Kirk Daulerio

I do not claim to be an expert on parenting or child health. I don’t have a PhD, MD, JD, Ed. D, or any other “D” you would assign to one who is considered to have such in-depth knowledge in any one particular area. In fact, the only “D” I can claim to my name is “Dad,” and that title probably holds more water in my family than any other (actually, I’ve also been known to be called the “Dean of Dish Duty” in my house, but I’m not sure how impressive that may appear to the outside world).

Like the majority of young parents out there, I’m simply living the experience, trying each day to raise my two children (two girls, ages three and nineteen months) to the best of my ability while keeping my sanity at the same time.

Through a bit of humor and a sympathetic voice, I hope to get across my opinion that to be a successful parent means to “embrace the chaos,” if you will. My philosophy is to have patience, have fun, be “in the moment” with my kids, and show them how much I love them every day. If we let go of the little things that stress us out and focus on the things that truly matter, we will ultimately give our children the best of ourselves, which will in turn bring out the best in our children.


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