12 Best Baby Towels



Best Baby TowelsThere’s nothing sweeter smelling than a baby just out of the bath, and there’s nothing more precious than a baby wrapped up in a cute bath towel. Talk about a photo opportunity! Of course, you also want the bath towels that you use for your baby to be soft and absorbent. No problem! Just consult this list of the best (and cutest) baby towels.

Towels used to be utilitarian objects that came in a choice of colors but not much else. Today baby bath towels come in a dizzying array of fabrics, fabric weights, sizes, and novelty designs. Just as in the past, however, moms want towels that last, that are easy to launder, that soak up lots of water and that is gentle to a baby’s tender skin.

Of course, you’ll want a comfy towel for baby’s bath, but the best baby towels are good for poolside and for the beach, too. Choose cute hooded towels in a fun motif, and you’ll have trouble getting your baby out of a towel!

Our Top Twelve Best Baby Towels.

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Some Fabric Terms

 Confused about fabrics? You’re not alone. With the development of new fibers, both natural and synthetic, the industry has also seen an explosion of terms used to describe fabrics. The average consumer is not altogether certain what some of these terms mean, for good reason.

Here’s your fabric primer. Some fabrics are natural, like cotton, linen, silk, and wool. They are prized because they are comfortable and breathable. Out of this group, cotton is about the only fabric commonly used for towels.

Other fabrics are synthetic, like polyester and nylon. These tend to be affordable, long-wearing and colorfast. Often natural and synthetic fibers are combined so that you get some of the best qualities of both. Out of this group, polyester is the fabric most often added to cotton towels, to add durability to comfort.

A third category is neither exactly natural nor exactly synthetic. This is a fabric that is made from wood pulp (cellulose) but is heavily processed to turn it into fibers. This cloth is usually called rayon in the United States, but another correct term is viscose. Although rayon is made from plants, the manufacturing process requires heavy doses of chemicals, some of which are harmful to the environment. Sometimes these fabrics are labeled as eco-friendly because they come from renewable sources, but the manufacturing process must also be considered.

Modal fabric falls into a separate category. This term refers to viscose that is made using a slightly different process, one that is somewhat more environmentally friendly. Modal is very soft and does not shrink like rayon does when laundered. Most modal is made from beech trees, but some is made from bamboo.

Another term that you may hear is microfiber, which refers to polyester or other synthetic fiber that has been processed into long, super-thin strands.

 Fabrics for Baby Towels

Although cotton is the fabric that we most commonly think of when we think of towels, a number of fibers and blends are used to make today’s towels. Here are the most commonly used ones:

Cotton. This mainstay of the home goods industry is durable, soft, absorbent and affordable. It comes in a number of varieties. The best grades of cotton have a long staple or fiber. The most expensive is Egyptian cotton. Pima is a slightly less expensive long-staple cotton. The most common type of cotton has a shorter staple and is known as Upland cotton.

Staple length is important when choosing cotton sheets because you’ll have less pilling, shrinking and fraying with better cotton, but it’s important in choosing bath towels, too. Towels made of Egyptian cotton are known for their fluffiness, but ones made of pima have superior softness and absorbency, too. If you want Egyptian or pima cotton, look for a 100% label. Beware of those that say “made with†Egyptian or pima cotton.

Towels can also be made from cotton muslin, which is a lightweight woven fabric much favored by some moms. Usually, muslin towels are multi-layered because otherwise, they would not be soft or absorbent.

Bamboo. Lots of products are labeled as being made from bamboo, but that is a little misleading. The fabric is actually a rayon or viscose made from bamboo pulp. Because it is so fast growing, bamboo is becoming a popular source of cellulose for making fabric.

Many claims are made about bamboo. It’s true that it can be grown without pesticides and that it requires less water than cotton does. For these reasons, it is sometimes labeled an eco-friendly product. However, the process that is used to turn bamboo into fabric isn’t environmentally friendly.

In addition, some companies claim that bamboo fabric is biodegradable when it is not. Others claim that bamboo is naturally resistant to odors, mold, mildew, and bacteria. In fact, viscose fabrics, in general, are more resistant to these problems than natural fabrics. Whatever antimicrobial qualities these bamboo fabrics possess can be traced to the manufacturing process, not the original bamboo. The FTC has sued some companies over these misleading claims.

