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Best Maternity Workout ClothesWorking out during your pregnancy will help you remain healthy during the pregnancy and lose weight faster after the birth. While this is true, not all workouts are recommended for pregnancy. You do need to be considerate of your little one growing inside of you when you go out for that morning run or consider lifting weights. What you can and cannot do is not just dependent on what is healthy for your child, it is also dependent on what your body is capable of doing during those nine months. You will have weight in places you are not used to and will need to adjust your routine accordingly in order to stay balanced and keep from hurting your back or other areas that will be especially vulnerable during pregnancy. Having the proper maternity workout clothes can help provide the necessary support and comfort while still allowing you to keep your workout routine.

Our Top Ten Maternity Workout Clothes



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Working out while Pregnant

Working out does not need to stop when those two wonderful little lines appear on your pregnancy test. Workouts will, however, change some during your pregnancy in order to be safest for both you and your child. Here are some helpful tips from WebMD about workouts.

Benefits of Working out while Pregnant

There are many benefits to working out in general. Working out helps maintain a healthy weight, give you more energy, lower blood pressure, help your heart, and so much more! These benefits continue even when you are pregnant.

Working out while pregnant has a couple added benefits as well. Working out will help reduce the regular pregnancy aches and pains. You will have better muscle strength in your back to avoid those dreaded backaches. It will also help fight the inevitable pregnancy fatigue.

Working out is also healthy for your child. It helps to prevent gestational diabetes, which is very common during pregnancy. It also helps provide extra strength for the actual delivery. In general, a healthy mama tends to be directly related to a healthy baby. Staying healthy during your pregnancy through exercise will help your child be healthy during pregnancy and at birth.

How much to Exercise

Exercising during pregnancy should be an extension of your pre-pregnancy exercise routine. Whatever you were doing before, try to stay at the same level and amount or lower. Do not suddenly increase your exercising during pregnancy as this is not healthy for you or your child.

Pregnancy is not a time to lose weight. You will be gaining weight as you get further along in your pregnancy. This is just a fact. It is healthy to gain a little weight in your pregnancy as that means you are developing as you should. Do not worry about working off the extra weight. As long as you are fit and healthy, losing the weight after the birth will not be too difficult.

Always double check with your doctor before deciding on an exercise routine. Your doctor will be able to tell you what is safest for your specific medical needs. They will also be better able to monitor you.

The easiest time to exercise is during that first trimester. You are still relatively small and have a decent amount of energy. Be aware that just because you can’t see a physical change from the pregnancy, that does not mean you don’t need to take care of yourself according to what is recommended for pregnant moms. The same concerns are still applicable during your first trimester as later on in your pregnancy.

There are certain warning signs you should always look out for. Stop your exercise immediately if you are feeling nauseated. Avoid working out until you feel too hot. When you do exercise, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Stop immediately and call your doctor if you have any sort of abdominal discharge or bleeding or if you feel cramps or any sort of pain during or after your exercise.

Recommended Exercises

While you are pregnant, you will not want to be bouncing and jumping around. This is not safe for your body that is already under additional pressure as well as can be dangerous for your little one. On top of those reasons, high impact exercises, in general, are just not very comfortable in your current state.

Low impact exercises are recommended for pregnancy. Do not try pushing yourself or straining. Maintain a comfortable routine that will keep you active without hurting your body. Many exercise programs even have specific prenatal workout routines that are designed to be easy on your body while still helping to keep you active and fit during your pregnancy.

Thirty minutes is the recommended length of pregnancy workouts according to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. It is enough time to reap the benefits without overexerting your body. This time should be adjusted according to what your body and your doctor are telling you.

Here are a few specific exercises that are great choices while pregnant, according to HealthLine:

  • Pilates is a great form of pregnancy workout. You will be able to stretch out those achy muscles and maintain strength while participating in a low-impact routine. This is an especially great choice to help strengthen your back and avoid that back pain. Just avoid anything that would twist your mid-region or has you laying on your back.
  • Yoga is very popular even for those who are not pregnant. It is fun and a great stress reliever. We all know how important it is to keep down our stress levels during pregnancy! It helps with your balance and breathing. The breathing part will come in handy when it comes time for your labor. Just like Pilates, be sure to avoid lying on your back or twisting your midsection and any other poses that would put your body in a position that your doctor cautions against.
  • Walks are easy for anyone to do! When you are pregnant, while you may feel tired, you should not spend all day sitting around. Try walking around the house. If you are able, get outside for a short walk in nature. It will help reduce stress and keep you active. Having a fitness watch that helps track your steps is a great way to stay accountable with how much you are walking about.
  • Water Exercises are often recommended when you are pregnant. Swimming is mentioned quite often by doctors when patients ask what safe pregnancy workouts are available. One of the best parts of water exercise is that it nearly eliminates the concern of losing your balance and falling, which is always something to be aware of when doing any exercise. Water is relaxing and allows you to safely move around.

