10 Best Nursing Pajamas



best nursing pajamasAny breastfeeding mother knows that babies do not wait for convenient times to be hungry. They will cry for food anywhere from while a mother is in the shower to when she is sleeping.

Running to feed the hungry child can be a challenge depending on what the mother is wearing. This is why nursing clothing comes in handy. They provide convenient flaps and folds to make nursing quick and easy no matter when and where it may take place.

Nursing pajamas are just as important as nursing clothing because no mother wants to be fiddling with a strappy top when a child is screaming at 3 a.m. Nursing pajamas help make those late night feedings just a little easier on both mother and child.

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The Function of Nursing Pajamas

Nursing pajamas, along with all nursing clothing, are designed to make regular nursing just a little easier on the mother. What makes nursing clothing different than regular clothing is the unique design that adds either flaps, buttons, or extra stretch in the top so that your little one can have access to your breast without having to take off most of your top.

A newborn will start their nursing schedule by feeding around every two to three hours, according to The Bump. This feeding can start out taking anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes during those first few months.

With this schedule, a mother will be waking up multiple times throughout the night for feedings. This is why nursing pajamas are just as important as nursing clothing during the day.

When the baby hits three months, they will shorten the feeding time. They may end up taking as short as 10 to 20 minutes to feed. They will still most likely be on the same regular feeding schedule of every two to three hours though.

If a mother works, she can substitute regular feedings with pumping so that her little one can have access to breast milk even in her absence.

Pumping still requires maternity wear in order to make access for the pump easier. When pumping, a mother should stick to the same schedule as when the child feeds in order that a mother’s body knows when to produce milk. Pumping also helps to relieve pressure if a mother feels engorged but her baby is not hungry.

As a child ages, the breastfeeding process begins to change. For example, when the child starts to become more aware of her senses and surroundings, she may start getting distracted during the feeding process. This may make the process take longer again, with a constant need to reattach your little one.

Another development would be when your little one’s teeth start to grow in. A little nibble with the soft newborn gums may not have been that bad, but add a tooth here and there and a bite will cause quite a bit more of an effect. This biting is usually a way that babies help ease the pain from teething.

If you’d like to help avoid your little one biting you, try easing their pain before starting to breastfeed. This can be done by giving your baby something cold to chew on. If your little one still bites, start taking the nipple away when it happens so your little one knows that biting is not positive behavior.

Eventually, the breastfeeding process will get easier. Your child will go longer between feedings, and will soon start eating other foods. Solids are introduced around six months. At this point, the need to breastfeed is lessened drastically, giving you longer times to rest between feedings.

When your child reaches around one year old, they can even start drinking other milk, so that is usually when many parents no longer breastfeed.

Pediatricians say that there is no recommended time to stop breastfeeding. Most pediatricians will say that a child should be solely breastfed up until they are six months old.

After that, it is recommended to continue breastfeeding along with other foods until they are a year old. After that, continuing breastfeeding is up to a mother’s personal choice.

There are many things that babies will grow out of very quickly as they advance. Clothes are one item that your little one may only wear for a couple weeks.

This is why parents will often find ways to make due during a short transitional period instead of investing in expensive items that the child will outgrow in another week or two.

Nursing pajamas, on the other hand, is an item a mother will wear for an entire year at least. If a mother plans to have more children, the pajamas will be worn an additional year per child at least. Many nursing pajamas are stretchy enough to be worn during the pregnancy as well leading up to nursing.

That will add another nine months to the pajama’s use. This really starts to add up, making it an item where “making due†may not be the best choice.

You may also want t o check out the best nursing covers and nursing pads.

Types of Nursing Pajamas

There are the same types of nursing pajamas as there are regular pajamas. What a mother needs will depend on both what she is comfortable in and what season she is nursing during.

The main category division of nursing pajamas is nightgowns and pants. Both have their pros and cons.


The nightgown can double as a delivery gown and be used from the very start of your little one’s life those first few hours in the hospital, or at home with the midwife.

A nursing nightgown tends to have a low front dip made from a stretchy material. This way you can pull the nightgown down to expose whichever breast, or both, necessary to feed your child. Some nightgowns have a breast flap that is flipped up to expose the breast.