Polyester. A synthetic fiber with great strength, polyester is sometimes blended with cotton to make towels that resist wear.

Towel fabrics can have several different weaves, including jacquard, waffle, velour, and terry. Almost all baby towels are made of terry. Jacquard and velour towels may be used to create a certain look for home décor. Waffle-weave towels are rougher and can be used for an invigorating rub, but aren’t really suited for babies.

What About Organic Fabrics?

Some moms want organic fabrics for their babies. Bamboo is the fabric that is most often mentioned as being organic, but the organization that certifies organic fabrics, the Global Organic Textile Standards, or GOTS, has not set standards for bamboo.

The organization states that because in most manufacturing processes the bamboo is “melted and regenerated†it cannot be considered natural or organic, “even if the bamboo plant was originally certified organic.â€

Still, hundreds of products are labeled as “organic bamboo.†Many consumers find fabrics derived from bamboo to be unusually soft, but they should not be taken in by the organic label. Learn more about bamboo from the Global Organic Textile Standards.

Cotton is another fabric that is often labeled in a misleading manner. Many retailers say that their products are made of organic cotton but do not display any certification or other documentation proving their claim. Learn more about organic cotton.

Learn About Towel Weight

You’ve probably heard of thread count, an important number to know when you are buying sheets. Towels have a similar number. It’s called GSM, for grams per square meter, and it is a measure of how heavy a fabric is.

Towels usually have a GSM of at least 350. Lightweight terrycloth is commonly used for dish towels and beach towels, because it is quick drying. Some users like a lightweight towel for daily use. Most bath towels use a medium weight terry, at around 400-600 GSM, or a luxury weight at 700-900 GSM.

Luxury toweling is thick and absorbent, but doesn’t dry quickly. Also, if it is not completely dried, it can develop mold or mildew. That’s one reason to opt for a lighter weight towel.

What to Look for in Baby Bath Towels

Once you have made the decision about which fabric and fabric weight you prefer, you should consider these factors before buying your baby bath towels.

Size. If you opt for a generously sized towel, your child will be able to use it longer. On the other hand, small towels are easier to wrap around a tiny baby, and they won’t add significantly to your laundry.

Hooded or Plain. Most baby towels have hoods to help to dry baby’s hair and to ward off chills when getting baby out of the bath. Babies have more skin surface area for their body weight, as compared to adults, so they are more sensitive to temperature changes. Hoods are not essential, however, especially for older children or if your bath area is always toasty.

Laundry Instructions

 Towels are usually washed on a regular cycle in warm or hot water and dried on medium or high heat. Laundry experts say that you should not use fabric softener on towels as it reduces absorbency.  They recommend giving towels a hearty shake in between the washer and the dryer to separate the terry loops. That will make towels fluffier and more absorbent.

 If a baby towel calls for a delicate cycle, it could be a sign that the towel isn’t as sturdy as a regular towel. It could also be that the baby towel has some special feature that calls for more careful laundering. If a baby towel has monogramming or other decorative stitching, you may have to use care in laundering to avoid puckering. Hot water or high dryer heat should be avoided.

Bright-colored baby towels are fun, but they may not be colorfast. Be aware that you may have to wash them separately and you may not be able to use hot water.

If you are concerned about germs, having separate towels for baby is one precaution you can take. It’s also a good idea to let your baby’s towel dry thoroughly after use. Spread it out or hang it up and let it air dry instead of putting it in the hamper. Wash used towels within three days.

 Line-drying may be good for the environment, but towels will be stiff and scratchy if line-dried unless it’s a breezy day. Some moms dry towels on the line but toss in the dryer for a few minutes to fluff them up.

You may also like to check out the best burp cloths.

Let’s wrap up the preliminaries and take a look at the best baby towels.

12 Best Baby Towels Reviewed

1. Channing & Yates Premium Hooded Bamboo Towel


Premium Baby Boy Towel and Washcloth Set - Choose Blue, Pink or Beige with White - Hooded Towel for Kids, Babies, Toddlers - Organic Bamboo Baby Towels with Hood

Cute but a little understated, this hooded towel by Channing & Yates is pure white trimmed in gingham. The hood features two little gingham ears. The towel is available in pink, blue and a unisex beige.