Exercises to Avoid

When you are pregnant, there are some exercises that should be changed up a little in order to be safer for you and your little one. Running is a very common form of exercise. When you are pregnant, running poses an increased number of risks from falling to overexertion. While it is possible to run and still be safe, it is recommended that other forms of exercise are used instead.

Lifting weights can be a great way to keep up those muscles. During pregnancy, lifting heavy bars that could cause you to fall or fall on your stomach is very dangerous. The overexertion is also a concern with weights.

Riding a bike is a huge risk when it comes to falls. A great solution for this form of exercise is to use a stationary bike during your pregnancy because that way you do not need to worry about the bike falling over at any point.

Workout Clothes

Clothing will play a huge role in how comfortable you will be while working out. The proper workout clothes can provide you with the necessary support as well as help keep you from overheating. There are a couple main factors that make workout clothes different than regular clothes.

Work out clothes are made from a breathable material that will help regulate your body temperature. The moisture-wicking properties of workout clothes also help to regulate your temperature and will avoid that uncomfortable feeling of being overly sweaty and wet.

Workout clothes are easier to move in. They are made of a material that stretches with your movements so you have a better range of motion during your exercises. The holes for your arms and legs are made so that your limbs can have the blood flow required in order to perform the necessary activities. Regular clothing can be tight and prevent enough blood flow.

Being pregnant, you have a few extra safety concerns to be aware of that workout clothes address. You will need to be extra cautious about tripping and falling. Workout clothes are made more form fitting so your clothing is less likely to get caught and cause you to trip and hurt yourself. Workout clothes also provide extra support. Some items have bands around your bust or your waist to hold your body in place. Shoes and additional supports can also be used for added support outside of the clothing.

Workout Tops

Your workout top is one of the more flexible items you will need to decide on when choosing a workout outfit. A workout top could easily be a regular t-shirt in a larger size to fit over your ever-expanding bump. There are a few considerations to take into account when deciding on that perfect workout top, according to The Bump.

Finding a workout top will mainly be dependent on your stomach. You will want a shirt that will accommodate that growing little miracle inside of you. Many tops will be stretchy with a little extra room up front for a bump. Exercise shirts, in general, are stretchy enough that a regular shirt could be worn the first two trimesters depending on how fast you grow.

The length is a huge benefit of maternity clothing. Most regular workout tops are not very long as they like to limit the amount of excess material in a workout top. Maternity workout tops understand the extra room needed. As a result, a good maternity workout top will be extra long so that you can move about without your stomach hanging out the bottom of your top at any time. The bottom of the shirt is then tight enough to not ride up over your stomach either.

Your stomach is not the only area up top to grow. Your bust will start expanding, especially in the third trimester. A good workout top will have enough room for an expanding bust. It will also have some support for your growing bust.

Workout tops are available in both tank tops and T-shirts. Tank tops have larger arm openings so you have a freer range of motion. Your underarms are also able to breathe more, which can help cut down on that unwanted underarm sweat mark. The more exposure can also help you stay cool during your workout. The benefit of T-shirt’s is that they provide more coverage so you do not have to be worried about your top shifting around as much and any part of your upper body slipping too far out of any armhole.

The material is not as big of an issue with the top. You will want to make sure the material is light and breathable. Having a moisture-wicking material is also helpful. Otherwise, a regular cotton tank top can work as a workout shirt in many cases as long as it is thin enough to not cause overheating.

 Workout Bottoms

Workout bottoms are a little trickier to get right during pregnancy. Not any old waistband will work with your growing stomach. Old leggings or stretchy yoga pants may work for the first trimester, but you will soon find that if the yoga pants were not specifically designed for maternity wear, you will soon have uncomfortable waistbands and other issues cropping up.

