What Are The Best High Chairs?



best high chairsBabies are cute most of the time, and when they are clean, they smell really good. But they are not neat eaters. Most parents have pictures of their kids neck deep in creamed peas or with spaghetti in their hair. Parents who value their own wardrobe and furnishings have learned that baby feeding is an activity best carried out by putting baby in a high chair.

High chairs once came in a standard model – wooden with a removable tray. The purpose of the chair was to elevate baby to a good level for feeding. The tray was there as a private feeding surface when baby learned to feed himself.

Today high chairs serve the same basic purposes, but they come in many more models. They are safer and offer more features. Many could pass for works of modern art. Some can be converted to other purposes after baby outgrows the need for a high chair.

Here are our top picks for high chairs.

Our Top High Chairs:

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The perfect high chair would be self-cleaning, comfy for baby, safe to use and available for a song. Oh, and it would come fully assembled, too. Unfortunately, that chair doesn’t exist. But you can get one that will serve your little one and your family very well.

What To Look For in a High Chair

Easy Cleaning

Almost every parent wants a chair that is easy to clean, but that’s a tall order for chairs that will be subjected to strained carrots. Also, some of the features that make a chair comfortable, like chair pads, also make it hard to clean.

In your initial assessment, look for smooth surfaces with few cracks and crevices. If you want a chair with a seat pad, look for one that is machine washable. A second best choice would be a pad made of a material that will handle sponge cleaning. A print won’t show stains as much as a solid color.

Some high chairs have trays or tray liners that can be put in the dishwasher. Cleaning the tray in the dishwasher isn’t a great idea unless you run your dishwasher multiple times in a day.

It is nice, however, to have a tray or tray liner that fits easily into a kitchen sink. And once in a while it’s nice to give the washable parts a thorough cleaning in the dishwasher.


Practical parents often opt for an extended use high chair, one that you can begin using early or continue using for many years. Sometimes that means a chair with a reclining seat that you can begin using even before baby can sit up. Sometimes it means a high chair that converts to a regular chair when baby no longer needs a feeding station.

Some high chairs have adjustable legs so that they can be shortened and pulled up to the regular table. Some convert to toddler chairs or even table and chair combos.

Baby chairs can be versatile in other ways, too. Some fold for easy storage. Some have wheels for easy moving. Some can be easily carried to grandma’s house or even to your favorite restaurant.

Comfy for Baby

If you have opted for a high chair without a padded seat, your baby can still be comfortable if the seat is well-designed. Generally speaking, babies shouldn’t be sitting in their high chairs for such a long time that their little tushes get sore, no matter what the design of the chair. And a padded seat can be less comfortable than an unpadded seat if the pad has seams or itchy material.

Another factor affecting baby’s comfort that is easily overlooked is the footrest. It’s not comfortable for most adults to sit in a chair with their feet dangling, and it isn’t the best for babies, either.

A baby sitting in a chair without a footrest will fatigue more quickly and have more trouble concentrating on feeding.

Ease of Assembly

A few high chairs come fully assembled, but most of the time assembly is required. Most are relatively easy to assemble, but some chairs, notably those with a pedestal base, can be tricky.

Lots of companies have YouTube videos showing how to assemble their high chairs. That tells you something.

When assembling a high chair, if you are missing parts or if parts appear to be substandard, do not proceed with the assembly. You should contact the manufacturer and get the issue resolved.

If you attempt to solve the problem on your own, you could compromise the safety of the high chair.

Ease of Use

The term ease of use embraces a number of factors. The first thing to look at is the tray. Is it easy to take off and put back on? Ideally, this can be done with one hand as sometimes you have to use the other hand on the baby.

The second thing to look at is the harness. Pick one that holds baby securely but that isn’t a struggle to fasten or unfasten. Also, it shouldn’t be a full-day job to let out the harness as baby grows.

Any other functionality that the high chair possesses should be tested for easy, trouble-free operation. Does the chair recline? It should be easy to adjust. Does the chair fold for storage? It should do so easily and without pinching fingers.

