10 Best Baby Scales



Best Baby ScalesAll during your pregnancy, you attend regular prenatal appointments. But, doctor appointments don’t stop the moment a healthy baby comes screaming into this world. Regular health check-ups will continue for a while after your child is born in order to monitor their health, growth, and general well-being.

You do not need to be dependent on doctor appointments, though, to monitor your child’s growth.

Finding a good baby scale to use at home will let you track your child’s growth between those appointments.

Our Top Ten Best Baby Scales

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Weighing Your Baby

Weighing your child regularly after birth is a way that doctors can be sure that your child is growing properly. Weight is a big indicator of potential health issues even into adulthood. Your child is weighed right at birth. They will then, most likely, be weighed at each follow-up appointment such as for their vaccines or general health check-ups, according to Baby Center.

Your child will not only be weighed, but they will also be measured. In this way, your child’s weight can be interpreted in regards to their height. These visits will occur about once a month for the first six months of your child’s life.

After six months until your child is a year old, they will usually have an appointment once every other month. Once your child hits the 12-month mark, their visits will be determined by your specific doctor.

These visits may be more often if your child was born premature or has some sort of health issue that should be monitored. If your child is premature or has health issues, you may want to consider investing in some scales at your own home in order to cut down on your doctor visits.

A scale can tell you many different important health facts about your child. When weighing your child to monitor their day to day growth, you should weigh them at the same time each day. You should also always use the same set of scales. Scales will never be one hundred percent accurate, but the same scale will give you a better picture of weight changes. Doctor scales are more accurate than the scales you will use at home, which is why your home scales should not replace the doctor’s scales. Unfortunately, scales of that accuracy come with a hefty price tag.

Unless a serious medical condition is present, you may just need to weigh your child once a week between your regular doctor weigh-ins. This way, you can catch any sudden weight changes that take place and would require an earlier visit.

Weighing your child can also tell you how much food they are actually absorbing. If you are concerned about how much your child is actually drinking when breastfeeding or bottle feeding, you can weigh your child. This can also help you know how much milk to prepare for your child. In this way, you weigh your child before you begin feeding, then weigh them afterward. This method is used by many mothers who are concerned about their child’s eating habits. 

Using Scales

There are different places that will let you rent scales or use scales at the location. This can help you monitor your child’s growth. The downside is that the cost of renting or regular weigh-in appointments can add up and can quickly surpass the cost of just buying your own scales. If you use other people’s scales, you cannot always guarantee you are using the same scales each time, or the same calibration, which will decrease the accuracy of your child’s weight.

When you do use your own scales, you do not want to rely entirely on the scales alone. There are many other indicators that will tell you if your child is healthy. A child may lose or gain weight at a different rate than other children. This is why other areas should also be monitored. A big area is to monitor your child’s diaper. If they have regularly soiled diapers, they are most likely receiving enough to eat.

You can also sometimes notice how much they drink, especially if you are using a bottle that has measurements on the side. And lastly, watch your baby. If your child is active and awake, then they most likely are healthy and receiving the necessary nutrients. If your child is sluggish and unhappy all the time, then it might be a good idea to schedule an appointment with a physician to check on any possible issues.

Scales are to be used in addition to these other methods of monitoring your child. Home scales should never replace trained medical care. Be sure to still schedule regular appointments to have your child’s doctor monitor your child as well. Scales are just a way for moms of some babies to help keep an eye on their child’s health if there is any concern in the child’s weight or eating habits.

If you do notice a change in your child’s weight when measuring them, be sure to contact your child’s doctor. Weight loss should not be something you should attempt to fix yourself. You should not try and change your child’s diet without first consulting your doctor to make sure there is not any other underlying reason.

Changes in Weight

A child’s weight loss could be a normal occurrence. Many infants will lose a little weight right after birth. This postpartum weight loss can be as great as 10%. Some infants will remain smaller, especially if their parents are also small people. The opposite is also true. Some infants will be larger because they come from a larger family.

As a general rule, most infants are between 5 to 10 pounds at birth. Girls tend to be smaller and boys are on the larger end. Twins and infants born prematurely all tend to weigh less. A mother’s weight also has a huge impact on her child’s birth weight. A healthy mother will be more likely to have a child within the normal weight. A mother who eats unhealthily or takes part in certain harmful activities will increase the chances of a low birth weight.