Maternity workout bottoms should have some sort of special waistband. Many will have an extension waistband that will go up and over your bump. This will help provide support and keep your stomach in place while you exercise. Other maternity bottoms are made to fall underneath your bump so as to avoid the extra material to help you stay cool. This will also keep you from feeling itchy from the material against your stomach.

Many workout bottoms will be leggings or yoga pants. These provide great coverage for your entire legs. Be sure your pants are nice and tight as any excess material could post a risk of tripping. Some lounge pants are bell bottoms, which are more likely to cause you to trip. Regular workout pants hug your body and come to your ankle where it wraps tightly around your ankle so that there is no part of the pants dragging on the floor. These are the safest option while you are pregnant. These will keep you from tripping if you run or getting caught on any machines you may be working out on.

Shorts are a great way to keep cool. The same rules apply to the short’s waistband as with the pants. Be sure there are no uncomfortable seams. Check for whether the shorts have an over the bump wrap or fall under the bump. The two main benefits of shorts are how they are able to keep you cooler and how they do not have any excess fabric. Shorts will be the least likely article of clothing for you to trip over as there is very little material to get caught. On the flip side, shorts do leave you more exposed. As you gain weight in your pregnancy, shorts may not keep you fully covered with the extra weight depending on the size of the shorts. This may result in your having to purchase multiple pairs so you’ll always have a pair handy that fit right, don’t ride up, and keep the parts of you covered that you’d like covered.

A great midway option are capris. They are shorter than pants so you are a little cooler and have no material around your ankles and feet. They are also longer than shorts so you can always be assured you are covered.

 Other Workout Essentials

Tops and bottoms are just two of the main parts of your workout outfit. There are many smaller essentials you will find you will need during your workout routine as well. These are not always available specifically for maternity, but you can still purchase these items with your pregnancy in mind.

As mentioned earlier, your bust will be expanding right along with your stomach. Your workout top will only provide support to a point. A good sports bra will provide the extra needed support. Unlike a top that is made to fit everyone, a sports bra can be purchased specifically for your needs. You will want to make sure the bra is tight enough to hold your bust during your exercises. Sports bras can also be used just every day for added comfort and support that you will appreciate during your pregnancy.

If you are breastfeeding, you will most likely want to purchase bras that have clips that will allow the front to be detached for easy access. This is alright for daily bras. This is not always the best idea for sports bras. The clips are usually plastic and cause chaffing or rubbing on your skin which will be an irritant you may want to avoid. They also may not have the support needed as sports bras do. You will also not want the bra to become unhooked with your movement in the middle of an exercise. A regular sports bra can be used and exchanged for a breastfeeding bra after the workout.

Finding a bra size will be difficult. You may need to purchase multiple bras throughout your pregnancy as your bust continues to grow. Each woman is different so you are not able to predict what your final new bra size will be. Just get what is most comfortable at the moment.

Shoes are another item that is essential for most workouts. Shoes provide a lot of support when you are walking or running, as well as ease the impact on your joints. Since you will most likely be doing low-impact activities when pregnant, you do not need to worry as much about investing in a pair of sports shoes that cost a couple hundred dollars. That being said, you and your back will really appreciate having a pair of shoes that will soften your regular steps during your workout to make it as easy as possible on your body.

Additional supports can be purchased as well. The main support you may want to use later in your pregnancy is a stomach support. These can be purchased for regular daily use as well. They help hold the weight of your stomach so your back is not as strained. This can help you when you exercise so you are not as sore. Other supports available are knee supports and wrist supports. You can also purchase compression socks that can help with blood flow.

You may also want to check out the best maternity jeans and maternity leggings.

10 Best Maternity Workout Clothes Reviewed


1. Bhome Maternity Sports Tank Top Sleeveless T-Shirt



The Bhome Maternity Sports Tank Top Sleeveless T-Shirt is a long, modest workout tank top option. It is available in five different colors. Coordinating maternity workout pants are available in the same colors. This top is very affordable and great for working out and just lounging at home.

The shirt is made from 94% Polyester and 6% Spandex. This mixture helps the shirt be stretchy enough for exercises and growth as well as be lightweight. This will help keep you cool. The material also helps wick away moisture so you are not wet from sweat during your workout.

