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Best Swaddle BlanketsThe first few days after birth can be a little bit of a shock for your little one. They go from your nice warm womb to the cold regular world. After a while, their small bodies adjust to the temperatures and environment of life in the outside world. During that transitional time, though, swaddling can help your child feel warm, safe, and comforted.

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Swaddling your Child

When your child is first born, the nurses at the hospital will most likely swaddle your child in a light cloth when they return them to you. You may even have a lesson or two from the nurses about how to swaddle your child. While this is common, not everyone understands the purpose behind swaddling.

Swaddling is the process of tightly wrapping your child in a blanket, according to Baby Center. To properly swaddle your child, they should be wrapped so that their arms are tightly nestled next to them under the cloth.

Why You Should Swaddle

Swaddling has a couple different purposes. One of the main purposes at first is to provide adequate warmth for your child. Those first few days after birth, your little one may still be adjusting to regulating their own temperature. Having a swaddle blanket will make sure they stay warm enough until they are able to produce their own warmth.

Swaddling helps your child sleep. Your little one will not have full control of their movements or reflexes at the start of their life. This can cause them to hit themselves during sleep, which will startle them awake. Many little ones have a hard time sleeping as a result of this. Swaddling keeps their limps safely out of the way so that they can sleep without interruption.

Swaddling provides a safe and comfortable environment for your child. They have been nestled in your womb for the past nine months. Being exposed to the world can seem scary to their little minds. A swaddle helps provide that same close, warm feeling they experienced in the womb. This helps keep them calm and helps soothe them to sleep.

When you put your child down to sleep, remember that there should be nothing in their cribs. Pillows and extra blankets can become suffocation risks if left in the crib while your child is still younger. A swaddle blanket is the exception. They are a great, and safe way to provide warmth as your child sleeps. As long as they are wrapped or enclosed securely, they are not a danger to your child.

When You Should Swaddle

You will most likely have your child swaddled the first day after their birth. Many hospitals will even provide a stock of free swaddle blankets to get you started. Whether you continue swaddling your child after you get home is entirely up to you.

Some little ones do not like being swaddled. They will fuss and refuse to sleep despite the pains you took to wrap them warmly. This is perfectly fine, there is no requirement for newborns to be swaddled. Just do what works best for your child.

That being said, some infants just take a little time to adjust. The switch from the hospital, or the switch from the hospital’s swaddle blankets to the nicer blankets at home can all be upsetting for your little one. You may want to try swaddling for a few days to see if your child will settle down before abandoning the idea altogether. While there is no safety requirement that states that infants should be swaddled, you will find life will be a little easier if your child will accept the comfort of the swaddle blanket to help them sleep longer.

Once your child starts being swaddled, you can continue until your child is about two months old. Keeping your child swaddled constantly during this time when they start to develop many motor skills can cause a delay in development. You should try to limit swaddling to only those times your child is sleeping, and let them explore with their hands and feet while they are awake in order to stimulate them.

Be sure to stop swaddling before your child starts to turn over. You will want to make sure your child has their hands free to move themselves around if they turn themselves where their face is in the mattress.

Since you will be swaddling your child often, considering how often infants take naps. You will want to be sure to purchase multiple swaddles. Your child will drool, have blowouts in their diapers, or burp up on their swaddles. Many swaddles come in packs ranging from two to four. At least have two so that you’ll always have a swaddle handy, even when the other is in the wash. You can calculate the maximum swaddles you may need by counting how many naps your child takes in the day, then multiply that by the number of days between doing the wash. Hopefully, your child will not soil a swaddle each and every nap, but spending a little extra for the off chance they do will save you time and energy. Otherwise, you may find yourself without a swaddle which can lead to a very unhappy nap time for your little one. 

Types of Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle blankets comes in all shapes and sizes as well as in a variety of materials. Choosing the right swaddle blanket will depend on three main things. First, you will want a swaddle blanket your child likes, otherwise, it will not be the comfort you want it to be. Second, you will want a swaddle blanket that fits your child’s shape and size. Third, you will want a swaddle blanket you know how to use. These three things will be decided by the swaddle blanket’s design and materials.

