Best Changing Tables



best changing tables

Outside of your crib, one of the main pieces of furniture that is in most nurseries is a changing table.

Not many mothers are thrilled at the thought of changing tables due to the nature of their use, but they are still necessary to make life easier on you when it comes to keeping your little one in fresh diapers throughout the day.

Here are ten of the best changing tables we like:


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Changing Diapers

Changing diapers is a task no one really enjoys, but everyone needs to do if they plan on caring for a baby. The change itself doesn’t last that long.

In fact, it could only take a few minutes. The reason why diaper changes get such a bad rep isn’t the length of time that it takes, but the frequency at which it is needed.

In fact, according to the National Diaper Bank Network, the average child goes through 6 to 10 diapers a day.This will vary of course depending on whether your child is breastfed or formula fed. This means that your child will be changed every 2-3 hours.

You don’t want to keep your child in a soiled diaper for very long because it increases the chance of a rash or infection. It is also uncomfortable for your child. Making sure your child is changed regularly into a clean diaper is important for their health.

Changing diapers isn’t that difficult if you know what you are doing. According to Baby Center, the process of changing a diaper is very similar between disposables and cloth. Cloth just usually has a few more steps in order to assemble the diaper.

Before you start the change, you must first wash your hands. You should also have a clean area on which you will be changing your child.

Before setting your child on the changing table or other area, you should prepare the supplies. This means you need to get out a diaper, wipes, and possibly baby cream if needed.

You should not put your baby on the changing surface until you are ready to fully focus on your child. Babies are very squirmy, and can easily wiggle off the changing table if you are distracted with reaching for a diaper or something else.

This is why it is important to only be focused on your baby. If you do need to fetch something, then you need to take your child off the changing surface to reduce the chances of injury while you fetch the item.

Once you and your child are ready, unfold the clean diaper and place it underneath while your child still has the old diaper on.

The only exception to this is if the current diaper is messy on the outside as well as internally. Your main goal here is to eliminate the mess on the actual changing surface. It is easiest to use the new diaper as a pad, but a towel or cover can also work.

When the new diaper is in place, you can begin to unfasten the old diaper. If you are changing a girl, you simply need to pull the diaper down. If you are changing a boy, you must keep something covering his penis to avoid him spraying everywhere.

If your child has only peed, you can just fold the diaper in half. If your child has pooped, you will want to try and get as much of the poop in the diaper instead of on your child. After which, the diaper can be folded in half under your child’s bottom.

With the old diaper under your child, and your new diaper under the old diaper, you are now ready to clean your child. Use a wipe or cloth to wipe the mess away.

You should wipe towards her bottom of your child is a girl in order to avoid infection. You may need to life your child up by holding their legs in order to get the most thorough cleaning.

When the child is all clean, you can set aside the dirty diaper and set your child down on the prepared clean diaper. As long as your child isn’t still wet from the wipes, you can now fasten the new diaper on your child.

Wait to dispose of the dirty diaper until your child is fully clothed and no longer on the changing surface. Again, you do not want to be distracted even for a second while your child is still on the changing surface.

Once your child has been placed in a safe location, then you can turn back to the changing surface and fold up the old diaper before disposing of it.

After completing the change, you should wash both your hands and the changing surface.

Changing Table Alternatives

While changing tables are the easiest way to change your child, there are also other alternatives. Whether you invest in a changing table, or choose an alternative will mainly depend on your budget and space.


One option many mothers consider is using a dresser as their changing table. They just invest in a good changing pad, and place it on top of a low dresser.

The pros to this is that you will be able to keep the dresser long after your child grows out of diapers. This method will also save space since instead of buying a dresser and changer separately, you can combine the two pieces in one.

The major downside is that a dresser does not have the guard rails or other safety features a regular changing table would have.

Travel or Folding Changing Table

A second option for those who are concerned with space is to purchase a travel or folding changing table. These can easily be stashed between uses.

The cons for this is that fold away changers aren’t always as sturdy as they are made with minimal materials in order to be easily stored.

You will also always have the added step of retrieving the changing table whenever you need to change your child, versus having a changing table always ready.

Pack N Plays

Many cribs and Pack N Plays have an attached changing table. Some cribs the changer is a slab that can be removed. Others the changer is built in. This is another great space saver idea.

