Best Breast Pump Bags



best breast pump bagsMother’s who use breast pumps will all come across the question at some point of what the best method for transporting their pump.

You want to be discreet, but practical. You want good quality, but also perhaps a little fashion.

Here are ten of the best choices of breast pump bags we like:


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Feeding Newborns

When a newborn first begins to eat, there are only two methods of feeding them. You can either use formula or breast milk. Most doctors and mothers will use the phrase that “breast is best.â€

While this is true, that doesn’t mean that formula is wrong. Whichever a parent chooses, as long as it is right for them, it will not matter. The baby will still be fed, and have the nutrients they need through both methods.

Formula most often times is used over breast milk for medical or lifestyle reasons, according to BabyCenter. Breast milk will pass on nutrients to your child, but it will also pass on any medications you may have in your system, or other harmful substances.

If your doctor is concerned about something you may be taking, he may recommend using formula. In addition, some infants have trouble with their sucking reflex. This may make them unable to breastfeed at the start of development.

Lastly, some mothers may not be able to produce enough milk to fully feed a hungry infant, and may need to substitute formula.

Outside of health issues, there are also lifestyles that may make breastfeeding more difficult, such as work schedules or living situations.

Check out these best breastfeeding books.

For others, there is breast milk, which is the body’s natural food for your child. As a result, it is one of the healthiest options to give to your child in their first few months after birth. WebMD outlines some of the health benefits of breastfeeding.

Breastmilk will pass on many of the mother’s antibodies. These antibodies are very important for helping your child fight off illnesses the first few months before their body makes antibodies of their own.

Infants who are breastfed have been studied and shown to catch fewer infections and illnesses than formula fed infants.

There have even been some studies showing higher IQs, lower obesity, and a decreased number of SIDS deaths in infants who breastfed. These studies are still in the process, and are not definite finds yet.

Breast fed babies are also receiving a higher amount of personal time with their mother as the act of breastfeeding keeps the child close by.

The skin contact helps with your child’s security, and provides them with a general feeling of comfort. Eye contact is another important part of the act of breastfeeding, and helps with your child bonding with you as their mother.

Breastfeeding also helps save money. The cost of formula is astronomical. In addition, more bottles and sterilization items are needed to keep up with the demand of feeding.

Breastfeeding does not require as much equipment to feed your child, and in a way takes less time because no formula needs to be measured and mixed.

The major downside of breastfeeding is that the infant needs their mother in order to feed. While, this may not always be an issue, for most mothers, there will come a time where this is not always possible.

Some have jobs to return to, some have errands they need to run. Perhaps they just want to give their infant to a relative to babysit for a few hours in order that the mother has a break.

Some fathers want to offer to help with feeding times, especially in the middle of the night, in order to give the mother some much needed rest.

If a mother wants to still feed their child breast milk, but are not able to be there to do the feeding, breast pumps come in handy. They will allow a mother to pump her milk, store it, and another person use it to feed the child at a later time, so the mother is freed up.

Breast Pumping

Pumping milk has two benefits. It both releases milk to keep the mother from getting engorged and it releases milk in order to store for feeding your child later.

A third benefit some mothers have used it for, is to build up their milk supply if your child is unable to breastfeed, but you’d like to make the switch as soon as they are.

There are certain times that are better to pump than others, according to What To Expect. When with your child, they recommend either pumping an hour after feeding your child.

Otherwise, try pumping the opposite breast while your child is feeding. When you are away from your child, try keeping your pumping on schedule with when your child would be feeding.

This helps to keep your milk supply regular as well, so you can seamlessly switch between pumping and feeding.

Pumped breast milk can be stored for certain periods of time, but that depends on how it is being stored. If you are planning on feeding your child immediately, or within a few hours, the milk can be pumped into bottles and fed, or stored in the refrigerator for later.

It can last in the fridge for up to four days. The breastmilk can be kept at room temperature for no more than 6 hours, and only if it is away from direct sunlight.

If you’d like to store larger amounts for longer periods of time, it will need to be frozen. Use plastic bags designed for breast milk for freezing the milk.

When it is frozen, the milk will expand, which would break bottles if stores in that method. Frozen milk can last 3 to 4 months.