The top is a scoop neck. It does not come down too far so that you can be sure to be fully covered. The arm straps are thick enough to provide support while not being too wide to become a nuisance. The arm holes are smaller so you are more covered on the side. This is especially helpful for those with larger busts. The shirt itself is extra long. It is long enough to cover your bottom.


  • The top comes in fun colors.
  • There are matching pants available.
  • This is a very affordable tank top.
  • The material is light and stretchy.
  • The shirt is extra long for better coverage.


  • The arm holes are a little tighter than most, which could be uncomfortable for some.
  • This is not as good quality as some other tank top options.

This is a nice, affordable option for a tank top that can be used for all occasions. It is one of the longest maternity shirt options, which will be nice if you like the extra coverage across your bottom. While the extra material that covers your bottom and around your arms is nice for modesty, it does cause quite a bit of extra material that can get caught or rub in ways that are not always the most comfortable.

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2. Movemamma Maternity Workout and Yoga Top



The Movemamma Maternity Workout and Yoga Top is a comfortable top for moms in all stages of their pregnancy. It comes in three different color options. It is both really trendy and practical for any type of exercise.

This workout top is made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane. This makes the top very stretchy in order to fit best over your ever expanding stomach and bust areas. The gatherings around the stomach area are ideal for helping the shirt look flattering no matter how large or small your stomach is.

The tank top has a regular scoop neck upfront. On the back is a criss-cross thin elastic pattern that is very cute, but not at all irritating during your pregnancy. The arm holes have plenty of room for movement during your exercise. The top has a shelf bra with removable inserts. In this way, you can keep the inserts in for a little padding and support for low impact exercises, or you can remove them and wear a sports bra for additional support.


  • The shirt is easy to move around in.
  • It comes in different fun colors.
  • The shirt is very stretchy.
  • The top has a shelf bra with removable padding.


  • The thin straps on the back may not offer as much coverage and support that some moms may need.

This is a really cute tank top that works both as a workout top and a regular shirt. The criss-cross pattern on the back adds a little extra to an otherwise regular tank top. This top may be better suited for low-impact workouts as the strappy back and shelf bra are not built to provide enough support for longer more intense workouts.

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3. UNAMEIT Workout Partner Burnout Tank Top



The UNAMEIT Workout Partner Burnout Tank Top is a fun way to include your little one in your workouts. It is a regular tank top with “workout partner†printed on the front along with a heart with two small footprints over your stomach area. The tank top is available in eleven bright fun and neutral color options so moms of every personality have a tank top for them.

The main thing to note with this tank top is that it is not actually a maternity tank top. It is made for the first trimester before your stomach begins to grow as a way to announce your workout companion to your gym buddies. The actual product specifications say the tank top will work for the first three months, afterward they recommend ordering a size up.

The tank top is not made out of any stretchy material. It will not grow along with your stomach. That being said, many moms have found that if they ordered a size or two up, the tank top still fit well and worked all through their pregnancy. The front of the tank top is a regular scoop neck. The back is a razorback so that your arms have plenty of room for movement during your workout while you still have enough support.


  • The tank top has large enough armholes for a wide range of motion.
  • The tank top comes in nearly a dozen different colors.
  • This is one of the cutest designs for a tank top.
  • This is a more affordable tank top.


  • The shirt itself is not very stretchy.
  • This is not a maternity tank top, technically.
  • There is no bust support.

In general, you will want to find a shirt made specifically for maternity wear. This tank top is one exception. Many moms have found the cute saying on the front enough incentive to accept the fact that this shirt is not specifically tagged as maternity. The manufacturer does have size recommendations for those who still want to wear this tank top through their pregnancy so that you can still have a shirt that will cover you as a maternity shirt should.

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4. LWJ 1982 Maternity Activewear Workout Racerback Tank Top


The LWJ 1982 Maternity Activewear Workout Racerback Tank Top is a soft and stretchy yoga top that is great for all points in your pregnancy. It is great for not just working out, but also just relaxing at home every day. This shirt can be worn before pregnancy and postpartum. The top comes in two attractive colors.

The shirt is made from 90% Lycra and 10% Spandex. This mixture makes the shirt very breathable, soft, and stretchy. The shirt is listed as a four-way stretch shirt for ultimate movement. The material of the top should only be hand-washed for the best care.

