12 Best Maternity Jeans



Best Maternity JeansYou are pregnant! You will now start to experience many changes in your emotions, household dynamics, physical ability, and your body shape. As your child starts to grow, so will your stomach and some other areas as your entire body shifts in order to make room for this new life. You will find that at some point, you will no longer fit in your regular clothes. Even those clothes you can fit in, you will not want to wear because they are no longer comfortable or you do not want to stretch them out for after the pregnancy. Maternity jeans are made to be comfortable and accommodate all the growing areas of your body during your pregnancy.

Our Twelve Best Maternity Jeans

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Maternity Clothing

Pregnancy causes many changes in the body. The most obvious is the growth of the stomach. Along with that growth, there can be weight gained in the hips, chest, face, and other areas not to mention pregnancy swelling. All these changes will make your current clothes no longer fit as they should. Waistlines will push where you are tender, ankle openings will be too tight for the swelling, and tops will grow tight across your growing chest. This is why maternity clothing is important, according to The Bump.

Maternity clothing is made to accommodate these changes in order to make pregnancy as comfortable as possible. Maternity clothing not only provides extra room, but they are also stretchy in order to stay well-fitting as your body continues to change.

When to Make the Switch

In your first trimester, you will not notice very much growth. There will be many changes, but these changes will be mostly seen in your emotions or general physical well-being. Some mothers may even lose weight this first trimester depending on whether they have morning sickness. A little bloat is still normal during this period of time.

At first, your growing stomach can be accommodated with leggings, or using an elastic waist extender on your jeans. When the second trimester kicks in, you will really start to notice growth. Your jeans will no longer be able to close. You may also start noticing your bust growing too large to fit in your shirts comfortably. This is the time that is best to make the switch to maternity clothes in order to allow for that extra stretch along with your body.

Maternity Clothing Essentials

Choosing maternity clothes is not as simple as choosing a cute outfit for the day. Your body is not as forgiving of some of the more extreme fashion trends. Just because you may want comfortable clothing, doesn’t mean you don’t want fashionable clothing. There are quite a few comfortable pregnancy wardrobe choices that will make you look ready for the runway.

Tops are a tricky business when it comes to pregnancy. You will want to make sure the bottom half of the shirt has enough give for your ever expanding stomach. That being said, it should not have too much material so that it is not flattering of your expanding waistline. While straps and ties that go around a waist are usually flattering in regular shirts, your pregnancy stomach will not appreciate that sort of restraints. If you have a band, it should fall just under the chest area in order to provide support for your bust, while not pushing on your stomach.

The bust area should be large enough for your pregnancy chest. If you would like to be able to wear the top after your child is born, while your body still has the pregnancy weight, then you will also want your top to be friendly to breastfeeding. This usually means the top will either be able to be easily pulled down, or the top of the shirt can disconnect to allow a flap to fold down.

Pants can be a little simpler to figure out. For pants, you will want a comfortable waistband and plenty of stretch. Many pregnant women opt for leggings for ultimate comfort. Maternity jeans can be just as comfortable as leggings if made by the right company. Just because you see the word “jeans†doesn’t mean it is the same stiff material as regular jeans. The maternity part of the clothing title implies that there is extra stretch added to the material to accommodate a growing body.

If the weather is warm enough, you can settle with wearing maxi dresses that are made of soft stretchy material. These are comfortable and a little dressier than wearing your significant other’s T-shirt and an old pair of leggings out the house.

Your undergarments are just as important as your outerwear. You may not see them, but you will definitely feel them. During pregnancy, you may want to settle with a comfortable sports bra with plenty of support. Your bust will be growing and becoming very sore. While you may eventually be having a nursing bra, you may want to wait to pick one out as you do not yet know your final bust size.

Your underwear should also be stretchy and low riding. Last thing you want would be the elastic lacy waist band of your favorite underwear either digging in your sensitive stomach, or becoming stretched out during your growth.