This towel is a blend of cotton and modal made from bamboo. According to the manufacturer, cotton gives it strength, and the bamboo modal makes it soft. The towels are designed in the United States and made in China.

Channing & Yates is a family-owned company. According to its website, two of the children in the family have eczema, so the owners make a real effort to make skin-friendly products.

This towel soaks up 60% more moisture than the typical cotton towel, according to the manufacturer. The makers did a test in which the towel held 1037 milliliters of liquid.


  • Launders Well. The Channing & Yates towels launder well, according to most users.
  • Generously Sized. This towel measures 40 X 28 inches, with the hood in the middle of the long side.
  • Thick and Heavy. The fabric in these towels is 500 GSM, making it nicely absorbent.
  • Soft. Users found this towel soft and gentle on baby’s skin.
  • Bonus. The towel comes with a bonus washcloth.
  • Good for Gift Giving. This towel has a sweet appearance that makes it a good baby shower gift.


  • Loose Threads. Some users had trouble with loose threads and unraveling stitches after laundering.
  • Requires Special Care. The manufacturer recommends laundering on a gentle cycle in warm or cool water, with no bleach or fabric softener.
  • Moderately Expensive. This towel costs more than some others.

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2. Little Tinkers World Lion Hooded Baby Towel


Little Tinkers World Lion Hooded Baby Towel, Natural Cotton (Small)

Is there a mom anywhere who wouldn’t be tempted by this towel? Lots of baby towels have animal hoods, but this one has a lion face and a loopy lion mane. Too cute!

This towel is made from non-twist cotton. Cotton yarn is usually twisted during manufacturing, which gives it a harder feel. Non-twist yarn sometimes called zero twists,  is more open and absorbent than the conventional type.

This towel is designed for use from birth to about two years of age. Little Tinkers World is a family-owned company based in the UK. The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It also sells elephant and bear towels.


  • Gender Neutral. Some moms liked the Little Tinkers World towels because they are appropriate for both boys and girls.
  • Launders Well. Buyers said that this towel launders well with no shrinking or fading.
  • Baby-Sized. Featuring a corner hood, this towel measures 30 X 30 inches, so it’s not too big for a newborn.
  • Medium Weight. The fabric in these towels is 350 GSM, making the towel lightweight and quick drying.
  • Great for Gift Giving. This towel will elicit oohs and aahs at any baby shower.
  • Absorbent. The 100% non-twist cotton makes this towel soft and absorbent.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. Little Tinkers World guarantees satisfaction with a money-back guarantee.
  • Moderately Priced. This towel is about average in cost for a hooded novelty towel for baby.


  • Sheds Lint. Some users said that this towel shed a lot of lint for several washings.
  • Packaging Issue. Buyers warn that the plastic fasteners that hold the towel in place are very hard to remove without leaving pulled threads or tiny holes in the fabric.

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3. Simple Joys by Carter 8-Piece Set


Simple Joys by Carter's Baby 8-Piece Towel and Washcloth Set, Yellow/Grey, One Size

Why settle for one towel when you can have three for about the same price? That’s the beauty of the Simple Joys line by Carter. It features basic baby items in mix-and-match sets at affordable prices. This line of clothing was designed especially for Amazon shoppers.

This set has two hooded towels, one plain towel, and five washcloths, all in a soft blend of 85% cotton and 15% polyester. The fabric is thinner than that used to make most baby towels, but it is both soft and durable. The set is available in a pink mix for girls, a blue mix for boys and a yellow and gray pairing that is gender neutral.

Carter’s is a venerable name in babywear. The company dates back to 1865 and claims to be the “largest branded marketer of baby and children’s clothes in the U.S.â€


  • Soft. Buyers said that the fabric in the Simple Joys towels is exceptionally soft.
  • Comfy Touches. The knit binding and the jersey lining of the hood are details that make these towels extra comfortable.
  • Launders Well. These towels launder well, although some users said that the washcloths curl up a bit.
  • Budget Priced. This set costs about the same as the average price of a single towel.