The downside is that they may slide around on the top of the crib, giving your child an unstable surface. They also do not always have the proper guard rails.

Having built-in changers takes away the versatility in location for your changer, as you are limited to the end of your crib to change your child.

Changing Mat

The last option for changers is very popular for the busy parent. This is simply using a travel changer mat anywhere in the house that you may be.

Couches and beds tend to be the most popular places to change your little one. You can use a caddy, similar to a shower caddy, to pack all the changing supplies as well as the changing mat.

You can easily carry the caddy into whatever room your little one is in. That way, it is handy whenever you are ready to change them.

The pros to this last method is that it is one of the cheapest options for changing surfaces. It is also the most versatile because you are not stuck in a specific room or specific spot.

It makes changing the fastest and most convenient out of all the other options. The down side of this option is again the lack of safety equipment.

Beds and couches do not have the railings or other features to help keep your child safe. On the go changers also tend to be smaller, which increases the risk of making a mess on your household furniture.

Changing Tables

Changing tables are the only option that follows all the proper safety protocols when it comes to changing your child. They also often times offer many other useful features like additional storage.

But a changing table isn’t always conducive to everyone’s situation. If you, however, have the space and finances to invest in a good changing table, they are handy to have.

You may also want to check out the best changing pad covers.

Changing Table Safety Guidelines

Changing tables are great for easily changing your child because they keep your child at the level needed to reach them without too much strain.

Unfortunately, that height also risks your child falling off the table. This is why certain safety guidelines should be followed.

The Federal Register outlines a couple of the basic safety guidelines a changing table must meet in order to be considered safe for distribution.

Many of these guidelines are focused on the stability of the table, as well as safety features available on the table. They highly warn parents to only use changing tables to change their child, and not for anything else like napping.

Guard Rails

One of the main safety features that changing tables have are guard rails. These can vary in height from brand to brand.

The best rails are high enough to prevent a child from simply rolling out, but not so high that you are not able to easily reach your child. The railings are only meant to keep a child safe who is lying down, not sitting or standing.

Safety Belt

A second safety feature some changing tables or changing mats offer is a strap or belt that will hold your child in place. This can help prevent your child from wiggling off the table.

Though, this isn’t always recommended as the belt can give a mother a false sense of security. The belt should never replace supervision. It is best to place a hand on your child at all times during the changing process.


Changing tables are built to withstand the weight of your child up to about 30 pounds. A changing table should not easily rock or move while you change, as this could either jiggle your child around and cause bruising, or cause them to roll off the table altogether. Most changing tables are made from some type of wood for a sturdier build.

Safe Surfaces

Changing tables should not have any surfaces or areas that can hurt your child. This includes sharp edges and screws, as your child could easily scratch themselves on either.

Small openings can also pose a hazard for your child getting their hand caught. Pointed corners or designs can pose a risk of your child hitting their head or other body parts on that area which can cause bruising.

Safety Certifications

It is always best to look for changing tables with certifications of safety from one or more places. This will give you the peace of mind that someone looked over the product and checked for all the regular and irregular safety hazards it could pose.

Changing Table Features


Changing tables offer many great features that make it easier and more convenient to change your little one. One of the most important non-safety features of a changing table is the storage options.

If you have a changing area, you will most likely be keeping your diaper creams and diapers nearby to make the process as seamless as possible. This can be made even easier by choosing a changing table that has built-in draws and shelves.

Drawers and Shelves

If you have the changing table in your little one’s room, you will probably want drawers so that you can use a child lock to keep your child from getting into the changing supplies.

Shelves would leave the supplies exposed. Though, if you do not plan on leaving your child around the changer, shelves would be a great way to keep the storage options versatile.

Just be aware that if your shelves don’t have sides or a back, the items can be easily bumped out by your knee during the process of changing your little one.


Some changers offer basket drawers for an added cute factor. They look great in certain circumstances, but they usually aren’t as sturdy as drawers. They also do not work as well if you plan on using child locks on the drawers.

Are for the Diaper Bin

Some changers offer an area for the diaper bin. If you just changed your little one, you may not want to be trekking across the room or house in order to dispose of the dirty diaper.

