True Stories

Real fathers in action

Father & Son photo
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The Challenge of Birthday Parties
It seems that in an effort to keep up with the Joneses, parents these days feel compelled to host more and more elaborate parties for their kids.
Dads Are Important: A True Story of What Fathers Do
Jack Kammer’s story shows us how fathers affect the lives of teenage boys.
The Importance of Fathers in Children’s Lives
As everyone who has had one knows, a good father is a valuable asset.
The Joy of Fathering
Fatherhood fulfills man’s instinct to protect his progeny and provide for their future. Failure risks genetic suicide.
Becoming a Full Time Dad – Learning How to Do It
John Hadden describes how he became a successful at-home father.
Fatherhood: Loving Kids
I decided to have kids. I think fatherhood appealed to me because I felt I had something to give, spare room in my life, a tender feeling that I wanted to protect and nurture.
Baseball – Beginning Father-Son Sports Activities with Young Boys
This story shows us not only how fathers affect the lives of young boys, but how men learn from their sons as well.