  • Too Thin. Some users felt that the towels were not thick enough for baby’s comfort and warmth.
  • Small Size. These towels are 29 inches square, which is a little smaller than most baby towels.

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4. Blue Fox Towel by Clover and Sage


Organic Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel by Clover & Sage - Blue Fox

This cute hooded towel by Clover and Sage has a couple of extra features that moms will like. It pairs a muslin exterior with a soft terry lining for extra comfort. Also, it has little corner pockets where children can put their hands.

Both layers of fabric are made of viscose from bamboo, which Clover and Sage label correctly. The company does a fair job of avoiding the misleading claims about bamboo that have gotten some companies in trouble.

The Clover and Sage towels are available in four designs: fox, puppy, lion, and bunny. The outer layer of each towel is a cute coordinating print that adds to the towel’s appeal.


  • Soft. Buyers said that Clover and Sage towels are exceptionally soft.
  • Baby-Sized. This towel measures about 32 X 32 inches, about the right size for an infant.
  • Double Layered. The two-ply design gives baby an extra layer of warmth.
  • Launders Well. Some users said that these towels get softer with each wash.


  • Moderately Expensive. This towel is more expensive than many others.

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5. Lucear Muslin Baby Bath Towels

Lucear Muslin Baby Bath Towels Lovely Animal Print Also Warm for Baby Blanket (yellow)

To most Americans, a towel means terrycloth. After giving this muslin towel a try, some moms are singing a different song. Soft and breathable, this towel also features cute animal prints.

Muslin is a soft, open-weave fabric, usually made of cotton. Six layers of muslin make for a very soft towel for baby. One of the beauties of the Lucear Muslin Bath Towel is versatility, as it can also be used as a blanket, pad or burp cloth.

Hand washing is sometimes recommended for muslin towels, as the loose weave makes them easily snagged and the open weave may contract upon machine washing. Many moms, however, machine wash their muslin baby towels, just being careful not to wash with any garments that contain Velcro or with open zippers. Machine drying on low will make the towels super soft with minimal shrinkage.

Although this towel has the absorbency of cotton, it does not have loops like terrycloth. Loops expose more surface area to the water, which results in faster absorption. Muslin does wick up water, but it does it at a slightly different pace. Users must also avoid the use of fabric softener, which reduces absorbency.

Lucear Muslin Baby Bath Towels are a product of Haian Kangrui Textile, located in China.


  • Soft. Buyers describe the Lucear Muslin Baby Bath Towels as cloud-soft.
  • Generously Sized. This towel is a larger than average 41 inches square, although the towel may shrink slightly after washing.
  • Six Layers. The multi-layer design provides warmth through the air trapped between the layers.
  • Launders Well. Most users said that these towels launder well, whether washed by hand or machine and get softer with each wash.
  • All Cotton. Many moms are most comfortable using 100% cotton for their babies.
  • Affordable. This towel is reasonably priced.


  • Less Absorbent. Some users said that this towel is slow to absorb moisture.

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6. Ideal Baby Hooded Towel by Aden + Anais


ideal baby by the makers of aden + anais hooded towel; dreamy

Aden + Anais is a premium brand babywear company, much prized for their tasteful prints and pure muslin products. You get all of that plus a lower price with Ideal Baby by Aden + Anais.

The Ideal Baby Hooded Towels feature cute muslin prints as the outer layer and soft terry for the inner side. They also feature a loop for easy hanging.


  • Soft. Most buyers were happy with the softness of the Ideal Baby Hooded Towels.
  • Baby-Sized. This towel measures about 30 X 30 inches, about the right size for an infant.
  • Double Layered. The two-ply design gives baby an extra layer of warmth.
  • Launders Well. Most users said that these towels launder nicely.
  • Moderately Priced. This towel costs less than the Aden + Anais towel but more than some other brands.


  • Lower Quality. Some buyers were disappointed that this towel is smaller and thinner than the Aden + Anais towels.

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7. Bearington Baby Lamby Hugs Towel


Bearington Baby Lamby Lamb Creamy White Hooded Bath Towel 24" x 24"

Bearington Bears, a company that makes adorable plush animals, also makes some super cute hooded towels. The family-owned company has won over a hundred awards for their plush designs, and the owners bring the same vision to their clothing and bath lines.