It is easier to keep the bin close to the changer to make the toss faster. Of course, having a diaper bin in your child’s nursery isn’t the most attractive décor, which is why being able to hide it inside the changing table can be a great option.

You may want to look into changing tables with different sized drawers. You will need larger drawers to accommodate the hoards of diapers you accumulate. On the other hand, you do not want to be reaching into an endless pit in order to retrieve a tiny bottle of diaper cream.

Setting up a Changing Table

When you set up your changing table, there are a couple basic things to keep in mind according to The Bump.

The first is the placement of the changing table. In order to make the changing table more stable as well as limit the options your child has for escape off the table, you can use the walls as natural safety barriers.

This way, the wall can guard one side, while you stand on the other, leaving your child completely surrounded for their protection.

You can limit the risks even further by placing the changing table in a corner so that two sides are protected. Just keep in mind that when doing this, no space should be left between the changer and the wall where your child could get stuck.

When you’ve chosen a good location for the changing table, double check the surroundings. Look at where doors open or how the air flows.

You don’t want your child to over-heat or get a chill while on the changing table. You also don’t want any hanging drapes or strings nearby that your child could get caught in.

Not all changing tables come with changing pads. These are important for keeping your child comfortable, and in place. Often times changing pads are dipped in the center to limit the amount of wiggling your child does. Some pads also have safety belts to help hold your child in place.

When looking for a changing pad, first check the dimensions to make sure it will fit on your changing table. Second, double check how easy it is to clean. You do not want a pad that holds in foul odors or moisture that can turn into mold.

When you get a pad, you will also want a changing pad cover. Even if the pad itself isn’t waterproof, the cover at least should be.

This makes the entire changing table more sanitary as the cover can be removed and thrown in the wash, which will prolong the life of the changing pad itself.

When you are changing your child, you will want to be able to quickly reach all your supplies without having to take your attention away from your child.

The supplies should be gathered before fetching your child, so you shouldn’t be reaching into drawers while your child is on the changing table.

This is where a side table can come in handy. You can keep this in mind when placing the changing table so that it is next to a flat surface that you can set your supplies on.

Your life can be made even more convenient if the changing table itself has an area to place the supplies. Just make sure you don’t put them where your child can easily reach them.

You may have quick reflexes, but they may seriously be hindered if you have a dirty diaper in your hand when your child decides to reach for the diaper cream as their mid-change snack.

When setting up the changing table, you may want to consider adding a sort of distraction. Your child will get restless lying on their back for a long period of time.

You can help prolong their patience with the process by clipping a toy to the railing of the changing table. I say clip the toy because you don’t want your child throwing the toy on the floor causing you to be interrupted during the change, or worse, throwing the toy onto the soiled diaper.

Taking the extra time to set up your child’s changing table now can save you a world of trouble later. So many of the headaches involved with changing your child’s diaper can be easily avoided by a few little tweaks here and there.

Once you have set up the table, don’t feel like you are stuck in that setup. Feel free to play around with different ideas until you find a setup that works best for you and your child.

Best Changing Tables Reviewed

Graco Lauren Changing Table

The Graco Lauren changing table is one of the cheapest options available for a simple changing table. Graco offers this changing table in five different colors, all made out of solid pine wood.

The changing table comes with a 1-inch changing pad. The pad also has a safety belt attached for added protection for your child.

This changing table is a very basic design. There are three layers to the changing table. The bottom and middle are both shelves, while the top is the changing area.

Both the headboard and the footboard are extra tall, while both sides are lower to give you an easier access to your child during the changing process.

The entire changing table is on wheels. This can be convenient if you’d like the ability to move the changing table into different areas of the house during the day to make it easier to access for quick changes.

When you’ve found a placement for the table, two of the four wheels have a safety lock to prevent it for shifting and rolling during the actual change.


  • This changing table is a sleek and portable design, able to move easily and nearly anywhere.
  • The changing table comes with a changing pad.
  • This is one of the cheapest options for changing tables.
  • The changing table takes minimal assembly, and that which needs to be put together is very easy to assemble.
  • The table is JPMA certified and meets all the requirements of the CPSC and ASTM.