Good Looks!

A baby chair will never be the highlight of your decor, but there is no reason why you should cringe when your eye falls upon your child’s high chair.

With dozens of companies making high chairs for the U.S. market, you should be able to find one that is harmonious with the rest of your house. Since high chairs are designed for the kitchen and not for the baby’s room, most are free of cutesy motifs, going instead for a cleaner, more functional look.

Some of the super modern chairs are sculptural and quite aesthetically pleasing, but they won’t fit in everyone’s house. Some manufacturers offer high chairs with a traditional style that still have a clean, non-fussy look.

Safety Checks

Be sure that the high chair you select is as safe as possible by looking for a JPMA certification sticker. The JPMA is the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, and the seal shows that an outside entity has checked a product and certified that it meets the standards for certification set by the ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials).

Even chairs that have been certified are sometimes recalled when product flaws are discovered. You can check for recalls on the website of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Besides looking for the seal, you can do other checks to ensure that the high chair you select is safe. Push on it to check for wobbles. Fasten and unfasten the buckles of the seat harness. Practice taking the tray on and off. Feel around the chair for sharp edges or rough spots.

The key to a high chair that won’t tip over is the base. Generally speaking, a wider base is more stable. If you are limited on space, a high chair that has a big footprint may not be practical for your home.

Some of the more modern designs, however, have solid bases that are quite stable because the whole base is in contact with the floor.

Safe Practices

No matter how safe a piece of equipment is, it can still be used in an unsafe way. In the case of high chairs, it’s the parents’ job to make sure that children don’t use them such a way that they injure themselves.

There are a couple of reasons why high chair accidents can be serious. First, high chairs are high, and a child who takes a fall will usually be falling about three feet.

Second, kitchen floors are usually hard. Other furniture and counters that baby might come into contact with are usually hard and unforgiving.

Since high chairs have many more safety features than they used to have, one might expect that high chair accidents would be declining. That’s why a 2013 report was worrisome to safety experts.

The report showed an unexplained uptick in child injuries related to high chairs and booster chairs. From 2003 to 2010, an average of one child an hour was treated for such injuries in the United States.

Researchers are unsure of the reasons for the increase. Some say perhaps injuries aren’t on the increase, but parents are simply more likely to take children to the doctor or emergency room after a fall. What they are sure of is how to reduce the number of injuries – by making sure that children are securely strapped in.

Two-thirds of the reported injuries involved children who were standing or climbing when they fell, indicating that they were not properly strapped in. Sometimes parents assume that the tray will hold their child in place, but children are really good at wriggling out of tight places.

A child who is firmly strapped in can still be injured if placed too close to a table or counter. In that case, older or stronger children can sometimes tip a high chair over by pushing against another surface with their feet.

Needless to say, children should always be supervised when in a high chair. No matter which high chair you choose, read the owner’s manual carefully.

The first thing in the manual is safety information, and the manual contains specific information about how to keep your child safe in the high chair you have chosen.

The Right Choice

A report by the CPSC found that 62 companies sell high chairs in the United States. Most, of course, manufacture multiple models. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the huge number of high chairs available. This guide will point you to some of the best choices and assist you in finding just the right high chair for your family and your baby.

Best High Chairs

Boon Flair

This is not your grandmother’s high chair, nor your mother’s for that matter. With a design that is a cross between spaceship and 50’s lunch counter, the Boon Flair will bring a touch of cl ass to your kitchen. And it’s as functional as it is beautiful.

The unique pedestal design gives the chair a small footprint, making it suitable for tight spaces. The pedestal design also means that when you’re ready to pull baby up to the family table, the chair will easily fit under it.

Six urethane wheels reside under the pedestal, making it move easily in all directions. A brake pedal on the base keeps the chair from moving. The height of the seat is adjusted with a pneumatic lift, operated by stepping on a button on the pedestal.