Breast Pumps

There are a couple types of different breast pumps, electric and manual. Most insurances will cover a breast pump for a new mother.

These breast pumps tend to be electric. Manual pumps, on the other hand, are cheap and easier to carry. But work better for a small amount of pumping as it requires either squeezing or sliding repeatedly in order to pump, which will tire most mothers out if done for large amounts of milk.

Electronic pumps are easier, as they need to just be connected, and then they will do the work for you. They have multiple settings, and it is best to start on a lower setting at first, to gain the initial suction before raising the setting. These pumps take a shorter time as well to finish pumping a large amount of milk.

When using an electric pump, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, these are more expensive, so it is best to first try and get one free through insurance to save money.

Second, they require a power source in order to operate, which limits where you are able to pump. Thirdly, they are much larger than manual pumps.

This means, they cannot just be thrown into a purse and taken to work in the morning. Luckily, many companies have rushed to the aid of pumping mothers and have created breast pump bags specifically for easily carrying your breast pump anywhere you are going.

Check out these best manual breast pumps.

Breast Pump Bags

Breast pumps often times come with their own carry bag, as companies realize that it is not convenient to be rifling through purses every time a mother needs to pump.

In addition, a regular purse usually wont have the room for all the additional equipment and bottles. This is why they provide more convenient bags with the pump.

Unfortunately, these bags are not always very discreet. This may not bother some mothers, but most mothers would like a little privacy during their very intimate act of pumping.

The fashion world has rescued these moms, by designing very fashionable bags that could pass as a purse, yet contain all the necessary features of a breast pump bag.

The main feature of any good breast pump bag is its size. A breast pump bag should be large enough to fit most brands of electric pumps inside, that way, you are not restricted to one particular brand.

You will also not want to have to carry an additional bag as a purse, so having the breast pump bag large enough to carry both the pump, the pumping supplies, and your regular purse items is a must.

This leads to the second most important feature, the carrying methods. It is important for the breast pump bag to be versatile with how it is being carried. Because it is so heavy, just having handles might wear you out sooner.

You may want to look for a bag with multiple options so that if you are just going to work, you can use the messenger straps, but if you will be walking around for a couple hours, you may want a backpack. Which carrying options are needed are dependent on your lifestyle.

The pockets are the third most important feature. The first question is, how many pockets are there. It is always best to have enough large pockets to keep your equipment organized, as well as keeping your purse items easily accessible and separate.

Second, check for insulation. If you are pumping to store the milk, it is best if the bag offers a sort of insulation in order to keep the milk protected from extreme heat until it can be refrigerated.

Of course, an insulated bag and ice packs can always be added. But it is nice to have it built in the bag already to save the hassle of having to purchase those later.

Also, check for how easy it is to clean. You are dealing with milk here, and we all know what old milk can smell like. Last thing you want is your bag smelling like rotten milk.

Having an easy clean lining and being machine washable are great features to prevent any smell building up in the bag.

There are many bags on the market, but only a few that will have most of these features. A regular, large purse might be able to fit a pump, but it will not be as sturdy as a breast pump bag.

It will also not have the easy access pockets that make pumping a breeze. A breast pump bag may cost more than a regular purse, but it will pay itself off with its ease of use and sturdiness.

Best Breast Pump Bags

Kaylaa Premium Breast Pump Bag

The Kaylaa Premium Breast Pump Bag offers all the functionality of a breast pump bag, while giving you all the style of purse, with the added bonus of extra storage space.

This bag has it all. You won’t stand out as carrying around a breast pump with Kaylaa’s black or black and white stripped design, high quality bag.

This bag blends right in as a regular purse. It is plenty large, measuring 8 inches X 16 inches X 15 inches tall. Large enough to handle most electric pumps.

The pump and bottles are held neatly in place by two separate insulated compartments. Both compartments are collapsible in order to provide more space when necessary.

The pumps that fit in the bag best include:

  • Medela: Pump in Style, Freestyle and Sonata
  • Spectra: S1, S2, and Dew
  • A media: Purely Yours
  • Philips: Avent Comfort Single and Double
  • Others: Freemie, Hygenia, Ardo and many more.

In addition, it has extra pockets for storing the milk after pumping. These pockets are insulated, and have room for bottles and ice packs.

