What Are The Best Baby Bassinets For Newborn?



best baby bassinetsWhen your newborn baby is born, you don’t want them far from you. In fact, safety standards say that it is best for newborns to share a room with their parents for up to six months after births.  It is not as reasonable to put a full-size crib in the room so that is where a bassinet comes into play. Not only are they more compact, some are portable and can be used in the intern.

Here is a look at a few of the top models of bassinets currently available.

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What to Look for in a Bassinet

There are many different things to look for when you are choosing a bassinet to best choose your needs. Here are the top things to look for:

  • SAFETY STANDARDS – This should be the first concern when looking for any baby equipment. Some of the safety standards include required side height requirements to prevent falls, slats are not too wide so that babies cannot get trapped, latches and locks are tested to prevent the mechanisms from folding and so on. Make sure you do your homework in ensuring you buy a safe bassinet beforehand.
    • MESH WALLS – The safest material for walls a bassinet is a mesh. It allows for greater breathability as well as increasing the visibility of the baby to the caregiver.
    • FIRM, THIN MATTRESS – While most parents will complain that the mattress is too thin, this is a misconception. Guidelines are in place in help reduce SIDS and ASTM standards state that the safest mattress for a bassinet “must be less than an inch thick and the mattress should be firmâ€.


  • STYLE – There are several styles of bassinets including portable, stationary, those with a cradle feature, those that play music, and many more. Think of the features and style that matter most to you before making your final decision.


  • LIMITS – A bassinet has its limits. It is not meant to be a permanent solution for sleeping but for the beginning of the baby’s life. Each bassinet will have a weight and age limit but these will also depend on the milestones of your child. Many bassinets say to stop using when your child can sit up. Please read the safety instructions and choose which is best for you. Also, never leave a child in a bassinet past these milestones.


  • BEDDING – There is really no standard size when it comes to a bassinet so that means that there is no standard bassinet sheet size. While most bassinets will come with a sheet, you will want to have an extra for those little accidents that will occur – and trust me – they WILL happen.


  • MATTRESS – The bassinet mattress is very important. It should be very firm with very little give and little to no gaps between the mattress and the sides of the bassinet. There should be no dips, bends or flexibility in the mattress itself.


  • PERSONAL STYLE – There are hundreds of styles of bassinets available in a variety of colors. Some have frills while others are more basic. There are bassinets available in wild, bright colors or pastels while some in just your basic colors or simple prints. Some bassinets have canopies or skirts; some are wooden while some are metal and some are flexible. The right model for your personal style is out there – you just have to look for it.


  • ABILITY TO CLEAN – Babies are messy. It is important to know what materials on a bassinet are cleanable, how to clean them, how hard it is to take them apart/put them back together and so on. If you cannot access or clean them, it may not be worth having them if they only look nice for the first five minutes that you have them.


  • OTHER FEATURES TO CONSIDER – While some bassinets are straight forward models, some other models may come with other bells and whistles. Make sure that you consider all of your options.
    • Toys – Some bassinets come with toys, mirrors and such that hang from the side or from the canopy. While some of the toys detach, some are stationary and come not be detached. While extras sound like that are always a bonus, you must consider several things. You should never leave loose toys in a bassinet when a baby is sleeping as they pose a suffocation hazard. Do the items stay out of the way? Can I take them out of the way when the baby is sleeping?
    • Sounds and Motion – These are great features to help soothe your little one to sleep. Some models have lullabies, womb sounds, and soothing sounds while the vibration modes can help rock them into a peaceful contentment.

Once you put all of these things together, you are sure to find the perfect bassinet that is right for you – and your baby!

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What Are Some of the Benefits of a Bassinet?

There have been many arguments on why to use a bassinet over why not using a crib right off the bat.  Here are a few reasons to begin using a bassinet for your baby’s first few months of life.

First of all, a bassinet allows a baby to be in the same room as you. Whether it be the bedroom or the living room, the small size and portability of the bassinet means that the baby can be where you are.