  • The wheels take away some of the stability of the changing table, especially since only two of the wheels lock.
  • The headboard and footboard are tall enough that they can hinder your elbow space when changing your child.
  • The pad that is included with the changing table is very thin and flat.
  • The shelves have no backings or sidings.

Graco is a name that is trusted in so many other baby products such as strollers and car seats. If you just wanted a basic changer for a great price, they are a brand you can usually count on to provide good quality.

You have the added benefit of mobility if you wanted the flexibility of changing wherever you needed in the house, or you can leave the wheels off and just use it as a stationary changer.


Graco Changing Table

For a slightly higher price than the first changing table, Graco offers a second stationary changing table option.

This changing table has a slightly classier look, coming across as more of a piece of decorative furniture than the previous basic changing table. The four different color options make this piece an even better fit for nearly any nursery design.

This changing table, like the previous one, also comes with a water-resistant changing pad and safety strap. The changing pad is not the best quality, but it does its job.

The changing table itself is entirely made of wood, and stands on four stationary legs. When it is completely assembled, the entire changing table is very sturdy. The assembly itself only takes about 30 minutes, and it uses just one wrench which is included.

The changing table has three levels. The bottom is right next to the floor. The center level has a shelf. The top level holds the changing pad.

There is a railing that goes around three sides of the changing table. On one of the long sides, the railing dips ever so slightly to give the parent an easier access to their child.

The header and footer both have an added curved top rail that adds slight height. The back of the changing table is raised to a height that makes it nearly impossible for a child to climb over easily.

This adds safety as well as a little decorative effect which corresponds to their coordinating crib.


  • The railings make it very difficult for your child to fall out without compromising your access.
  • The changing table looks more like décor so it doesn’t take away from your nursery’s look.
  • The table comes with a changing pad and strap.
  • The changing table has complied with the regulations of the CPSC and the ASTM.
  • The changing table is quick and easy to assemble.



  • The changing pad is relatively thin.
  • The shelves have no sidings or backings keeping the items from falling off.
  • The changing table tends to scratch easily.

This Graco changing table is a slight step up from the basic changer on wheels. It still does not offer any frills or organizational options on their shelves.

But as a changer, it does its job well, and even more importantly it does its job safely. You also get the peace of mind that the high quality of Graco products offers.


Badger Basket Modern Changing Table

The Badger Basket Modern changing table gives a little more organization to an otherwise simple changing table. The changing table comes in three different colors that can match most nurseries.

A changing pad comes with the changing tables as well as a safety belt to help keep your child safety on the table.

The frame of the changing table is very simple. The railings on all four sides are very low, and do not have any slats that your child could get stuck in.

The headboard and footboard have an additional top railing. A 1-inch mattress is nestled on the top. The entire changing table is made from solid wood, and stands sturdily on four short feet.

Below the changer is a unique and versatile storage system. On the right side of the lower compartment are three storage drawers.

These are big enough to fit your diapers and clothing, but they are also small enough that your diaper creams won’t get lost in a bottomless pit. There is no back on the changing table, so the drawers can be slid in on the other side if you’d prefer them to be on the left.

On the left side, there is a large hamper. The manufacturer suggests that the hamper can be replaced with a diaper pail if you would find that more useful. All the drawers and the hamper are made from a canvas-like fabric.


  • There is plenty of room for storage and options for organization.
  • The hamper can also be replaced with a diaper pail.
  • The changing table comes with a changing pad and safety belt.



  • The railings are low all the way around, so the changing table will need to be against a wall for better protection against falls.
  • The included changing pad is very thin.
  • The changing table is diffuse to assemble with unclear instructions.
  • Some of the pieces are not always cut straight, which makes the assembly even more difficult.
  • The baskets are made of a cheap material that starts to come apart after a short period of time.

The Badger Basket changing table is one of the few changing tables that provides the option to hide your diaper pail. The canvas baskets also provide added organization that many of the simple shelf changing tables do not provide. While the changing table has great features, it is unfortunately not well made and is very difficult to assemble.


Badger Basket Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table

Badger also created a very unique corner changing table that can be a great space saver. It comes in just two colors, a white and a dark brown.

It also comes with a changing pad that has a safety belt. In addition, it has two storage compartments as well as a couple shelves.