You can also throw in some diaper bag necessities if you’d like to double this bag as a diaper bag as well. The main compartment has plenty of room and organization for changing pads, diapers, and many other items.

For mama, there is a padded laptop pocket perfect for your on-the-job necessities. Around the bag are many small organizational pockets for other items.

The back of the bag offers an easy access pocket that is sealed with a zipper for any items you need to get to quickly.


  • The bag is made from a durable, lightweight, and spill-resistant material.
  • The bag is a beautiful, simple design, that is versatile to go with any outfit.
  • There are metal feet on the bottom of the bag to help keep it clean and off the ground.
  • The bag can be carried either under the arm, or messenger style.
  • The bag weighs only 1.8 pounds



  • The zipper opening is not as wide as the bag, which can make it difficult to fit larger laptops into the bag.
  • This is a higher cost bag than the others.
  • The bag’s durability results in the material being very thick, and hard to maneuver around the zippers at times, causing the zippers to catch.
  • The shoulder strap is flimsier, and does not always hold up well if the bag is packed full, and heavier.

While this bag looks and feels like everything a breast pump bag should be, the price will make people think twice.

This bag is great, but it isn’t exceptional enough to make it worth spending the extra, as the same great type of bag can be purchased at a lower price.


Kaylaa Premium Breast Pump Bag- Backpack

If you are looking for an easier bag to carry for long periods of time, Kaylaa has created the same quality bag as their purse, but in a backpack style.

Now, you can be hands free, or take the strain off of your shoulders as a messenger style would give with this stylish alternative to the regular purse, without compromising on appearances.

This bag, unlike Kaylaa’s purse option, is only available in the black color. But that does not keep it from still looking great.

The padded shoulder pads make this a comfortable bag to carry, even when it is filled and heavy with all your supplies.

It’s sleek design keeps the backpack from looking bulky, without compromising on space.

The bag is made to be able to handle any breast pumps. It can even hold hospital grade pumps. In addition, you can fit in bottles, ice packs, and all your purse items.

It even has a compartment for your laptop, so that you can combine your work bag and pump bag into one.

The bag closes with a draw string, then is covered by a top flap. The sides both have pockets, perfect for your bottles and pump add ons. The front zips down to expose the pump for easy access.

The inside pump compartment can be folded away when you want to use the backpack as a regular bag.


  • The backpack frees up your hands for carrying your child, without the hassle of a bag getting in the way.
  • This bag is more comfortable to carry for longer periods of time when it is heavy.
  • It is large enough to hold all pumps, as well as personal necessities.
  • The insulated pockets keep milk cold all day.



  • The front pocket where the pump is, is also the insulated pocket for milk instead of keeping them separate. This gives less space for bottles to be stored in the insulated pocket.
  • The shoulder straps have torn before, but the company will replace the bag free of charge if this were to happen.
  • This is one of the more expensive pump bag options available.
  • When this bag is filled with the pump and other items, it is hard to get a laptop around 16 inches or larger inside the bag as well.

This is one of the only backpack pump bags, and is a great option for mothers who want the hands free option with the comfort of a backpack.

Unfortunately, there are some compromises made in features, in order to provide the backpack experience. The compromises are mainly seen in the combined insulated pocket, versus providing more room for bottles elsewhere as many other bags do. But the compromise might be worth it if you want the ease of a backpack.

Nurse purse Breast Pump Bag

The Nurse Purse Breast Pump Bag is a colorful, stylish canvas bag  which is a step up from the standard breast pump bag, but not quite a regular purse style bag.

It is a light gray color, with white and yellow firms scattered around the bag. This gives the bag a more exciting appearance than a regular black or gray bag, if you wanted a splash of color.

The bag is made from 100% cotton canvas. It is then finished with a non-toxic, water-resistant finish. It is to be carried under the arm, as a tote. It has two, long black handles for this. They are not padded, just regular canvas handles.

This tote is made to be more than just a pump bag, but also your purse. It has room for your baby’s supplies and your own. There is even a pocket for your laptop if you were to use this as a work bag as well.

The bag is even large enough to hold a cooler that comes with your breast pump, in order to keep your milk cold all day.