Maternity Clothing Sizing

With how much you are growing, finding the right size in maternity wear can seem difficult. Many mothers wonder if they should base their sizing off of how large they will be by the end of the pregnancy or how large they are now. Maternity clothing is based off of your regular size, according to Baby Center.

If you are size small, you will order size small maternity clothes. Even if the maternity clothes have a specific waist size, go with your pre-pregnancy waist size. Pregnancy clothes are made to fit your body shape and size. To best fit your body shape and how your body will continue to grow, the clothes are based on where you started at. This being said, every body is built differently. Depending on how much weight you are gaining during your pregnancy, you may find you need to go a size up in maternity clothing. Until you are sure of your pregnancy size, it is always best to first try on a couple sizes before settling on the best size.

Buying a size up in regular clothes is not a good alternative to buying pregnancy clothes. While much of your body will change during pregnancy, there is also quite a bit of your body that will stay the same. Clothing that is just a larger size is made proportionally larger all around the article of clothing. Pregnancy clothes have material in all the right places that are known to expand during pregnancy. This is how they fit so well while remaining flattering.

That being said, a larger-sized shirt could be used during pregnancy. It will not be quite as flattering of a fit, but it can still look alright. Pants, on the other hand, do not work well at all for just buying a larger size. Pregnancy pants have stomach accommodating waist bands. When you order a size up of regular pants, you will also have wider leg openings, and longer legs in the pants. Maternity pants will keep your size of leg length, and provide just a little extra stretch in the thigh, while focusing the extra material in the waistline. In this way, your pants will keep their needed fit.

You may also want to check out the best maternity leggings, maternity yoga pants, and other maternity workout clothes.

Maternity Jean’s Styles

 Maternity jeans are a very popular choice for both comfort and durability. They can also be more flattering of your new curves than leggings or other options that reveal every new bump and roll. Even though jeans can be more flattering, each body shape will still need a different style to be both comfortable and stylish.


The bootcut jeans are a basic style that most people can pull off. It is a straight jean that flares out around the calf, as if to make room for wearing a pair of boots underneath. This style of jeans tends to be most complimentary on taller women. The flare at the bottom of the jeans can make shorter women look even shorter. These can also be more comfortable as the extra flare at the bottom keeps the jeans from being tight around swollen ankles if you experience any swelling during your pregnancy.


The skinny jeans are good for shorter people, as it helps you to appear taller. They are also great for showing off your body shape and all your curves which could be either a blessing or a curse. Depending on how confident you feel about your body’s natural curves, you may or may not want to go the skinny jeans route.

Pregnancy skinny jeans are quite a bit more stretchy than regular jeans. This will allow them to still be breathable even though they are tight against your legs. That being said, some mothers may still not like the feeling of tight jeans.


The straight-legged jeans are one of the most versatile jeans when it comes to body shapes. The straight up and down cut is more complimentary when it comes to fuller figures as the looser thigh area will be more accommodating to all thigh sizes. The entire jeans can provide an over-all slimming effect.


If you are not quite comfortable with the thin, tight material of leggings and want more coverage, but want more comfort than regular jeans, than jeggings are a great choice. These are not quite leggings, but not quite jeans. They are made to look like jeans, but have all the stretch and comfort of leggings. Even though they are stretchy, they tend to be made of thicker material to provide additional coverage and durability over regular leggings.

Features of Maternity Jeans

The Waist

The waist will be one of the main deciding factors of whether or not you choose a specific pair of jeans. In general, there are two main waist types for all maternity jeans: over-the-waist jeans and under-the-stomach jeans.

Jeans that go over the waist will tend to have what is known as a belly band. These jeans will have the regular jeans up until your waist. At that point, the jeans change into a super stretchy material that will go over your entire pregnancy belly. This can provide support for your stomach, as it holds it snuggly against you. This can also help provide coverage when you bend over or squat so that your jeans don’t get pushed too far down by your stomach, revealing your lower back and beyond. The belly band can either be dark so that if it pokes out, it looks like part of your jeans, or it can be a nude color so that it does not show up under light colored shirts.