The front is a scoop neck. The neck was built with enough stretch that it can easily be pulled down for nursing once your little one is born. The back of the shirt is a razorback design that will provide support while also providing plenty of room for your arms to move about. The side of your stomach was sewn to allow for expansion, while still looking complimentary. The shirt is long enough to cover your entire bottom and front area for ultimate coverage. There is no built-in bra or support so a sports bra will need to be worn with this top if you need any support.


  • The material is super soft, stretchy, and breathable.
  • There is plenty of room for movement.
  • The shirt is plenty long to cover your bottom and keep your growing stomach covered.
  • The sides are sewn to look complimentary all during pregnancy.
  • The scoop neck works with breastfeeding.
  • The top is available in multiple attractive colors.


  • The top is hand wash only.
  • This tank top tends to run on the smaller size.
  • There is no built-in bust support.

This tank top is both affordable and made of good quality. It will let you breathe and move easily all through pregnancy while fitting your growing stomach at all stages. The length of this shirt is perfect for everyone who wants the extra coverage. One of the best parts of this shirt is the fact that is was built for not just during pregnancy, but also afterwards with its extra stretchy neckline that can allow you to breastfeed your child while wearing this tank top.

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5. LWJ 1982 Women’s Maternity Pregnancy T Shirts


The LWJ 1982 Women’s Maternity Pregnancy T-shirts is the T-shirt version of the previously reviewed tank top. This is great for those mothers who want the extra support and coverage a t-shirt offers while still having a breathable and stretchy workout option. The shirt is available in the same two colors as the tank top.

This shirt is made out of 90% Lycra and 10% Spandex. This makes it very stretchy and able to accommodate your growth from the first trimester all the way through birth. It can even work well after birth as the neckline is also stretchy. The stretchy neckline allows you to easily pull it down for nursing postpartum. The material is a moisture-wicking cool dry material that will keep you the right temperature all during your workout. For best results, this shirt should be machine washed to help it last longer.

This is one of the few t-shirt workout tops for maternity wear. This will provide extra coverage in your back and arms. The scoop neck is also higher up for better chest coverage as well. The short sleeves are a little longer than cap sleeves, while still being short enough to not be uncomfortable. The shirt is just as long as the tank top version, falling below your bottom. The entire shirt tends to run on the smaller size. This will help provide support and keep your stomach in tight, but it may also result in not fitting some larger frames.


  • The material is very soft, stretchy, and breathable.
  • It comes in multiple fun colors.
  • The tank top can be used postpartum as a nursing shirt as well.
  • This top has more coverage and falls below your bottom.


  • This is a smaller fitting shirt.
  • There is not built-in bust support.
  • This top is hand wash only.

For those who are looking for a little more coverage, this top is a great choice. The t-shirt design will cover your entire chest area and your upper arms. It also falls just as long as the tank top, which will provide coverage down below as well. The super soft and breathable material will make working out much more pleasant.

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1. Beachcoco Women’s Maternity Comfortable Knee Cropped Active Lounge Pants


The Beachcoco Women’s Maternity Comfortable Knee Cropped Active Lounge Pants are great for working out your first trimester. They are a soft and stretchy capri pants with room to grow. These capris come in three different colors from black, gray, to dark blue. They are a very affordable price and can even be bought in a pack of two for an even better deal.

These pants are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It gives them regular leggings feeling with just enough stretch to allow for free movement when exercising. The material is soft and silky. They are made in the USA.

Being capri pants, these workout pants fall just below the knee. They are not super tight around the bottom, so you have free movement with your leg and knee without it being uncomfortable. The waistband of the pants is just a fold-down waistband. This makes these pants great for that first trimester of pregnancy. It can either be pulled up over your small stomach or folded over itself so that it falls underneath your stomach. As you progress, you will not be able to fold the pants over your entire stomach, instead, you will need to keep them underneath your stomach. These are not the most comfortable pants for later on in pregnancy.


  • These are very affordable.
  • They are stretchy enough to be comfortable during a workout.
  • The waist can either be a high waist or under the bump waist.


  • The material is very cheap and thin to the point of being see through.
  • The leggings are not very comfortable for later on in your pregnancy.

These pants would work well for those on a budget. They are very well priced, and even have multi-pack options for an even better deal. The cheaper price does mean lower quality. The pants are very comfortable the first trimester, but they do run small so larger frames and those further in pregnancy should consider other workout pants options.