Metabolism and many other factors also play a huge role in your child’s weight. Do not automatically assume that since your child is underweight according to a chart you saw online that your child is unhealthy and needs more food or different food. Especially don’t switch your child over to solid food under the assumption that milk alone is not enough for your child. Doctors recommend that babies should not have solid food until at least 6 months old. Always check with your doctor before making any sort of diet changes for your child.

What You Can Do

While many changes in your habits with your child should be done so with a doctor’s approval, there are some changes that you can make on your own. If you do not think your child is eating enough and you are breastfeeding, you can take steps to ensure you are breastfeeding properly.

Some infants have trouble latching onto the breast. They may also have trouble sucking or many other muscular actions required in breastfeeding. If your child is unable to feed properly, they will most likely start to lose weight. You can go to classes or contact a lactation consultant in order to double check that your child is able to connect properly.

If your child is formula fed, you can always try switching brands. Your doctor most likely already listed acceptable types of formula to feed your child. Unless your doctor specifically stated that you should stick to just one formula, you can try different formulas to find one that works with your child. 

Scale Features

Scales have many different features that differentiate one from the other. The main two types of scales are baby scales and mother and baby scales. Mother and baby scales look similar to regular scales. They are designed to weigh your child as you hold them in your arms.

The way these scales work is that they normally first ask for the mother to step on the scale. The scale will then record the mother’s weight. It will then notify you that it is time to measure your child. You then step back on the scale but holding your child. The scale will then automatically subtract your weight from the overall weight in order to give you your child’s weight.

The benefit of these scales is that they are not limited to just weighing your child.  You can use them for yourself as well, long after your child outgrows their own scales. The scale may also be easier to store as it is the sleek, flat design of a regular scale that can be slipped in a corner of the bathroom whereas baby scales are larger and bulkier.

The downside is that these scales take extra steps to weigh your child so it is not as easy of a process. It is also not as accurate as weighing your child on their own. Baby scales have many features that the mother and baby scales do not. These features help with comfort, ease of use, and accuracy. So if weighing your child is more of a casual act out of curiosity, then a mother and baby scale would fit your needs. If you are weighing your child to monitor their health, then you may want to look at baby scales.

Here are some of the most common features that baby scales offer.

Zero Function

The zero function is a way to get the most accurate reading of your child’s weight. This function will subtract any extra weight that may be added by clothes and diapers. This works by first placing the additional items on the scale and pressing the zero button so that the scale registers that weight as zero, then add your child. It will then just measure your child on its own. This function is very important for children with health issues where slight weight influxes have a larger impact on their overall health. The zero function is often times also referred to as the tare function.

Hold Button

Having a child lie still is like asking a hyper puppy to sit. A child squirms and wiggles around nearly constantly, except if they are asleep. Very good possibility that being placed on a baby scale is not the environment that will put your child to sleep. As a result, getting an accurate reading on a scale can be difficult. This is where the hold button comes in handy. The hold button will hold the weight that is recorded still as your child moves around instead of constantly changing with each wiggle and squirm.

Weight Limit

All scales have weight limits, baby scales are no exception. Some scales may just weigh your child up till 45 pounds, others can go well into toddlerhood. The longer the scales last, the longer you can track your child’s health. Always double check the weight limit before purchasing a baby scale, or you may end up paying twice the amount for buying a larger scale later on when your child grows out of the infant scale.

Scale Tray

The scale’s tray is where your child will be lying down, so it is no wonder this is a very important feature to examine and consider. There are three main areas to look at when examining a scale’s tray: safety, comfort, and versatility.

Safety is very important for any baby product. If changing tables have railings and waist belts, why should scales be any different? Most scales do not have a waist belt, but many do curve. This curvature nestles your child in the center of the scales which makes them less likely to roll off. That being said, be sure to still keep a hand on your child at all times while they are on the scales.

Comfort will make weighing your child much easier. While the hold feature will help you have an accurate reading despite your child wiggling, having them still will make the reading even more accurate. If your child is comfortable, they are less likely to move around as much or make a fuss while being weighed.

Some scales have added padding or some sort of foam so that your child does not have to lie on cold plastic during the weighing process. Do not worry about the weight of this padding if your scale has a zero feature, as the padding and tray as a whole can be subtracted out of the overall weight.