  • This bag is one of the cheapest options as a breast pump bag.
  • It is more colorful than other options, if you are looking for more design to your bag.
  • The insert for holding your pump can be removed so that the bag can be used for other uses as well.
  • The bag fits both your pump and other necessities.
  • The coating on the bag makes it easy to wipe off and keep clean.



  • This bag can only be carried as a tote, which can strain your shoulder easily if filled completely. Especially since there is no padding on the straps.
  • The two side pockets do not have zippers, or any other sort of closure.
  • The zippers do not work consistently, or break altogether after a short amount of time.
  • There are no inner pockets to help keep your belongings organized.

This bag is definitely one of the larger options when it comes to breast pump bags. Last thing you want, when receiving your bag, is to realize you can’t fit all you need and still have to use a purse.

With this bag, that is not going to be a fear. You just will not have the style of some of the other bags. Nor will you have as many features. But, for the price and the space, those features may not be worth passing up this purse for.

Sarah Wells “Abby†Breast Pump Bag

Sarah Wells has created some of the most stylish and useful breast pump bags for mothers. Her Abby design does not fall short of the quality you can expect. Though it does come with a hefty price tag. But, she makes up for it with the superior materials used in this exceptional bag.

The purse is made from nylon both on the inside and the outside. The nylon is easy to keep clean. The straps are made from real leather.

It includes shoulder straps, and a body strap. There are three color options available with this purse. You can purchase it in black, navy, or navy and white stripped.

The bag can hold these portable breast pumps:

  • Medela Pump in Style
  • Sonata and Freestyle
  • Hygeia
  • Freemie
  • Spectra
  • Ardo
  • Ameda
  • Many others!

The large center compartment is made to fit both a pump and your regular purse necessities. This includes even a pocket for your laptop, with a strap that keeps the laptop safely in place.

Additional inner pockets provide additional organization of your items. Either side of the bag has a thermally lined pocket. This is ideal for your breast milk.

It can keep your milk cold for up to 6 hours with ice packs. In addition, the exterior has two easy slip pockets. These are perfect for items you need quick access to, such as your phone.


  • This bag has more color options to choose from than most.
  • This is one of the most attractive bag options, and passes easily as a purse for discreetness.
  • All the pockets are sturdy and open easily.
  • There is plenty of room to store all your pump equipment, as well as purse items.
  • This bag is made from higher quality materials, even the handles which are comfortable to use to carry.
  • The pump compartments can be folded away to create more room in the center compartment between uses.



  • This is the most expensive breast pump bag on this list.
  • The bottom seam is a weak point, and does not always handle heavy use. It usually will not start to rip until around 10 months, so the pump bag can at least last through one child.
  • The white stripes on the navy stripe option are not part of the fabric. As a result, they wear off and fade after extended use.

As a more expensive bag, you would expect better quality than this bag offers. Yet, it is a huge bag with some beautiful styles available.

You will be able to fit anything you need in this bag, without compromising appearances, as it looks just like a regular purse.

Sarah Wells “Lizzy†Breast Pump Bag

If you love Sarah Wells, but don’t like the usual price tag, than the “Lizzy†style is just for you. It is the cheapest of the Sarah Wells bags, with a similar standard of quality and style as her other bags.

It comes in a stunning, blue diamond pattern, which could easily pass as a regular purse when you are on the go.

The Lizzy style is easy to clean with its nylon material. It has shoulder straps as well as a body strap. These straps are both non-padded canvas straps.

The body strap is removable, with easy clips on either side. The bag seals all around with high quality zippers for more security.

The bag is large enough to fit all portable pumps. These include the following:

  • The Medela Pump in Style
  • The Freestyle
  • The Hygeia
  • The Freemie
  • The Spectra (including the S2)
  • The Ardo
  • The Lansinoh
  • The Ameda
  • And many more!

The bag has many pockets to help keep you organized while on the go. It has room for both your baby items as well as your personal items, which includes a laptop.

Either side of the purse has insulated pockets. These will keep your milk cold up to 6 hours with ice packs. In addition, there are two photo pouches.

These can hold pictures of your child, to help with the pumping process for the added stimulation for let down. On the exterior is an additional zip pocket for easy access to any small items such as keys and phones.

The inside of the purse is large enough for all other items.