In addition, that means the middle of the night feedings and changings are easier as the baby is closer to the caregiver. It gives you peace of mind when the baby is in the same room as you.

Second, a bassinet is less expensive than a crib. If the baby is unexpected and you are still saving for a crib, this is one way to go. Or if you need a place for a newborn to sleep at the grandparent’s house, this is an inexpensive fix. A bassinet being portable is a big advantage in so many situations.

A bassinet is smaller in size and is snugger to a baby. The baby has been in a small space for nine months and doesn’t need to be overwhelmed with a big crib right off the bat.

It also is easier to put the baby in a bassinet, especially for a new mom who just gave birth, as a bassinet is usually as waist height – with no big rail to put up and down. This is especially helpful to moms who had C-sections. A bassinet is great for co-sleeping and makes late night feedings and diaper changes much easier.

There are many advantages of a bassinet, just find the ones that benefit you the most.

Why Are Some Against the Use of a Bassinet?

Some people think that there is no need for a bassinet and you can put a baby directly in a crib.  Here are a few reasons against a bassinet.

You have to have a crib because a bassinet is only useful for a few months so it is an expense that is unnecessary; therefore, some people think that you do not need a bassinet.

Bassinet sheets are hard to find. Most manufacturers of bassinets require that you purchase their sheets if they even make them. It is hard to find a universal bassinet sheet.

Children sleeping in a bassinet in their parent’s room doesn’t allow them to get used to sleeping in their own room.

There have been some more serious concerns that have stemmed from recalls from bassinets and cradles. The majority of those complaints have included entrapment, suffocation, the risk of injury due to falling from a bassinet, choking hazards and risk of injury from the product tipping.

A good portion of these injuries or deaths were from the products not being used correctly such as children being placed in the bassinet after they were able to sit up or they were too big for them.

By far, the pro’s out way the con’s in purchasing a bassinet in my opinion, but as always, you have to decide what is best for your family.

What to do Before Purchasing a Bassinet

When you go out to make that all important purchase of a bassinet, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Here they are:

  • Look for a sturdy bottom on the bassinet. The bassinet should have a stable, wide base. There should also be no parts that present themselves as choking hazards. If it is made of wood, it should be smooth and splinter free.


  • Ensure that the mattress is firm, smooth, and fits snug. A pad or mattress thicker than 1.5†presents a suffocation hazard so ensure that it is no thicker than that. A hard mattress is not a bad thing. Babies require a firm mattress to prevent suffocation.


  • Look for bassinets that carry the JPMA seal. The JPMA seal means that a baby product has been tested by an independent company for safety and meets or exceeds safety standards. Since it is not required, not all baby products have this certification.


  • Check all of the bassinet’s folding mechanics. If a bassinet can be stored, make sure that when you lock it in place, that it is safe.


  • Check that your bassinet has not had any recalls on any of its parts or on it.


  • Know that a bassinet is only for a short period of time. Most bassinet manufactures have a maximum weight of 18 pounds (while some up to 25 pounds) most say that you must stop using according to your baby’s milestones. These milestones include: pushing up on hands and knees or rolling over. It is also possible that your baby outgrows the bassinet in leg room if your baby is long, so consider this when you make your purchase.

12 Best Baby Bassinets

Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

This first bassinet is one of the more lightweight bassinets that we will be looking at. It has many features that you want in a bassinet while still being lower priced than some of the other bassinet models.

This bassinet model has a steel frame construction which allows it to stay lightweight. Fully assembled, this model is only 10.5 pounds.

The frame has locking casters. This allows you to move the bassinet from room to room easily. Even if you have to navigate stairs, with the lightweight construction, that should not be much of a problem.