The base of the chair comes in white or gray. The seat pads are available in in vibrant pink, green, orange and blue, providing a pop of color. The chair also gets high marks for being easy to clean.

The almost seamless seat pad and seat mean that there’s nowhere for crumbs and gunk to hide. The tray has a removable insert that is dishwasher safe. The tray itself should not be immersed or placed in the dishwasher.

Some users had trouble taking the tray off and on, but apparently it’s a matter of learning the proper technique. The straps, on the other hand, are very easy to remove. That’s a plus because it makes it easy to remove the seat pad for a thorough cleaning.

Founded in 2004, Boon is a relatively new player in the baby gear game. It had its genesis in founder Rebecca Finell’s attempt to find a good toddler bathtub.

After she designed and marketed the Frog Pod, she decided to expand into other baby gear. In 2011, Boon became a subsidiary of Tomy International. The Boon Flair is one of the higher-priced chairs on the market, but its cost doesn’t keep it from having many fans.


  • Adjustable Seat. Pneumatic lift makes it super simple to raise or lower the seat.
  • Easy to Clean. There are no seams, cracks or crevices, so cleaning is super simple.
  • No-Hassle Straps. The harness assembly is easy to remove and quick to adjust.
  • Easy Assembly. Users reported that assembly is relatively quick and easy.


  • Tray Removal. Operating the catch on the tray isn’t intuitive, but can be learned.
  • Not Reclinable. Baby will need to be old enough to sit in order to use this chair.
  • Footrest Not Adjustable. The fixed footrest may not fit all children.
  • Not Foldable. The chair doesn’t fold for easier storage, and it certainly isn’t portable.


Beginning Age: 6 months or when baby can sit

Age / Weight Limit: 50 lbs. / 4 years

Weight of Chair: 29 lbs.

Footprint: Small (564 sq. in.)

Harness Type: 5-point

ASTM Compliant: Yes

Peg Perego Siesta

Foldable and adjustable, the Peg Perego Siesta gets high marks for useability. Thanks to its ability to recline, it can be used with babies from birth, and it grows with them through their toddler years.

The seat reclines in five positions, and the seat itself has nine height settings. By sliding the seat down to its lowest level, baby can be placed very near floor level, a good spot for watching siblings play.

Rubber wheels make it easy to move, and the wheels are locking, so they won’t move when you don’t want them to. This high chair comes equipped with an extra safety feature.

Instead of having locking devices on the wheels, the wheels stay locked unless the user pushes down two buttons on the sides of the chairs. Some users dislike the fact that it takes two hands to move the chair.

By sliding the seat down to its lowest position, the high chair can be folded into a compact rectangle. When folded, it still stands on its own, so it doesn’t have to be leaned up against a wall.

The tray has a removable insert that is dishwasher safe. If the insert is being washed, however, the tray can be used without the insert. The tray is designed to be removable with one hand, but some users report that the latch is tricky.

That’s a fairly serious issue for a high chair, because you’ll be putting baby in and taking baby out a lot. It might be worthwhile to test it in a store before buying.

The chair is attractive, combining aluminum, white plastic and a seat pad in super saturated colors like orange, raspberry and lime green. You can also get the seat pad in more neutral shades like beige or dark brown.

The seat looks super comfy, with a pad that is covered in Peg Perego’s Prima Classe, a deluxe material that looks and feels like leather.

A net bag on the back of the tray will hold a toy or two or some bibs or wipes. You can buy some cool accessories to use with this chair, including a toy bar and an extra cushion for infants.

Peg Perego is an Italian company that has been making baby gear for 60 years. Its baby items come fully assembled with a two-year warranty. The Siesta is one of the higher-priced chairs on the market, but many users find that it provides solid value for the cost.


  • The numerous adjustments mean that the chair will grow with baby.
  • Moveable and Foldable. The chair has wheels so it can be pushed out of the way. It can also be folded up so that it can be stowed away.
  • Pre-Assembled. You’ll have no assembly woes, because the Peg Perego Prima Pappa comes fully assembled.