  • There are plenty of pockets for organization, as well as a sleeve for your laptop.
  • There are two insulated pockets, giving plenty of room for storing milk after pumping.
  • This bag is huge, yet very efficient with the space is does have in order to avoid the bulky look.
  • There are brass feet on the bottom to help keep it clean and off the ground.



  • The straps do not have any sort of padding to give extra comfort when the bag begins to get heavier. As a result, the straps tend to dig into your shoulder when carried.
  • The material is not as stiff, and gives it a more flimsier appearance. It also makes it more difficult to find items, as the flimsy material gives the appearance of being more fabric than there is.
  • The zippers are lacking in quality and tend to catch on the fabric quite often.

If you’d like a Sarah Wells bag without the price tag, this is a great option. But that being said, there are slight quality differences in this bag compared to the other bags she offers.

This is a very large bag, perhaps too large for some, that can fit all your needs if you find yourself running out of space quickly. In addition, it can do this without compromising its look, as it does not look bulky despite the size.

Breast Pump Bag “Kelly†by Sarah Wells

Sarah Wells has given you the best of both worlds with this versatile tote that can be easily converted to a backpack. She manages to still provide the room and ease of use, while not compromising on appearances.

This nifty bag has a stunning black and white pattern that is simple enough to compliment any outfit, but striking enough to stand out and add spice to your appearance, whether being carried as a tote, or as a backpack.

The backpack and tote conversion is very easy. The padded backpack straps are perfect for those days you need to be hands free. They also work well if you find the bag to be too heavy to be carried on your shoulder.

When you’d like a more purse-like appearance, the straps can be unhooked and stored discreetly away in the back pocket. You can then grab the two canvas tote handles and carry on with life.

The bag is made from a nylon that is very easy to clean. It is also lightweight, so you do not need to worry about the weight of the bag being added to all you need to carry.

The entire bag is extra tall, in order to fit nearly any pump inside. This is one of the few bags that can even fit a hospital-grade pump in it’s extra tall pump compartment, in addition to all the regular portable pumps.

There are plenty of pockets for the upmost organization. In all, there are eight pockets in total both inside and out.

These pockets include the one for the pump, an expandable water bottle pocket, three external pockets, one back pocket which can be used to hide the backpack straps, one interior zip pocket, and one interior padded laptop pocket.

The pump pocket is insulated in order to store food or milk for up to 6 hours with the addition of an ice packet. The pump pocket can be stored away when you no longer need to pump, but would like to continue using the bag as a regular diaper bag, or some other use.


  • This bag is very versatile and can be carried both as a backpack for a hands free option, or as a tote.
  • This bag blends right in as a regular purse.
  • This bag offers one of the largest compartments for your pump, so you will not need to worry which brand of pump you purchase and whether or not it will fit.
  • The laptop pocket is padded and can fit up to a 16inch laptop.
  • There are plenty of organizational pockets to keep all your personal and baby items.
  • There is a space specifically for your water bottle.



  • The canvas tote handles are not padded, and will dig into your shoulders if that option is used when the bag is filled and heavy.
  • There is not a separate insulated pocket for the milk, but rather a combined pump and milk compartment.
  • There is just one print option available, which might not be everyone’s taste.
  • The zippers are plastic, not metal, which can break easier and get stuck often.

This bag is perfect in respects for versatility due to the backpack and tote options. This is also one of the easiest bags to keep organized because of all the pockets.

You will need the organization, as this bag is huge and fits almost anything you may need. Granted, all good things come with a price. This bag’s price is the materials. It is not as thick of a fabric, and the zippers are a cheaper plastic.

The New Yorker Breast Pump Bag by Charlie G

The New Yorker Breast Pump Bag by Charlie G is one of the breast pump bag options that are sure to come up in conversation when discussing the best bags out there.

It is clear, just from looking at it, that it is made from a higher quality material. In addition, it is available in a sleek, black design that will go with any outfit. Its design is also one that will blend right in as a purse.

Charlie G has tried to combine practicality with fashion in her pump bag. On one side is this stylish bag that can be carried both as a tote and across the body in a messenger style.

Both methods offer wide, comfortable straps as not to strain your shoulders in the process. On the other hand, this bag has plenty of pockets and space to store all the necessities plus some.