Available in lamb, puppy, kitty, monkey and frog versions, Bearington Bears hooded towels are replete with extra details. If you are looking for other items to coordinate with your towel, you’ll find a variety of cute items from rattles to blankets.

Bearington Bear towels are made of high-quality, medium-weight cotton terry. They are smaller in dimension than many similar blankets, so they are truly towels for babies, not for babies and toddlers.


  • Lots of Go-Withs. There are tons of cute products that coordinate with the Bearington Baby hooded towels.
  • Nice Details. The hood is shaped to fit baby’s head, the ears are lined with satin and there’s even a little tail on the back of the towel.
  • Gender Neutral. Some moms liked these towels because they are appropriate for both boys and girls.
  • Launders Well. Buyers said that these towels launder nicely.
  • Quality Fabric. The fabric in these towels is 100% cotton with a weight of 400 GSM.
  • Great for Gift Giving. This towel will be a hit at any baby shower.
  • Moderately Priced. This towel is about average in cost for a hooded novelty towel for baby.


  • Too Small. At 24 inches square, some moms find this blanket just too small.

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8. Spasilk 2-Towel Set


SpasilkHooded Terry Bath Towel with Washcloths, Duck Yellow, 2-Count

Two hooded towels plus two bonus washcloths make this Spasilk set a great buy. The fabric is lightweight terry made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. One towel has a super cute appliqued design. The other towel and the washcloths are in coordinating colors and patterns.

Buyers can choose from a whale in blue, a ducky in yellow and a butterfly in pink.

If you’re looking for a plush, oversized towel, you should keep looking. These towels are soft but thin and not very large. They are perfect for grabbing and holding on to a slippery infant, especially when you are going to dress your baby right away. They aren’t really big enough for toddlers or thick enough for extended cuddling time.


  • Soft. Buyers said that the Spasilk towels are exceptionally soft.
  • Launders Well. These towels launder well.
  • Budget Priced. This set costs about the same as the average price of a single towel.


  • Too Thin. Some users felt that the towels were not thick enough for baby’s comfort and warmth.
  • Small Size. These towels are 26 by 30 inches, which is a little smaller than most baby towels.

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9. Hooded Monkey Towel by Frenchie Mini Couture


Extra Large 40X30 inch Monkey Hooded Towel for Baby Bath

In case your little one wants to monkey around after a bath, this hooded towel by Frenchie Mini Couture will make it easy. Generously sized at 40 X 30 inches, this towel will work for infants and toddlers alike.

Frenchie Mini Couture Hooded Towels are available in a dozen or so cute animal designs, as well as a superhero motif. The company also makes bath ponchos, robes and standard towels for kids.

The design due to Rivka Schreiber and Evan Hershenson created the Frenchie Mini Couture brand in 2009. Both had extensive experience in the clothing industry. The company aims to produce high-quality designs at an affordable price.


  • Cute Details. The Frenchie Mini Couture Hooded Monkey Towel features embroidered features on the hood and paw details on the corners.
  • Launders Well. Buyers said that this towel launders well with no shrinking or fading.
  • Generously Sized. This towel measures 40 X 30 inches, with the hood located on the long side.
  • Absorbent. The 100% cotton makes this towel soft and absorbent.
  • Affordable. This towel is slightly below average in cost for a hooded novelty towel for baby.


  • Sheds Lint. Some users said that this towel shed a lot of lint for several washings.
  • Stitching Unravels. Some users said that the stitching on the monkey’s face comes loose easily.

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10. Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded Towel


Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded Towel, Dapper Dog

Hudson Baby makes hooded towels with a difference. The animal face hoods have whimsical touches that make them special. Dapper Dog sports a monocle and a fedora. Whimsical Unicorn has a silver horn and a trio of gauzy rosettes. Princess Bunny has a crown and a strand of pearls.

Hudson Baby hooded towels measure 33 inches square and feature the hood in the corner. They are made of 100% cotton terry and are machine washable.

Hudson Bay and Luvable Friends are part of the same company, and between the two of them, they offer over 40 towel designs. The company is based in Malaysia.