Instead of the regular rectangular design of most changing tables, Badger gave this table a little of a different look in order to save some space in the nursery.

It is made with a flat front that leads back to a pointed head. The changing pad is placed down the center, so that you are standing at the foot of the mat where it lines up with the flat front.

On either side of the changing pad are pointed shelves for your changing supplies. If you look at the changing table from above, the entire table looks like a diamond shape with a flat base. This is how it slips right into all corners.

Underneath the top section is a diverse storage system. Underneath the two top shelves on either side of the changing pad are two more shelves on either side.

The front of the changing table holds a small top drawer and a large hamper. The hamper can be removed and replaced with a diaper pail, just like Badger’s other table.

The pointed shelves make it awkward to fit additional storage boxes outside of the top drawer.


  • There are two top shelves for placing your changing items.
  • The unique corner design of the changing table helps save space.
  • A changing pad with a safety belt is included with the changing table.
  • You can store your diaper pail in the changing table.



  • The shelves are an awkward shape for storage.
  • This is one of the most expensive changing table options on the list.
  • The quality is very poor, and only the frame is wooden, which makes the entire changing table slightly wobbly.
  • The changing table is difficult and time consuming to assemble.
  • The changing pad is cornered to fit on the table, which means that regular covers do not fit it.

This changing table is a great concept with poor execution. All the features, as well as the corner design, make this perfect for many smaller nurseries that may not have room for a regular changing table.

If the quality of the product itself were better, this changing table would receive a much better review from customers.


Dream on Me Emily Changing Table

The Dream on Me Emily style changing table is the cheapest option from this list, yet does not compromise on quality.

This sturdy wooden changing table comes in five different color options. It also comes with a 1-inch thick changing pad as well as a safety strap.

The changing table has two equally high long side rails. These rails have slats vertically down the side. On either end of the changing table are slightly raised headboards.

The entire changing table stands on four feet. These feet are somewhat thinner than some other changing tables. Despite the legs being thinner, the changing table still remains decently sturdy. Assembly is quick and easy with this changing table.

Underneath the changing table are two shelves. The shelves are large, and provide adequate space for storage boxes and baskets.

What makes these shelves better than some of the other changing table shelves are the raised edges. The edges help prevent the boxes and items from sliding off the shelves, or being bumped by your knee.

While most changing tables have some sort of ridge, the Emily changing table actually has raised sides for a more secure tray-like set up for the shelves.


  • This is one of the cheapest changing table options available.
  • The changing table is stable without any added bulk.
  • The shelves have raised edges to keep the items more secure.
  • The changing table comes with a changing pad and strap.
  • The changing table is very easy to assemble.



  • The shelves are not made of the same sturdy wood as the frame.
  • The changing table bottom is made from the same flimsy material as the shelves.
  • The changing table’s weight limit is 25 pounds instead of the regular 30 pounds.
  • The changing pad is very thin.

Overall, this Emily changing table is a great alternative for those wishing to save a bit of money. It is definitely one of the better quality cheaper changing tables.

That being said, if you do have a little extra money, it may be worth spending a little more for a better quality changing table that can be kept long-term for future children.


Dream on Me Ashton Changing Table

The Dream on Me Ashton changing table is a slightly sturdier, though also more expensive option for those who like the Dream on Me brand.

This changing table offers great versatility in room décor as it comes in nine different color options in order to fit everyone’s needs. The changing table also comes with a 1-inch changing pad and safety strap.

The changing table top is designed similar to the Dream on Me Emily. It has vertical slats running all around the safety rails.

The difference is that the headboard and footboard are equal in height to the long side. The second long side is the one that is raised in order to give extra security against your child rolling off of the table.

The entire changing table is made from New Zealand pine wood. It has four thick legs that give the changing table extra stability.

There are two shelves underneath the changing table. These do not have as high of walls, so boxes and baskets can be bumped off the shelf easier. But there is a slight ridge to help reduce the chances of this happening.


  • The changing table comes with a changing pad and safety strap.
  • There are more color options than most other changing tables.
  • The back of the changing table is raised for extra security.
  • The changing table meets the standards of the CPSC and ASTM.