Nightgowns are very airy and a great way to keep cool at night. They also adjust better to the mother’s quickly changing weight.

From those first few days where her stomach is still adjusting to the birth to the later months in the year when she is starting to get back down to her regular size, the nightgown will fit comfortably and be complimentary to her figure.

A nightgown can also hide the post-birth bump more than other styles. Nightgowns are often the pajama of choice for mothers who have had a C-section as there are no waistbands to press on the C-section scar.

Cons of nightgowns

There are two main cons with a nightgown. The first is that while it is very airy and cool in the summer, nightgowns often do not provide enough warmth in the winter or in those chilly hospital rooms.

If you have colder winters and a significant other who does not appreciate recreating the tropics with the house heat, then a nightgown may not be the best choice.

The second con that mothers find with nightgowns is the habit they have of riding up and covering little more than a cami would cover. This exposure makes some mothers uncomfortable. It could also be an issue depending on the sleeping arrangements and who all else would have access to the bedroom during the night.

Pajamas with pants

Pajamas with pants are another choice for nursing pajamas. They tend to be a two-piece pajama set that includes either pants or shorts along with a nursing top of some sort. Again, there are pros and cons to this type of pajamas as well.

One pro with the pants pajamas is that there tends to be more flexible with the top. There are many designs from camis to long-sleeves with buttons.

A mother can find whichever style she is most comfortable with for nursing. A couple tops can even be purchased for multiple seasons and occasions while only rotating between two bottoms. This ability to mix and match styles and lengths make the pants pajamas more versatile.

Pants pajamas can also be used in all seasons. There are shorts and camis for those hot summer days, and there are long pants and long shirts for those cold winter days. Pants pajamas can also be switched up for transitional seasons by using the winter pants with the summer top during spring and fall.

Cons of pajamas

A major downfall of pants pajamas is that they are not always as comfortable as nightgowns for sleeping. This may depend on the person, as some still find pants more comfortable than nightgowns.

In general, the added seams and buttons on pants pajamas, as well as the waistband are all aspects that make the pajamas more likely to cause discomfort during the night for some.

This leads to the second con: that waistband. All mothers know the drastic weight changes that take place right after delivery.

Pajamas need to be able to accommodate all waist sizes during the transition. A good pair of nursing pajamas will know that a nursing mother’s waist is changing, and will provide an adjustable tie or other feature to keep the pajamas properly fitted.

Nursing Pajama Alternatives

For mothers who do not like either the nightgown or the pants pajamas, there are other options available. Clothing does not need to say “nursing pajamas†to be used as such. A few dollars can be saved by using other articles of clothing as nursing pajamas.

A stretchy dress

A stretchy dress can be used in replacement to a nursing nightgown. While a nightgown will be made with softer materials to make sleeping more comfortable, as well as not have any plastic buttons, zippers, or buckles that could poke you during the night, there are some regular dresses that are made similarly.

It will be more difficult to find one without any elastic bands or plastic parts, but if you do find one for a good deal, it can be used as a nursing nightgown. Just be sure it has a stretchy top or some sort of flap for breastfeeding.

Yoga pants

Pajama pants are a little easier to find in this day and age of yoga pants. Any stretchy pants can become pajama pants. The only downside is that yoga pants generally do not have the adjustable waistband.

Once you wear the stretchy pants with the postpartum waist, it may not stretch back down as you lose the baby weight. Regular pajamas sometimes do come with an adjustable waist, just be aware that they do not always have a large enough adjustment option for as drastic of a weight change as post-birth mothers go through.


Shirts are quite a bit easier to replace. Camis and tank tops are great nursing pajama top options. They have the scoop neck for easy access for your little one. If it is a nursing cami, it will even have flaps or snaps for dropping down the front.

They may be a cheaper option than purchasing a cami in a pajama set. Comfortable long-sleeve shirts for sleeping can be a little more difficult to find, but there may be a few that also have flaps for easy access.

While there are cheaper options than nursing pajamas, it will take a bit more effort to find one that works. Nothing works quite as well as nursing pajamas, while still being comfortable.

Features of Nursing Pajamas

There are a couple important features to look out for when deciding on what nursing pajamas are best for you. While each mother is unique, these features are generally universal as necessities for nursing pajamas.