  • Tray Trouble. Some users have trouble taking the tray off and on.
  • Not Convertible. The chair doesn’t convert to a different purpose but can be used without the tray as a youth chair.
  • Seat Not Washable. The seat can be wiped but cannot be machine washed or immersed in water.


Beginning Age: Birth

Age / Weight Limit: 45 lbs.

Weight of Chair: 23 lbs.

Footprint: Medium (685 sq. inches)

Harness Type: 5-point

ASTM Compliant: Yes

Abiie Beyond Junior Y

Imagine a beautiful beechwood high chair that grows with your child and can even support an adult’s weight! That’s the Abiie Beyond Y.  In less than 20 seconds the chair’s E-Z seat can be adjusted to fit a baby, toddler, youth or adult. No tools are necessary.

Other features that users like include a waterproof cushion that easily wipes clean. The wooden tray comes with a plastic cover that is dishwasher safe. The tray cover can be removed with one hand. It takes both hands to remove and replace the tray itself.

Users also like that the beechwood comes from a cultivated forest, meaning that it is a renewable and sustainable material. The wood is also treated with heat and pressure so that it is antimicrobial and hygienic for baby.

The chair is striking in appearance. The buyer can choose from natural or mahogany stain for the wood, pairing that with seat cushions in olive, black pearl, cream, raspberry or blueberry. It’s classic design will blend with almost any decor.

Abiie is a company based in Austin. A group of engineers came together to design family-friendly gear using the technology that Austin is famous for. One of the group developed the Beyond Y chair when he couldn’t find a compact chair that would grow with his son.

The chair comes with a 3-year warranty with an option to buy additional years. Its price is moderately high, but many families consider it a bargain since the chair will never be outgrown.


  • Easy to Clean. There are very few places for food to hide, although some users found that the buckles of the harness got food in them and were hard to clean.
  • No-Hassle Straps. The harness assembly is easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Easy Assembly. The chair is designed to require only about 15 minutes for assembly.


  • Tray Removal. Removal of the tray requires two hands, but that means it fits on securely.
  • Small Tray. Some users found that the tray is too small to hold a standard plate.
  • Not Reclinable. Baby will need to be old enough to sit in order to use this chair.
  • Not Foldable. The chair doesn’t fold for storage, but its small footprint means that it doesn’t take up much space.


Beginning Age: 6 months or when baby can sit

Age / Weight Limit: 250 lbs. / no age limit

Weight of Chair: 22 lbs.

Footprint: Super small (370 sq. in.)

Harness Type: Both 3-point and 5-point

ASTM Compliant: Yes

Graco Swift Fold

If you need a high chair that folds quickly, look no further. The Graco Swift Fold can actually be folded with one hand, yet it has all the functionality of a much bulkier seat.

Designed for use from infanthood through early childhood, the Graco Swift Fold is a great choice for parents and also for those who need a high chair occasionally, such as grandparents and babysitters.

Besides the one-handed fold, there are other reasons to like the Graco Swift Fold. The tray can be removed with one hand, and it has a removable insert for easier washing.

The leatherette seat pad wipes down easily, and the infant insert, which provides extra padding for very young babies, is machine washable. The harness straps remove for washing, too.

This chair has wheels on the front so that the chair can be moved from one spot to another. The wheels are not lockable, but because there are no wheels on the back, the chair doesn’t move unless you move it.

Graco tends to use an understated color combo that is heavy on gray. This one comes in shades of gray with turquoise accents. Graco is well-known as a top maker of baby gear, having been in the business for over 60 years.

This chair is also a good budget choice, falling in the low to medium price range.


  • Fairly Easy to Clean. There are some crevices, but this seat still get high marks because of the choice of materials.
  • Tray Removal. Removal of the tray is easy and can be done with one hand.
  • There are three reclining seat positions to fit baby’s needs.
  • Adjustable Height. The chair adjusts to nine different heights.
  • The chair is easy to fold and compact. In folded position it is only 7.5 inches thick.
  • Fully Assembled. The chair is shipped fully assembled.