  • The changing pad is very flimsy and will probably need to be replaced.
  • The railings are slightly higher than some other changing table options, which can be inconvenient when changing your little one.
  • The board underneath the changing area is pretty thin, and may not hold up to heavier children.
  • The paint scratches off very easily.

The Dream on Me Ashton changing table has more stability and quality than their cheaper Emily table. That being said, it doesn’t quite have the same quality as some of the other changing tables in the same price range.

Overall, the table looks attractive, and does its basic job. It just doesn’t have too much else to recommend it.


 Costzon Baby Changing Table Infant diaper Nursery Station

The Costzon Baby changing table is an organizational mom’s dream. Instead of shelves, you have the option of six different sized drawers to help keep all your supplies on hand.

The changing table comes in four different color options. It also comes with a changing pad and safety belt.

The changing table has four low safety rails all around. Each of the rails are equal in height, and has a slight dip in the center of the rail to make it easier for the parent to reach their child.

The rails each have one long horizontal slat that is wide enough to only leave a slight gap between the slat and the table. The entire changing table sits on four wide legs for added stability.

Underneath the changing table are six drawers made from polyester and cotton. The drawers sit on side rails instead of shelves.

On the right are three wide drawers for your larger items such as clothing, diapers, or toys. On the left are three shorter drawers. These are perfect for those smaller items you don’t want to lose whether diaper creams, or thermometers.

The front of the drawers have label frames to allow you to label what is inside each drawer. This will help you remain organized even when you can’t see what’s inside the drawers.

It will also help reduce the time you may have taken rummaging around drawers, as you will know exactly what is in each drawer without ever having to check.


  • There are six drawers to help you keep organized.
  • The drawers have label frames to remind you where you stored your supplies.
  • The changing table comes with a changing pad and safety belt.
  • The railings dip in the middle so you can reach over them easier to change your child.
  • The drawers can be put in either direction depending on where you put your changing table.



  • The drawers don’t have a back, so they can fall out behind if the changing table isn’t against a wall.
  • There is no shelves underneath the drawers if you wanted to take the drawers out.
  • None of the railings are raised to prevent your child from rolling off of the changing table.
  • The canvas drawers tend to bend out of shape after a short period of use.
  • This changing table is a little more difficult to assemble.
  • The changing pad is pretty thin.

This changing table definitely has an edge when it comes to organization. There aren’t too many other changing tables out there that offer more than six separate drawers.

While the drawers aren’t the highest quality, they can easily be replaced by other standard canvas drawers that can be found in craft stores.


Delta Children 2-in-1 Changing Table and Storage Unit

The Delta Children 2-in-1 changing table and storage unit is designed more as a storage unit that has a changing table than a changing table with a storage unit.

This makes the changing table easy to convert to a regular storage unit after your child grows out of diapers. It is available in four different colors. The changing table comes with a changing pad and safety belt.

The entire changing table has a more sturdy design than most since it is built to be a storage unit. Instead of four feet like regular changing tables, this storage unit has three walls that come all the way down to the floor.

This gives the inside of the unit a cave-like design. The bottom of the storage unit is a bin where the fourth wall facing out is raised high enough to accommodate throwing toys or stacking towels in the bottom.

In the middle of the unit is a center shelf. There are no ridges on the front, but they are not needed as the rest of the shelf is enclosed in walls.

The top of the unit is the changing area. The walls on the three sides extend slightly higher to act as solid railings. The front section is guarded by a single horizontal slab at the same height as the walls.

This makes the top easy to convert into another shelf when you no longer need it to act as a changing area.


  • This changing table can be used both as a changing table and a storage unit.
  • The solid base gives the entire unit extra stability.
  • A changing pad and safety belt are included.
  • There is plenty of storage space, including the deep bin at the bottom.
  • The changing table meets the safety standards of the CPSC and the ASTM.
  • The changing table is JPMA certified.



  • There are no extra high railings on the sides opposite where you stand in order to prevent your child from rolling off. All railings instead are low to the table.
  • There is only one shelf for boxes and organization. The bin area is not as easy to organize.
  • The assembly is more difficult, and needs two people to start out.
  • The backboards are thin pieces of plywood.
  • The changing pad is very thin.