The curvature is not just helpful for safety reasons, it is also more comfortable for your child. A completely flat tray is very open and uncomfortable, whereas the curved tray provides more of a bassinet feeling for your little one.

Versatility is also important when it comes to scales. A scale who’s tray can be removed can make your life much easier for storage and cleaning. A tray being removed can also open up the scales to be used as a toddler scale after your child outgrows the tray area.

Measuring Unit

The main reason you have a scale is to read your child’s weight, so it is no wonder that how you read this weight can have a big influence on how good a scale is. A scale could either provide the weight on a large LCD screen, or on a needle scale.

In general, LCD screen’s are easier to read. No matter which angle you look at the screen, you will always be able to see the number. Some screens may even light up to help you read the weight even better. LCD screens may also open up the possibility to read out other information that the scale may have gathered, and can make programming the scale easier.

A needle can be a little more difficult to read. You have to lower yourself to eye level in order to have the most accurate reading. On the upside, needle scales do not usually require batteries or any other power source, whereas LCD and those that have more feature most likely will need power.

Depending on where you are at, you may also want a scale that provides measurements in different systems so that you have the kilograms as well as the pounds of your child. Many scales will offer this option.

With both the LCD screen and the needle, you will still want to see how precise the scale measures. Many scales may measure to the tenth or hundredth. You will not want a scale that measures just the pounds or kilograms, as most weight changes are much smaller and would need more precise measurements to capture.

Power Source

As mentioned previously, many scales will require some sort of power source. Scales that use batteries are more portable, so you have the option to set up the scale wherever you need it. You can also pick it up and move it in a moment’s notice. This would be especially helpful if you plan to weigh your child before and after feeding, as batteries will allow you to easily take the scale with you to wherever you happen to be feeding your child.

The downside of batteries is that they are not as reliable. Batteries drain quickly and can become costly if used often. Scales do not tend to drain batteries as fast as some other devices, but even so, every place you can save may be worth looking into. Batteries also can die with no warning. When you want to weigh your child, you will also want to know that the scale is ready to use. Last thing you want is to prep your child for their weigh-in just to realize the batteries are dead and you have to switch them out.

Power cords will offer reliability. You can always guarantee the scale is ready to go. You will also save on the cost of batteries. The only downside is that the cord will limit where you can move the scale too, as you will always need to be near a power source.

The best option would be scales that offer both batteries and a power cord. In this way, you can rely on the batteries if you need to move the scale around, but you always have the option of plugging the scale in to save on battery replacements and be sure that the scale will always be powered up.

Storage and Portability

Scales are one baby item you do not have to worry about taking with you wherever you go. You do not have to see how you will fit it in a suitcase or a diaper bag. Scales usually stay at home. As a result, portability is not as big of an issue. When portability is used in reference to scales, it is mostly referring to portability around the house. As mentioned before, some mothers will be weighing their child often or multiple times on the same day. As a result, having the scale handy will make weighing easier.

A portable scale will have the option to run on batteries or need no power source at all. A portable scale will also be lighter in weight so you do not have to lug around a giant contraption from room to room. Double check what all comes off the scale before picking it up so that when you are taking it to a different room, trays and other parts don’t fall off and break. The stand will also determine how portable the scale is. It will need to be easy to stand on many different surfaces to be used around the house. Keep in mind that a scale will be most accurate on hard surfaces.

As with all your baby’s items, you will also need to find a place to store your child’s scales. Scales are large and bulky in shape so they are not easy to store. If the scales come apart, then storing them can be much easier. While curved trays are more comfortable, flat trays are easier to store. A smaller base may have fewer features, but it could squeeze on a shelf easier. If you have the space to leave the scales out all the time, then storage will not be as much of an issue.

Other Features

Outside of those basic features, there are some other extras that can add a little more ease to your weighing process. In this age of technology, it is no wonder that technology has also crossed over into the world of baby scales. Some scales are made to connect to your phone or an app of some sort. This can allow you to track your child’s weight and have access to additional information right at your fingertips.

Scales can have a variety of other features, such as music features. This would work similarly to music found in bouncy chairs that plays to help calm your child. This will keep your child still enough for a more accurate reading. This is not a common feature and can easily be replicated by playing music on your phone or the radio. 