  • Straps Not Easily Removable. The harness assembly is difficult to remove for cleaning.
  • Small Seat. Some users found that the seat is too small for larger babies.
  • Fixed Footrest. The footrest does not adjust, and smaller babies cannot reach it.


Beginning Age: Birth

Age / Weight Limit: 40 lbs. / 3 years old

Weight of Chair: 26.4 lbs.

Footprint: Medium (698 sq. in.)

Harness Type: 5-point harness, can be converted to 3-point

ASTM Compliant: Yes

Svan Signet Complete

The Signet Complete high chair by Svan is almost unrecognizable as a piece of baby gear. Its sculptural appearance is the antithesis of the traditional baby chair. But don’t be fooled. The Svan Signet is a practical workhorse of a high chair, too.

Designed for ages from 6 months to young adults, the Svan Signet is a beautiful Scandinavian design executed in bentwood. It is available in cherry, mahogany, espresso, natural and whitewash finishes.

Seat pads are sold separately. They are made of a cotton and polyester blend over a polyurethane pad. Pads are machine washable, but the rich colors will bleed, so wash alone.

The Signet Complete comes with the gear needed to make it useable as a high chair: 5-point harness, guard, crotch bar, tray and tray cover.

When no longer needed, these pieces can be removed and the Svan Signet can be pulled up to a regular table or just used for extra seating wherever it is needed. The tray has a plastic insert that can be removed for washing.

The Svan Signet is not foldable, but it does have a small footprint, suitable for tight spaces, and it’s so beautiful you won’t want to put it out of sight. Its ergonomic design features adjustable seat depth and adjustable footrest.

The Signet’s open design means that there aren’t a lot of crevices to trap food. Of course, that means that food will just fall on the floor, but that’s still better than having food caught in hard-to-clean creases.

The Svan Signet is a relatively high-end product, especially when the cost of the seat pads is added to the purchase price.


  • Easy to Clean. Washable seat pad and open design make this chair easier to clean than most.
  • Adjustable Height. The chair features multiple heights.
  • Easy Assembly. Assembly is required, but users said assembly was simple.
  • Straps Easy to Adjust. The harness assembly is easily accessible for adjustment and cleaning.


  • Not Reclinable. Babies will need to be around six months and able to sit on their own before using this chair.
  • Not Foldable. The chair does not fold for storage or travel.
  • Tray Removal. Removal of the tray cannot be done with one hand, and users report that it is difficult to remove the plastic tray cover.
  • Tools Required. Adjustments on the chair require an allen wrench.


Beginning Age: 6 months or when baby can sit

Age / Weight Limit: 90 lbs.

Weight of Chair: 16 lbs.

Footprint: Small  (444 sq. in.)

Harness Type: 5-point harness

ASTM Compliant: Yes

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Total Clean

If you hate cleaning, you’ll love the Fisher-Price Total Clean high chair. The tray, tray insert and seat can be put right into the dishwasher. Of course, they will take up pretty much the entire bottom rack of the dishwasher.

The seat cover goes in the washing machine. One drawback is that there will be times when you will want to use your chair, and the various components will be in some stage of being cleaned. At least you don’t have to scrub the pieces by hand. The harness straps do have to be wiped by hand, but they have a rubberized finish so that gunk comes off easily.

For one final touch, there’s a spot on the front of the chair that stores baby wipes for quick clean-ups.

The second best feature of the Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Total Clean is the multi-use factor. Besides being used as a high chair, it also functions as a Space Saver feeding chair that straps into a regular kitchen chair.

It can be further modified to serve as a booster chair or youth chair. Best of all, if you have a baby and a young child, you can use the seat portion as a feeding chair for your infant and the base portion as a youth chair for your young child. Ingenious, right?

Like most Fisher-Price products, the 4-in-1 Total Clean has no pretentions. It doesn’t purport to be a fancy piece of furniture. Fisher-Price is one of the most reliable names in baby gear, and it doesn’t mind producing products that look as if they are made for children.

