Father Falsely Accused of Abuse

Wife accuses husband of child abuse

I am going through those problems of my ex-wife filing charges with the Division of Family Services. All the charges thus far have been false and
unsubstantiated, but she still continues to file the charges.

Is there anyway to stop the these false charges? I refuse to let this affect the way I
treat and love my girls but it is affecting work by causing sleepless
nights (Family Services will not give out information of charges until
the interview) and forcing me to take time off for the interview. Do
you have any suggestions on how to handle these problems?

Many spouses, both men and women, use the justice system as a tool of violence by proxy against an ex-partner. America’s highly commercialized
legal system has made sex abuse allegations a growth industry worth billions. For help, see Google’s latest list of: falsely accused resources

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