Nursing access

The first feature to look at in nursing pajamas is the type of nursing access. Without easy access, the pajamas just become another pair of regular pajamas.

The access could be an elastic scoop neck, a flap, a snap that lets down a flap, or buttons up the front. If you switch regularly between breasts when feeding, double check that the nursing pajamas are not just one-sided.

If you have twins, you will want to see if the top makes it easy to expose both breasts at the same time. You will also want to see how much of the breast is exposed. Part of the breastfeeding process is the skin on skin contact between your child at the breast. If this is important to you, then you will want to make sure the nursing pajamas allow for this contact.

Lastly, be aware of drips while feeding. Having blankets handy during the feeding process can reduce the mess, but if the flap on the pajama top does not fold away far enough, drips may constantly be falling on the top and staining it.

Breast support

A second feature to look for in nursing pajamas is proper breast support. There are not many women who would especially want to wear a bra to bed.

Unfortunately, this is still necessary in order to give a nursing mother’s engorged and heavy breasts the proper support and pressure to help with the discomfort.

Bras also are important to hold nursing pads. Many nursing pajamas provide little to no support in this area. This may mainly be due to the fact that a woman’s bra needs vary greatly that in order for pajamas to be more universal, they let the mother choose her own bra to add to the pajamas.

The pajama will still need to be designed to accommodate the additional bra, and not have any seams or straps that will not work well with a bra.


As mentioned previously, the waistline is an important part of nursing pajamas. The waistline should not dig into your stomach. After the birth, especially if you had a C-section, anything that presses against the stomach can feel very uncomfortable and at times even painful.

Having a loose, stretchy waistband can make those months of healing a little easier. In addition, having a drawstring to adjust the waistband as you lose the pregnancy waist is important in keeping your pajamas fitting comfortably for the entire length of nursing.

Some pajamas are adjustable enough that mothers use those pajamas long after they have stopped breastfeeding.

Your waistline is not the only part of the body that is changing in size and shape. Pajamas should be stretchy enough for all those physical changes taking place.

During this transitional period, your body may cross a couple different clothing sizes. This can make it hard to decide on what size to start out with. If the material is stretchy enough, the pajamas will be able to adjust comfortably to the appropriate sizes even if you got a size too large or small.

The material of Nursing Pajamas

The last feature of nursing pajamas that should be considered is the type of material it is made out of. There are many different reasons why the material is important.

First, the material will decide how stretchy the pajamas are. Second, the material will decide how comfortable the pajamas are to sleep in.

Third, the materials will decide how easy it is to clean them, or if special hand-washing routines should be used instead. Lastly, the material will decide how likely the pajamas are to stain if there are milk leaks or post-birth blood that gets on the pajamas.


Cotton is a very popular material for all clothing, not just nursing pajamas. It is soft and breathable. It is better for warmer temperatures as it is not very thick.

Cotton also does not pull moisture away from the body very well, which can make it uncomfortable if your breasts leak at night.


Bamboo is not as common as a fabric for clothing in some areas. It is mainly seen in more natural, eco-friendly clothing brands. It is one of the softest options for pajamas and pulls moisture away from the body very well. It is a more difficult fabric to find and is not available in most stores.


Fleece is a warmer option for those colder days. Fleece is also a great material for pulling moisture away from the body. The downside of fleece is its lack of breathability which can cause a mother to overheat.


Flannel is another warmer option that is more breathable than fleece which makes it more flexible for which season it can be used in. Fleece can vary greatly from brand to brand is it is made up of different materials. What makes it fleece is how those materials are woven together. As a result, how it handles moisture will depend on what the specific brand uses in their fleece.

Nylon and Polyester

Nylon and Polyester are two other popular choices along with cotton. They are just as breathable and thin as cotton, which makes them great in the summer. They also do better at handling moisture than cotton. The only downside is that these materials are not as soft and comfortable.


Silk is another popular material for pajamas as it is very soft and comfortable. Unfortunately, it is not the best option when it comes to nursing pajamas.

This is because silk does not handle moisture well at all. This is why silk clothing should only be dry-cleaned. Silk and breastmilk would not mix well, and should be avoided.