In addition, Fisher-Price offerings are usually budget-friendly. This is a lot of baby chair for a price that is in the low to medium price range.


  • Easy to Clean. It’s easy to clean. Really. Promise.
  • Adjustable Height. The chair features six seat heights.
  • Three reclining positions mean you don’t have to wait until baby can sit before you start using.
  • Easy Assembly. Assembly is required, but users reported no difficulties.
  • Straps Easy to Adjust and Clean. The harness straps come in an easy-to-clean finish, and straps adjust easily.
  • The base of the chair folds for storage. It’s easy to stow away if you are using the chair in Space Saver mode.
  • Tray Removal. The tray can be removed with one hand, and it stores on the back of the chair.
  • Wheels on all four legs mean easy moving, and two wheels lock when you are ready to be stationary.


  • Large Footprint. Not only does the chair take up a lot of room in high chair mode, but also it can be a tripping hazard.
  • Tray Issues. Some users had problems with the tray. The insert can be removed by some children, and the tray itself is not a solid piece but can harbor moisture.


Beginning Age: Birth

Age / Weight Limit: 50 lbs.

Weight of Chair: 22 lbs.

Footprint: Large  (814 sq. in.)

Harness Type: 5-point harness

ASTM Compliant: Yes

Badger Basket Envee Convertible

Ingenious might be the right term for this high chair that converts to a play table and chair. Not only can it be converted to a different purpose when baby outgrows it, it can actually be switched back and forth from high chair to play table on a daily basis. That’s how easily it converts.

Besides being great for some parents, the Badger Basket Envee is also well-suited for grandparents and sitters for whom having a piece of double-duty baby gear is especially desirable.

The three-position recline allows baby to lean back a little. This chair is not, however, designed for very young babies. Six months is the recommended age for beginning use. The tray also has three positions so that it can be close to baby for easy feeding.

The recline function can be done with one hand, and the harness can be released one-handed, too. The tray, however, requires two hands to manipulate, which some users dislike. It does make for a more secure feeding experience, however.

The tray has a plastic insert with indentions for cups and food. The insert is dishwasher safe. The seat pad is washable, too. The chair comes in two color combinations: bright blue with orange accents and pink. It’s a cute chair, although it won’t be mistaken for a piece of art.

The Badger Basket company does produce baskets. The 100-year old Wisconsin-based firm began as a manufacturer of wood veneers but soon switched to making baskets.

Today the company makes baskets, hampers and juvenile furniture. It also manufactures a line of doll furniture. The Badger Basket Envee is a budget-priced bit of baby gear that will serve some families well.


  • Three reclining positions mean that baby can lean back to drink from a bottle or cup.
  • Easy Assembly. Assembly is required, but users reported no difficulties.
  • The chair can be moved around easily due to its light weight.
  • Easy Conversion. The high chair to chair-and-table conversion is super simple.


  • Not Easy to Clean. The seat pad is machine washable, but the chair in general is not easy to clean due to the number of crevices for food to hide.
  • Tray Troubles. Some users report that the springs which hold the tray insert in place break easily. This issue is in addition to two hands being required to remove the tray insert and to remove and replace the tray itself.
  • Due to its all-plastic construction, the chair is not as solid-feeling as other chairs.


Beginning Age: 6 months or when baby can sit

Age / Weight Limit: 6 years / 40 lbs. when used as a play table

Weight of Chair: 19 lbs.

Footprint: Medium  (612 sq. in.)

Harness Type: 5-point harness

ASTM Compliant: Yes

Stokke Tripp Trapp

In 1972 Peter Opsvik had an idea for a high chair that was much more than a high chair. He created an ergonomic seat that grows with the child. Crafted in beautiful beechwood, the Stokke Tripp Trapp has been gathering fans ever since.

Those who love the Tripp Trapp enjoy its clean, modern look. They also like that the chair can be used  for years. In fact, the chair will support a 300-pound adult.