This model has a polyester fiber pad and all of the material is machine washable – that is very important when you have an infant.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros:

  • There is a removable canopy that is adjustable.
  • This bassinet has a unit that plays music and has a nightlight. The music box is pre-loaded with lullabies sure to appeal your baby. This is great to soothe the baby and offers a little light for late night visits.
  • The bassinet comes with a fitted sheet for the included 1†mattress pad.
  • This bassinet has two storage baskets under the bassinet. These are perfect for storing all of your baby’s essential needs such as diapers, wipes, creams, pacifiers and more.
  • The bassinet comes in a beautiful pattern that will accommodate almost any décor and is gender neutral.
  • The Sweet Beginnings Bassinet will accommodate infants up to 15 pounds or until they can roll over or push up on their hands and knees.
  • The Sweet Beginnings Bassinet meets or exceeds all ASTM and CPSC Standards. This bassinet also carries JPMA Certification.

Some of the cons of this bassinet:

  • Since the bassinet is so lightweight, it comes across flimsy and not as sturdy as one would want in a bassinet.
  • The music feature is a main reason to get this bassinet. However, not only do you have to worry about it eating through batteries, the music is very loud and the unit is hard to attach; if you can even get it to work properly.
  • The mattress pad is very thin.

Overall, this bassinet is a good choice for the money but there is still room for improvement. Some of the features that you look forward to the most are the ones that may disappoint, however, so you may want to do a little research before you purchase.

Dream On Me Karley Bassinet

If you are looking for a lightweight model that offers protection from elements, then the Dream on Me Karley Bassinet may be what you are looking for. This bassinet has features that provide coverage that some other models don’t. Let’s take a look at them.

The Dream on Me is made of a polyester foam fabric and  comes in a large range of colors and patterns to suit all of your styles and tastes.

Here are a few of the positives for this model:

  • This model has a double canopy. The canopy if fully adjustable so you do not always have to have both sides closed if you don’t want to. But if you do, this allows full coverage from elements when indoors (like from a pet or from the sticky fingers of a toddler) or on a patio.
  • This bassinet offers a 1†sleeping pad.
  • The frame is made of a lightweight aluminum. This makes for easy mobility at only 14 pounds.
  • The bassinet has a quick folding mechanism for moving, storage and traveling.
  • The Dream on Me allows your baby to rock gently in the bassinet.
  • There is a storage basket under the bassinet for all of your baby’s needs such as an extra outfit, diapers and more.

Some of the negatives include:

  • The sleeping pad is thinner than the standard pad that some bassinets have.
  • While the website says ideal for up to 25 pounds, the packaging on this product says to prevent suffocation, not to use past 10 pounds.
  • Due to the thin pad, it is hard to find sheets to fit the pad without them just wadding up.
  • The weight of an infant causes the pad to buckle in the middle.
  • While the canopy is adjustable, it is not removable.

While this product is on the lower end of the price scale for the bassinets, I think that you get what you pay for. The double canopy feature is great but that is about the only thing that I would pay for on this model. The weight limit issue is something that is hard to overcome and the buckling in the middle is more than a little concerning.

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet

The Halo Bassinet is for those that are looking for a little more closeness with their little ones. This bassinet can not only be used to share a room but to co-sleep.

This bassinet is on the high end of the price scale but it offers a lot for the money. You just have to weigh your options and consider what is important to you.

As an alternative to co-sleeping, your baby can sleep in their own space while still being close to you in your bed.

Because the bassinet is adjustable to fit the bed, the baby is at eye level and always within your vision.

While this is a high priced model, it is sturdy so you can use with multiple children or resell.

The bassinet is made from polyester that wipes with a damp cloth. The mattress pad comes with a 100% polyester fitted sheet included.

Here is a list of the positives:

  • The Halo is on a sturdy 4-point base. The base is adjustable to fit most beds from 22†to 34†tall. The base fits under your bed (but does require 32†of clearance all the way around). Since it tucks under your bed and sits mostly on top of your bed, it is ideal for small, tight spaces.
  • This bassinet swivels and rotates an amazing 360 degrees. This will bring your baby close to you from any angle.
  • The mesh side wall lowers so you can easily take care of the baby and take them in and out with ease. This makes it super easy for breast feeding and diaper changing. The wall can also be locked in the upright position.
  • Since the bassinet can rotate 360 degrees, you can move the bassinet to get in and out of the bed easily. This is perfect for mothers who are recuperating from C-sections.
  • The mesh walls of the bassinet allow for maximum breathability.
  • Recommended using until 5 months or 20 pounds whichever comes first. In addition, please discontinue use if the baby starts to pull up, roll over or push themselves up.
  • This model of the Halo has a unit attached that offers a nightlight, 3 lullabies, 3 soothing sounds, a nursing timer and 2 levels of vibration. All of these options are on a 30-minute automatic shutoff timer. These options provide extra soothing comfort for the baby.
  • There are 2 storage pockets on the bassinet.
  • Meets or exceeds all consumer product safety and health commission standards. JPMA Certified.

Here are some of the negatives of this bassinet:

  • At 48 pounds, and with no wheels, this bassinet is not portable.
  • Due to the unique shape of the unit, extra sheets must be ordered from the company.
  • The bassinet is very costly for such a short period of time.
  • The unit that has music, sound, vibration, and light requires batteries.
  • The feet on the bassinet are a trip hazard.
  • The side of the bassinet is hard to come down.

When all is said and done, this is a great bassinet and one of my favorites. I like how you can have the baby so close to you and it is great not to have to leave the bed in the middle of the night to breast feed.  The cost and the side not being easy to come down, not to mention the possible trip hazard are all things to consider before purchasing this bassinet.

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

If you are looking to get multiple uses out of your bassinet, with extended use, then the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet is worth looking at. Not only is this a top notch bassinet in itself, but it flips into an extended use changing table. Let’s see what all this bassinet has to offer.

The Dream Suite is offered in a number of colors to suit your style and needs and the mattress pad stays in place when you flip from bassinet to changer.

Some of the pros for this bassinet are:

  • This bassinet flips from a bassinet to a changing table with the flip of a lever – with one hand.
  • The changing table is for babies up to 30 pounds so you can use this well after you can no longer use the bassinet. That brings extra value to this bassinet. That allows you the opportunity to set up an extra changing station somewhere else in your home.
  • The adjustable canopy offers two soft play toys for the baby to focus on.
  • The mesh sides of the bassinet allow for visibility and air flow.
  • The bassinet has 2 speeds of vibrations to help soothe your baby.
  • There are four locking wheels to make moving the bassinet around easy. Just unlock the wheels and move the bassinet throughout your home freely.
  • Bassinet portion is suitable for babies up to 15 pounds or until they can roll over or push up.
  • Easy to wipe clean fabric.
  • There is a large storage basket under the bassinet to keep all of your baby’s needs close at hand.

Some of the cons are:

  • I would not recommend for traveling as it does not fold down compactly.
  • It is in the mid-price range.
  • Very difficult to put together.
  • Sometimes difficult to turn the handle to turn from bassinet to changing table with the baby in one hand.

Overall, a very good bassinet and one of my favorites.  There are negatives in every model and unfortunately, installation is one of them in this model. But once you correctly get this bassinet together, it is definitely a dream.  With a price in the middle and features that extend the life usage of this model, the attractiveness of this bassinet just seem to grow by the minute. 

Green Frog Bassinet/Cradle

A soothing motion can sometimes lull your baby to sleep. If a cradle is more what you are looking for, then this Bassinet/Cradle by Green Frog might be right up your alley. It has all the features of a traditional bassinet plus a few more for convenience sake.

The Green Frog comes in two beautiful neutral colors.

Let’s take a look at the positives:

  • The Green Frog is very light weight and portable. Just lift the end and glide throughout your home on the custom designed wheels.
  • If you are concerned about safety, then consider the low height and transparent mesh side windows. The windows help ensure ventilation and airflow.
  • The Green Frog includes a premium-comfort mattress with an included machine washable cotton slipcover sheet.
  • The fabric cover aluminum frame is completely machine washable.
  • Assembly is a snap. The entire bassinet, including legs and rockers, snap on.
  • For travel made easy, the Green Frog comes in a carrying bag with handle.
  • The cradle motion soothes infants. Parents can rock the cradle or allow the baby’s natural motion to move the cradle.
  • The bassinet is designed for infants from newborn to six months or until they can lift, pull or push themselves up or 18 pounds.