  • Cute Designs. The Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded Towels have unique whimsical details.
  • Great for Gift Giving. This towel makes a great gift.
  • Launders Well. Buyers said that this towel launders well with no shrinking or fading.
  • Medium Sized. This towel measures 33 inches square, so it should work for infants and toddlers.
  • Absorbent. The 100% cotton makes this towel soft and absorbent.
  • Affordable. This towel is lower in cost than most novelty towels for baby.


  • Not Super Soft. Some users said that this towel was not as soft as it should be for a baby’s skin.
  • Stitching Unravels. Some users experienced loose stitches after washing.

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11. 3 Sprouts Hooded Towel


3 Sprouts Hooded Towel – Soft Cotton Hooded Baby Bath Towel for Toddler, Infant

This cute towel is something to crow about! You won’t be able to look at this whimsical chicken face without smiling. And if you decide that it’s nothing to cluck about, you’ll probably find a face that suits your taste among the other 3 Sprouts models.

These towels have a comfy 2-ply structure – fuzzy cotton terry on the inside, soft knit fabric on the outside. Bright colors combined with a neutral creamy beige make a unique palette that sets these towels apart from those that use the usual primary or pastel colors.

Besides the chicken, 3 Sprouts offers a hippo, elephant, monkey, walrus, raccoon, and tiger. The maker does recommend special laundering procedures – machine wash gentle and machine dry on low.

Three friends, all of whom had worked in design, founded 3 Sprouts in 2009. Celebrity watchers have caught several notable moms sporting 3 Sprouts products. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to love a towel that looks like a chicken.


  • Cute Designs. The 3 Sprouts hooded towels have unique designs and an upscale look.
  • Launders Well. Buyers said that this towel launders well with no shrinking or fading.
  • Medium Sized. This towel measures 31 inches square, so it should work for infants and young toddlers.
  • Great for Gift Giving. This towel makes a memorable baby gift.
  • Absorbent. Two fabrics in 100% cotton make this towel soft and absorbent.
  • Affordable. This towel is quite affordable for a premium brand.


  • Shrinkage Issue. Some users said that the knit fabric shrinks, meaning that the two layers don’t match and the towel bags and sags.
  • Not Absorbent. Some users said that the terrycloth was not as absorbent as they expected it to be.

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12. Skip Hop Zoo Hooded Towel


Skip Hop Baby Hooded Towel, 100% Cotton French Terry, Unicorn

Are you a Skip Hop fan? It’s hard not to be enamored of this Eureka Unicorn hooded towel. Also, if it’s Skip Hop, you can be sure that there are lots of coordinating products. You’ll find food containers, drinking cups, backpacks and bibs, all in the same adorable design.

If you prefer real animals to mythical ones, you can opt for Marshall Monkey, Blossom Butterfly or Otis Owl instead, all with a full complement of matching goodies.

These hooded towels are 100% cotton and generously sized. Skip Hop says that they should fit children up to 5 years old.


  • Launders Well. Buyers said that the Skip Hop towels launder well with no shrinking or fading.
  • Generously Sized. At 34 inches square, these towels won’t be quickly outgrown.
  • Absorbent. 100% cotton makes this towel soft and absorbent.
  • Lots of Go-Withs. Skip Hop makes lots of coordinating products.
  • Moderately Priced. This towel is about average in cost for a hooded novelty towel for baby.


  • Sheds Lint. A few users said that this towel was thinner than they expected.

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And the Winner Is!

Our choice is the Little Tinkers Hooded Lion. Maybe we’re just a sucker for that cute face complete with mane, but the Little Tinkers towels offer solid value, too. The non-twist cotton is super absorbent, and a money-back guarantee is always appealing.

Of course, your choice may vary. Baby towels offer a lot of the same features, so which brand you buy can be a very personal choice. You should absolutely choose a towel that appeals to you and makes you smile. If your child has a favorite animal, that may enter into your choice, too.

A great baby towel is also a great buy, because they aren’t expensive, they will last for years and they will enhance your enjoyment of your baby. That’s a lot of value for a few dollars. And don’t forget to get out your camera or your phone to get some adorable snaps of baby all wrapped up.

Father of two wonderful kids, love parenthood and feel blessed to have an amazing family.
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