10 Best Nursing Pajamas Reviewed

1. Everly Grey Women’s Roxanne 5 Piece Maternity and Nursing PJ Pant Set

Everly Grey Women'sRoxanne 5 Piece Maternity and Nursing PJ Pant Set with Robe and Matching Baby Gown

The Everly Grey Women’s Roxanne 5 Piece Maternity and Nursing PJ Pant Set includes a four piece pajama set in a coordinating gift bag, making the fifth piece. The four other pieces included are a nursing tank top, pajama pants, a coordinating robe, and a matching baby robe.

Everly Grey’s pajama set is one of the more expensive nursing pajama options available. With the price comes more variety in what is offered in the set.

The first item is a nursing top. This top is a cross-over style where either side can be pulled down to easily nurse. It is a lower scoop and fits larger so some women find it more immodest than other pajamas. It is a tank top with wide shoulders.

In addition to the tank top, there are long pajama pants. They have a smocked waist that is very stretchy and fits comfortably no matter the waist size.

They are even comfortable enough for a mother who had a c-section to wear. They are shorter pants. They come down to just about the ankle bone on a woman about 5’5â€.

The robe has ¾ sleeves and works well to provide extra modesty when feeding your child around guests. It is a cute, coordinating piece that can be thrown on to walk down the hall and fetch your little one. Your little one also has a matching gown. The gown fits a little larger than most baby clothes, especially in the sleeves.

The entire set is made from a super soft Rayon/Spandex mix. All articles can be machine washed. There are ten different designs and colors to choose from for this set. The pants, robe, and baby gown will all have the same patterned design. The tank top will be a solid coordinating color.


  • The waistband is very comfortable and flexible for all waist sizes.
  • The material is super soft and comfortable.
  • There are many different pieces in this set, including a robe for modesty if needed.
  • There are ten different color options to choose from.


  • This is one of the most expensive nursing pajama options.
  • The stitching is not the strongest and can unravel during regular wear and washing.
  • The pants are shorter and will fit more like capris than pants on anyone above average height.
  • The top fits loosely.
  • The top is very thin, in the white color this means it is also see-through.

While this is definitely a more expensive option than other pajamas, the soft material and a large number of items that come with the set is enough to make the set worth the cost.

Many mothers have found this pajama set comfortable enough to even wear in the hospital right after a delivery. The only downside is the sizing and the lack of quality in the stitching that makes some mothers rethink the cost versus quality.

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2. Ekouaer Women’s Maternity Dress Short Sleeve Nursing Nightgown

Ekouaer Women's Maternity Dress Short Sleeve Nursing Nightgown for Breastfeeding Sleepwear S-XXL

The Ekouaer Women’s Maternity Dress is a nursing nightgown that can be worn both during pregnancy and after birth. It is a short-sleeved gown with a low cut front that has buttons running down the front.

The gown comes in four different colors, all in the same style. All colors are two tones, where the dress is one solid color, and the outer seams are a complimentary color.

The dress is very soft and comfortable, being made from a Rayon/Spandex mix. Due to the delicate nature of the material, it is recommended that it is only hand-washed at a maximum temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The stretchiness of the gown makes it comfortable for all sizes from pregnancy to nursing body changes.

The dress is knee length, giving plenty of material for modesty when guests are in the house. The short sleeves help cover the arm holes from exposing undergarments.

Four buttons down the front come up far enough to keep the chest area from being exposed, but can button down to feed your child.


  • The material is very soft, comfortable, and stretchy.
  • The cut and design of the gown makes it modest enough to be worn around guests.
  • The buttons allow for access to either breast for breastfeeding.


  • The nightgown needs to be hand-washed.
  • The nightgown does not fit larger busted women as well.
  • The buttons do not come down far enough which makes access for feedings a little more difficult.
  • The material is a thinner, clingy material that will not hide postpartum body shapes.

This Ekouaer nursing nightgown is an affordable option for those who are looking for a nightgown for the hospital, pregnancy, or nursing afterwards.

Its stretchy material makes its uses very flexible. Those who have larger chests may want to look for a different brand as this cut fits smaller chests better.