Now, some of the negatives:

  • Because it is a cradle, it will almost always be in motion.
  • It is higher priced.
  • Cannot find replacement sheets. If you use a standard cradle/bassinet sheet, it makes the pad buckle so it is unsafe.
  • Not mentioned for JPMA Certification but seems to meet or exceed other standards.

This seems to be a good bassinet but the main things to like about it is that it is a cradle and it is portable.  For the money, you can find those features in other models. I liked this model well enough, but I think it is overpriced.

Badger Basket Majesty Baby Bassinet

Whoever said that functional couldn’t be beautiful as well, had never seen the Badger Basket line of Baby Bassinets. These bassinets feature full canopies but don’t let the frills fool you. They are fully functional with all of the features that you would want in a bassinet. Let’s take a look at some of those features now.

Here are a few of the pros:

  • Quick and easy to assemble with no tools necessary. This is a plus that you don’t need any power tools or extra equipment.
  • All bedding is included: full canopy, a floor-length liner/skirt, fitted sheet and a foam pad. All of the bedding is machine washable for easy cleanup.
  • Under the bassinet, and hidden by the skirt, is a handy mesh storage basket. You can keep all of your baby’s necessities in there such as toys, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, extra clothes and more.
  • There are lockable wheels on the bassinet so you can roll the bassinet from room to room.
  • The wheels of the bassinet can be flipped up so the bassinet can be rocked like a cradle.
  • The canopy is as functional as it is beautiful. It shields the baby from light and drafts.
  • The bassinet is for babies up to 20 pounds, 4 months or until the baby can roll over, push up, or sit up unassisted – whichever comes first.
  • While this model has white canopy and bedding with a rectangular shape to it, there are other fabric colors and the other shapes available are round and oval.
  • Affordable mid-price.

Here are a few of the cons:

  • All of the material may need to be ironed or steamed every time it is washed.
  • Extra sheets have to be purchased directly from the manufacturer.
  • Sides are not as high as other models.
  • Sides of bassinet do not appear to be as breathable as some other models.
  • The mattress pad is very thin.

Overall, a nice bassinet for the price range. It is aesthetically pleasing but it has a few safety concerns such as the low sides, thin mattress pad and the sides of the bassinet not being as breathable that are concerning. All of these things need to be looked at and you need to see if they have received all of their certifications for this product (although they do meet or exceed safety standards) before considering this product.

BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

If you are always on the go, you are probably looking for a bassinet that will pick up and go with you. Well, if that is the case, then let’s take a look at the Brica Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet. With it lightweight portability, it makes it a top pick for a portable bassinet. Let’s look at its other assets.

Here are its pros:

  • At only 2.4 pounds, it is one of the lightest bassinets on the market I have found.
  • It has mesh panels for visibility and breathability.
  • The bassinet has a four-point Safe-T Lock System for safety and security.
  • The bassinet has a double locking tubular steel frame for strong and durable use.
  • The lightweight bassinet has a carrying handle for convenient travel.
  • The Fold N’ Go sets up and folds down in just seconds.
  • The bassinet comes with a mattress pad and fitted sheet.
  • The bassinet is so small and compact that it will fit in a suitcase.
  • Your baby can use this bassinet up to 3 months or 15 pounds; or when your baby begins to push up, sit up or roll over – whichever comes first.
  • Very inexpensive.

Here are the cons:

  • You can only safely use this bassinet on the floor or ground. It is even unsafe to use this bassinet on a bed or couch. This means you have to bend over to pick up the baby or put the baby down. Also, if there are pets around, this could lead to an unsafe situation where the animal tries to get in the bassinet as it resembles a pet bed.
  • There is no canopy to offer any shade from the elements such as sun or light.
  • The fabrics consist of polyester and polyurethane foam. While they meet older flame retardant standards, TB-116, the foam likely contains flame retardants.
  • The hard plastic hinge that is separated from your baby with just a thin piece of plastic. Seems like there should be foam to protect your baby’s head.