A small footprint makes this chair good for tight spaces, and the simple design without pads means that it is easy to clean.

Some who have tried the Tripp Trapp haven’t been as enamored of it. In order to use the chair like an ordinary high chair, you must purchase a baby set and a tray.

You will probably also want a cushion as the baby seat is not cushioned. The cost of these three accessories alone will equal the cost of a different brand of medium-priced chair. The chair does come with a 5-point harness.

Another issue with the Tripp Trapp is stability. After some incidents in which babies were able to tip the chairs over, Stokke manufactured extensions for the “gliders” – the long pieces of wood on which the chair sits. Presumably these extensions have solved the problem as the Stokke meets the ASTM standards for safety.

The basic concept of the Tripp Trapp has been adapted by many other baby gear manufacturers. Look at the Svan Signet or the Abiie Beyond Junior Y, and you will notice a similarity. You may be able to save some money by going with another brand, but many Tripp Trapp owners are true fans who wouldn’t think of switching.

The Tripp Trapp now comes in eleven beautiful colors in addition to the natural wood choice. You can even have your child’s name laser engraved on the chair.

The chair is now available in oak in addition to the original beechwood. It comes with a 7-year guarantee on the wooden parts. Stokke is a Norwegian company, but its products are marketed worldwide. Even without accessories, the Tripp Trapp falls into the high-end category pricewise.


  • Easy to Clean. Open design means few places for food to hide. Simply wipe with a damp cloth after using.
  • Adjustable Heights. The chair seat and the footrest have multiple adjustments for a perfect fit for all children.
  • Easy Assembly. Assembly is simple.


  • Not Reclinable. Even with the baby set, babies will need to be about six months old to use this chair.
  • Not Foldable or Easily Moveable. The chair does not fold for storage or travel, and it is awkward to move, although it is not heavy.
  • Tray Issues. The optional tray takes two hands to remove. There is no tray insert or cover for easier cleaning.
  • Tools Required. Adjustments on the chair require an allen wrench.


Beginning Age: 6 months or when baby can sit

Age / Weight Limit: 300 lbs.

Weight of Chair: 16 lbs.

Footprint: Small  (396 sq. in.)

Harness Type: 5-point harness

ASTM Compliant: Yes

Ingenuity Smartclean 3-in-1

If you are looking for a low-priced high chair with premium features, you’ll love the Ingenuity Smartclean 3-in-1. It takes cleanliness seriously, with a tray, tray insert and seat pad that are dishwasher safe. And those harness straps that get so yucky? They can be tossed right into the clothes washer.

Besides, ease of cleaning, the Ingenuity Smartclean 3-in1 has lots of other features to love. Parents will cheer at the four-position tray that gives baby just the right amount of room. They will also like that the tray can be removed with one hand.

The 3-in-1 moniker means that the chair converts from high chair to booster chair to toddler seat. This is how it works. When the seat assembly is resting in the base assembly, it is a traditional high chair.

If you lift out the seat assembly and strap it into a kitchen chair, you are using it as a booster chair. With the seat removed, the base assembly becomes a toddler chair.

If you are trying to accommodate both a baby and a toddler, you can handle both with just this chair by taking the seat and base apart.

The Ingenuity Smartclean 3-in-1 is not recommended for babies less than 6 months old. The seat does  recline, but not enough to accommodate a baby who can’t sit alone.

The Ingenuity line is produced by Kids II. Although it’s not as well known as some other baby gear companies, the company has been making baby products for 40 years. They have a reputation for creating versatile products at an affordable price.


  • Easy to Clean. Tray, tray insert and seat pad are dishwasher safe but also clean up easily with a wet cloth or in the kitchen sink.
  • The seat can be reclined for baby’s comfort, but does not lean far back like the high chairs that accommodate infants.
  • Easy Assembly. Assembly is easy, users said.
  • Straps Easy to Adjust and Clean. The harness straps are machine washable and easy to use.
  • Tray Removal. The tray can be removed with one hand.