The 10 Best Baby Scales Reviewed

1. Smart Weigh Smart Tare Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale


Smart Weigh Smart Tare Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Baby or Pet Tare Weighing Technology, Large LCD Display and Tempered Glass Platform, 440lbs/200kg Capacity (Silver)

The Smart Weigh Smart Tare scale is a mother and baby scale. The scale will function as a regular scale until the TARE button is pressed. The TARE button then activates the baby weigh function. The scale is designed so that it can be used for both babies and pets, as the process is the same.

To weigh yourself on this scale, you should first press the TARE button. The scale will then show an icon indicating the parent should weigh themselves. Afterwards, the scale will show an infant button indicating you should step back on the scale while holding your child. The scale then subtracts your weight from the overall weight. It will then give both your individual weight and your child’s individual weight.

The scale will automatically turn on as soon as it senses weight, and does not need to be tapped. The screen will light up in blue with a bright LCD display. The top of the scale is made of tempered glass. The scales also have an energy saving feature to automatically turn off. A low power indicator will warn you ahead of time when it is time to switch out the batteries. The scale takes AAA batteries.

The weight can be shown in either st, lb, or kg. The weight is shown to a tenth of a unit. The max weight limit of the scales is 440 pounds or 200 kilograms.


  • The scale can be used for both parents and child.
  • The scale will indicate when it is low on battery.
  • The scale is easier to store than a regular baby scale.
  • The screen is a large LCD display with backlighting.


  • The scale is not as easy to use as a regular baby scale.
  • The scale is not as accurate for your child’s weight as a regular scale.

This scale is a great option for those who are only measuring their child casually. This will work as a household scale for all members of the family, even those furry members. If you are weighing your child for medical reasons, then it would be wiser to invest in a scale specific for infants for more accurate readings and better features specific for babies.

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2. Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

The Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale is a convenient way to keep track of your child’s growth during your regular routine of changing your child. The scale is first and foremost a changing pad. The scale feature is a secondary feature that is accessible through the use of their corresponding app.

The changing pad is made very simply. There is a soft foam bed for your child to lie on. This bed is curved on either side to keep your child comfortable. A waist strap comes around to keep your little one safe during your change. The surface of the bed is easy to wipe clean after each change in order to keep the area sanitary. The bottom of the bed area has rubber feet in order to prevent the changing pad from sliding around. The scales require batteries.

The changing pad connects wirelessly to your phone to weigh and track your child’s growth. The Internet is required for this connection to occur. Your phone will then be able to tell you your child’s weight to the nearest quarter of an ounce. The data is then recorded on your child’s personalized growth profile on the app. This app can work with multiple children at a time. Multiple caregivers can also be added so others can also track your child’s growth.


  • Your child’s growth is recorded in the app.
  • The scale is integrated into your changing table.
  • The scale has a waist belt for safety.
  • The scales are made of soft foam for comfort.


  • The scales have a higher chance of being inaccurate compared to regular scales.
  • The phone requires an internet connection.
  • The entire unit is far more expensive than just regular scales.

This changing table scale may be one of the most convenient scale options available. You can now double your changing pad with a weighing session between feedings. The major downfall is the inaccuracy of the scales as well as the much higher price tag with this scale option.

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3. HOMEIMAGE- Digital Baby/Pet Scale with Hold Function

HOMEIMAGE- Digital Baby/Pet Scale with Hold Function - up to 44 Lb. -HI-EB522

The HOMEIMAGE Digital Baby Scale is a flat scale that is able to be used for both infants and pets. Instead of sitting on a separate weighing device, the HOMEIMAGE scale sits directly on the table or surface of your choice. The maximum weight of the scale is 44 pounds.

This scale is a nice flat surface that could easily be stored by slipping it on a shelf. The sides of the scale are curved up in order to make it a little more comfortable and safe for your child. The scale has an auto shut off feature to help save on battery life.

The scale has two main features. The first is the tare feature which will help get a more accurate weight reading. The second is the hold feature which will hold your child’s weight if they are wiggling around making it hard for a regular scale reading to take place. The weight shows up on an LCD screen. The scales run off of regular batteries. The weight can be shown in pounds, ounces, or kilograms. They are shown with an accuracy up to a half of an ounce.