While this is very affordable, it doesn’t seem very practical unless you are a road warrior. If you travel more than you stay home (and granted your baby would have to be less than 3 months old) then maybe this would be for you.

Otherwise, who would want to have a bassinet that they have to place on the floor where anyone could “accidentally†step or trip over their baby. Not to mention how back breaking it would be to always be bending over to the floor to pick up or lay down your baby.

This model might be great if you went camping or on an extended trip, but otherwise, I would have to give it a pass.

Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet

If you would like a safe way to co-sleep with your new born baby, then you may want to consider this bassinet, the Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper. With lots of safety features and an aesthetically pleasing look to fit in with any décor, this bassinet may be exactly what you are looking for.

The Cambria features wooden ends that are beautifully curved. The liners are neutral and depend on the model that is chosen.

Co-sleeping can continue the bond that was formed in the womb and help the mother sleep better. The Cambria enables you to reach over your baby and draw them close to your baby for bonding and comfort.

This co-sleeper is for bed heights starting at 24†– starting at the floor to the top of the parent’s bed.

Here are some of the positives:

  • This co-sleeper bassinet is a safer alternative to the baby sleeping in the bed with you. The bassinet attaches to the bed. The bassinet attached to the bed makes it more comfortable for nighttime nursing and diaper changes.
  • There are wheels on the bassinet to make it easier for mobility to move from room to room.
  • The co-sleeper makes it easier for mothers who have had a C-section as they are not reaching into a crib when the side is down on the co-sleeper.
  • All models of the Cambria have mesh for visibility and breathability.
  • The Cambria Co-Sleeper is easy to assemble.
  • The design of the Cambria makes it easy to breast feed.
  • There are two convenient storage baskets under the bassinet for your convenience. You can store toys, diaper essentials, and other everyday needs.
  • The bassinet is suitable for babies up to 5 months or until they can push up or roll over – whichever comes first.

Some of the negatives are:

  • The mattress is way too thin and buckles sometimes.
  • After some use, the “wood†appearance begins to appear chipped.
  • The bottom baskets are flimsy.
  • A costly choice for just a few months.

Overall, this is a good choice for a bassinet and a perfect choice if you are looking for a co-sleeper. I really had to look hard to find some cons. For the most part, it is great to have your baby so close to you, it is perfect for breast feeding, good for moms who have had a C-section and nice for bonding.

It can be moved around if you want to and it is adjustable for many beds. However, it is costly and the mattress is thin (as seems to be the running theme with many of these bassinets).

Big Oshi Newborn Dual Canopy Travel Bassinet

If you are still on the hunt for that bassinet that will allow you the freedom to pick up and go, then the Big Oshi Newborn Dual Canopy Travel Bassinet has a few features that you may want to look at. From the canopies to the lightweight mesh, this bassinet has something for everyone.

The Big Oshi is polyester with a polyester foam mattress and nylon mesh netting. The base support is designed to support the baby for a healthy vertebra.

Here are some of the pros:

  • Protective dual mesh canopy bassinet.
  • Elastic mesh netting keeps babies safe in the outdoors from bugs and mosquitoes.
  • The lightweight bassinet is great for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The bassinet has a convenient storage basket underneath.
  • The Big Oshi is great for babies up to 18 pounds or until they can roll over or push up – whichever comes first.
  • This bassinet is easy to care for. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth using mild soap.
  • JPMA Certified Bassinet.
  • With the partial mesh sides, your baby will get great air circulation even if it is hot and sticky outside.
  • The bassinet is easy to set up.
  • The bassinet legs are steady even on unsteady ground.
  • Folds compactly.
  • Lower priced.

Some of the cons are:

  • When the canopy is zipped, the zipper is hard to get to.
  • It is a two person job to zip the canopy side together because it requires an extra set of hands.
  • There are some buckling issues with the mattress pad.