This is a more versatile option as its use is not just limited to using it as a changing table. You know that the money and effort you put into getting the table will benefit you long after your child outgrows its use. The design is basic and sleek and can work anywhere in the house as a storage unit.


Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

The Delta Children Eclipse changing table is a sturdy, solid wood changing table with a sleek decorative style that can compliment most nurseries.

The changing table comes in seven different color options. A changing pad and safety straps are included with the changing table.

The changing table is surrounded by four safety rails with vertical slats running the length of each side. The far side has a solid extender on top of the railings to heighten the side that you are not standing at.

This helps prevent your child from rolling off the changing table. All other sides are the same height. On the corners facing you are two decorative corners that are slightly raised. These can be used to hang accessories or towels between uses.

Below the changing table are two storage shelves. Both storage shelves have raised sides to prevent any storage baskets from being bumped off the shelves.

On either side of the shelves are walls made from long vertical slabs. These are both decorative, as well as functional as they add extra security to your storage bins. The storage bins are not included. The entire changing table sits on four sturdy legs.


  • A changing pad comes with the changing table.
  • The shelves have raised edges to prevent storage bins from being knocked off the shelf.
  • There are sides to the shelves for extra security.
  • The back of the changing table is raised to prevent your child from falling off the table.
  • The entire changing table meets the standards of the ASTM.
  • The changing table is JPMA certified.



  • There are no bins or drawers that come with the changing table for more organization.
  • The front doesn’t dip to help you access your child easier.
  • The changing pad is flimsy and should probably be replaced.
  • The unit is more difficult to assemble.

This is a very sturdy, yet attractive changing table. Instead of the regular cube-like design of other changing tables, Delta adds some curvature to their railings because they know that functionality is not equivalent to boring. Delta has always been one of the more popular and trusted names in cribs and other nursery furniture.


Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad, Wilmington

Delta offers a basic infant changing table with a simpler design for those who just need a functional changing table in their Wilmington design.

There are no frills on this changing table, but it still is attractive and sturdy. This Delta changing table comes in five different color options. It also comes with a changing pad and safety belt.

There is not as much wood and railings on the Wilmington changing table. It uses just the bare necessities to get the job done, while remaining safe.

The changing table area is surrounded on four sides by a railing that is filled in with vertical slabs the entire length of each side. The back of the changing table has a raised solid arch to add height in prevention of your child falling off the changing table.

There are two shelves below the changing area. Unlike the raised sides of the Eclipse shelves, this infant changing table only has a slight ridge around the shelving area.

There are no walls or backing to the shelves, so both shelves are left open. The changing table stands are four sturdy legs.


  • The changing table comes with a changing pad and safety belt.
  • The back of the changing table is raised.
  • The changing table meets the standards of the ASTM.
  • The changing table is JPMA certified.



  • There are no walls keeping the baskets or boxes on the shelf.
  • The changing pad is very thin.
  • The front of the changing table doesn’t dip to give easier access to your child.
  • The assembly is more difficult.

This is one of Delta’s simplest changing table designs. There are no frills or extra bells and whistles. For some parents, this may be just what they wanted.

It offers the security and safety of the Delta name. You will be able to use this changing table for multiple children if needed.


The Winner

There are not many differences from one changing table to the next. Most offer very similar features from storage space to railings for your child’s safety.

What specific storage space you are looking for can vary from parent to parent. But, the most versatile and sturdy of all the changing table options listed is the Delta Children Eclipse changing table.

The most important aspect of a changing table to consider is its safety. The Delta Eclipse has higher railings, and a raised back for more safety for your child.

Delta has always gotten their products JPMA certified, and use this certification as one of the main selling points of their furniture.

The second aspect to look at is the sturdiness of the build. A wobbly changing table can become a safety hazard. The Delta Eclipse has the least amount of complaints of sturdiness, and many parents have used this changing table for multiple children.

The last aspect to consider is the storage option. Delta’s shelves with raised edges, as well as their siding on the shelves offer a secure shelving area.

The shelves can also have baskets added for an additional organization which makes this changing table more versatile as well.

All these aspects put together makes the Delta Eclipse one of the best changing table options available.

Father of two wonderful kids, love parenthood and feel blessed to have an amazing family.
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