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3. Ekouaer Women’s Maternity Nursing Pajama Set

Ekouaer Nursing Pajamas Womens Maternity Pj Sets Breastfeeding Clothes Hospital

The Ekouaer Women’s Maternity Nursing Pajama Set is a pants pajama option for those who like the Ekouaer brand but do not want the nightgown.

This two-piece pajama set comes with long pants and a choice of either a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt. There are seven short-sleeve color options. The long-sleeve option is only available in four of the main color options.

The top of the pajamas come in either short-sleeves or long-sleeves. The short-sleeves come slightly down over the shoulder like a cap-sleeve.

The front is a V-neck that dips into a front twist. Either side of the twist follows underneath the breast area into complimentary gathers at either side.

The twist disguises an opening below either side of the twist for access to either breast by lifting up the flap. This avoids having to pull down necklines and stretch out the pajama top.

The pants are long, falling down to the wearer’s heels. The waistband is an elastic drawstring waistband. The elastic feels comfortable over a changing stomach area.

It can fit anyone from the nursing mother to the pregnant mother. The drawstrings allow for the pant waistline to be adjusted as the wearer’s size changes. The entire pajamas are made from a cotton and modal blend.


  • The nursing flap prevents having to stretch the top downward in order to feed your child.
  • The drawstrings in the pants allow for the pants to be fitted even after they were stretched out from pregnancy.
  • This is a more affordable pants pajama set.



  • The waistband is not very comfortable for during pregnancy or directly postpartum. They are definitely not comfortable during a C-section recovery.
  • The front twist of the top is bulky and can be uncomfortable for an engorged mother.
  • The colors of the pajamas vary from what online pictures present.
  • The waistband is higher up, which fits regularly when pregnant, but fits as a high waisted pant waistband when there is not a large stomach present.

This Ekouaer pajama set is a modest and soft pajama option for nursing mothers which is on the more affordable side. You definitely have the convenience of easy access with the up-flap versus having to worry about stretching your top out of shape with pulling the top down.

There are quite a few complaints about the discomfort with the waistband that raises some questions for use by pregnant mothers and those who have had C-sections. Postpartum vaginal birth mothers may still be able to comfortably wear the pants.

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4. Motherhood Bump in the Night Relaxed Fit Nursing Nightgown

The Motherhood Bump in the Night Relaxed Fit Nursing Nightgown is a comfortable yet convenient nursing pajama nightgown.

It comes in four different colors and designs for a variety of options. This is a nightgown designed by Motherhood Maternity, a name recognized for quality maternity wear.

The nightgown comes to just above the knees in length. The material is a thin rayon/spandex mix. It can be machine washed, but that usually results in it pilling even after just the first wash.

The material is super soft and comfortable. It is also stretchy which can accommodate all shapes and sizes from pregnancy all the way to nursing a newborn.

The top of the nightgown is a scooped neck that is lined with lace trimming. It is sleeveless with two adjustable straps. The front of the straps have hooks where the front of the dress can be unhitched and dropped for nursing.

There is a built-in bra which is made up of two breast pads and an elastic band underneath the breasts to hold the pads in place.


  • This nightgown has a built-in bra.
  • The nightgown provides plenty of space for allowing access during breastfeeding.
  • The material is very soft and comfortable.


  • The nightgown does not hold up well in the wash, which causes pilling.
  • The elastic band under the bra is uncomfortably tight on some body shapes.
  • The padding for the bra area is sown in and cannot be removed for washing.
  • The bra area supports regular to small busts, but will be a little snug for larger busts.
  • This is a shorter nightgown.

Motherhood Maternity is a name that is well-known in maternity clothing. With their name backing this nightgown, it can give the purchaser a peace of mind.

Motherhood Maternity is also known for having some higher prices for average clothing. This nightgown is another item that is convenient in design, yet average quality for a higher price.

The cost is mainly due to the brand name than the item’s worth. The same design and convenience can be found through lesser known brand names if the price is higher than someone would like to spend.

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5. Kindred Bravely Davy Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajamas

Kindred Bravely Davy Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajamas Sleepwear Set

The Kindred Bravely Davy Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajama is a versatile and stylish pants pajama option for those who want to be comfortable while still having a little style.