  • Large Footprint. Not only does the chair take up a lot of room in high chair mode, but also it can be a tripping hazard.
  • No Height Adjustment. Lack of height adjustment takes away some flexibility. The toddler chair, for example, may not pull up to all tables, depending on the height.
  • Not Foldable. The chair does not fold for storage or transport.
  • Auto-Locking Wheels. The manufacturer calls the wheels auto-locking, but numerous users report that the wheels don’t roll at all, making it difficult to move the chair.


Beginning Age: 6 months or when baby can sit

Age / Weight Limit: 50 lbs.

Weight of Chair: 20 lbs.

Footprint: Large  (741 sq. in.)

Harness Type: 5-point harness for high chair, 3-point harness for toddler chair

ASTM Compliant: Yes

BabyBjorn High Chair

And now for a high chair that’s minimalist in a slightly different way. The BabyBjorn high chair is reminiscient of Eames-style molded plastic chairs.

The chair doesn’t have a pad, and its unique design means that a three-point harness is sufficient for safety, so you don’t have the usual clump of harness straps.

The tray on the BabyBjorn high chair functions as part of the child restraint. It is not removed but instead swivels out of the way. A removable tray insert is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The one-piece body means that there are no crevices for food to lodge. The ergonomic body provides a comfy seat without padding. The chair is foldable, portable and attractive in a retro way. It comes in light green with white legs or in white with black legs.

Intended for use from 6 months to 3 years, the BabyBjorn doesn’t have the extended use that some chairs do. The company website says that there is no weight limit for the chair, but the chair is made small so that babies over 3 years are unlikely to fit. The website does say to discontinue use after your child reaches 38 inches.

Headquartered in Stockholm, BabyBjorn is a family-owned business that was founded in 1961. The company’s designers pride themselves on fusing form and function in a pleasing way. The company’s products tend to be high-end, but they are durable and have many users who swear by their quality.


  • Easy to Clean. Tray insert is dishwasher safe, and the smooth, seamless surface of the chair cleans up easily.
  • Compact Design. The design of the chair means that it doesn’t take up much floor space and it can also be pulled up close to the dining table, if desired, because the tray doesn’t stick far out.
  • No Assembly. Chair comes fully assembled.
  • Light and Foldable. The chair weighs only 11 pounds, and it folds for storage.


  • Not Reclinable. The molded plastic design means that the chair doesn’t recline, but it does provide good ergonomic support for baby.
  • No Height Adjustment. Height cannot be adjusted for environment or personal preference.
  • Operation Not Intuitive. The maneuvers that are required to move the tray and to fold the chair are not intuitive, although they are easy once learned.
  • Too Small. Some users stated that their babies outgrew this chair long before three years of age.


Beginning Age: 6 months or when baby can sit

Age / Weight Limit: 3 years old, or 38 inches tall

Weight of Chair: 11 lbs.

Footprint: Small  (441 sq. in.)

Harness Type: 3-point harness combined with tray and crotch post

ASTM Compliant: Yes

And the Winner Is!

If you are looking for safety, easy cleaning and versatility, you can’t go wrong with the Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Total Clean. With its seat that reclines for infants and its youth seat that will accommodate up to 50 pounds, you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth out of this ingenious design.

The Total Clean features are a big plus, too, although no chair is going to get rid of all your cleaning issues. Affordability is another selling point for Fisher-Price products.

You may also want to check out the best folding high chairs.

If you don’t need a chair that will accommodate an infant, the Ingenuity Smart Clean 3-in-1 offers many of the same options as the Fisher-Price model. The Graco Swift Fold offers multiple features for a good price, too.

Of course, if looks are high on your list, you’ll probably opt for one of the wooden models, and they do offer lots of cool features, too, although they tend to be pricey.

In the final analysis, parents just want what’s best for baby. The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Total Clean fills the bill with a design that’s both versatile and safe, along with easy to clean surfaces that won’t put baby’s health at risk.


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