Jeans that fall under your stomach can be more comfortable later in your pregnancy. Eventually, a belly band will not provide much support. In addition, your stomach will grow very itchy so a belly band may just provoke the itching. Jeans that ride under your stomach will usually have an expandable waistband through elastic, extra snaps, or some other means. They ride very low so that your stomach can hang over the jeans.

The Material

Maternity wear is usually made very stretchy. That being said, how stretchy clothing all depends on what type of material the jeans are made of. The waist should not be the only part of the jeans that are made with a little extra give. You will also want to give in your thighs and ankles as they may grow along with your stomach. You also, in general, do not want any tight clothing to make you any more uncomfortable than you may already be during the pregnancy.


Pockets are not exactly a deal breaker when it comes to maternity jeans because they do not do much for comfort. When you are pregnant, your comfort is most likely your top priority. That being said, pockets are useful no matter whether you are pregnant or not.

Pockets are not just useful, but they can also affect the entire look of the jeans. Pockets placed too high or close together can accentuate a growing posterior. On the other hand, pockets that are placed too low can give the impression that your rear is sagging. Pockets placed more complimentary may make you seem slimmer and be overall more flattering to your figure.

 Easy Care

While you are pregnant, you will be struggling to find the energy to make it through the day on minimal naps. You may not feel like cooking, doing dishes, and cleaning let alone anything above and beyond those basic tasks. As a result, you will want your jeans to be as easy to clean as possible. Dry cleaning or hand washing may translate to never being worn in your pregnancy vocabulary.

Dressing Up

Maternity clothing is more expensive than regular clothing. Jeans are no exception. In addition, you are not only spending more on the jeans, but you will be wearing them less than you would regular jeans as you may only need them for about nine months plus any time after the birth before your stomach returns to its normal size. As a result, you will want your jeans to be as versatile as possible.

Jeans are great in the way that they can be either dressed up or dressed down. You just need to pair the jeans with the right shoes, top, and jewelry. With this in mind, choose jeans with more neutral colors in order that the jeans are more flexible for all occasions. A nice pair of dark jeans can be worn with a blouse or long tunic that will make it appropriate for concerts or other nice occasions. The same pair of jeans can also be worn with your favorite T-shirt to a baseball game or a hiking trip. In this way, you will only need a couple pairs of jeans to last you through your pregnancy and beyond. 

12 Best Maternity Jeans Reviewed

1. Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Super Stretch Secret Fit Belly Skinny Leg Denim Jean

The Motherhood Maternity skinny jeans are a stretchy maternity jean option with a high waist belly band. The jeans are available in two different shades of denim. There is darker denim that is easier to dress up for nicer occasions and lighter denim for more casual wear. The rest of the jeans are very plain so that they can be versatile for any occasion.

The jeans are made of a mixture of cotton, polyester, rayon, and spandex for a nice blend of both durability, comfort, and stretch. The jeans are true to size, to even a little on the big size in order to accommodate your pregnancy growth. The band that goes around your belly is a patented design by Motherhood Maternity. It is one panel in order to avoid any uncomfortable seams. The band is a dark navy color so it can blend a little to the jeans if it happens to peek out under a shirt.

The jeans are full length with a 30-inch inseam. They are skinny jeans with a little more of a looser feel so as to not be too uncomfortable or tight. The jeans are made to fall right at the ankle. The jeans have decorative front pockets and functioning back pockets placed in the center as to still be complimentary.


  • The material of the jeans is very soft and stretchy, more like jeggings.
  • The length tends to be long enough for most mothers.
  • They are available in different shades of denim.
  • There are no uncomfortable seams.
  • The jeans are machine washable.


  • The jeans fit more like a straight leg than skinny jeans, with a wider ankle area.
  • The jeans are a little larger and baggier.
  • The front pockets are fake decorative pockets.
  • There are no belt loops.