Just to go over everything, this great priced travel bassinet has several great features. The dual canopy with mosquito netting makes it great to take to the beach or park and it folds compactly to put in the trunk when you are on the go.

On the other hand, the zipper is hard to get to when the canopy is zipped and zipping the canopy together is a two-person job. For a travel bassinet, this a definite contender.


If you feel your newborn baby will do better if they are rocked to sleep, then a cradle may be a better choice for you.  And one of the top baby names, BabyBjorn has one worth looking at. With its sleek design and all mesh material, this is sure to be a contender for your bassinet needs. Let’s see how the specifications come out.

Let’s look at some of the positives:

  • The cradle legs provide a rocking motion to gently rock your baby to sleep. Parents can rock the cradle or let the baby’s natural movements rock the cradle back and forth.
  • The BabyBjorn Cradle is a JPMA Certified Product which means it has been independently tested for safety.
  • This cradle has a transparent mesh fabric for visibility of your child and better breathability.
  • This cradle offers a low height to make it easier to transfer the baby in and out of.
  • The cradle is so lightweight makes it easy to move around the house from room to room as needed.
  • This cradle is recommended from birth to six months, 17 pounds or until the baby can push up or roll over – whichever comes first.
  • The BabyBjorn has a spring suspension system that rocks the cradle in all directions smoothly so it won’t get stuck in any position.
  • The waterproof mattress cover, fitted sheet, canopy and cradle fabric are removable and machine washable for ease of cleaning.
  • There is an included sheer mesh canopy included that can be attached to reduce light while allowing for good air circulation. The canopy is easy to remove and attach.
  • The fitted sheet is included and is designed to fit the BabyBjorn Cradle mattress pad securely. There is an elastic band that will keep the sheet in place and stretched.
  • Set up is simple and easy.

Let’s take a look at some of the unfortunate negatives:

  • By far the most expensive model I looked at. This is a hard pill to swallow as you only get a few months use out of this cradle. However, with a well-made item, you normally can use it with multiple children or get great resell value.
  • Because the entire walls are made of mesh, there are large labels sewn on the inside of the cradle in a couple locations that state “SUFFOCATION HAZARD†that cannot be removed because that is sewn into seams and who really wants to remove a safety warning. Unfortunately, this does not show up in the pictures when they are trying to sell the product so you can see exactly what you are dealing with.
  • The mattress rests on MDF board and which is low level of formaldehyde (although it is in compliance with CARB Phase 2).
  • The “gentle rocking†motion caused by the springs can be a little too rigorous for some babies.

I really wanted to love this cradle. For the most part, the BabyBjorn is a great cradle. But when you take into consideration all of the factors, I just could not love it. For the pluses, it has a great mesh design, everything is washable and it can stay in constant motion. This product even carries the JPMA Certification which is a big deal.

But it is way overpriced, it has huge suffocation signs that are unsightly and it has MDF board which emits low levels of formaldehyde (even if they are on the acceptable side). When you put all of these things together, I would rather find a more moderately priced bassinet or cradle with safety features that I feel better about.

Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Portable Bassinet

When you think of children and baby toys, one of the first names that probably come to mind is Fisher-Price. So it is no surprise that they have come up with the Rock ‘n Play Portable Bassinet. If you need a lightweight portable bassinet, then Fisher-Price may have the bassinet for you. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons.

Here are some of the great things that the Rock ‘n Play has to offer:

  • This lightweight (7.5 pounds) bassinet folds flat to make travel and portability a breeze. Or fold flat to get out of the way when not in use.
  • Set up is a breeze; it is easy to fold and unfold and put together.
  • The Rock ‘n Play offers a flat sleeping area.
  • With a gentle push, the bassinet will rock and lull your little one to sleep.
  • The bassinet comes with a machine washable pad.
  • The Rock ‘n Play has mesh side panels that allow for breathability and visibility.
  • The Fisher-Price bassinet includes a soft toy rattle and mirror on the bassinet.
  • This bassinet is recommended for babies up to 25 pounds or until they can roll over or push up – whichever comes first.
  • To make the bassinet stationary, just twist and lock the feet.
  • Affordably priced.