This bag is made from an easy to clean, Cordura nylon.The bag comes with a free dust bag in order to store the bag away for future uses without compromising its appearance.

The bag is very durable, and can withstand daily use, and heavy carrying that the bag is sure to be put through.

The bag is designed to fit all portable pumps, including the following:

  • The Medela Pump in Style
  • The Freestyle
  • The Hygeia
  • The Freemie
  • The Spectra
  • The Ardo and Ameda
  • And many more!

Other than the pump pocket, there are many other pockets to help keep your purse organized. There is an insulated compartment for your pump, and your milk cooler.

It will help keep your milk cool for hours. This is located on the lower part of the purse. Separately from the pump is a large main compartment.

This compartment has easy-slide pockets for small personal items like keys and your phone. There is also a separate pocket for your 14 inch laptop, iPad, or any other items.


  • All the hardware, such as zippers, are made from metal so as to withstand heavy use.
  • The straps are extra wide, to provide the comfort and support needed from a heavier bag.
  • There is a separate compartment for the pump, as not to take up room in the main compartment.
  • The laptop slot is in a separate compartment as well, to give it the utmost protection.
  • It comes with a dust bag to store it between uses, to keep it clean.
  • There are metal feet on the bottom to keep it off the ground.



  • While the zippers are sturdy, they are very hard to use, and make pumping take extra time, as you need to fiddle with the zippers a while in order to get them open.
  • This bag tips over easy, and will not stay stood up.
  • The bag is very large, but not much of the size is translated into storage space. Instead, it gives the bag a more bulky appearance than you’d want.

This bag is designed by a mother and for a mother. The name, Charlie, comes from the designer’s daughter, Charlotte’s, name. The designer is a working mom, who wanted to provide the ideal bag for other working mothers.

The design is definitely one that will compliment the lifestyle of a working mother. In order to fit all you’d need, the bag gives up its sleek look, and comes across more bulky than some would like.

Bananafish Charlotte Electric Breast Pump Tote Bag

The Bananafish Charlotte Electric Breast Pump Tote Bag is a simple, and cheap option with all the basic features of a bump bag.

If you’d like something a little more discreet than what you’d get with your pump, but don’t want to spend the money to get one of the more trendy options, this is a good compromise. It still has some of the looks of a regular purse, and many great features.

This bag is not only available as a tote, but also as a messenger, or a backpack. But there is not a combination option. The bag is easy to carry with its long shoulder straps.

It has two side pockets that make it easy to access your breast pump and to store your bottle cooler. In addition, the large center compartment has open side pockets for all the pump supplies.

Even with the supplies, there is plenty of open space for your personal belongings as well. The bag should fit all the most popular electric pumps.


  • This bag is one of the cheapest options for a breast pump bag.
  • This bag is available in multiple styles to fit whatever carrying need you may have.
  • The bag is a very neutral color, which will help it to match nearly any outfit you may be wearing.
  • The bag is not too bulky, which helps it stay discreet.



  • There is no separate compartment for a laptop.
  • There are no insulated pockets for storing milk.
  • All the pockets inside the bag are open pockets. The rest of the bag is also just open. This makes it very hard to organize any additional personal items.
  • The bag is cheaply made, and will start falling apart after regular use for a long period of time.
  • While the bag is supposed to hold all popular pumps, the Spectra S2 has trouble fitting in the side pocket, as well as the standard Medela pump. But the solution would be to store the pump in the main compartment, as there is plenty of space there for the pump.

This bag is one of the cheapest options on the market. If you need something affordable to simply do its job, than this bag is for you.

Unfortunately, there is not much else extra about this bag to recommend it, especially in terms of quality. You will also be lacking in many useful features, such as insulated pockets.

But if the price is your main concern, than those other issues might not be as important to you.

Jay Elle Breast Pump Bags

The Jay Elle Breast Pump Bags are a package deal including one sleek, black breast pump bag, and multiple inserts and accessories. This bag makes staying organized a breeze with its many inserts and additional bags.

The main purse is made of a navy quilted faux-leather. It is a very simple, straight forward design, with no embellishments or patterns.

While it isn’t outstandingly trendy, it is discreet and doesn’t scream out that it is a pump bag. The main bag is not overly large, but is big enough to hold most portable pumps.