Swaddle blankets used to only come as blankets. This is what you will receive at the hospital. Now, many companies are making swaddling so much easier with other types of swaddle blankets as well.

Regular Blanket

First, there is the regular blanket. It is a large square piece of material. Blankets have many benefits. One benefit is that it is the most versatile option. You can choose from any swaddling technique, or come up with your own if your child does not like the ones you tried. Blankets can also be easier to adjust because there is no Velcro, zippers, or other fastenings that may limit the size of the swaddle. Along with that is the comfort. Since blankets do not have those extras, they will also not have any pieces that would be uncomfortable to your little one if it were to be placed awkwardly. When your child outgrows swaddling, the blanket can continue to be used as a regular blanket as well.

The downside of a blanket is that they can be difficult to master. The technique of swaddling is not always the easiest to learn. Many parents struggle to swaddle so that their child can’t wiggle out of the swaddle. With a blanket, you also have the constant concern when purchasing a blanket of wondering if it will be large enough for your child. Depending on how you swaddle, or the size of your child, not all swaddle blankets could work. A blanket is also not a simple tool for others to use. If your child is sleeping over and grandma’s house, she may not know the art of swaddling.

Swaddle Sack

The swaddle sack is simply a wearable blanket. These come in many shapes and designs. Some have armholes, others do not. They are also very simple to use. They can easily be closed with Velcro or a snap in order to secure your child in the swaddle sack. There is no guesswork with swaddle sacks, which allows anyone to wrap your child up.

While swaddle sacks are very easy to use, there are some negatives to be considered before settling with swaddle sacks. Swaddle sacks come in one size, so you will most likely need to purchase multiple sizes to accommodate your child’s growth, otherwise,  it will become too tight or will be too loose. Unlike a blanket that can be wrapped to the exact size of your child, a swaddle sack is limited to the positioning of the closure. As a result, an ill-fitting swaddle sack can be easier to escape. The closures can also start to wear out or fall off, causing another avenue for escape.

Stretch Pod

The stretch pod is one of the simpler swaddle blankets. It is quite literally a zippered bag for your child. Your child is nestled inside like a pea in a pod, with just their head sticking out the top. The rest is zippered shut. Stretch pods are usually the easiest of the three designs to use.

The stretch pod has some negative aspects to the design. The main downside is that the stretch pod is not as tight as some of the other swaddle designs. Like the swaddle sack, the stretch pod also comes in different sizes to keep up with your child’s growth. These are one of the easiest swaddle blanket designs for your child to escape from.

Swaddle Blanket Materials

While design plays a big role in your child’s comfort, the material can be just as much of a deciding factor in whether your child will fall to sleep or fight the swaddle blanket. There are a couple different materials that swaddles can come in. Choosing a material comes down to what best fits your child’s needs in the way of comfort and warmth, as well as what fits your own needs in the way of wrapping.


Whatever swaddle you choose, you will want it to be comfortable for your little one. If they are not comfortable, they will not sleep no matter how well you swaddle them. There are a couple different materials that can help your child be more comfortable.

First, consider the softness of the material. Each swaddle will try to boast they are extra soft. You will not only want to judge which swaddle is soft in the store, but also think about how soft it will be after a couple washes. Cotton and fleece can be very soft. Bamboo is another soft material that is a little more natural.

In addition to softness is breathability. A cotton swaddle is very popular, especially in hospitals because they are very breathable which helps keep your little one from overheating. If it is colder out, you could use a heavier material such as fleece, but be careful to keep a close eye on your little one so that they do not overhead.


You will be swaddling your child multiple times a day during those first months as your child takes regular naps. You will want a material that helps make this easier. Stiffer blankets will be very difficult to wrap. There will be little to no give which will not only keep you from getting the swaddle nice and snug, but can also just be uncomfortable to your little one. A little give is good for getting the best wrap. On the other hand, watch out for the other extreme. If the blanket has too much give, it will be easier for your little one to wiggle out of.