  • The scale is not bulky and can be stored easily.
  • There is a larger surface area for weighing your child or pet.
  • The scale has both a hold and a tare feature.


  • The scale has very short battery life.
  • The entire scale is a little on the cheaper end in quality.
  • The “hold†feature cannot be turned off, which can cause it to start recording weight before you are ready, leading to inaccurate readings.
  • The scale will read in pounds or ounces, but will not have both pounds and ounces for the reading.

This scale has all the right intentions with some minor design flaws that can make weighing your child more difficult. The overall design is much less bulky than many other scales. If accuracy is not medically important than the scale can work. If you need the weights to monitor your child for medical reasons, a better quality scale should probably be considered.

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4. Taylor Salter Digital Baby and Toddler Scale


Taylor Salter 914-WHLKR Baby Toddler Scale

The Taylor Salter Digital Baby and Toddler Scale is a more affordable scale option. It looks most like the traditional baby scale in its set up. It has the top, curved tray for your child that sits on top of a base with the reader screen. The entire scale can hold children up to 44 pounds.

The Taylor Salter scale is made of plastic. The curved design of the tray will add comfort and security for your child. The scale can convert to a toddler scale by removing the top tray. The bottom tray is shaped in an adorable teddy bear shape with polka dots and large eyes that may help put your child at ease during the weighing process.

The scales have four buttons on the stand. These buttons are underneath an LCD screen. The screen will show the weight with an accuracy up to a half of an ounce. The first button on the stand is the on and off button so that power can be saved when the scales are not in use. The second button is the conversion button that will change the readings between pounds and kilograms. The third button is a hold button which will freeze the weight when your child is wiggling around. The last button is a zero button which will subtract the weight of your child’s clothes and blankets when weighing them.


  • This is a more affordable scale.
  • The top tray comes off to convert to a toddler scale.
  • The scale has a zero and hold feature.


  • The scale is very sensitive to movements, which can change the weight accuracy.
  • The tray is a little smaller, which may not fit larger babies.

Taylor Salter’s scales is a nice affordable option for many parents. This scale is rented out in many places for a price similar to what you would pay if you just purchased the scale. The scale does tend to be very sensitive to where your child is placed and how often they wiggle when being measured. It may be best to first test the scale with an item who’s weight you already know in order to find the most accurate positioning before weighing your child.

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5. Health-o-meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale


Health o meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale with Growth Chart Book

The Health-o-meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale is designed very similarly to the Salter scale, which is why both this scale and the Salter are two of the most popular scales. The scales even look the same. The main difference is what is inside the scales, as well as what comes in the box with the scales.

The Health-o-meter scales have the same look as the Salter scales. It is a plastic design with a curved top tray. This top tray can also be removed to expose the lower half which can be used as a toddler scale. The bottom half has the same adorable teddy bear design. One big difference is that the Health-o-Meter can weigh children up to 66 pounds, making it one of the longest lasting scale options for babies.

The Health-o-Meter has four buttons on the base, as well as an LCD screen. The screen can display the weight up to a half ounce accuracy. The buttons also feature a hold button which can freeze the weight for better reading, as well as a zero out button which will subtract the weight of clothing and blankets. The scale can convert between pounds and kilograms.

The scales come with a Growth Chart Book. This will help you be able to record your child’s weight and keep track of where they should be.


  • The scale can weigh children up to 66 pounds.
  • This is one of the more affordable scale options.
  • This is one of the more accurate scales.


  • The scale does not have a multi-year life expectancy.
  • The scale can be extra sensitive to movements.

Health-o-meter is one of the more accurate options for regular home use scales. It is a higher quality product at an affordable price. The weight is still pretty sensitive to movements, but that is a common theme among most baby scales. The main downfall is that the life expectancy of the scale is usually less than a year or two.

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6. Ultrababy Scale

My Weigh Ultra Baby Precision Digital Baby or Pet Scale, 55 Pound Capacity

The Ultrababy Scale by My Weigh is an extra large scale that can be used for both babies and for weighing parcels. This scale is powered by either batteries or a power cord. Just be aware that not all sellers include the power cord with the scale, so it may need to be purchased separately if you would like that option.

This scale has a weight limit of about 55 pounds. The scale can be converted between pounds and kilograms. The accuracy is up to a .1 of an ounce until 2 pounds at which point the scale switches to a half an ounce accuracy. The weight is displayed on a backlit LCD screen on the front of the scale.