Their design is simple and convenient, with the top being subtle enough to be worn throughout the day, not just as pajamas. The entire pajama outfit is modest enough for company.

The pajamas consist of long pants and a cap-sleeved top. They come in eight different color options. The entire pajamas are made from a viscose and spandex mix, with a higher percentage of viscose. The pajamas are machine washable.

The top is a V-neck design. The sleeves are cap-sleeves with ruffles on the end. The same ruffles are also along the bottom of the shirt.

The front of the shirt crosses over, giving the top a double layer. The cross-over can be lifted up for access during breastfeeding.

There is no elastic or other band underneath the breast which could cause discomfort. There is no padding, so an additional nursing bra would need to be added if support is desired.

The top is fitted so that it does not look frumpy no matter what stage of pregnancy or postpartum you are. The shirt is long enough to provide decent coverage even when moving about.

The pants are plenty long, coming down to the floor. They are the same solid colors as the top. They fit loosely from the thigh down to the floor.

The waistband is a gentle elastic that can stretch anywhere from a large third-trimester stomach to a postpartum stomach. Though, Kindred Bravely does recommend purchasing different pajama sizes for third trimester and postpartum in order to achieve the best fit.


  • The material is very soft and stretchy.
  • The pajamas are modest enough to wear in public.
  • The downward flaps allow for breastfeeding access without having to stretch out the top.


  • The elastic waistband is not the most comfortable waistband option.
  • The pajamas are very thin.
  • The pajama’s material tightly hugs all the curves of the body.
  • The pajamas run small.
  • The pajamas are more pricey.

These Kindred Bravely pajamas are very soft and comfortable for postpartum mothers who are nursing. Most of the negative comments about these pajamas come from mothers who wear the pajamas during their last trimester of pregnancy as the pajamas do not fit a third trimester shape as well as a regular breastfeeding mother’s body-shape.

The waistband is the biggest hinderance to the comfort of these pajamas for pregnant mothers. Otherwise, if a nursing mother only needs pajamas postpartum, these are a soft and comfortable option.

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6. Kindred Bravely Amelia Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajamas

Kindred Bravely Amelia Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajamas - Pants Set (True Blue, Small)

Kindred Bravely offers a second option for pants pajamas in their Amelia style ultra soft maternity and nursing pajamas. There is very little the same as their Davy style. The top is still made modest and trendy enough to be worn regularly or during your hospital stay.

The entire pajamas are made from a modal and spandex mix, with a higher percentage of modal. There are six different color options for the pajamas.

They are made to be worn both during pregnancy and after pregnancy. They can also be worn regularly to lounge around the house, or for sleeping as they do not have any clips or snaps to bother your rest.

The top of the pajamas are cap sleeves. The sleeves are fitted to the shoulders. The top then dips in a gathered scoop neck. The scoop neck has enough elastic to be pulled down for breastfeeding.

The rest of the shirt hangs loosely down unless it is worn during pregnancy when it would hug the stomach comfortably with the stretchy material. There are no built-in bras or support. There is also no elastic band or other type of under chest support that could cause discomfort.

The pants are long and very loose fitting. The top is an elastic waist similar to the Davy brand that can fit both pregnancy and postpartum figures. This style is also available in a shorts set version for warmer summer days.


  • These pajamas are looser which can be more comfortable and complimentary.
  • The pajamas are very soft and stretchy.
  • There are no elastic bands under the breasts.


  • Like the Davy brand, these pajama’s waistband is tighter than would be desired, especially for pregnant women.
  • The pull-down top is not the most convenient nursing method.
  • The cap-sleeves are rather tight.
  • The pajamas fit small.

While these pajamas do offer a very fashionable and comfortable option for sleepwear, they do still have some issues when it comes to being a nursing pajama set. The first is the sizing.

The waistband does not accommodate a growing stomach as well as it should. The second is the pull-down top. This pull-down option is no different than what a mother would have to do with a regular pair of pajamas, so it should not be specifically designated nursing as there are no nursing specific features with the top.

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7. Happy Mama Maternity Gown Robe Nightie for Labour & Birth

Happy Mama Maternity Gown Robe Nightie for Labour & Birth. Sold Separately 393p

The Happy Mama Maternity Gown Robe Nightie for Labor & Birth is a nursing gown specifically designed with delivery and the hospital in mind.