Usability does not only refer to how easy it is for you to wrap your little one, it is also how easy it is to care for the blanket. Always check the washing instructions on the swaddle blankets. You will have plenty to wash as it is. You will not want to add a blanket that needs to be hand washed, or has specific washing instructions that will prevent it from being thrown in with all the other clothes you are washing. Be sure it can be easily washed, and quickly dried. You will want to be able to dry it within an hour to two in case you find yourself without a swaddle and need a quick wash.


Safety is not so much referring to the physical harm the blanket can cause, but rather the chemicals or other materials inside the blankets. Many household items such plastic items or wooden items with finishes all have chemicals on them to some degree. Swaddle blankets are no exception. They may not have as many chemicals as other items, but some parents may be concerned nonetheless.

Swaddles will be chewed on by your little one, and be in very close contact with their skin. There will not be as many chemicals that will be ingested through the mouth. The main reaction your child will have to any chemicals will be through skin contact. Some swaddle blankets may cause a rash or minor skin irritation for your little one’s sensitive skin. Regular cotton swaddle blankets are safe for most children. If your child does have extra sensitive skin, or you’d like to rather be on the safe side, there are organic and natural swaddle blankets that could be gentler to your child’s skin and help prevent outbreaks or uncomfortable reactions to chemicals or other ingredients that may be in your child’s blanket.

Ways to Swaddle

There are two main ways to swaddle your child if you are using a regular swaddle blanket. A regular swaddle blanket is a large, square design. There is the diamond swaddle and the square swaddle.

The Diamond Swaddle

The diamond swaddle tends to be slightly more secure, but it is also a little more complicated. You place the square swaddle blanket down like a diamond. Fold the top corner down and place your child on the blanket with their shoulders lying just below the folded down corner.

Place your child’s arms either gently on their stomach or by their side. Pull the right side of the blanket across your child and tucking the edge behind your child. Pull the bottom of the blanket upwards then tuck the corner behind your child’s right shoulder. Do not wrap the bottom half too tightly, but leave a little room for their legs and do not force their legs straight or in any other position otherwise your child could be at risk of hip dysplasia. Take the left side of the blanket and wrap it around your child and under their left shoulder, tucking the edge into the swaddle to keep it from unwrapping.

The Square Swaddle

The square swaddle is a little easier to do. You lie the blanket out as a square. Fold the top portion down and place your child in the middle of the blanket. You can put their hands underneath the top fold to secure them inside the swaddle. You wrap one side of the swaddle around them like a burrito, then wrap the other side around them like a burrito on the other side. The bottom of the swaddle then fold upwards and the two ends are wrap around your child, with the tails of the blanket being tucked into the swaddle.

Review of the 15 Best Swaddle Blankets

1. SwaddleMe Original Swaddle

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle 3-PK, Elephant Hearts (SM)

The SwaddleMe Original Swaddle is a swaddle sack that is both comfortable and convenient. It is made from 100% cotton, which is why it is so soft as well as breathable. The swaddle has one bottom pocket that goes over your child’s legs, then two side flaps that Velcro around your child’s body.

The swaddle is available in over a dozen different colors and styles. The original swaddle has the pocket for your child’s legs. There are some options where there are leg holes, or footies out the bottom of the swaddle. The swaddle comes in packs of three so you’ll have extra while you are doing the wash. The swaddle has slits to fit a regular harness such as can be found on most car seats.

The swaddle fits infants from 7 to 16 pounds and up to 26 inches. SwaddleMe has a pod for newborns as small as 5 pounds. Older infants can use their wrapsack that can fit babies up to 20 pounds. The largest size is the wiggle blanket which can fit children up to 24 pounds.


  • The swaddle is very easy to use.
  • There are larger swaddle options available.
  • The swaddle has slits for harnesses on car seats
  • The material is very soft.


  • The swaddle is very slippery, causing it to ride up during the night if your child wiggles a lot.
  • The Velcro is not very strong.

The SwaddleMe swaddles are very well known and popular among mothers as a quick and easy way to swaddle babies. Because this is a swaddle sack and not a regular blanket, it will not be as tight and precise in its fit on your child. But, it is very easy to put on your child. Plus, there are dozens of different styles and colors to personalize your child’s swaddle!

