbrella strollers.
  • This is a more expensive stroller.
  • The stroller does not fold as compactly as others.

Chicco has created some of the more popular strollers in the past. Their compact stroller definitely has quite a few attractive features that make it easy to use and comfortable for your child. Unfortunately, in the world of umbrella strollers, features aren’t the main concern. In the area of size and weight, this stroller is one of the larger umbrella strollers.

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3. Graco Travelite Umbrella Stroller

The Graco Travelite Umbrella Stroller is a lightweight option from another leading name in child products. Their lightweight design can hold children around six months until around 3-years-old. The entire stroller folded up weighs about 15 pounds.

This stroller has minimal padding, with most of the padding being in the seat. There is also a little padding on the shoulder straps. A removable front bar lets your child grab ahold of something solid while they are riding. The stroller has a multi-position reclining seat and adjustable calf support.

When the stroller folds, the front wheels come up to the top. A lock keeps the stroller folded and a carry handle makes the stroller easier to travel with. The handlebars are separate hook handles that bend upwards. A removable cup holder is attached to one handle.

There is a medium-sized basket underneath the stroller seat. The front swivel wheels can lock in place, and there is extra suspension to make your child’s ride smoother. A large canopy comes out over the top of the stroller to protect your little one from the elements.


  • The stroller has a 5-point harness.
  • The stroller has a carry handle and a lock when it is folded.
  • There is a lock on the wheels.


  • The stroller is heavier compared to other umbrella strollers.
  • The storage space is rather small.
  • There is not enough padding and support for younger infants.

Graco is a name that is well-trusted in the world of baby products. Their products are good quality, easy to use, and generally satisfy the parent. This umbrella stroller is no exception. It has many attractive qualities. The main downside is the heavier weight that all the features add which make this stroller more of a regular stroller than a lightweight travel stroller.

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4. Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight Umbrella Stroller with Large Sun Canopy

Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight Umbrella Stroller with Large Sun Canopy, Scarlet Red

The Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight Umbrella Stroller with Large Sun Canopy is an umbrella stroller that really is as lightweight as it boasts. It comes in at just 9.5 pounds. Despite its lightweight, it can still hold a child from around 6 months up till about 40 pounds. The stroller is also JPMA certified.

This stroller folds up very compactly. Like the UPPAbaby stroller, this one also has a mesh backing. This both allows for breathability and considerably cuts down on weight. This also means there is less padding for comfort and support. When it does come time to fold the stroller, it can be done simply and quickly with a one-step method.

The stroller just has a 3-point harness with no additional padding. It also has a rather large sun visor that helps to keep the elements off your little one. A small storage basket is located underneath the stroller for a few extra supplies. A cup holder is also attached to one of the handles.


  • The stroller is very lightweight and compact.
  • There is a large sun visor.
  • This is a very affordable umbrella stroller.


  • The seat does not recline.
  • There is only a 3-point safety harness.
  • There is very little padding or support.
  • The storage basket is small.
  • The stroller is on the shorter side.
  • There is no carrying strap.

This is a very lightweight stroller that definitely lives up to the umbrella stroller name. With the lighter weight does come a considerable lack of features. It is also a cheaper stroller so that should be expected. The most concerning lack, though, is in the safety harness which is only a 3-point harness. This stroller is also shorter, even for those under 5’ 5.â€

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5. Cosco Umbrella Stroller

Cosco Umbrella Stroller (Monster Elliot)

The Cosco Umbrella Stroller is an excitingly colorful and 3D umbrella stroller with a very lightweight. Cosco is definitely up there on a list with the lightest umbrella strollers. It comes in at a weight of just 7 pounds. Their stroller has a more traditional umbrella stroller look about it and comes will considerably fewer features than some other options.

The Cosco stroller’s most striking feature is its design. It offers about seven different bright and fun stroller designs that range from a lion to a bumble bee to even a monster. They feature 3-D characteristics such as horns, teeth, eyeballs, and bunches of hair all located atop a medium-sized sun visor.

The stroller itself is very traditional with a cloth interior and very little padding. It also has a 3-point harness and a footrest. The stroller can hold children from about 6 months until 40 pounds. There is no recline so your child will need to be able to support themselves.


  • The stroller is very lightweight and compact.
  • There are very fun designs available.
  • The stroller is affordable.


  • The stroller only has a 3-point harness.
  • There are very little padding and support.
  • There is no additional storage.
  • The stroller is shorter.

This stroller is a very affordable and fun option that offers the bare necessities of a stroller. While there is a definite lack of features and comfort, it is extremely lightweight and portable making it one of the easiest strollers to take with you when you travel.

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6. JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller

JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller, Black

The JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller is one of the few umbrella strollers that can hold your child from newborn onwards. Your child can then use the stroller up to 55 pounds. While it is a heavier stroller and more expensive, it does have many features that will make it a smooth and easy ride.