While it is not the most fashionable looking nightgown, it is very practical and convenient for those first few days of life when convenience in nursing is very important.

It is still comfortable enough to still be worn even long after delivery. A coordinating robe is sold separately for added warmth and coverage if desired.

The nursing nightgown is a very straightforward design. It has short sleeves and comes down to the knees. This way there is descent coverage while roaming the hospital halls or entertaining guests.

There is no contouring of the nightgown, it is just a straight fit. In this way, it can fall over all shapes and sizes during all stages of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. No matter what the body shape, this nightgown will be more forgiving to the curves.

The top of the gown has a small scoop neck. On either side of the neck are four buttons that button all the way down to your lower armpit allowing plenty of room to breastfeed without any folds or flaps getting in the way.

The entire gown is more comfortable than some other nursing gowns, with more coverage than a delivery gown with the open backs.


  • The nightie is very soft and comfortable.
  • It is modest enough to wear around the hospital or around guests.
  • The nursing access is large enough so that fabric does not get in the way.
  • There is a matching robe that can be purchased separately.


  • The nursing access is through buttons which take longer to undo.
  • The nightie is a straight cut, without any extra fashionable frills or complimentary gathers.
  • The nightie fits rather small.
  • When the buttons are undone to nurse, there is very little extra coverage from the nightie.

This nightie is a good option that can be used as a replacement for a hospital gown. It offers very similar features as a delivery gown, with more comfort and coverage.

When it comes time for everyday use, the buttons are not the most convenient for quick feedings. The nightie is still an affordable price for a nursing nightgown that is comfortable for all mothers, whether C-section or vaginal birth mothers.

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8. Hotouch Women’s Short Sleeve Maternity Dress

Hotouch Women's Maternity Dress Nursing Nightgown for Breastfeeding Short/Long Sleeve Nightshirt Sleepwear S-XXL

The Hotouch Women’s Short Sleeve Maternity Dress is a simple nightgown with easy access for nursing. It also has extra stretch so it can be worn during pregnancy as well.

The dress comes in two different styles depending on your needs. The first is a short sleeve style that comes down to the mid-thigh level. The second is a ¾ sleeve style that falls down to the knees.

The short sleeve style has a double scoop neck. The outer scoop can be brought down when it comes time to nurse. The ¾ sleeve style has a V-neck with a fabric cross-over in the front. A second layer of fabric adds more coverage under the V-neck. The top layer of fabric is pulled down for breastfeeding.

The nightgown is made of a cotton and spandex mixture, with the majority of content being cotton. The material is stretchy enough for all shapes and sizes. There are six different color options for the nursing gown. There are no additional snaps or buttons that could make this dress uncomfortable during sleep.


  • The dress is more affordable.
  • There are multiple style options and colors available.
  • The dress can easily open up either side for breastfeeding.


  • The dress is very thin and shows all curves of the body and undergarments.
  • The bust area is very small, which can also make breastfeeding more difficult.
  • The shorter dress falls more to the length of a tunic than a dress.

This Hotouch nursing nightgown is a more affordable option for nursing nightgowns. It is not as good quality as others, but it does do its job.

The main area of issue is in the quality of material, which is considerably thinner than some other options. This leads to issues of exposure, or lack of proper warmth. Otherwise, the nightgown does fit well for both pregnancy and postpartum.

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9. CAKYE Maternity Nursing Nightgown Dress Sleepwear

CAKYE Maternity Nursing Nightgown Dress Sleepwear Breastfeeding Pregnancy Pajamas

The CAKYE Maternity Nursing Nightgown Dress Sleepwear is a comfortable and loose fitting nightgown that makes breastfeeding easy.

Its stretchy material makes it ideal for both pregnancy and postpartum. Its various colors and designs make this nightgown suitable to be worn as an everyday dress as well, all for a very affordable price.

The dress comes in eleven different colors and patterns. Many of the patterns are stylish enough to make the nightgown look like a sundress.

The dress is made from a cotton and spandex mixture, with a larger percentage of cotton. There are no snaps or buttons on the dress that would be uncomfortable to sleep in.