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2. Aden + Anais Classic Swaddle Baby Blanket

aden + anais Classic Swaddle Baby Blanket, 100% Cotton Muslin, Large 47 X 47 inch, 4 Pack, Rock Star, Blue

The Aden + Anais Classic Swaddle Baby Blanket is a soft cotton muslin swaddle blanket. There are four large, square blankets in each pack. There are twenty-one different designs offered on these swaddle blankets. The designs range from female and male to gender neutral.

The blankets are made from 100% cotton muslin. This is what makes them so soft and breathable. Your child has a less of a chance of overheating with these blankets. The blankets are machine washable. They are even able to hold their softness after multiple washes. The blankets do come pre-washed so they will be soft starting out and there is less of a worry of shrinkage.

The blankets are 47 x 47 inches. These large blankets are great for swaddling. They also work well as nursing covers, burp clothes, or a general cover to help keep an area sanitary for your little one. They are more expensive, but their versatility almost makes up for the extra cost.


  • The blankets are very large and versatile.
  • There are many fun patterns to choose from.
  • The material is soft and breathable.
  • They are machine washable.


  • These are higher priced swaddle blankets.
  • These are thinner, which makes them easier to rip than some others.

These Aden + Anais swaddle blankets are very soft and great for your little one and you alike. The large blanket can be used for more than just swaddling which will help make the investment worth the cost. That being said, these are more expensive swaddle blankets with an offering very similar to better-priced items. These do have quite a few adorable patterns to choose from, which can help personalize the swaddling process.

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3. Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original

Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original 1.0 TOG, Gray, Small, 7-13 lbs.

The Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original is a pod swaddle. Your child is nestled inside of a soft cloth pod, which is then zippered up to their chin, keeping their arms safety tucked away so they can sleep without any disturbances. The Love to Dream Swaddle comes in five different colors. It is also available in three different sizes. The swaddle is made from 93% cotton and 7% elastane.

The Love to Dream Swaddle can grow along with your child through their different sizes. Their newborn size fits babies from 5 pounds up to 8.5 pounds. The small fits babies from 6.5 pounds to 13 pounds. The medium fits babies from 13 pounds all the way up to 18.5 pounds. In this way, your child can sleep peacefully for months in a pod that is made just for their size.

This swaddle only has a zipper as a closure. This is to minimize the noise. Velcro and snaps all make loud noises when you are swaddling your little one. The zipper is noiseless so your little one will not be disturbed when they are being put down for a nap.

The unique design of this swaddle will help make nap time easier. The arm nubs allow your child to sleep with their arms in their naturally raised position while minimizing their startle reflex. The zipper can be unzipped from the top to remove your child, or from the bottom in order to quickly change your child’s diaper without having to take them out of their swaddle. The bottom of the swaddle is left loose in order to reduce the risk of hip dysplasia.


  • Your child can sleep with their hands raised naturally.
  • There is plenty of room around your child’s legs.
  • The zipper allows for an easy diaper change.
  • The material is thin and breathable.


  • Only one swaddle comes in the package.
  • This is a higher priced swaddle.
  • This swaddle does not give as snug of a fit, which is an issue with many babies.

The concept of this swaddle is great. It allows your child a little more movement during their naps. This swaddle would work best for infants who do not like the regular swaddle, as they now would have a little more freedom while still having the benefits of swaddling.

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4. Halo SleepSack 100% Cotton Swaddle

Halo Sleepsack 100% Cotton Swaddle, Heather Gray, Small

The Halo SleepSack 100% Cotton Swaddle is a swaddle sack that is both loose fitting and comfortable and secure so your child won’t startle themselves awake while they sleep. There are over a dozen different color and pattern options for the SleepSack. The SleepSack is so easy and comfortable that many hospitals across the country use this swaddle for newborns.

While the SleepSack is a swaddle sack, it also has some pod properties. Your child is slipped into the central pod area which is zipped up to their chin, nestling their little arms inside. Two outer flaps than wrap around your child’s torso in order to provide a little extra swaddle. These two flaps could also be wrapped lower for later in your child’s development when you want your child’s arms to be out. The bottom of the SleepSack is roomy enough for your little one’s feet to kick around.