The JOOVY New Groove stroller has a reclining option so that even before your child is able to support themselves, they are able to ride in the stroller. The seat has an extension for your child that also has a sleeve that will hold your newborn. A 5-point harness will keep your child safety nestled in the seat. There is no extra padding for additional support.

The stroller offers protection from the elements with an extra large SPF 50 canopy with a peek-a-boo window so you can keep an eye on your little one during your trip. There are two cup holders on each hook handle. A large storage compartment is located underneath the seat. When it comes time to travel, the stroller can fold completely up. It is able to stand on its own even when it is folded. The stroller weighs about 15 pounds.


  • There is a 5-point harness.
  • The stroller can hold a baby as young as newborn.
  • There is a very large sun canopy.


  • The stroller is not very easy to open and close.
  • The seat is always in a constant recline.
  • This is a heavier umbrella stroller.

JOOVY is another more popular brand in baby products. They tend to produce higher priced, good-quality items in all categories. Their stroller is another good-quality product. It is also one of the only umbrella strollers suitable for newborns. While it does not have quite as much support padding as a full-sized stroller, it can still work in a pinch.

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7. Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller

Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller, Princeton

The Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller is a happy medium between multiple features and lightweight. It can hold a child who can sit up on their own, about 6 months, till 50 pounds. When the stroller is folded up it weighs just under 13 pounds, making it again a middle of the ground umbrella stroller.

There are a foot parking breaks that add extra safety to the stroller. There is also a 5-point harness to keep your child secure. A large canopy helps protect your little one from the elements. There is a little padding on the seat, but none on the harness area. The seat itself can recline slightly to add extra comfort to your child.

Despite the Baby Trend stroller tending towards a lighter weight, it is not lacking in extra features. There is a large storage basket located underneath the stroller seat. This stroller is not only about the comfort of the child. For the parent, there is an organizer hinged between the two hook handles. The organizer contains a small storage pocket and two cup holders on either side so that you can store your small items in the stroller to free up your hands but still have them within easy reach. When you are not using the stroller, it folds almost completely flat.


  • The stroller has a nice balance of features while still being lightweight.
  • The stroller has a 5-point harness.
  • There is a parent organizer with cup holders.
  • There is a large sunshade.
  • The seat reclines.


  • The harness does not have any padding.
  • There is no support for younger infants.
  • The wheels are not very reliable.
  • The visor is not very sturdy.

This is one umbrella stroller that tries to provide the best of all worlds. It tries to keep the lighter weight while still wanting to provide many of those helpful little features and a little extra padding that makes travels a little easier. While it does the job well in some areas, there is some quality lacking in others. One major benefit that this umbrella stroller does have compared to its other lighter weight companions is that it is a full-sized stroller, so parents do not need to bend as far down when pushing this stroller as they would for others.

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8. Disney Umbrella Stroller with Canopy

Disney Baby Winnie-the-Pooh Umbrella Stroller with Canopy (My Hunny Stripes)

The Disney Umbrella Stroller with Canopy is an offering from the well-loved producers of many childhood films. The stroller comes in nine bright patterns varying from Mickey and Minnie Mouse to flowers and polka dots. It is a very traditional umbrella stroller with the bare necessities in features and safety. It can hold a child from when they are able to sit upright until about 40 pounds.

The Disney umbrella stroller offers a very compact fold, appearing almost completely flat when folded up. It is also one of the more lightweight options due to its obvious lack of features and padding. It weighs just 7 pounds. It only has a basic 3-point harness for safety. It also has a small sunshade for helping to keep the elements off your little one.


  • This stroller is one of the lightest umbrella stroller options.
  • The stroller folds almost completely flat.
  • The stroller is available in many bright designs.
  • There is a sun visor on the stroller.
  • This is a very affordable umbrella stroller.
  • There is a footrest on the stroller.


  • The stroller only has a 3-point harness.
  • There is very little padding or support.
  • There is no seat recline.
  • There is no additional storage or cup holders.
  • The stroller is rather short.

If you are looking for something very affordable to throw in the back of your car for that vacation, this stroller can fit the bill. If you plan to use the stroller more regularly or for longer periods, you will soon find that the shortness and lesser quality could become too much of a hindrance. This is more the type of stroller you’d use for a trip from the car to a building than long trips. It is also one of the lightest and most portable due to its size when it comes to umbrella strollers.

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9. Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller - Black

The Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is another middle ground stroller, weighing in at just about 13 pounds. Even though the stroller is inching towards the lighter scale, it still manages to provide an impressive amount of features and comfort. The stroller can fit a child from when they can sit up on their own till about 50 pounds.

This stroller has a balance between both safety and comfort. There is a rather cushy back padding that your child can nestle into. There is also a 5-point harness to keep your child safe. As they grow older, the harness can convert to a 3-point harness. The harness also has padding that will make the belts a little more comfortable for your little one. The entire seat can recline. One great safety feature of this stroller is the back wheel’s ability to lock when it is stopped.