Motherhood Maternity’s skinny jeans are very comfortable and stretchy jeans option. While they do say skinny jeans on them, do not expect them to fit tight. They fit like straight legs with wider ankle holes and looser fit around your legs. If you are alright with the fit, you will have a pair of jeans with a soft material and room to grow that can be enjoyed your entire pregnancy.

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2. Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Super Stretch Secret Fit Belly Bootcut Denim Jean

Motherhood Maternity also has a bootcut jean option for those who rather not wear their skinny jeans. These jeans are just available in the dark denim color. The style of the jeans are very similar to their skinny jeans. These jeans also have a belly band.

The jeans are made from cotton, polyester, rayon, and spandex. This mixture gives it a soft feel, durability, and flexibility for your growth. The jeans simply pull on with no need to fiddle with any sort of closure. The soft belly band is made from a navy blue to match the jeans. It is Motherhood Maternity’s patented belly band design made from one panel in order to avoid all seams.

The jeans themselves have fake front pockets for decoration. They also have two rear pockets that actually do work as pockets. The jeans have a 32-inch inseam and are made longer. As a result, they will fit taller people better, while shorter mothers may find that they need to roll up the bottom of the jeans.


  • The jeans are very soft, durable, and flexible.
  • There are functioning back pockets.
  • The jeans have a belly band made from one piece of material.
  • The jeans are machine washable.


  • The jeans are longer, so are better suited for taller mothers.
  • The jeans tend to be tighter in the thigh area, so will not fit those with fuller figures as well.
  • The front pockets are fake.
  • There are no belt loops.

Motherhood Maternity has good quality jeans that are also comfortable and flexible. Both their skinny jeans and these bootcut jeans have their high quality. Just be aware of the fit of these specific jeans. Their tight and long fit may be best for mothers who are tall and thin. Otherwise, be sure to order a size up and be ready to roll up the bottom of the jeans. 

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3. MamaJeans Milano Denim Maternity Jeans Made in Italy

Milano Denim Maternity Jeans Made in Italy

MamaJeans Milano Denim Maternity Jeans are a little more expensive in price, but also very high quality for maternity jeans. They are made by an Italian-based company.  It comes in two different color options: dark blue and black. The jeans have a belly band for added support and comfort.

These jeans are made from cotton, polyester, and Lycra for a very stretchy feel for the jeans. The jeans are an ultra skinny jean design with a 30-inch inseam. These give the impression of your regular tight skinny jeans, while the stretchy material provides more of a leggings type of comfort. The belly band is made of a comfortable stretchy material to come up and over your expanding stomach. The belly band attaches inside of the jeans instead of being a continuation of the actual jeans in order to provide more of a regular jeans look to your pants.

The jeans have five pockets which can be used. This will provide you an area to keep your phone or keys when you are out and about. The jeans also have belt loops in order to help them be adjusted closer to your actual fit as your body changes size. In this way, you will not need to worry about your jeans slipping down before you fully grow into your pregnancy stomach.


  • The jeans are very stretchy.
  • The jeans’ pockets can be used.
  • The jeans have a comfortable belly band.
  • There are belt loops for adjusting the size of your jeans.


  • These are more expensive jeans.
  • These jeans tend to be tighter, so you may need to consider ordering a size up.
  • These jeans ride lower than many other jeans, but the belly band still provides coverage.

For those who like skinny jeans, these are a comfortable skinny jeans option that truly has the skinny part down. The ultra skinny style may not be comfortable for all pregnant mothers. Many may find themselves ordering a size up in order to have a little extra breather room in their jeans.

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4. MamaJeans Torino Denim Boot Cut Maternity Pants Made in Italy

MamaJeans - Torino Denim Boot Cut Maternity Pants Made in Italy

For those who thought the Milano jeans were a little too tight for comfort, but liked the MamaJeans brand name, there is the MamaJeans Torino cut. These are bootcut maternity jeans. While they are made by the same company, this style has quite a bit different in its design and materials used. These jeans are still a little more expensive. The jeans come in one dark color.