The SleepSack is available in two sizes: newborn and small. The newborn fits infants from 6 to 12 pounds. The small fits infants from 13 to 18 pounds. The SleepSack’s zipper can be unzipped from the bottom to make those mid-nap diaper changes much easier. All the swaddles have embroidery on them to remind parents which side is up. This is to help parents remember that their children should be sleeping on their back.


  • This swaddle is used by many hospitals.
  • There is room for your child’s legs to wiggle.
  • The swaddle can be unzipped from the bottom.
  • It is very soft and breathable.


  • This is a more expensive swaddle.
  • The swaddle only comes in single packs.
  • The cotton is too stretchy and not strong enough to keep some babies wrapped.

The Halo SleepSack is a reliable and good quality swaddle for parents who want simplicity and security. They are not as secure as wrapping your child, but these are one of the more secure swaddle options. There is a higher price tag along with the higher quality.

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5. Muslin Swaddle Blankets by CuddleBug

Muslin Swaddle Blankets by CuddleBug - Spots n' Stripes- 4 Pack Baby Blanket for Newborns - Swaddle Blanket, Swaddle Wrap, Muslin Swaddle and Receiving Blankets

The Muslin Swaddle Blankets by CuddleBug are a pack of fun blankets to keep your little one wrapped up safe and secure. There are four blankets in each pack, each blanket having a different pattern and color. CuddleBug offers four different pattern and color options to choose from.

The blankets are four feet by four feet large. The swaddle blankets are made 100% out of Muslin cotton. This makes the blankets extra soft for your little one as they are snuggled up inside. The large size of the swaddle blankets make them great for not just swaddling, but also to use as regular blankets, nursing covers, or even just an area cover to provide a sanitary and safe area for your little one to sit.


  • The blankets are very breathable.
  • They are extra large swaddle blankets.
  • The packs have four blankets in them, so you’ll have plenty to spare.
  • They are a more affordable swaddle blanket option.
  • There are a couple of different adorable patterns to choose from.


  • The cotton is rather stretchy, making it easier for some infants to escape.
  • The fabric is not as soft as they boast.

CuddleBug’s swaddle blankets are a more affordable option. A great deal of getting four in a pack will help save time and money as you’ll have extras during washing. Like most cotton swaddles, the material is a little stretchier which could be an issue for some stronger babies who can wiggle out.

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6. Hudson Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Hudson Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets, Foxes

Hudson Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets are another large regular blanket option. They are made from 100% muslin cotton. There are three blankets in each pack. There are over a dozen different colorful and adorable designs to choose from for your swaddle blankets.

These blankets are extra large, measuring in at about 46 inches by 46 inches, which is just under 4 feet. The blankets can be used for more than just swaddling. Their large size is great for use as a regular blanket, as well as any other covering needs you may need throughout your child’s development.


  • They come in many fun patterns and colors.
  • The muslin cotton material is extra breathable.
  • They are more affordable.


  • The material tends to be a little rougher than other swaddle blankets.
  • The material is stretchy enough to cause an issue with stronger babies escaping the swaddle.

These are another affordable swaddle option. They are offered in packs of three so you will have extra while you are doing the wash. The more budget-friendly cost also means slightly less quality in manufacturing the swaddle blankets. While the blankets do hold up, they do feel a little scratchier than some other options.

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7. Margaux & May Swaddle Blanket

Organic Muslin Swaddles Blanket by Margaux & May - Blue Fern & Green Feather - 47 x 47 inches Ultra Soft Muslin Swaddle Blankets - Perfect Baby Shower Gift

The Margaux and Mary Swaddle Blanket is an organic and soft swaddle option for your little one. This blanket would be especially good for infants who have sensitive skin. The material is made from 100% organic muslin cotton. There are two blankets in a pack. These blankets come in two different elegant designs that are both stylish and gender neutral.

The swaddle blankets are 47 inches by 47 inches large. This size will last your child all the way from being swaddled as a newborn to being fully covered as they sleep as a toddler. The higher quality cotton used in these swaddles will help them hold up in the wash.


  • These blankets are made from 100% organic cotton.
  • There are two elegant patterns to choose from.
  • They are higher quality fabric.