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2. Maternity Tights Activewear Leggings by Shop Pretty Girl

The Maternity Tights Activewear Leggings by Shop Pretty Girl are another affordable option in leggings, but this option will fit you all the way through your pregnancy. These leggings are available in either a single pack or a double pack. They are only available in black or gray, which are both great neutral colors that could match nearly any top you choose.

The leggings are very soft and do not have any seams that could irritate you or your stomach during your pregnancy. They are full-length pants that fit tight all the way to your ankles. They are one size fits all, so they may not fit everyone equally, and many find them to be a little too long where they bunch up around the ankles. They are made from 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex.

These leggings are built to go over your stomach area. They are very high waisted and will fit over your stomach all through your pregnancy. Because they are one size fits all, they do tend to have a larger stomach size which can slip down easier than some other brands. These pants can be machine washed, but should not be tumble dried.


  • These are very affordable leggings.
  • They are available in a two pack for even less.
  • The leggings are soft and very stretchy.
  • These leggings are seamless for ultimate comfort.


  • These are cheaper leggings made from cheaper material.
  • The one size fits all means that the leggings will not be a perfect fit.

The best selling point for these leggings is their price. They are advertised as one of the most affordable maternity active leggings available. If you’d like something to work out in without breaking the bank, you could buy the two pack for the price of a single pair of higher quality leggings. These are great for more casual exercisers or those who just want a pair of super stretchy lounge pants. If you are looking for durability and longevity, then these are not the best pair.

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3. PattyBoutik Mama Shaping Series Maternity Crop Legging Yoga Pants



The PattyBoutik Mama Shaping Series Maternity Crop Legging Yoga Pants are a higher quality workout pant option. They are more expensive, but they are also made better than some of the other yoga pants. These pants are available in four dark colors that coordinate well with most tops.

The pants are made from 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex. The material is machine washable. It is a stretchy material that will easily move along with all your exercises. You can find your perfect size with the pants by using your current hip measurements. The material is just thick enough to cover what it needs, while still being breathable and soft.

These pants have a unique design that is both comfortable and supportive. The pants come down to mid-calf. In this way, you have all the benefits of long pants, but without worrying about them dragging on the ground or getting caught. The pants’ waist is high so that it covers your stomach. The design is a 3D design that will not just cover your stomach, but also curve around it so that your pants stay up the entire workout. This design also helps divide up the pressure so that no one specific point is overly strained with tight clothing. The tight material helps hold your stomach during your exercise. The back then comes down into a v so that your back still remains cool, and the pants are comfortable. This design also helps with avoiding lower back pain.


  • These are very supportive yoga pants.
  • They can be fitted to your exact size.
  • The stomach band’s unique design helps reduce back pain.
  • These pants are thick enough to not be see-through.
  • The pants are slightly cropped so you do not have to worry about excess fabric around your ankles.


  • These are one of the most expensive options in maternity workout pants.
  • The stomach area tends to bunch up until you grow into the leggings.

These are very high-quality pants that will provide excellent support all over from your stomach to your back to even your legs. They are very tight, as that is what provides the support. As a result, carefully measure your size before ordering or else they could easily feel too tight. Despite being tight, they still have enough stretch to allow for free-flowing movements without compromising the support of the pants.

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4. Motherhood Secret Fit Belly Maternity Active Pants

These Motherhood Secret Fit Belly Maternity Active Pants are from the popular brand of Motherhood Maternity. They are capris made for both every day and for working out at the gym. Their secret belly design helps provide support without being overtly obvious that they are maternity leggings. As a result, you could easily wear them all the way through your pregnancy and afterward as well.

These pants are made from a spandex blend. As a result, they are super stretchy and easy to move around in. The material does have an unusual shine to it, which makes them not the best for everyday wear as regular leggings. The spandex has a tendency to stretch out after a period of use, so a size that originally fit when you purchased these leggings, will start to become baggy after a few wears.

These pants are designed for comfort. They are capris that fall right below your knees. This will provide majority leg coverage while still keeping all fabric away from your feet where it can bunch or cause a tripping hazard. The pants do have an awkward seam that runs right down the center of the crotch area that some find uncomfortable. The stomach band is made like regular maternity pant’s stomach bands are. It is a thin piece of stretchy material that folds up and over your entire stomach to provide support during your exercise. The entire yoga pant is made of a thin material that is borderline on see-through. It is also breathable due to being thinner.