It has two sturdy handles that are used to carry it under your arm as a tote. There are no additional rings for a messenger style strap.

This package includes several inserts and accessories. There is a cooler bag that will keep your milk cool, even without an ice pack. The cooler bag can fit multiple bottles or bags, divided by an insert which keeps them upright.

There is also a mesh drawstring bag. This bag is perfect for throwing in your pump accessories for easily grabbing them all at once when it is time to pump.

There is also a wet bag. You can throw any wet towels or items in there without worrying about soiling the rest of the bag. The purse also comes with a towel, which is perfect for cleaning up any spills or other messes in the bag.


  • This purse comes in a handy package deal with many extra accessories to make pumping and organizing much easier.
  • There is a water proof wet bag for anything that may spill or soil the bag after pumping.
  • The cooler does not require an ice bag to keep the milk cool.
  • The bag is a very natural color and look, and will match any outfit, while still remaining discreet.



  • This bag does not look as trendy as other bag options.
  • There aren’t very many pockets and other organizational options inside the bag itself, including no sleeve for laptops.
  • This is not the largest bag available. It will fit the necessities for pumping, but not much else. You will most likely still need an additional purse for other items.
  • The bag is cheaply made compared to other bags. It should be better quality, considering the price.

This is a great package deal if you wanted all the accessories and additional bags along with a basic purse. In addition, it is a better price than some of the other purses.

This bag will provide you with a pump purse without breaking the bank. But there is not much else to the bag. It is especially lacking in size. If size is not an issue with you, than this is a great deal.

Dr. Brown’s Breast Pump Caryall Tote

The Dr. Brown’s Breast Pump Caryall tote is a large, basic tote bag that is both fashionable and functional. You will not need to worry about whether or not you’ll have enough room with this tote.

You can combine your purse item, your pumping items, and then some in this spacious bag. In addition to the size, this is also the cheapest of the pump bags on this list.

The bag comes in a neutral, light gray color. It is made from 100% polyester, both the outside and the lining. This makes it very easy to wipe clean.

But the entire bag should not be immersed in water when cleaning. This bag is both a tote and a messenger. The tote handles are two, extra wide handles. The removable messenger handle is a thin, canvas strap.

There are plenty of pockets inside the bag to help with keeping your items organized. The outside of the bag has two side pockets for easy access to your pump.

This bag is made to fit nearly all electric pumps. The side pocket also has room to fit most bottle cooler bags. The inside pockets include a couple zipper pockets for more of a secure storage option for your other items.

The main compartment is large enough to fit anything from a lunch bag, water bottle, to even a laptop. Though, no separate laptop pocket is available. The large amount of space makes this perfect to double as a diaper bag.


  • This is a very large bag, with plenty of extra space for additional storage.
  • This is a very affordable pump bag option, while still looking discreet enough to pass as a large purse.
  • The tote handles are wide enough to not dig in your shoulders.
  • It is a more neutral colored purse, which makes it easy to pair with outfits.



  • There are no insulated pockets to keep the milk cool.
  • There isn’t an additional pocket for a laptop.
  • This is not the most trendy bag, with not much to recommend it in appearance other than not looking like a breast pump bag.
  • The bag is cheaply made, and comes across as being flimsy.
  • This bag is only available as a tote, which can put strain on your shoulders if the bag is packed full.
  • The interior pockets are rather small when it comes to organization.

This is the most affordable option when it comes to breast pump bags. In addition, you will have plenty of space for all your other belongings.

If you had the extra money to spend, there are other bags that offer more in the way of breast pump bags. But for those who want a large bag without breaking the bank, this is a great option.

The Winner

The needs of a working mother can vary greatly from one person to the next. Some things do remain the same for all mothers.

This is what makes the Sarah Wells’ “Kelly†style breast pump bag, the best cover-all option as a breast pump bag.

This bag offers a versatile option for carrying. With all the other worries of motherhood, the last thing you need is to worry about how to tote around all your basic needs without straining yourself.

This bag offers both a tote and a backpack option, so you can cross one worry off your list.

This bag also has all the basic needs a pump bag should have, from an insulated compartment, to extra pockets for organization.

It also has space for more than just the basics so you won’t have to worry about the hassle of purses in addition to your pump bag. All these features make this a perfect choice for every mother.


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