  • These are a little more pricey.
  • There are only two in a pack.

These Margaux and May swaddle blankets are great for the elegant mom and the sensitive child. The sensitive child will enjoy the organic fabric against their skin with less of a risk of any sort of rash. The elegant mom will love the mature patterns on the blankets that adds a little class to your swaddle.

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8. Muslin Swaddle Blankets – Seben Baby

Muslin Swaddle Blankets 2 Pack - Seben Baby - 47"x 47" - 100% Cotton - Tree Bird and Owl - Unisex for Boys or Girls

The Muslin Swaddle Blankets by Seben Baby are more affordable swaddle blankets for your little one. They are made from 100% cotton. The swaddle blankets come in packs of two, so you will most likely want to purchase a couple packs. This is not an issue as they are so affordable, two packs cost the same as many of the four packs of swaddle blankets.

The swaddle blankets by Seben Baby come in multiple different colors and patterns. The patterns are very elegant with a hint of adorable without being overly cute. The swaddle blanket measures about 47 inches by 47 inches. The muslin material is the type that will be softer with each additional wash, so you do not need to worry about the washing machine ruining your swaddle blankets. When your child no longer needs to be swaddled, these large blankets can be converted to covers, regular blanket, or nursing covers.


  • They are very affordable.
  • There are multiple elegant patterns.


  • These are not as soft as other cotton swaddle blankets.
  • There are only two in a pack

These are a more affordable swaddle blanket option. They are a nice in-between pattern that has a little bit of elegance while still having a little bit of cute thrown in. They do only come in packs of two. This could be useful if you do not want to buy many, but only need to replace a couple of swaddle blankets at a time.

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9. Little Remi Premium 100% Organic Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Little Remi Premium 100% Organic Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blankets (3 Pack, 47"x 47")

Little Remi’s Premium 100% Organic Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blankets are another natural option for mom’s who have babies with sensitive skin. The swaddle blankets are made from 100% organic rayon from bamboo fiber muslin. It is pre-washed and will continue getting softer with each additional wash in the washing machine.

Each pack of Little Remi swaddle blankets includes three colorful swaddle blankets. They are available in two colors. The first is a pink and floral pack. The other is a pack of neutral colors including white, gray, and turquoise. The swaddles are 47 inches by 47 inches large. This size is great for swaddling and for use as a regular blanket afterwards. Little Remi suggests using the blanket as a nursing cover or a play blanket for covering an area to make it more sanitary for your little child to play on.


  • These are a more affordable swaddle blanket options.
  • There are two elegant color options.
  • These blankets are from organic bamboo.


  • The colored blankets tend to not be as soft as the white blankets with the small patterns.
  • While they are organic, they are a little cheaply made.

These are a more affordable organic blanket option for your little ones. The patterns are more elegant so you can have a little more class in your swaddle. The blankets themselves have a slight lack in quality. This is mainly seen in how they are not quite as soft as some of the other organic swaddle blanket options.

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10. Kadut Kids Soft 100% Cotton Swaddle Blankets


The Kadut Kids Soft 100% Cotton Swaddle Blankets are a very elegant yet warm cotton swaddle blanket. These blankets are larger than most, coming in at 4 feet by 4 feet. It is large enough for swaddling with no issue. Your child can be swaddled all through their infancy. You can then convert this blanket from a swaddle blanket to a regular sleeping blanket. You can even use the blanket yourself as a nursing cover, or use it to cover an area for your child to play.

The swaddle is made from 100% premium cotton. This makes them lightweight, warm, and still breathable. They claim to be even softer than bamboo blankets. These swaddle blankets come in six different colors and patterns. Each set includes three blankets. The patterns are all elegant and classy, while still being fun and colorful to attract your child.


  • These are more affordable swaddle blankets.
  • There are many colorful and classy designs to choose from.
  • They are soft and breathable.


  • These blankets are not very stretchy, making them more difficult to wrap with.
  • These are slightly thicker material than some other swaddle blankets.
  • The pattern and print are only one-sided.