Here are some of the things we don’t like so much about the Rock ‘n Play:

  • The pad can shrink when washed.
  • The mirror does not detach from the bassinet. This can become a hazard as the baby can hit it accidentally.
  • Should have more mesh siding; the non-breathable material tends to be right where the baby’s mouth is.
  • The bassinet is hard to rock on carpeting.
  • Does not elevate at all; only offers a flat sleeping option.
  • Low to the ground; must bend over a great deal to put the baby in and out of the bassinet.

Once again, you get what you pay for. While the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play is very affordable, it has several things going against it. While it said that you can elevate your child, you in fact can only lay your child flat; the non-breathable material tends to sit right where a baby’s mouth and/or nose would be and the mattress pad tends to shrink when washed.

On top of this, the mirror does not detach from bassinet.  On the plus side, it is very lightweight, portable and easy to set up.

Summer Infant Soothe & Sleep Bassinet

When you are looking for a sweet and beautiful design in a bassinet, then Summer Infant has your number. The Soothe and Sleep Bassinet is both functional and beautiful. This bassinet includes the functional features that you expect in a bassinet such as storage and throws in extra features like embroidery.  We will now look at some of the features that this bassinet has to offer.

Here are some of the benefits of this bassinet:

  • The Summer Infant Soothe and Sleep Bassinet is a quilted bassinet with embroidery.
  • The Soothe and Sleep has a unit that features 4 musical melodies, 2 nature sounds, 1 womb sounds, and soothing vibrations. All motions and sounds have a 20-minute auto shut off to save on battery life.
  • The bassinet features a large storage basket to hold all of your baby’s essentials.
  • The bassinet also features an adjustable matching canopy.
  • There are casters that allow you to move the bassinet from room to room with ease but they lock for safety.
  • The bassinet comes with a machine washable mattress sheet that custom fits the mattress pad for the Soothe and Sleep.
  • The Soothe and Sleep is designed for newborns to 15 pounds or until they can push up, roll over or until 5 months – whichever comes first.
  • Affordably priced.

Here are some of the things we don’t like as much:

  • The music and motion unit requires batteries.
  • The mattress is thin.
  • This style is very frilly and feminine but other styles may be available.
  • A little hard to put together.
  • The wheels do not seem to be as sturdy as they should be.

The Soothe and Sleep Bassinet actually ranked pretty high for me. It is affordable, was attractive, had a sound machine and was portable. On the flip side, it might take some patience to put together, you will be buying stock in batteries, the mattress is thin, it is very feminine (I didn’t see other styles) and the wheels are flimsy.

All in all, not a bad choice for the money for the limited amount of time that the baby will be using the bassinet.

In Conclusion

And the winner goes to… the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet.  While this is one of the most expensive models that I reviewed, there are good reasons. The Halo rotates 360 degrees for ease of baby and caregiver. You can bring the Halo right up to the bed and the side comes down to assist in breast feedings and middle of the night diaper changes without leaving the bed.

The mesh sides also make for better breathability and visibility.  This bassinet is also a great alternative to co-sleeping. Other great features are the sounds and motions that this bassinet offers. Add in storage, ease of cleaning and included fitted sheet and we have a winner.  On top of everything else, this bassinet is JPMA Certified.

The Halo Swivel Sleeper meets or exceeds all safety standards, has a sleek style that will go with any décor and will fit in with almost anyone’s personal style. The mattress is firm enough to be safe while still offering enough comfort and extra bedding is available. This bassinet also will allow you to let your little one sleep in it until they can push up, roll over or until they are 5 months or 20 pounds.

Since this product is so well made, it will definitely last multiple children or will be great for resell if it is taken care of.

I hope this review helped you and your little one find the perfect bassinet for your needs.

Father of two wonderful kids, love parenthood and feel blessed to have an amazing family.
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