The Torino style jeans are made from cotton, polyester, and spandex. This gives the jeans both durability, comfort, and a little bit of stretch to accommodate your growing stomach. There is a 30-inch inseam in these jeans. These jeans have a belly band in the same dark color as the jeans that comes over your stomach for added support and coverage.

The jeans are a bootcut, which means they are fitted in the thigh and then flared slightly after the knee. There are belt loops around the top of the jeans to provide another means of adjusting the jeans to your needed fit. The jeans have five pockets that work and can hold things you may need such as your phone or keys.


  • The jeans have five working pockets.
  • There are belt loops for added adjustability.
  • The belly band is sewn behind the waist of the jeans for a more natural appearance.
  • There is a comfortable belly band.


  • These are more expensive jeans.
  • These have a smaller fit, more like juniors than regular.
  • There are not that many color options with the jeans.

MamaJeans’s Torino design provides a little extra room than their ultra skinny jeans. Even though it is a little looser, it still fits like juniors jeans than regular jeans. They are very flattering jeans that fit well, if you are able to find your right size. The belly band is sewn into the jeans versus being a continuation of the waistband gives the jeans and even more natural and flattering look so that many people will not even notice you are wearing maternity jeans.

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5. DL1961 Women’s DL1961 Maternity Jeans

DL1961 Women's DL1961 Maternity Jeans Jeans, Wooster, 24

The DL1961 women’s maternity jeans are the maternity version of DL’s well-loved regular jeans. Many mothers say that these jeans fit just the same as their regular DL jeans, except for the little extra give that these jeans provide. Instead of a belly band, these jeans have elastic on either side of the waist to accommodate that growing stomach all the way through your pregnancy.

The jeans are only made of polyester and cotton, with polyester being the majority of the material. The jeans are durable and flexible. They can also be machine washed for easy cleaning. The waistband is very comfortable with two side panels of elastic. These side panels are the same color as the jeans in order to blend right in with the entire look of the jeans. This design is a patented DL pro fit technology.

The jeans have pockets all the way around, though most of the pockets are just for design and are not real. The jeans also have belt loops for added adjustability. The entire jeans are more expensive, but the price is reflected in the quality of the design. The inseam of the jeans is about 32 inches.


  • These are very high-quality jeans.
  • There is no belly band to cause itching later in your pregnancy.
  • The jeans are machine washable.
  • The jeans have belt loops.


  • These are one of the most expensive jeans of this list.
  • The jeans have a hard time staying up.
  • The jeans fit a little on the snug side.
  • Most of the pockets are fake.

If you are willing to invest a little more in a good quality pair of jeans, these jeans provide comfort and durability. These are also one of the very few maternity jeans that provide an elastic waist instead of the regular belly band waist. This may be more difficult to wear earlier in the pregnancy when your stomach isn’t large enough to hold up your jeans, but you will appreciate not having a band when you arrive in your third trimester and your stomach starts to itch.

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6. Jessica Simpson Petite Secret Fit Belly Jegging Maternity Jeans

Jessica Simpson Petite Secret Fit Belly Jegging Maternity Jeans

The Jessica Simpson Petite Secret Fit Belly jegging maternity jeans are another style sold by Motherhood Maternity. These are a petite fit for mothers who are starting off a little smaller and need a pair of jeans that won’t be too long or baggy. The jeans come in two different colors, a dark jean and a regular jean color. The jeans have a belly band for comfort and support.

The jeans are made of a mixture of cotton, rayon, and spandex for a very stretchy fit which is where the jeans get their jegging name from. The belly band is a tight, comfortable fit over your entire belly. The darker jeans have a dark belly band to match the jeans. The lighter color has a nude colored belly band that will blend in under light colored shirts. The jeans fit like skinny jeans straight down to a small ankle opening. There is a little extra room so that they do give a looser appearance than skinny jeans, but not quite enough to look like straight jeans.

The jeans have faux front pockets for decoration and small usable pockets on the back of the jeans. These rear pockets are small and higher up. This gives the jeans more of the classic mama jeans look which may not be complimentary on all body shapes.