These are very affordable, classy swaddle blankets with some fun colors thrown in. They are soft, though not quite as soft as some of the more expensive brands. They are still softer than similarly priced swaddles. They do not stretch as much. This is helpful for keeping your little one in the blanket, but does make it more difficult to swaddle your child tightly in the first place.

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11. SwaddleDesigns Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets

SwaddleDesigns Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets, Set of 4, Pink Heavenly Floral

The SwaddleDesigns Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets are very cute swaddles for an affordable price. They are a nice middle of the ground option when it comes to price and quality. You are able to buy packs of four with these swaddle blankets.

These swaddles are made from 100% cotton. There are multiple different adorable patterns and sweet baby pastel colored blankets to choose from. The swaddle blankets are 46 inches by 46 inches, making them one of the smaller swaddle blankets. This would be ideal for parents who do not like the extra bulk of those swaddle blankets reaching up to 4 feet square.

The swaddle blankets are pre-washed. They will continue to get softer each time you wash the blankets in the washing machine. Each blanket has simple swaddle instructions sewn to the edge so that no matter who is caring for your little one, they are able to see how to properly swaddle them to help them sleep best. When your child grows out of the swaddle blanket, it can be used as a regular blanket, sunshield, or play mat for your little one.


  • These swaddles come in packs of four.
  • There are swaddle instructions sewn into the edge of the blanket.
  • There are multiple adorable, pastel patterns available.


  • The patterns are much lighter than they are advertised.
  • The swaddles are not as soft as some of the nicer brands.
  • These swaddle blankets unravel easier.

These swaddle blankets are very handy to have due to coming with swaddling instructions. This would be especially helpful if you have different caretakers for your child. While they are a better price and come in a larger pack, they also are not as high in quality and tend to come apart easily.

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12. Galabloomer Newborn Receiving Blanket Headband Set


The Galabloomer Newborn Receiving Blanket Headband Set is an adorable way to dress up your newborn baby girl. This set includes a gorgeous floral swaddle blanket as well as a matching floral headband bow that nestles on your child’s head. This set is available in over a half dozen different patterns so you can customize just what your little one will look like when all your visitors stop by the hospital. Even after the hospital, your little one can continue to nap while looking absolutely adorable. There are also matching hospital robes available so you can coordinate with your little one.

The blanket is much smaller than regular swaddle blankets. It is best for newborns to be used as a receiving blanket and to swaddle your little one only at the start. As your child grows, you will want to look into investing in a larger swaddle blanket. The blanket itself is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, so it is both smooth and very stretchy.


  • The blanket comes with a coordinating headband.
  • There are multiple elegant patterns to choose from.
  • There are coordinating robes available for moms.


  • There is only one blanket with each set.
  • The blanket is much smaller than regular swaddle blankets.
  • The pattern is only on one side of the swaddle blanket.
  • The price is higher for only one blanket.

These swaddle blankets are great for use as a receiving blanket. They will dress up your little one for those first few weeks when they need to be swaddled to sleep, but guests are eager to see your new daughter. She can still look cute with the coordinating blanket and bow. As your child ages, you will need a larger blanket.

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13. Swaddle Blanket, Adjustable Infant Baby Wrap Set by Ziggy Baby


The Swaddle Blanket Adjustable Infant Baby Wrap Set by Ziggy Baby is a set of swaddle wraps for those who would rather the ease of Velcro. They are available in a neutral gray. There are three swaddles in each pack, for a very affordable price.

There is just one size available for this specific swaddle, and that is the newborn size. This will fit infants from 7 pounds up till 14 pounds, or 26 inches. Even though this is the fit, many mothers find that this swaddle starts to feel snug before the maximum weight and height is reached.

The Ziggy swaddle blanket is made from 100% premium cotton. Your little one is nestled inside the bottom bag area of the swaddle. This area is roomy enough so your child can stretch and kick their legs for healthy movement. A center patch can be covered or exposed Velcro. This Velcro is where the two side straps fold over and attach, hugging your child securely while they nap.


  • There is room for your little one to kick and stretch their legs.
  • The price is very affordable.


  • These are smaller swaddles.
  • The Velcro is not very good quality and losing its stick quickly.
  • These are a little thinner than other swaddles.