The top of the dress is a scoop neck with plenty of elastic. This elastic neckline makes it easy to pull the dress down to breastfeed.

There are no sleeves, but the straps are plenty wide to cover any undergarment straps. There is an elastic band about the waist to help add some bust support. The dress comes down to knee length.


  • This is a very affordable dress.
  • There are no buttons or snaps that can cause discomfort.
  • The nightgown is stylish enough to be worn as a regular dress.


  • The scoop neck can get stretched out from constantly pulling it down to breastfeed.
  • The print fades after a short time.
  • The dress is not made out of the softest material.
  • The elastic band around the chest area is uncomfortable.

If you are looking for a very affordable nursing nightgown, than this dress is a decent option. What is provided in affordability, it gives up in quality.

The material isn’t as soft as other brands, and the color and patterns do not hold up as well. The dress itself fits well and serves its purpose as a nursing nightgown.

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10. Baby Be Mine 3 in 1 Labor/Delivery/Nursing Hospital Gown

Baby Be Mine 3 in 1 Labor/Delivery/Nursing Hospital Gown Maternity, Hospital Bag Must Have

The Baby Be Mind 3 in 1 Labor/Deliver/Nursing Hospital Gown is designed to fit your needs from pregnancy all the way to postpartum.

First and foremost, this nightgown is a delivery gown, offering all the right access points for that time in the hospital. The stretchy material makes it comfortable and flattering all through the pregnancy leading up to the birth. The nursing access makes this gown also convenient for use postpartum.

The gown comes in thirteen different colors and patterns from solids to polka dots to florals. The polka dot gowns are made 100% out of cotton, the solid colored gowns are 100% viscose. No matter which you choose, they are all machine washable.

The dress comes down to the knee for modest coverage. If the stomach is larger, the dress may fall as high as mid-thigh. The top of the dress is a scoop neck with plenty of elastic to make it easy to pull the front down for breastfeeding.

Underneath the bust is a pull-string for adjusting the support and sizing as needed. The dress is sleeveless with wide straps.

What makes this dress ideal for delivery are the many different access points. The entire back of the dress has snaps for easily undoing sections at a time for delivery or epidurals.

On top of either shoulder strap are snaps for undoing the top of the dress. This makes it easy for applying monitors. This feature is also ideal for post-delivery skin on skin contact time.

Some mothers have also found it easier to nurse their little one by dropping the front than by pulling down the neckline. The front of the dress has an overlap slit up to the waist that can be opened during delivery.


  • This dress can be used all during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum nursing.
  • There are no uncomfortable elastic bands anywhere.
  • The dress is modest enough to be worn in public.
  • The under-bust support is adjustable.


  • The dress fits larger.
  • The seams are not always sewn very straight.
  • If the shoulder snaps are undone to breastfeed, it can be hard to reach them to snap them afterwards. This is especially true for those who had a C-section and cannot stretch.

This dress offers more usage options than many other nursing gowns. Its modesty makes it great for hospital use, home use around guests, and private use.

It is a very versatile option for a decent price. All the access points make this a great choice for delivery and wearing to all those follow-up appointments. In addition, it is very comfortable to sleep in, with two different nursing options depending on your nursing style.

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And The Winner Is!

Each mother is different in size and shape. Finding a pair of nursing pajamas that fit is incredibly hard. While one person may love a pajama style, the same style may not look as good or fit as well on a different body shape.

After giving birth, comfort is key, especially if there was a C-section involved. Having to figure out waistbands and breast sizing is difficult. There is one nursing pajama that has each woman and their body shape and size covered. That is the Baby Be Mine 3 in 1 nursing gown.

This nursing gown is the most versatile when it comes to use. It has enough material to be modest for all occasions while not having too much material that it starts to fit strangely.

The adjustable under-bust that uses a drawstring instead of elastic provides adjustability without sacrificing comfort. Many mothers have loved all the access points for examinations and feedings that make the entire process from pregnancy to postpartum nursing a breeze. The best part of it all is that a mother can look fabulous during the entire process with the Baby Be Mine nursing nightgowns.

Father of two wonderful kids, love parenthood and feel blessed to have an amazing family.
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