  • These are very stretchy and comfortable jeans.
  • The belly band is comfortable and supportive.
  • The jeans are available in two different color options.


  • These are a little pricier jeans.
  • The pockets are not the most flattering in regards to position and size.
  • The jeans are petite and as a result, do not fit all body shapes and sizes.
  • The fit is a little baggier than would be expected.
  • The front pockets are faux.

These are one of the few petite maternity jean options for those who have a smaller frame. They are comfortable and flattering to that specific shape and sized mother. Those who are curvier or taller may need to try looking at regular jeans for a better fit and more flattering style.

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7. LizLang Maternity High Rise Bootcut Jeans for Women Pregnancy Stretch Pants with Full Panel Cute & Sexy

LizLang Maternity High Rise Bootcut Jeans for Women Pregnancy Stretch Pants with Full Panel Cute & Sexy

The LizLang Maternity High Rise Bootcut Jeans for Women Pregnancy Stretch Pants are one of the most affordable maternity pants options. There are two color options available: dark denim and medium denim. The jeans have a dark belly band that covers your entire stomach for support. The entire jeans are a bootcut fit meant to fit all shapes and sizes.

The jeans are made from various types of cotton for a comfortable jean feel with a little bit of flexibility. The jeans are machine washable. The belly band is one piece of material that stretches over your entire belly. It is a dark blue color to match the jeans.

The jeans have five pockets. The pockets on the back and the front are all real pockets that can be used to store your phone or keys. The fly on the jeans is faux for decorative purposes only as the jeans are regular pull-up jeans. The waistband is sewn directly to the end of the jeans as one continuous article of clothing. The jeans themselves sit low on the hips with a 30-inch inseam.


  • These are one of the most affordable maternity jeans.
  • All the pockets are real and large enough for even a phone.
  • The belly band is comfortable and provides support for your stomach.
  • The jeans come in two different color options.
  • The jeans are machine washable.


  • There are no belt loops for holding the jeans up if needed.
  • The jeans fit a little baggy, and get baggier as the day wears on.
  • The jeans ride rather low.

These are one of the most affordable maternity jeans for any mother who rather not invest the extra money for a pair of jeans that are not going to be worn very long. These will do their job for the short period of time necessary while still being comfortable and provide support. Just be aware that you may need to order a size down if you do not like to wear baggier jeans.

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8. HyBrid & Company Super Soft Comfy Stretch Women’s Skinny Maternity Jeans

HyBrid & Company Super Comfy Stretch Women's Skinny Maternity Jeans PM5804RSK Light WASH S

The HyBrid & Company Super Soft Comfy Stretch Women’s Skinny Maternity Jeans are another affordable yet comfortable jean option. They are a skinny jean style and come in eleven different colors and styles. All the jeans have a belly band top.

The jeans are made up of a cotton blend with a little spandex, which makes them both soft and comfortable as well as flexible and stretchy to accommodate your growing stomach. The belly band is a little shorter than most belly bands. It will fit over the entire stomach earlier on in the pregnancy, but may only come up to the navel as the stomach grows. The belly band will sometimes match the jeans’ color and will sometimes be a nude color depending on which style is selected.

The jeans have five pockets, some of which are faux. There is also a faux fly closure. The belly band is connected directly to the top of the jeans as one continuous article of clothing. While the jeans are listed as skinny jeans, the opening at the end of the jeans is rather wide and can come across as more of a bootcut look than skinny. The jeans are machine washable.


  • The jeans are machine washable.
  • The jeans are more affordable.
  • There are many different colors and styles to choose from.
  • These are very stretchy jeans.


  • Most of the pockets are faux.
  • The sizing is not consistent across the different colors.
  • The belly band is shorter than some other belly bands.
  • The jeans run rather large.
  • The opening at the bottom of the jeans is wider.

These are another affordable jean option for those who would like a pair of comfortable, stretchy skinny jeans. These do tend to run larger, otherwise, they fit fairly decent. This style of jeans does offer one of the largest selections when it comes to color and styles. Be aware that each color may also indicate a change in size and style of the jeans.