These are one of the more affordable options for swaddle sacks. They are very simple to use. They are not as good quality as others, which can especially seen in the Velcro area that is smaller than other swaddles and loses its stick sooner.

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14. Miracle Blanket Swaddle


The Miracle Blanket Swaddle is a cross between a regular swaddle blanket and a swaddle sack. It has the ease of a swaddle sack, but does not have any velcro like a swaddle blanket. This Miracle Swaddle is available in three neutral colors. The swaddle is advertised as one size that will fit most babies. It is made out of 100% cotton.

This wrap is unlike any of the other swaddles. Your little one will be wrapped up quite literally like a burrito. Like a swaddle sack, your little one’s feet will be placed in a loose swaddle sack area. Your little one then has arm pockets in the wrap. These are to make sure your little one’s arms are truly wrapped up and will lessen the chances of them wiggling out. The top two flaps then wrap about your child. They close without the use of velcro which can wake up infants, scrapes them if poorly placed, and scares babies when there are being wrapped. This wrap is entirely quiet.


  • There is no loud velcro to worry about.
  • The swaddle includes arm restraints for added security.


  • Many parents consider this wrap more complicated to use than a regular swaddle blanket.
  • There are not many color choices.
  • The sizing is one size, which causes it to not always fit very well.
  • There is no easy access for diaper changes.
  • This is a more expensive swaddle option.

This is a great option for parents who like aspects of both regular blanket swaddles and swaddle sacks. Many parents enjoy the extra security of the arm restraints and the bottom pocket, while appreciating the quiet and better fit that no velcro offers. This is quite a bit pricier than many of the other options. There is just one swaddle in each pack.

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15. Swaddle Blanket Organic Muslin Bamboo by Bunny Palm

Muslin Swaddle Blankets, Unisex Organic Bamboo for Baby Set of 3 Swaddles for Boys and Girls, Soft Swaddling Receiving Sleep Blankets, Unisex Infant Toddler Gender Neutral Gift with Green Unisex

The Swaddle Blanket Organic Muslin Bamboo by Bunny Palm is a completely natural and organic swaddle blanket option There are three swaddle blankets in each pack. While it is natural and organic, the blankets are still not overly expensive. The blankets come in subtle elegant designs that are also neutral enough to be used for either gender.

The swaddles are made from 100% premium quality organic bamboo. The great part of bamboo is the way in which is becomes softer each time you wash the blanket. The large blankets measure 47 inches by 47 inches large. This large size is great for swaddling babies of all sizes as well as become a regular blanket after your child no longer swaddles. The blanket can also be used as a sun cover, nursing cover, and play mat as your child ages.


  • The blankets come in packs of three.
  • They are organic and completely natural.


  • There are not many patterns or colors to choose from.
  • They are not as soft as some of the more expensive brands.

These swaddle blankets are ideal for infants with sensitive skin. The organic nature of the ingredients will not irritate most babies’ skin. They are a middle of the road price, and the same with their quality. Unfortunately, they are only available in one neutral color. That would not be an issue for the mother that likes the elegant, neutral design of these organic blankets.

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And The Winner Is!

 Swaddle blankets are one item that you may need to test multiple items before landing on one that your child feels fully comfortable in. You will want to find a swaddle that is soft and breathable, while still being able to hold your child secure enough not to wake themselves.

The swaddle sacks can be helpful to make swaddling easier, but they often times do not fit right as they are limited in their size adjustments. This defeats the purpose of the swaddle if your child can escape. They are also very limited in the time you can use them. You will already be replacing clothes month to month as your child grows, you will probably not want to be adding new swaddles to your monthly budget.

Regular swaddle blankets are great as they can fit all babies, and be tightened to your child’s exact size. They do take a little extra effort to learn, but once you learn to swaddle, it is easy. The softest and easiest swaddle to wrap is the Aden and Anais Classic Swaddles. They come in many fun colors and designs, and are one of the softest options for your little one. They are also available in packs of four so you will always have a clean swaddle ready. This is why the Aden and Anais Classic Swaddle is the best swaddle blanket.

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