  • These pants are cropped so there’s no material to trip over.
  • They have a belly band for extra support.
  • These pants are very stretchy and comfortable.


  • There is an uncomfortable seam through the crotch area.
  • The material is thinner than some may be comfortable with.
  • These pants tend to stretch out easily and become baggy quickly.
  • The material has an odd shiny texture.

These are decent quality pants for a medium price that is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. The pants are most comfortable as lounge pants for at home. When it comes to working out, they are thin and have some seams that are not well placed. Those who are more casual about their workouts may be alright using these pants, but there are better quality options available for the more serious exerciser.

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5. Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Active Capri Pant



The Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Active Capri Pant is another higher quality workout pant option. The higher quality also comes with a higher price tag. The price tag would be worth it if the pants fit you right and provide the support you need. These pants are available in both black and gray. They are also available in all the regular sizes.

The pants are made from 47% Nylon, 40% Polyester, and 13% Spandex. The stomach band is made from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex. The pants are machine washable for easy care. The stitching on the pants is a flatlock stitching which helps to reduce irritation and chaffing. The fabric is a four-way stretch which will provide free movements during your exercises.

These pants fall to the bottom of your calves. In this way, you have all the benefits of full pants without that extra stretch of fabric that can bunch around your ankles. The pants are made from a slightly thinner material that is very breathable and soft. A different type of material is extended out the top of the pants for the belly band. This belly band comes all the way over your stomach then crosses over lower on your back. This crossover pattern provides extra support for your back. The stomach portion is contoured in order to evenly distribute the pressure. This belly band can be folded down under your belly if you’d prefer not to have material covering your stomach. This is also a great way to allow you to wear these yoga pants even after your pregnancy.


  • The pants easily convert at the waist for during and after pregnancy.
  • They are slightly cropped so you don’t have material bundling at your ankle.
  • These pants are machine washable.
  • They are very soft and flexible.
  • The stomach area is contoured for even distribution of pressure.
  • The back is a crossover dip pattern for better back support.


  • These pants are more expensive.
  • Some people find the pants to be borderline on see-through.
  • The belly band is made out of different material than the rest of the yoga pants.

These are a great pair of yoga pants for working out or just every day if you are willing to make the investment. The investment will not just be for nine months of comfort, as these pants can convert into regular yoga pants as well for after your pregnancy. They are high quality, though a little thinner than some would prefer.

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And The Winner Is!

Working out will help you feel better and your child be healthier all through your pregnancy. For some, working out is a pleasure and the thought of having to stop working out during pregnancy is not a pleasant thought. For others, working out is a challenge. Either way, working out is still recommended during your pregnancy. Whatever your mindset, working out will be much easier with the right clothing. You will already have your body aches and pains that may tempt you to quit working out, you do not need uncomfortable clothing joining in. Finding the right maternity workout clothes is a matter of finding the perfect balance between comfort and support.

For some areas in life, finding the cheapest option is always a good idea in order to save on costs. Workout clothes are not one of these areas. Your clothes will help provide support and comfort, which should not have a price tag. The wrong workout clothes could lead to additional aches and pains and issues that could end up costing more in the long run.

In workout tops, the LWJ 1982 Maternity Activewear Workout Tank Top provides all the necessary features needed in a workout top. It is very flexible, allowing a full range of motion. It also wicks away moisture, keeping you at the needed temperature to avoid overheating. It also is long enough so that you can be fully and modestly covered at all times. Of course, one of the biggest pluses about this shirt is its ability to be a nursing top as well so you can use it long after your pregnancy is over to get the best value out of the cost.

In workout bottoms, the Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Active Capri Pant is one of the best choices. It is the perfect middle of quality and price. The belly band is not just an extra stretchy waistband. It actually contours to your stomach to provide the best support. The waistband can then fold down so you are not forced into using the waistband. This will be especially appreciated during the later months when your stomach will really start itching and a waistband will be the last thing you will want wrapping around your stomach. The crossover back pattern is perfect for helping to reduce back pain during your exercise.

These two items together would make the best maternity workout clothes for your health and comfort.

Father of two wonderful kids, love parenthood and feel blessed to have an amazing family.
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