The stroller has a sun visor to help shade your little one from the elements. An adjustable extension adds that extra little coverage during peak hours of the day. There is also a large storage compartment underneath the seat. Parents can enjoy a little of their own comfort with an attached cup holder as well as a rear storage pocket for their small items so that their hands are freed up.


  • There is plenty of padding both on the seat and on the harness to keep your child comfortable.
  • The seat reclines.
  • There is plenty of storage.
  • The stroller has a 5-point harness.
  • The rear wheels lock.
  • The stroller has a sun visor.


  • There is not enough padding or support for newborns.
  • The stroller does not stand upright on its own when folded.
  • It is not an easy-fold stroller.

This stroller definitely has the best of both worlds covered with its design. It manages to have many of the best features of umbrella strollers without the extra weight. There are very few complaints when it comes to this stroller. The main complaint tends to be how it is not as easy as some of the other umbrella strollers where they can be folded and unfolded with just one hand. Otherwise, this stroller has pleased many parents and remains a favorite. Besides, it is also one of the few umbrella strollers that are tall enough for most parents.

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10. Pockit Lightweight Stroller

Pockit Lightweight Stroller

The Pockit Lightweight Stroller has won the 2014 Guinness World Record for being the World’s Smallest Folding Stroller. If you are looking for the most compact option, look no further. When it collapses, it looks as if it completely folds into itself, turning into a tiny rectangle of about 12 inches by 7 inches by 14 inches. It weighs in at 9 pounds. Even though it is a tiny stroller that uses minimal materials, it still manages to be quite strong holding children from about 6 months until 55 pounds.

This stroller can be the perfect travel companion. With its size, it can fit into a large travel purse or tote. It can also fit in the overhead bins on an airplane. The best part is that the transition from stroller to the compact cube can happen in seconds with its easy-fold mechanisms.

Despite its size, it still has some great features. The main features that this stroller has are the safety features. It has a comfortable 5-point harness that has padding on the shoulders and leg separator. There is also a little padding on the seat and head. The torso length can be adjusted on the stroller to fit your growing child’s perfect height.

A sun visor helps protect your child from the elements. Unlike regular domed sun visors, this stroller’s visor is a flat piece that sticks straight out above your child’s head. The front swivel wheels can be locked for added safety. In addition, the rear wheels have a parking brake.

The push handles are not the regular upward hooks that give the umbrella stroller its name. Rather, the handles are two straight vertical bars on either side of the sun visor. A parent can store their supplies in a large compartment underneath the stroller seat that can hold items up to 11 pounds in addition to a 55-pound child.


  • This is the most compact umbrella stroller available so far.
  • This is a more lightweight umbrella stroller option.
  • There is plenty of storage.
  • The stroller has a sun visor.
  • There are locks and breaks on the wheels.
  • There is a padded 5-point harness.


  • The stroller seat does not recline.
  • There is very little padding in the actual seat.
  • This is one of the most expensive umbrella strollers.
  • There isn’t enough padding or support for younger infants.
  • The sun visor is flat, so it does not provide side protection from the sun.
  • The stroller feels a little flimsier when assembled.

This stroller is a traveler’s dream. Whether on the plane, a train, or on a long car ride, this stroller can fit in nearly any large bag, overhead compartment, or trunk. Its light weight makes it easy to take with for those summer vacations when space and weight are limited. If size were the only concern, this stroller beats all the other strollers in an instant. When looking at the stroller as a whole, and comparing its features, it does come out lacking in quite a few areas. There has to be some sacrifice in order to win the title of Smallest Folding Stroller in the World.

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And The Winner Is!

When it is time to plan for that vacation, having to make room for a large bulky stroller should not be on your list of things to worry about. Umbrella strollers are there to save the day for any parent on the move who needs a quick child transport that they can throw in any car, over their shoulder, or on a plane. While the options for umbrella strollers are great, there is only one that offers the best mixture of lightweight and portability along with all the necessary features able to make your life a breeze when you arrive at the destination of travel. The top umbrella stroller choice from the list is the Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller.

This should come as no surprise as this stroller has won the top choice on many review sites. It is because it is one of the very few strollers that metaphorically allows you to have your cake and eat it too. It is one of the lighter strollers, but it does not compromise on comfort and quality of features. Your child is safe, and well padded for an umbrella stroller. Between the reclining seat and the large, extendable sun visor, there are plenty of safety features to keep your little one safe.

On the flip side, you as a parent are also taken care of with the stroller. You are, after all, on the go. This stroller offers you plenty of storage, plus a handy-dandy cup holder to place your water, or let’s be honest, your double shot latte you bought to get you through the vacation with an infant. There is even a little extra storage pocket for your keys, phone, or a secret stash of chocolate bars.

So, whether you need something light and portable to take with on those quick grocery store runs, or you are looking for your next companion for that week-long vacation to Disney World, Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller will give you the best of many worlds to provide a lightweight, portable, safe, and feature-filled umbrella stroller option.

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