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9. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women’s Maternity Skinny Jeans

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's Maternity Skinny Jeans

The Signature jeans by Levi Strauss & Co. are skinny jeans with Levi Strauss’s signature quality stamp. The jeans come in four different colors. The jeans also have a comfortable belly panel that wraps around your entire stomach to give you support.

The jeans are made from a mixture of cotton, polyester, and elastane. This mixture gives these jeans more of a feel of being jeggings than regular jeans. The stretchy material will fit snuggly as skinny jeans without feeling too tight. The top of the jeans is a little looser around the belly band.

The belly band is a dark blue color and is sewn directly to the top of the jeans. The belly band has a cross back design. This means that the belly band dips behind in a cross pattern to provide extra support for your back as well as not cover as much of the back in order to let you be a little cooler. The jeans have a five-pocket design as well as a faux fly. The jeans are machine washable.


  • The jeans fit very comfortably and are very stretchy.
  • The jeans are machine washable.
  • There are real pockets on the jeans for your phone or other items.
  • The jeans provide extra support for your back.


  • The jeans are looser around the top which causes them to constantly have to be pulled up throughout the day.
  • The jeans pick up lint very easily.
  • These are more like leggings in material than actual jeans.

Levi Strauss & Co. is a popular jean brand for regular jeans. These skinny maternity jeans are high quality like most of Levi Strauss’s products. That being said, these are not the typical jean material that can be found on many of the other Levi Strauss regular jeans. These are more like jeggings than regular jeans.

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10. Three Seasons Maternity Women’s Maternity Bootcut Denim with Neutral Belly Band

Three Seasons Maternity Women's Maternity Bootcut Denim Neutral Belly Band

The Three Seasons Maternity Women’s Maternity Bootcut jeans are a comfortable pair of jeans that are a looser fit for those who do not like the tighter maternity jean options. It is a very loose bootcut pair of jeans, that fit almost like bell bottoms because of the extra room in the leg. The jeans have a large belly band that fits over most stomachs.

The jeans are made of a mixture of polyester, rayon, and cotton with the majority of the jeans being made of polyester. This mixture makes the jeans more flexible and very comfortable during pregnancy. The belly band is sewn directly to the top of the jeans. The belly band is a nude color which will blend right in if a light colored shirt is worn.

These are one of the very few maternity jeans that have all real pockets. There are the regular five pockets, but instead of just the back pockets being real, the front are real as well. The pockets are large enough to fit most smartphones. The jeans are machine washable.


  • All the pockets are real on the maternity jeans.
  • The jeans are a looser more casual fit for comfort while still being flattering.
  • The jeans are machine washable.
  • The belly band is large and comfortable.


  • These are extra long jeans that will most likely need to be folded up for shorter people.
  • The bottom of the jeans are wide, more like bell bottoms than boot cut.
  • A pouch tends to form just above the crotch to the waistline.

Three Seasons’s maternity bootcut jeans are a more relaxed fit without compromising on the flattering style of the jeans. They are comfortable and well-made. One of the best parts is the fact that these are one of the very few styles of maternity jeans with all real pockets to store items such as your keys or phone.

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11. Three Seasons Maternity Women’s Maternity Skinny Jean with Neutral Belly Band

Three Seasons Maternity Women's Maternity Skinny Jean with Neutral Belly Band

Three Seasons also offers a skinny jeans option for maternity jeans. These have a very similar design to the bootcut style of maternity jeans, with just a few subtle differences in style and design. While these are called skinny jeans, they are by no means skin-tight, providing a little extra room for growth and a little more comfort with movements. These could almost be considered more of straight leg jeans than skinny jeans.

The jeans are made of a mixture of polyester, rayon, and cotton. This mixture gives the jeans more of a feeling of thick leggings than actual jeans. In a way, these could almost be considered to be jeggings because of how stretchy and comfortable they are. A large belly band is connected to the top of the jeans. The belly band is in a nude color as to blend in with the skin so it will not show through light colored tops.