The extra large tray can hold children of all sizes. The tray is curved for both safety and comfort. The top tray can be removed for easy cleaning. The tray is not the only part that can be removed. The front screen area is also made to be removed to make it easier, especially if a blanket or other item is draped over the edge and covering the screen. You are able to detach the screen and still be able to read it.

This scale has all the regular baby scale options that many other scales offer. The scale has a hold feature in order to read your child’s weight even when they are wiggling around. The scale is also able to use a tare function to get a more accurate reading without the added weight of clothes. The scale has some add-ons that can convert the scale into a package scale.


  • The scale tray and the front screen can both be removed.
  • The tray area is extra large for many sizes of infants.
  • The scale has both a hold and a tare function.


  • The battery area is not very convenient to access.
  • The scale is not very simple to configure when it is first purchased.
  • This is one of the more expensive scale options.

The scale itself is one of the more accurate scales when it is working. The issues come when you first need to get the scale to start to work. The scale needs to be calibrated using a 10-kilogram weight in order to be accurate. Weights like that can be costly and will add to the overall cost of the scale. Once the scale does work, it is one of the more accurate home scales available.

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7. The First Years American Red Cross Soothing Baby Scale

The First Years American Red Cross Soothing Baby Scale is an easy to store scale with many extra features that many other scales do not have. The scale can weigh infants up to 44 pounds. The scales are just the tray area with an integrated LCD screen that sits directly on the tabletop or changing table. There are four little rubber nubs on the bottom to keep the scales from sliding around during the weighing process.

The First Years scale weighs in both pounds and kilograms. The weight is accurate to .0222 pounds. Your child lays on the top of the tray which has just a slight contour for a little extra comfort. The scales record the weight measured and has an auto-recall feature that will allow you to see the last weigh-in in order to more accurately track your child’s growth.

The scales have all the regular features plus an additional music option. The regular features include the zero button. This feature will allow you to put a blanket or other items on the scale for comfort with the option to subtract their weight when weighing your child. The auto-shutoff button will help preserve the battery life of the scales. In addition to these regular features, the scale also has the option to play soothing music to help keep your child calm while they are being weighed.


  • The scale is easy to store.
  • The scale has a zero function and auto-shut off
  • The scale offers a soothing music option.
  • The scale will auto-recall the last weight of your child.


  • The weight tends to be more inaccurate than other brands.
  • The sides of the scale are not very raised, which makes it easier for your child to roll off.

The First Years scale is an easy to use a scale that is also easy to store due to its slimmer design. Even though it has a slim design, it still has more features than many other scales such as the auto-recall and the soothing music option. Despite all the great features, the accuracy is still lacking if it were to be used for tracking a serious medical concern.

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8. Beurer Digital Baby Scale with Comfortable Curving Platform

Beurer Digital Baby Scale, Toddler’s Scale, Pet Scale, Weight Capacity, Large LCD Display, with Comfortable Curving Platform, BY80

The Beurer Digital Baby Scale with Comfortable Curving Platform is another slimly designed baby scale that is easy to store or travel with. Like the First Year’s scale, this scale is also a flat tray design with just a slight curvature for comfort and an integrated screen in the tray area. It sits flat on any table or changing table area you may choose.

The scale has a maximum weight of 44 pounds. It is able to weigh in pounds, ounces, or kilograms. It is accurate up to .18 ounces. The weight is then displayed on a large LCD screen on the front.

The scale has all the regular scale features. Next to the LCD screen are two buttons. One is the hold button which will hold the weight despite your child wiggling around. The second button is the tare function. This will allow you to add blankets or other items and then subtract their weight before adding your child. To save on batteries, the scale has an auto-shutoff feature.


  • The scales have a hold and a tare function
  • They are easy to store and transport.
  • The scales are accurate to a .18 ounce.


  • The scales are not one of the more accurate scale options.
  • The sides of the scale are not very raised or high off the ground, so your child can roll off or place their limbs off the scale easier.

The Beurer baby scale is a great scale if you are looking for something small, lightweight and easy to store. It can be slipped underneath a bed, or along the side of a shelf. It is also easy to travel with because of the lighter weight. Unfortunately, it is not very accurate for medical purposes and would function better as a general weight scale versus serious weight tracking that needs more precision.