The jeans themselves have most of the same features as the bootcut version. The main feature that these jeans proudly boast of is having all their pockets being open. This means that you can use both the back pockets and those pockets on the front for phones and keys or any other item you may want. The jeans do have a faux fly for design purposes and the back pockets are plain whereas the bootcut had decorative stitching on the back pockets. The jeans can be washed in a washing machine.


  • All the pockets on these jeans are open and can be used.
  • The jeans are very soft and flexible.
  • The jeans have a very comfortable belly band.
  • The jeans are machine washable.


  • The jeans are a little looser than regular skinny jeans.
  • The jeans can pouch up in the lower stomach area.
  • The belly band tends to slide down.

These are a skinny jeans option for those who like the Three Seasons’s brand, along with their five working pockets. While they are skinny jeans, they are also a little looser to accommodate a little extra weight gain along with pregnancy. They are a flattering fit for all shapes and sizes of mothers.

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12. WallFlower Maternity Bootcut Jeans

WallFlower Maternity Bootcut Jeans

The WallFlower Maternity Bootcut Jeans are a more decorative maternity jean option in a bootcut style. The jeans are more of a stylish design with stitching on the back pockets and decorative stitching across the front pockets. The jeans also have an elastic belly band for support and comfort.

These jeans are made of cotton, polyester, and spandex. The percentages are in a way that these are more of a jean material with a little stretch than the other way around. They fit somewhat small, especially in the rear area of the jeans. The jeans are also shorter, with a 30.5 inseam. Even the larger sizes come across as shorter.

The jeans have a very trendy look to them. The decorative stitching adds a little more excitement to what would otherwise be generic maternity jeans. One very exciting feature of these jeans is that they are one of the very few maternity jeans to have all the pockets working. The back pockets are button pockets. The front pockets are regular slip pockets. They are working, which means you can store your phone or keys in your pocket to carry with you throughout your day. The jeans can be machine washed.


  • The jeans have all the pockets opened for use.
  • There is a comfortable belly band for support.
  • The jeans are a more durable material with a little stretch.
  • The jeans are machine washable.


  • The jeans do not have as much stretch as other maternity jeans.
  • The jeans come across as slightly tighter.
  • These are shorter jeans.

These are very trendy jeans with a flattering style for those who are looking for a little extra design in their maternity jeans. This is nice for younger mothers who are used to wearing jeans with more stitching and designs on. Due to the fit, these jeans work best for mothers who are average to shorter in height. They are also a little tighter and will not fit fuller figures as well. One of the best parts, of course, are all the working pockets! 

And The Winner Is!

Maternity jeans are very difficult to shop for. What is comfortable in the second trimester may fit very uncomfortable by the third trimester. With ever-changing bodies, our wardrobes almost need to be ever-changing as well to keep up with our growth. Maternity jeans often times need to be something that should be tried on before being purchased in order to ensure that they will fit your height, size, and shape. That being said, some jeans are versatile enough that they will fit most shapes and sizes of mothers. One of these maternity jeans is the Three Season’s Maternity Skinny Jean.

What works for one mother may not work for the next mother. Three Seasons, though, was able to create jeans that work for nearly all mothers. Their skinny jeans fall right in the middle when it comes to price, looseness, and stretch so that it can be comfortable for all shapes and sizes. They are skinny jeans that fit more like straight jeans. They are also stretchy enough to accommodate a growing body without compromising the flattery of fitting the present body. These make them suitable for most pregnant mothers.

What it doesn’t fall in the middle for, though, is its features. It is one of the most comfortable maternity jeans where you can almost feel like you are wearing leggings your entire pregnancy while still looking classy. They can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. They also have all their pockets open and working, which is wonderful to have. You never know how much you will miss pockets until you have gone nine months without having any.

These features and many other reasons are what make Three Seasons Maternity Women’s Skinny Jeans the best maternity jeans from this list.

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