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9. Multi-Function Digital Baby Scale Measure Infant/Baby/Adult Weight Accurately

iSnow-Med Multi-Function Digital Baby Scale Measure Infant/Baby/Adult Weight Accurately, 220 LBS (± 0.35OZ), Blue Backlit, KG/OZ/LB (60x30CM)

The Multi-Function Digital Baby Scale by iSnow-Med is one of the longest lasting baby scales as it can be used from infancy up until adulthood. The maximum weight capacity of the scale is 220 pounds. It has some handy extra features that will help with tracking your little one’s growth.

The scale has two main parts. The bottom half of the scale is the adult scale. It is a flat surface like a regular adult scale. It also has a large backlit LCD screen. A large, curved baby tray connects to the center of the scale. The tray is 60 centimeters long and has measuring markings down the center in order to track your child’s height along with their weight for a more accurate picture of your child’s growth. The scale weighs to an accuracy of 10 grams.

The scale has most of the regular features of a baby scale. The tare feature should be used before weighing your child in order to subtract any extra weight from blankets or other items that may be on the scale with your child. A hold button will help keep the weight steady while your child moves about. A physical on and off button allows you to control when to turn the scale off. The scale can also be switched between kilograms, pounds, and ounces.


  • The scale lasts all the way to adulthood.
  • The scale has a hold and tare feature.
  • The scale has the additional option to measure your child’s height along with their weight.
  • It comes apart and is easy to store or travel with.


  • The scale does not show a mixture of pounds and ounces, only one or the other.
  • The scale is more sensitive to slight movements, which can alter the weight.

ISnow-Med’s scale is a great way to get the most out of your purchase as it will last all through your child’s life and can be used for all the members of your family, even the furry four-legged family members. The scales are sensitive to movement, which can make it difficult to have accurate readings.

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10. AFENDO Electronic Digital Smoothing Infant, Baby and Toddler Scale

AFENDO Electronic Digital Smoothing Infant , Baby and Toddler Scale -White

The AFENDO Electronic Digital Smoothing Infant Scale is a flat scale that sits directly on the table or changing table when you use it. There are four little rubber nubs on the bottom to keep the scale from sliding around when you are weighing your little one.

The tray area is slightly curved for a little extra comfort. The maximum weight capacity of this scale is 20 kilograms, which is about 44 pounds. The scales weigh to an accuracy of a tenth of an ounce. The weight can be measured in pounds, ounces, and kilograms.

The scale has a large LCD screen on the front on which it displays the weight. There are two buttons on either side of the screen for additional features. One button is the tare function which will allow you to add blankets and other items to help keep your child more comfortable without adding to the actual overall weight. The second button is a hold feature. This will help you maintain an accurate weight as your child moves around. The scale has a battery indicator to let you know when it is running low on power. It also will automatically turn off to save battery life.


  • The scale has a tare feature and a hold feature.
  • The scale is not bulky so it is easier to store or travel with.
  • The scales can measure up to a tenth of an ounce.


  • The battery that the scale takes is the round button battery instead of regular batteries.
  • The button to switch between weights is located on the bottom of the scale, not the front.
  • The battery life is not very long.
  • The sides of the scale are not very tall for comfort or to keep your little one from rolling off the scales.

The AFENDO scale is a decently accurate scale for the price. It is also easy to travel with and store when you are not using it. The main downfall is the very short battery life. You will easily go through multiple batteries a month depending on how often you use the scales. The batteries are not that simple to replace as they are not regular batteries, but rather those round button batteries.

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And The Winner Is!

When it comes to purchasing baby scales to use at home, it is important to remember that nothing will be as accurate as hospital grade scales. If daily weighing is vital to your child’s health, it may be wiser to either go to your doctor regularly or invest in a hospital grade scale. If a little variation is acceptable than regular home use baby scales can work perfectly fine to get a general idea of your child’s growth.

Out of all the scales reviewed, the Health-o-meter scale is the best baby scale choice. It has all the needed features to make weighing your child most comfortable, safe, and accurate. The scales are not only great for infants, but also last longer all the way up till toddlerhood. It also receives some of the best reviews, which is probably why many places use these scales or rent them out to mothers. This is why the Health-o-meter is the best baby scale choice.


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